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Return of the Dragons

A Harry Potter/Highschool DxD and partial Dungeons and Dragons crossover

Chapter 1

Kuoh, Japan; specifically, Kuoh Academy, 6:30 am, staff room

"Alright, then. Is everyone present?" The principal of Kuoh Academy asked, glancing around the meeting room. The president of the Student Council, Sona Sitri in her alias Souna Shitori and her vice-president Tsubaki Shinra were there to represent the Student body. Continuing to survey the assembled faculty, he could not find one of the new teachers.

"Where is Fay-san? Or Stephen-san?" At this question murmurs began amongst the rest of the staff. Fay-san, or as the teacher in question preferred Morgan-san, was usually the first one to arrive at a staff meeting excluding the principal and the Student Council. And where she was, Stephen was never too far way, although he wasn't technically a staff member or student of the Academy.

Tsubaki groaned quietly to herself. Only Sona, who like Tsubaki was a Devil, with Devil's hearing caught it, and rolled her eyes. While Stephen had many good qualities, such as being able to silence a classroom with a soft growl and a glare, helping struggling students with English with painstaking care, as well as being able to put the fear of Lucifer into the three second year boys known on campus as the Perverted Trio singlehandedly; he generally didn't listen to Sona or any of the Student Council members, or show the traditional respect for those who were on the Council. However, no one was willing to try and enforce the respect.

First of all, though he was a teenager, in the same year as Sona and bright crimson headed Rias Gremory, he occasionally helped with some special team that could call up at any moment. Second, as a European, he was tall and rather solidly built, compared to the more numerous Japanese students. Finally, he had some type of aura that was faint, but hinted at a great power restrained. This of course ran through Sona's mind in thirty seconds. At the principal's question, a soft, musical laugh was heard from one side of the staff room. Everyone looked in that direction. Sitting in the shadows partially obscured was Morgan Fay.

"Ah, Fay-san. Good, you're here. Let's get on with the meeting, shall we?" The meeting continued with reports of general student progress, upcoming national tests, the usual complaints from multiple teachers and the Student Council about the Perverted Trio and so on. Eventually the 7:00 bell rang and so the students would be getting to homeroom. The staff left and hurried off to their respective classrooms.

As Morgan left and Sona and Tsubaki followed, they met up with Stephen. He looked very similar to his mother in build as well as height, both being around six foot. Their eyes and hair differed however. Morgan's eyes were a bright green and her hair was black and left straight and long. Stephen on the other hand had gleaming platinum eyes and his short, straight hair was a very dirty blonde that was often tousled. He also tended to wear a jacket over any shirt which had four crests on it.

The first at the twelve o'clock position was a green-eyed raven clutching a scabbard in its claws. The second at the three o'clock position was a western dragon's head in profile that was white in color on a blue background. The third as at the bottom, a black western dragon towering over three volcanos. The final one was like a spoked wheel of five dragon heads, red, blue, black, green, and white. No one in the entire school had been able to figure out any of them but the first. That was the symbol of the house of Morgan le Fay, the enchantress, who still lived somewhere on earth.

"Even my sister's and Sirzechs Lucifer's vast information networks haven't been able to figure out those other three crests," Sona muttered softly as they approached their classroom and went inside to their seats. This was going to be a long class as the first years had a national test to prepare for so everyone would be getting out at two o'clock and were blocked into their first class for the entire time; a recommendation from Morgan.

Sona and Tsubaki arrived at their English class. Rias immediately started talking to Sona, while Morgan and Stephen were discussing something outside. "So, anything at the meeting Sona?" "No, Rias, however Stephen wasn't in there this time so I think he's going to do something against the rules again and will disrespect my authority as Student Council president." Rias' best friend Akeno Himejima spoke up, "Uff uff uff uff uff. Sounds like someone's being a bad boy."

