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From Chapter Two: Morgan shut the door and dragged Harry over to an unoccupied couch as Stephen sat down in front of the desk. "So, Rias," He stated, "Where would you like to begin?"

Chapter 3: Explanations

The Devil Heiress stared at him, not knowing if this was a test or a trap. Stephen sat there completely calm, holding her gaze and appearing to be completely unconcerned if not bored. This sparked her ire somewhat.

"Damn him! He should at least be a little unnerved!" she thought to herself. However, she didn't show this at all but asked calmly, "So who exactly are you?"

Stephen smirked, he was waiting for this question and could see Akeno wince as the part-Fallen Angel remembered the belief about names that many of the magical members of Japan had. He decided, due to the tension in the room, to give the true answer. No double speak right now. This was a time for honesty and trust building. However, a little clarification was needed.

"Are you asking my name, young lady, or what my heritage is? Always be specific with those that you do not know well for it just may be that they enjoy cryptic or vague answers."

Rias clenched her jaw. Akeno, seeing this asked the correct question instead, "What is your name, Stephen, or is that really your name or an alias?"

The platinum eyed teen smiled at the raven-haired Yamato Nadeshiko, and gently inclined his head to her.

"Ah, there is the right question," he answered smoothly, his voice soft like silk.

It then rose as he continued, "My name is indeed Stephen, well part of it is." This grabbed the attention of the Devils present.

"My full name however is Stephen Ancalagon Paladine le Fay, descendant of the last of the gods of the World Before This. Balancebringer is my fate, my destiny. Order, Death, Justice and Chaos my guides. Wishes my teacher. Mischief my sister. Wisdom my mother. Very few have ever been brave enough to ask me that question and you, young lady, have passed the test."

This last he held Akeno's gaze as the tension vanished. To Harry, who had not seen this before, but had heard of it in one of Hermione's educational rants, it appeared to be ritualized.

A declaration of intent.

For that is what it was. Rias sat back as the teen before her finished her eyes wide. The names meant something. This is something that she had been warned about as a child. Her mind quickly flashed back to her childhood and the lesson her father had given her.

"Rias, always be careful when asking for someone's name. There are many powerful beings in this world that will answer with what is sometimes called the Naming. It is a ritual, done verbally where a being gives their full given name and who they are descended from. They then name their guides, teachers, sibling and parents with words that are concepts. This alone is something that you should respect and never forget the name of one who does this."

"Moreover, if a being includes the words my fate, my destiny that means they trust you and can see that you are or will be worthy of great things. Never treat it lightly."

The Gremory Heiress glanced over at her best friend. Akeno had paled and there were tears in her eyes. The part-Fallen realized what happened as soon as it did, for the Naming was more common among the more powerful creatures that spent most of their time in the Japanese countryside. She never thought, due to her heritage, her disgusting heritage, that she would have this honor.

Stephen leaned back and said, "Next question, then."

"What are you," Rias asked, "And how does Harry relate to you?"

His answer shocked them.

"I am part human part dragon, Rias. Two of my ancestor's are dragons, full dragons. And as to Harry, he is my great nephew through his mother. Granted we separated by around 60 generations genetically, but age wise I am only four years older than he is. I trust that this information will remain private?"

Rias mentally winced. Sirzechs really would want this information as well as Serafall Leviathan.

Her sis-con of a brother had already received her message about dragons appearing at the school and she knew that many High-Class Devils would love to add a dragon or part dragon to their Peerages.

The Underworld was reportedly in a state of excitement due to the appearance of the strange dragons.

She mentally sighed and then answered, "Yes, it shall remain private. Now who are Grandfather and Aunt Tia?"

Stephen started laughing as Morgan grinned in amusement. The aura that Tia and Grandfather projected should have been the first clue for the Devils when they saw them.

The younger le Fay grinned, "I think it is best that they answer that question themselves. Luckily," he smirked, "They're right outside."

The door opened and the two adults entered and sat down at the desk, both appearing rather regal as they did so. Grandfather was had a more welcoming posture about him, whereas Aunt Tia was aloof, cold, and unapproachable in demeanor. It was Aunt Tia who spoke first.

"So," She said, her eyes half-lidded, "What is it that the young Devil wanted young man?" Although her voice was calm and was mostly uncaring and annoyed, there was a bit of affection tingeing it as when she cast her gaze onto her nephew.

Harry's eyes widened as she spoke, this was one of the voices he had heard when he was unconscious.