Just then Stephen walked in, silencing the class with a look and moving over to his work desk by one of the windows and pulled out a file from his briefcase and began working on it. Morgan walked in after him. "Good morning, class," she said in fluent Japanese, and the class stood up, "Good morning, sensei." "Be seated," remarked the English teacher, she then switched over to English, "Please take out your copies of Dragons of a Fallen Sun, and we'll continue with chapter five. Any volunteers to read first?"

Multiple students raised their hands as this trilogy was one that every English class that Miss Fay taught was reading and so far, they were enjoying it even though every two chapters so far had been analyzed.

"Hmm," Morgan said, tapping her chin with a nail, "Ah, Ms. Himejima, I do believe that you said that you would read first this time."

The black-haired Yamato Nadeshiko quickly acquiesced, "Hai, sensei Fay. Chapter 5 The Holy Fire. In the old days, the glory days, before the War of the Lance, the road that led from Neraka to the port city of Sanction had been well maintained, for that road was the only route through the mountains known as the Lords of Doom. The road…" Akeno continued to read, the rest of the class following along quietly, Stephen sitting at his desk working quietly on his own papers.

Papers related to matters kept top secret from the supernatural world; yes, both Stephen and Morgan knew that several of the students of Kuoh Academy were Devils, and aware of the Three Factions as a whole, however, did not generally interfere with them until now. For Morgan Fay was in actuality Morgan le Fay, the enchantress, and Stephen had other ancestry that if revealed would very likely cause great turmoil and have many Devils trying to recruit him into their Peerages.

He snorted softly to himself at that. "My ancestors would kill me if I became a slave to a Devil. We do not do subservience," He thought. Stephen Ancalagon Paladine le Fay, for that was his full name, scratched away at his paperwork, quickly finishing it and then listened to the reading.

His mother's voice was heard, speaking, "Alright, Ms. Himejima, well done. Ms. Gremory, please continue where your classmate left off." "Of course, sensei. The mammoths were gone, died out. The men were gone too. Most of them now old. Some of them now dead. All of them now forgotten. The road was empty, deserted. Only the wind's whistling breath blew…." Stephen leaned back in his chair lost in thought as the class continued on for the next hour and then took a small break. Morgan cleared her throat to gain Stephen's attention. He looked up. The class had paused and were stretching their legs.

Morgan gestured to her office quietly whispering, "Please get out the snacks and drinks from my office, Stephen." Morgan was the one of the few teachers to not have to move classrooms and had an office, mainly due to the fact that she offered training for university level courses.

Stephen stood up and retrieved the requested items. Cookies of all kinds were set out on the large folding table that the classroom had, and lemonade and fruit punch were the drinks served. None of the students saw the food being set out so Stephen let out a piercing whistle catching them off guard and causing Sona, Tsubaki, Rias, and Akeno to wince in pain due to their close proximity and Devil hearing. The Devils turned and started to glare at him, then saw the food. They glanced at Morgan, who nodded.

"Arigatogozaimas, sensei!" Chorused the four and headed over to the table as the rest of the class followed. After a quick ten-minute break, with many expressions of gratitude the Third-Year students returned to their seats. However, Stephen returned to the office and Morgan announced to the class, "Students, please pick up your desks quietly and move them to the back of the classroom. We're going to make this a little more comfortable and fun." She then repeated this in Japanese. Confused, they obeyed. Stephen then started gently tossing out to one of the two boys in the class beanbag chairs which were then arranged in a circle, the last two of which were fancier than the rest which Rias and Sona tried to quickly claim, but Stephen shook his head, "No, Ms. Gremory, Ms. Shitori, those are for myself and sensei Fay."

Rias tried using her blue-green eyes to get her way, but not having much interaction with Stephen outside of his normal helpful self, she miscalculated. The platinum eyed teen held his gaze steady, looking her dead in the eye and suddenly Rias felt herself growing afraid. Luckily, Miss Fay stepped in before anything happened, "Young lady, you heard TA Stephen speak. Go sit by Ms. Himejima, now." This last was spoken sternly, immediately reminding the class that although Morgan Fay was a new teacher, there was a reason that she was respected by the entire student body more than any other. Rias pouted, but followed Morgan's directive as in the background, both Akeno and to her indignity Sona laughed quietly. She had just encountered what many had dubbed the Iron Wall.

Stephen sat down after Rias gracefully sat down next to her best friend, letting her great irritation only show through a slight eye twitch, which at a nudge from Sona, stops. In the past hour they had gotten through to chapter seven which is where they pick up reading.

Stephen listened quietly, lost in his thoughts, memories of the tales that his great-grandfather and great-great aunt had told him when he was younger. Tales of paladins, rangers, barbarians, and wizards. Of humans, elves, dwarves, dragonborn, and the great dragons, the Chromatics and Metallics.

These tales of Great Battles and of their feuds which had lasted until a great cataclysm shook the different Planes and changed everything. Gods fell and thousands died, humanoid and dragon alike. Due to the belief system of the Chromatic and Metallic dragons, their numbers collapsed for they would not help each other. Eventually, the cataclysm ended and civilization repaired itself. In time, the feud between the gods Bahamut and Tiamat was ended by the siblings, according to his great-grandfather, due to the actions of a more powerful being.

According to his grandfather, the old High God, knowing that his time had come, sent his first creation to end the feud.

The Great Dragon Ancalagon the Black, who was very different to the Black Chromatics that were known. Larger than three volcanos, and with a body more like Bahamut, according to his grandfather, he was the most powerful dragon ever.

Ancalagon thrashed the two siblings in view of many of the Chromatic and Metallic dragons who spread the word of the ending of the feud. Of the old gods, only Tiamat and Bahamut were left, all others had been destroyed when the Planes were shattered. At the ending of this feud, the old system of alignments was shattered and Ancalagon set all dragons to sleep for the new worlds to be made.

And everything was cast into blackness, so said his aunt. Until God of the Bible set things in motion again.

New dragons were born from masses of energy, however, through an encounter with Ancalagon who had awoken, God of the Bible supposedly agreed to place in every dragon the ancestral recognition of the Chromatic and Metallic dragons who were their elders for when they woke again.

His aunt said that, "The Chromatics woke first, only by fractions of a second, and in ones and twos, so man when he encountered any of the old dragons, thought that they were rare and when they vanished in the magical collapse during the war between the Biblical powers, man both magical and nonmagical believed that they had gone extinct." All this had been told to him as a young child as merely bedtime stories from two of his only living relatives as his father was dead, and his uncle, King Arthur had not returned much to his mother's grief.

He smirked to himself, "When I was that young, I could never have imagined that my mother was Morgan le Fay and that those old stories grandfather told-." Someone tapped him on the shoulder and he was jolted out of his thoughts. Stephen looked around wildly. "My, my, it seems like someone's been having deep thoughts. Care to share?" A soft teasing voice asked.

He looked up, Akeno was standing next to him holding his lunch bag. The clock read eleven on the dot, so three hours had passed. He took his bag with a "Thank you," and began eating his sandwich. Morgan's voice was heard next to him as the class had broken up to eat lunch and were discussing the reading so far, "That would not be a good idea, Akeno," she said; Morgan tended to call students by their given name after school hours and during lunch if they were Third Years as they were almost adults.

"Ofttimes when Stephen is deep in thought he is planning mischief. Or something dangerous." Akeno sat down with a demure smile as Miss Fay said this. Stephen quickly finished his lunch and simply shot back, "June 20th."

Morgan glared at him as her voice grew tight, frowning, saying, "We agreed to not speak of that ever again."

Akeno sensing that things were going to lead to a quick argument asked, "Stephen, can you describe what a blue dragon looks like in this book, please?"

The boy smiled as the rest of the class quickly took their seats. He reached over for his backpack and withdrew a book from it and opened it.