Stephen answered his Aunt. "They," he gestured to the Devils, "Want to know who the two of you are. I have already scanned the room for eavesdropping spells, but they aren't my strong suit as you know."

The older man flicked his hand and then his blue eyes narrowed and he spoke sternly to Rias, "Young lady, I suggest that you tell young Satan Lucifer that if he wants to find out more, then he needs to be present." Rias' face turned red in annoyance at the mention of her brother spying on her. From the thin air there was a yelp, a manly yelp, but a yelp nonetheless. Tia's gaze grew more predatory.

A crimson circle of magic appeared on the floor and lit up the room with a flash of light. When the light cleared, two people were standing behind Rias. One was a tall man, with similar crimson hair to the buxom teen girl already in the room, dressed in a fine suit. The other was a grey-haired woman in a maid's outfit.

Morgan pulled Harry behind her.

The man spoke first, "I really don't think this is necessary. I do have-," he was cut off however.

Grandfather spoke sternly, "Young man, that is quite enough. Sit down, now." This last was laced with power and authority, authority that was accustomed to being obeyed with good reason. Two chairs immediately appeared. Both sat, neither willing to argue with a human, at least that's what he appeared to be, that could easily detect a Satan's communication circle.

Harry peaked his head out from behind Morgan, but the enchantress shoved him right back with an almost sub audible hiss of, "Stay put." He didn't argue. The look in her eyes told him that doing so would not end well at all for him.

"Now," Aunt Tia continued where her counterpart left off, "Before we were interrupted by Sirzechs Lucifer, where were we? Ah yes, you wanted to know who we are." Tia smirked sinisterly as she continued, glancing at her brother, "Shall we, brother?" He nodded.

Suddenly everyone in the room was hit once and then twice with massive auras that screamed Dragon. Grandfather started first, "I am known as Paladine to some, E'li to others. However, the most common name and title I am known by and am truly named is Bahamut the Platinum Dragon. My sister…,"

Aunt Tia picked up here and when she spoke it was with fives voices, "Is known as Tiamat; Queen of the Chromatic Dragons, The Chromatic Dragon. Stephen is my nephew and woe betide those who harm him."

At this point, it can be safely said that most of the Devils currently in the room were almost pissing themselves in fear. Both Sirzechs and Grayfia had gone pale. For standing in front of them in human form were two gods of the World Before This and the Planes. The Draconic ones at that.

Both adult Devils knew now that the Dragons that appeared today were the Ancient Dragons, the Chromatics and Metallics, thought to be extinct during the Faction War. Public announcements would have to be made to keep any ambitious Peerage Kings from attempting to add one to their Peerage. That would spark something that they could not survive.

Bahamut continued, "Our brother Null, the dragon god of death and undeath still exists as well. Though you may not meet him anytime soon," at this he glanced in amusement at his great granddaughter-in-law, who snarled at the mention of Null.

The Platinum Dragon turned his attention back to the Devils present, "Also, Ancalagon the Black still roams creation, keeping order as is his task from the days of the Prime Material Plane. I would avoid drawing the Great Black Dragon's ire. Remember, he is the greatest of us all and does not tolerate foolishness."

He stood as did Tiamat and both, observing the customs of Japan while they were there, bowed ever so slightly. Bahamut lingered as Tiamat left for her lair. The Lord of the North Wind spoke directly to Morgan as the Devils recovered themselves slowly, "The Witch of Wishes has been contacted. She said to meet with her this weekend." He then vanished to his castle.

With the other dragon god now gone, everyone could breath easier. Sirzechs and Grayfia vanished with a mutter of, "Damage Control," from Sirzechs. The other teenagers relaxed now that the imminent threat of possible death by Dragon had been averted.

Once everyone's composure had been regained, Rias asked, "Who is Ancalagon?"

Stephen smiled with mischief.

"That," he said, "Is something that you'll have to research for yourself. I will not give away all the information I have so easily, Rias. Remember, even though I am a part-dragon, to the Dragons I am a dragon and nothing else. That means I have my own, hmm, horde, you could say and it is well protected. Try another question."

Just then Harry interjected, "You mentioned Mischief my sister. Is that my grandmother?"

This question caught everyone present off guard, none of them had tried to ask him anything about those involved in the Naming. The Devils leaned closer in as Stephen seemed to sigh. Morgan muttered something about a, "precocious child," and grinned.