Glancing at the table of contents, he flipped through to the correct page and began reading, "Blue dragons were orderly creatures and are unusual for chromatics in that they keep fairly well-ordered, hierarchical societies. They were more likely to be mocking and manipulative than outrightly cruel or murderous to 'lesser' creatures, aided greatly by their natural talents for hallucination. They were infamous for tricking desert travelers into drinking sand or going miles out of their way to avoid nonexistent dust basins. Their breath weapon was a line of lightning or a large electrical discharge. They were physically distinguished by the single large horns protruding from their heads and also by their ears, which were rather large and frilled. The tail is thick and bumpy, like that of a crocodile. The wings are more pronounced than most other species'. They smelled like electricity or sand."

Here he stopped and turned the book around to show the picture of the dragon. "My, I would not like to meet that in a dark alley," someone said.

"Are all dragons in these books intelligent?" Rias asked. "Highly," Stephen said, "They have their own language, writing system, and can cast spells." Sona muttered, though the entire class could hear her, "Meddle not in the affairs of dragons…" Morgan laughed, "Exactly young lady."

Everyone leaned over as Stephen flicked through the book in question so they all could visualize the dragons mentioned so far. Just then a knock on the door was heard.

Morgan got up, and she walked to the door, her high heels clicking as she went. She opened the door; the principal was standing there. She stepped outside and the two fell into a hushed discussion. Eventually she returned. "Students, grab your things. We're leaving the school to continued class elsewhere. An earthquake has occurred miles away from here out at sea and for your safety all students will convene at my residence and stay there for the rest of the week. Your parents have been informed. Please stay calm and exit in an orderly fashion. Stephen? Ah, good you're packed already."

The teen said to his mother, "I had a feeling something was going to happen today so I called Grandfather. His bodyguards have brought enough buses to get the students out of here. They're waiting."

They rushed out the door as he was saying this, the students following. He pulled out his radio as he ran and barked into it as he was hooked up to the intercom system, "Attention, all students and Faculty will head to the front of the school and get onto one of the buses waiting. Please move with a purpose as there may be a tsunami heading this way." Soon enough they exited the school and climbed onto a bus.

Five minutes later, the first shockwave hit. It was brief and nothing was damaged, but everyone got on faster.

In under a minute, the principal radioed that all students were out and on board. The rest of the city was beginning to evacuate just in case. But by that time the bus convoy was already out of Kuoh and headed up into the mountains behind the city.

After half an hour of driving, they reached Morgan's residence. This was a sprawling mansion, larger than Kuoh Academy, more on the size of a palace. The buses pulled up the drive and stopped, letting the students out at the front entrance. The principal spoke to Morgan as the students were allowed the call their parents to let them know that they were safe.

Soon enough the classes separated and the teachers took them to the rooms that Morgan had designated for them to use after they were handed charts of the dorm on the property and who was sleeping in what room, the Perverted Trio being placed well away from the girls' dorms and next to a teacher's bedroom and some of the students, the Student Council and the Occult Research Club in the mansion itself. Stephen wanted to keep an eye on the Devils.

Most of these classrooms were on the lowest floor, underground as they were some of the biggest ones.

However, with the number of students, the Third Years were placed up on the second floor. Morgan's class in particular were in her library where they continued their class in a back hidden corner deep within the shelves.

They continued reading, having reached well into chapter ten in the three hours when Stephen was deep in thought.

He disappeared off into the shelves with an explanation of, "Research for Grandfather." Morgan laughed, knowing that he was off to get some obscure tome that he had found over the weekend.

Fifteen minutes later he returned with a large leather-bound book covered in jagged writing. He sat down and they continued read switching every few paragraphs, with Morgan occasionally stopping and asking them, "Why do you think Mina ordered that attack, Ms. Shinra? Or Why do you believe Gerard acted the way he did?" Another was, "tell me your opinion on the last chapter and what took place." Or gentle corrections to pronunciation and grammar structure.

Soon enough, it was two o'clock and the students were dismissed for the day with clear instructions to stay out of the kitchens as well as certain areas of the grounds. Stephen shut his book and began to leave speaking to his mother about different things. Rias and Akeno were not far behind them as they were extremely curious about their mysterious English teacher and her rather direct son. Unfortunately for them, Morgan knew they were following.

"Girls," she chided, "If you want to listen, please walk with us." They blushed, knowing that they were caught and joined the two.