Stephen gathered his thoughts; his elder sister was an interesting topic and one that was often difficult to discuss. Not that they didn't get along, no, they got along perfectly fine and cared greatly about each other, they were just radically different. He was more neutral in his actions, leaning more towards good but still had a dark edge from having to grow up fast. That and years spent learning human magic from the Witch of Wishes.

He was more of Dragon cryptic, just giving out enough information for others to research a topic and find a solution unless the situation was dire. His sister, was completely different. She as more Fey-like in her behavior and actions as well as looks. Speaking in riddles merely because she could.

She was also darker, more sinister and greatly used the darker elements of magic to accomplish good deeds, although she was very tricky. A Dark Fairy she had been called at one point. He had not seen her in many years, but knew that she was still around. His teacher had encountered her briefly four months ago.

He opened his eyes and saw the Devils staring at him. He turned around and held Harry's emerald gaze.

"Nimueh, my sister, your great grandmother, is…. difficult to explain in full, but I will try. To quote a popular video game, "The elder sibling. Gifted, grasping, and troublesome as is so often the case with firstborn." She is much darker in nature than you or I, Harry. Extremely Fey, more Fairy than either of us. However," he paused as though remembering something, "if she knew that you existed, and what you have gone through, she would be here in a flash."

Harry inclined his head in thanks and sat back, thinking heavily.

Another question from Rias, "So how do you know Kuroka?"

Stephen started laughing hysterically. Rias scowled at the part-dragon, but waited patiently. Nothing would come from rushing into this.

"That has to do with a few rather interesting adventures that I went on many years back," the teen said, "Well, actually, I knew her from when I was much younger before her being turned into a Devil. Those stories will have to wait for another time. To properly tell them we'll need a few other people, a couple dragons, and a lot of alcohol." He glanced at Koneko, who rolled her eyes, "Even then she was a bit risqué in what she wore."

The women in the room blushed, well Morgan, Rias and Akeno did. They knew the kind of thing that the teen meant. They had similar things hidden in their closets. If there was anyone who knew what risqué was it was Stephen. His teacher definitely had a different idea of what was acceptable to wear.

"So, what are you doing in a Devil's territory?" Rias inquired.

Stephen growled at her, "It was never ceded to the Underworld Rias. Kuoh, like much of Japan belongs to the Dragons. It is an ancient territory that due to human development, most dragons have moved out of. Your predecessor merely agreed to watch over this section for us in exchange for governing experience and some other things. It is one of the reasons why Bahamut was so stern earlier. Cleria Belial was the one the agreement was made with and none other. Although the Satans were informed of the agreement."

He snapped his fingers and a glass of water appeared in his hand which he quickly drank. Tea appeared for everyone else. The platinum-eyed teen continued, "She was to report any disturbances to a contact in Tokyo which would find their way to Bahamut, Tiamat, and Null. When she was supposedly killed, the territory should have reverted back to a dragon until negotiations had been arranged with another. This was not done by your brother nor Serafall Leviathan. Serafall I can excuse due to the other issues going on at the time, however, your brother is not. He appointed both you and Sona Sitri without prior agreements being made and even placed wards up to keep you in that have begun to harm the local human population."

"However, this can be resolved. It will be resolved. Today in the case of the agreement. The Platinum Dragon is this close," He held up two fingers barely a centimeter apart, "This close to calling off all treaties between the Underworld and Dragons. Only advice from Null has restrained him from doing so. I suggest that you call Miss Sitri in here now so we can get this completed before the Underworld burns."

Rias flushed in anger, "Is that a threat?!" she shouted. Morgan shut her down harshly.

"Miss Gremory," the English teacher snapped, "It is a warning of what will happen. The dragons that you know of, no matter their current allegiances for state of being, will always respond to the Ancient Dragons and their gods. Call her now."

Rias put up her finger and a small magic circle appeared. "Sona, you are needed. Please get here as soon as you-. Oh, you're already on your way?" The circle vanished as a knock on the door was heard.

"Enter!" Rias called as Stephen stood up.

Sona entered with the rest of her Peerage. "Rias, I felt the aura of a dragon. What's going on?"

The Gremory Heiress massaged her temples, "My brother forgot to inform both of us when we were given this territory that it still belonged to the dragons. Now the Platinum Dragon is going to call off all treaties if we don't get this resolved. WE have been governing without proper agreements, over an ancient dragon nesting ground. It is a situation that could end the Faction War with the complete elimination of our Faction leaving Heaven and the Fallen Angels to fight it out."

Sona turned to the only dragon present in the room, "Stephen-san, I apologize for this oversight. We were not informed and the elders were too happy to have a Devil territory on Earth. I trust that this can be resolved today?"