"So where are you heading Stephen," Rias asked politely as he passed the entrance to the library and they headed into another section. "Game room," he replied. Morgan smiled, knowing he was headed for one of the hidden passageways in the mansion. Akeno was looking around as they walked and smirked as they were passing through a place that was a dream for Rias.

Shelves of manga and anime and she was missing it. Eventually they reached a blank wall and Stephen pulled a book on a nearby shelf. They heard the grinding of stone on stone as a section of the wall pulled to the side to reveal a set of stairs leading upwards lit with glowing crystals. The four stepped in and the wall slid shut behind them. Stephen began walking up the stairs when Rias asked, "What are these crystals? I've never seen anything like them."

Morgan replied as she ushered them on, "They are sunstones, a rare kind of sunstone now, these are probably the last. Stephen's grandfather gave them to him many years ago. All of his ancestors like sending him rare artifacts and things that they find." Here she laughed, "In fact, many of the rarer books in the library are ones that they sent him." "Like what, sensei?" Akeno asked. "Oh, different things, lost languages, different religions, texts on different mythical creatures or plants, things like that."

Up ahead they heard grinding of stone on stone again and light flooded the hall that they were in. Stepping through, they entered the game room. Scattered about there was a pool table, foosball, poker, air hockey and even a video game console. However, taking center place was a large circular walnut table with chairs around it.

"Take a seat wherever you like girls." Rias then heard a door open and Koneko and Kiba entered. "Kiba, Koneko, what are you doing here?" Koneko answered in her usual monotone voice, "Were told to come here, buchou. At least we are away from the perverts." Everyone sat down around the table, with Akeno flanking Rias and Koneko and Kiba out front. The tension was high as Morgan and then Stephen sat down and a silent battle of wills commenced, one that Rias lost.

"You all are here because I have some questions, young lady," Morgan began, "Questions about the supernatural. As in do you believe it exists?" This put the O.R.C. on edge though they didn't show it. Rias answered her, "What question is that? She asked, trying to maintain the illusion of being a normal human student, "Of course it doesn't exist."

"Cut the act Rias!" Stephen barked sharply, "We know what you are. What all of you are. I had you pegged the first day of school. You're Devils, all of you." The rest of Rias' Peerage started to sweat under the intense stares of Morgan and Stephen. "R-Rias," Akeno stuttered, trying to get her King to drop the illusion. Rias glanced at her Queen and sighed. Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! From the backs of the four bat wings appeared. "Fine," Rias said, "We are Devils. Now how do you know about us."

"I know a bit more than that," Morgan said. "Akeno there is part Fallen Angel and Koneko there is a Nekoshou. And you aren't really in a position to be demanding answers."

"How do you know that?" asked Akeno calmly, though her purple eyes betrayed her emotions. Stephen laughed, "I'm surprised that none of you figured it out. Not Even Sona." "Figured what out?" Kiba asked, speaking for the first time. "Who we are."

"Huh?" commented Rias.

"Given the crest on my jacket and the more obvious clue of my mother's first and last name as well as an almost magical awareness for what you students are going to do…." Stephen trailed off as realization dawned on Rias' face. "You're…" she started, pointing at Morgan.

"Morgan le Fay? Yes," the teacher said, smiling. The tension dropped considerably now and the conversation became friendlier and the Devils put away their wings. "I assure you, Rias, that no harm will come to you or yours and that no one else in the student population or faculty knows." Rias smiled now, "Thank you sensei. It is a relief to know that our secret is kept safe."

"Yes," Stephen drawled, "The boys are too busy chasing skirts and the girls are too busy being chased or beating the chasers up in the case of a certain trio." At this last he spat to the side in disgust. "Those three are nothing but trouble and two are on a fast track to prison if someone doesn't give them a good kick in the ass."

This language shocked the O.R.C. as Stephen never spoke with foul language or spat. Koneko was so shocked that she lost control of her form and her ears and tail popped out. Stephen, when he saw this stared for a few minutes and then said softly, "Shirone? Fuzzball?" Koneko froze for a second and then hid her ears and tail. "Black Cat said you were dead."

Everyone present knew who Black Cat was. The SS level Stray Devil Nekoshou Kuroka. "You know where she is?!" Rias demanded, "We have to hunt her down! She's insane and a threat as well as a criminal."

"No," Morgan said. "What?!" "She's not a Stray anymore, or insane and she's not entirely innocent, by Japanese and international law, she had a very valid defense for what she did. You'll not find her," Stephen said. "Besides, she is well protected and-." There was a knock on the door.

"Enter," Morgan called. A servant rushed in and handed Stephen a letter which he quickly read, growing still, and then fury flashed in his eyes as he shot up like a bullet from a gun. "Are they on their way?" he asked. "Yes sir," the servant said. Stephen dismissed the servant back to his duties and everyone else stood up. He rushed out the door, everyone else following close behind.

Stephen took the stairs two at a time heading down to the ground floor, moving at a speed that to most Devils would seem as though he contained a Knight Evil Piece. But it was his fury that caused his quickness. "Out of my way, perverts!" He shouted as he barreled past the Perverted Trio and then leaping over the bannister, his duster flaring out behind him. As he landed, for a brief moment on his hip a Marlin BFR appeared as well as a broadsword, which then vanished. Morgan reached the ground floor at around the same time with the O.R.C. looking somewhat winded. Rias asked, "Who are they that he is referring to?" "His Grandfather and Great aunt," Morgan replied, "As well as some friends of his."

"Rias! What's going on?!" Sona shouted as Stephen slammed past her. "I have no idea!" At this point most of the student body was following as they reached the back doors that led outside. Stephen threw these open with a loud bang and as the students followed the two most popular clubs outside, Rias and the rest stopped dead as Stephen slid to a halt in front of two adults.

The first was an extremely well endowed blue haired woman, who was wearing a rather nice woman's business suit, but due to her large breast size, the top few buttons were undone causing the Perverted Trio to collapse with large nosebleeds. Her eyes were completely black but obviously allowed her to see as her head snapped in Stephen's direction.

This was his Great-great aunt Tia. The man standing next to her with whom she had previously been in deep conversation with was also different.

He was tall, seemed to be rather young for a grandfather, with platinum colored hair and blue eyes of which appeared to change shade and brightness. He was dressed in a suit as well, one that matched his hair to the shade. This was his Great-grandfather.

A group of teens and young adults approached as well. The first was a young Aristocrat class woman who with her long braided black hair and violet eyes, was absolutely stunning, with a bow across her back. The next was a shorter, and petite girl, wearing robes of some sort with a dragon's head on it with white hair in a bob cut. The third was a tall man, short black hair, brown eyed and wearing plate armor for some strange reason. The fourth and fifth were similarly odd. Twins boys, they were short and stout, well-muscled, wearing leather armor with ruddy hair and beards beginning. One held a double headed axe and the other was spinning a dagger in his left hand and putting away a flute with his right. The final member of this motley group was best described as a shirtless walking mountain of muscle. Standing at around eight feet, with a massive Warhammer on his back, his skin covered with black tribal tattoos, this man was a goliath. Someone's voice was heard saying, "Who are they? A D&D gaming group?" A few people laughed nervously as the blue haired woman and platinum haired man approached.

The woman asked, "What's going on?" The man then concurred, "Yes, what has gotten you in such a rage?" The voices of both adults were laden with power, age and authority as if a god and goddess were speaking.

This caused both the Student Council and the O.R.C. to almost piss their pants. These two, they were most definitely not human.

Stephen growled out, "Harry's in trouble."

"How?" Came the reply.

"The Thrice-Blasted Tournament!"

At this Morgan gasped in horror as the man and woman both looked like they had been slapped, and then shared a look and nodded. "Permission granted. Retrieve him immediately. The governments have been informed. They are on their way now," they both said sternly.

The platinum-eyed teen whirled around. "Fireteam Dragon, ADVANCE!" The group of six shouted, "Yes sir!"