He nodded and drew from his bag a document file which he opened and laid on the desk. "Read it and sign on the indicated lines. Then make a copy and send it to your siblings with a warning of what almost happened. Miss Sitri?"

Sona glared at him for speaking so sharply at her, then remembered the situation.

"Take it easy on Serafall. Bahamut is aware of what was going on at the time. Her part in this incident will not be held against her. Satan Lucifer got lucky."

The girls read the agreements thoroughly not wanting to miss a single possible loophole. There weren't any. It was ironclad. However, there were two things of note.

"So, the wards that are keeping us penned in here must be removed by the New Year and the signees are freed from any potential or current marriage agreements due to the necessary tasks in governing a dragon nesting ground?!" Rias shouted.

The resident part dragon clapped his hands to his ears as Morgan and Harry both plugged theirs.

"Rias, do not shout. It is not necessary. And yes, any marital obligations are rendered null and void due to the time needed to monitor and police the territory. That part will remain secret for now."

Rias reached for a pen and quickly signed where it was indicated for her to sign on both documents before handing them to Sona who quickly did the same thing. They quickly wrote letters to their elder siblings and placed them on top of the documents. The documents flashed brightly and vanished in a pair of magic circles with the symbol of Bahamut on them.

"Anything else? Stephen?" The teen held up his hand for silence and then flicked it. Suddenly they could hear Sirzechs in his office. "Ooo, a letter from Ria-tan, let's see." Bang! A loud explosion was heard before the sound was cut off.

The Devil Heiresses faced the teen.

"Glitter bombs," he said, "It will take him weeks to get it all off."

"What kind of glitter is it?" Rias asked.

"Pink glitter."

The room burst out in laughter.

After the amusement had died down, Sona left with her Peerage. They had some refiling to do and it was going to take several hours to accomplish. The rest of those present settled down and they were back to business.

"So, why exactly are you here in Japan?" Akeno asked.

"Null's time travel experiment. I got spat out hard in a Tokyo alley where I met my teacher. From there, I learned what I could and ended up meeting Bahamut and Tiamat again where they arranged for tutors in Dragon magic while they tried to contact my mother. That took longer than expected so my teacher ended up raising me for a few years. Also, I can't stand the European magical community." Stephen remarked.

"Indeed," Morgan said as Harry remarked, "They're extremely behind the times. They still use quills and parchment for writing and candles and torches for light. They are so prejudiced against anyone they view as lesser and have no problems treating their fellow man as nothing more than animals. Avoid going there if possible."

"That bad?" Kiba asked.

"Yes," came the chorused reply.

"Anyways," Stephen continued, "After living in Tokyo for several years then going overseas to Britain for a year as an exchange student and having plenty of interactions with the Japanese supernatural world, I went to Kyoto for a couple of months to try and reform the group I am apart of. Yasaka was extremely helpful once she was informed of what I was trying to do and who had taught me much of the magic that I know. It was from her that I learned about what had happened to Kuroka. Luckily, I had some contacts who were able to help and we found her. During that time, I met Spear, Raven, Blarg and Raja. We eventually managed to reform the group and get it integrated into the Japanese magical and nonmagical law enforcement."

He took a sip of water and went on.

"Jasper and James, we ran into on a recruiting trip through the dimensions. At first, they were a little apprehensive, then when we had to deal with a rather nasty group of rogue magicians, they decided to join up. I had already been reunited with my mother by then, but she was off doing some gathering of books for the group so I reported back to the temporary headquarters. No, you don't need to know where headquarters is at."

"At this point, my teacher, the Witch of Wishes, had determined that I had learned all that I could for the time being. Anything else would have to wait until I was eighteen. No, Miss Himejima, it was nothing dirty. It is really powerful magic that I would not dare to try if I wasn't at least part-dragon."

Akeno blushed as the Prince of Dragons caught her thought train and quickly derailed it. Rias laughed at her friend while Koneko muttered, "Akeno is a pervert."

"From there, I spent the next several months honing my natural Draconic magic and learning as much of the history, language and writing as I could. Luckily, I've always had a certain skill with languages and writing. In that time Fireteam Dragon, what we call our gaming group slash strike team, formed and the others were able to bond with their dragons when they received their eggs. Stormfast is not my bonded companion, she's wild and does as she pleases."

He stopped briefly to catch his breath.