"What does he mean?"

"What's going on?"

"Who's Harry?"

These were just some of the whispers the flew through the student body as Morgan clenched her fists in rage, her lips pinched into a thin line of anger and shook with fury. The principal walked up to her and asked, "What's going on?"

Morgan opened her eyes and turned around, and said, her tone booking no room for argument, "I want everyone inside, now!"

As soon as she said this, the principal said, "Your property, your rules." He turned to Sona, "Miss Shitori," Sona faced him. "Get everyone inside now." With this said he turned and headed back in.

Sona and Rias shared a glance and then Sona snapped, "Everyone inside! Now! Move!" The Student Council started shoving the rest of the students inside, with many protesting especially Issei Hyoudou and his friends. These protests were ignored however and the doors were forced shut and locked. Of course, the windows were full of students trying to watch what was happening but Morgan nixed that.

She pulled something from her pocket and spoke into it, saying, "Blinds down." The window blinds slowly lowered blocking off any view that the rest of the students had. Just in time too. Though the Devils could not see what was happening next, they heard something.

A single very loud, reptilian sounding roar echoed over the mountains. This was then followed by several more and the beating of many very large wings. By now Stephen and his friends, Raven the half elven aristocrat, Spear, the gnomish cleric, Raja the human paladin, Jasper and James the dwarfish twins, and Blarg the goliath barbarian; all seven were all looking up into the mountains.

Several servants ran out of a servant's entrance carrying strange leather saddles. Strange in the shear size of them as well as the runic writing that covered them.

The group of seven backed up as another roar sounded. Suddenly, from behind the mountains the source of the roar appeared. What the Devils couldn't see, however, would have shocked them.

Diving straight down and landing on four clawed feet with a heavy thud that shook the ground was an Adult Bronze Dragon. Several more dragons landed.

First a Red Chromatic, then a White, next a Gold, after that a Black, and then a Brass, and finally a Green. The Bronze, Red, White and Brass dragons shared a look as the servants quickly fitted the Gold, Black and Green with saddles. The Red, White and Brass bowed their heads slightly to the Bronze, who by her vast size alone, which was comparable to that of the Red, was obviously the eldest dragon present, and she stepped forwards and bent her long neck down to Stephen's level and in a rumbling, yet feminine voice said, "To put a hatchling in danger intentionally goes against all the instincts of our kind. After this you shall be ready to gain your companion. Let us fly together once again, my student."

As she was saying this the servants fitted the dragons with their respective saddles as more dragons of all colors appeared in the skies above roaring and shouting their outrage over the treatment of one of the rare humans who was considered by the dragons, to be a dragon.

Stephen spoke to the Bronze dragon in front of him. "Stormfast, my old mentor, it is good to see you again," His voice was tinged with affection as he gently scratched under the dragon's chin. Stormfast extended a front leg and Stephen climbed into the saddle as did the other six members of the group and the Bronze spread her three-hundred-foot wingspan.

"Spear, call formation!" The white-haired girl nodded from the back of the Gold dragon, pulled out a horn and sounded it in two loud short blasts. With this Stephen cracked out, "Dragons! To Wing! We head for Scotland!" With three massive downbeats, the dragons took off, quickly gaining altitude until they vanished from sight, the others following. The adults headed inside, as there were explanations that needed to be given.

As they headed up the main staircase to the third floor, Aunt Tia hissed out, "Ddraig. He's here," and an ominous presence filled the vicinity. One floor below, the Perverted Trio ran past, being chased yet again by the girls from the Kendo Club. Issei Hyoudou shivered in fear, though he did not know why.

The feeling went away and they continued onwards to Morgan's private sitting room in the tower of the mansion. They were ushered in to the sitting room and the door was magically shut by Morgan as her clothes transformed into robes of dark green. She glided over the carpeted floor and sat down in an arm chair, looking very regal as she did so. "So," she said, "What do you wish to know? Within reason, of course," catching the grin on Rias' face, which then vanished.