"Eventually, mom sent a letter saying that she had settled down in the mountains surrounding this town so I left Kyoto and came here. The mountains were perfect for training and could hide a decent number of dragons with plenty of room for territories. However, only the youngest ones and the most ancient moved. The youngest as they could see the advantage of living in groups at such a stage in life as well as having easy access to elders for advice or to their gods and the ancients because they wanted a change in their long lives. They get rather bored."

Rias leaned back, and made herself comfortable. Stephen was giving a bit of his background without giving anything important up. Then she asked, "Why are you telling us all this?"

The part-dragon narrowed his eyes at her and said, "Because you need to know this so that you can inform others that you run into just who keeps an eye on Japan."

He went on with his story.

"As this was going on, Kuroka was undergoing medical training under the watch of qualified Metallics who were doctors on the day shifts. That there is the most rigorous medical course you might ever take. It's not just cuts and scrapes, but serious wounds and mothers giving birth as well as the dragon side of things. Mom grew bored after a while and having a certain knack for teaching, she applied for the opening here as an English teacher. It helps that we both speak it fluently."

"I came along as I heard things about this particular school and wanted to investigate. Unlike my teacher, however, I make a point of not using magic to spy. She's a bit of a creep."

Everyone sniggered. They all knew the type, Rias especially. Riser Phenex classified as a creep of the highest order. The Perverted Trio were a close second, although Issei Hyoudou just seemed to be a tag along and scapegoat for when they got caught.

Elsewhere, a certain black haired, claret eyed woman sneezed, spraying saké everywhere. A certain Phenex sniffled as though he had a cold and three perverts shivered.

"So, are you religious?" Rias asked once the humor had died down.

"Not really, no," the teen replied. "I give my respects to my elders, but they told me the instant I start worshipping them that they'll squash me like a bug."

"Quite literally in your case," Rias remarked.

"Won't get angry," murmured Koneko, "Will get even."

"Indeed, Fuzzball," the Prince of the North Wind replied. "Anything else, Rias?"

"I can't think of anything," she looked around at her Peerage, who shook their heads in the negative. Sensei Fay stood up from her seat with Harry and the three left the O.R.C club room and headed out to the car. Once Morgan had gotten on the road leaving town, Harry spoke up.

"So, what was all that about? I've never seen an interrogation like that before, even from Hermione when she is in a research rant."

Morgan spoke from up front, "That was simply a declaration of intent, Harry. It was also in a very clear way a warning to the Three Factions as a whole."

Stephen grunted, "You obviously felt the presence emitted by Tiamat and Bahamut both, yes?" When Harry nodded in affirmation the eighteen-year old continued.

"That was a message saying that the old Dragons will not tolerate any of Three Factions nonsense for much longer or any attempts of converting any Dragons, myself or you to their faction. Meddle not in the affairs of Dragons, for you are crunchy and good with salt."

"Or never tickle a sleeping Dragon," Harry snarked.

Morgan laughed as Stephen said, "That depends on how much alcohol they have had to drink the night before, especially if there was a drinking contest involving Brimstone, Blarg, Ravine, the Witch of Wishes, and a very large pile of treasure on the line as well as pride. Nonetheless, the Devils got off easy today. Null wasn't with us. That would have been dangerous. His aura is much, much stronger and he doesn't suffer fools gladly at all."

Harry thought about something for a moment and then cautiously gave his opinion on something, "I think that Bahamut and Tiamat were speaking with me when I was unconscious. Their voices sounded exactly the same. It was almost as if they really cared."

Stephen patted Harry on the back as Morgan turned up onto the mountain road that would take them to the house, a road that was full of hairpin turns and switchbacks, especially as it went further into the mountains.

"That is because they do. Dragons as a race look out for each other and a child or hatchling in danger is something that none will ignore. Bahamut, having had a hatchling understands the parental instinct. I assume he was the first one to speak?"

Harry nodded in affirmation.

"He is less harsh than Tiamat, and both are less harsh than their brother Null. That is why they spoke to you. Tiamat, though she never had the desire to have children, aside from a brief fling with the Red Heavenly Dragon, Ddraig, as the affection of a somewhat cranky aunt that enjoys absolute authority and stirring up trouble. My sister was very near and dear to her and as Nimueh's descendent, that affection extends to you, Harry. Both will take a great interest in you. They may also have you complete the same trial that I must undertake in time, but that is dragon parenting for you."

Morgan pulled the car into the drive and parked under the awning in front of the door. Someone was standing there. She was tall and nymph-like, slender, with long, very dark, reddish brown hair, slightly pointed ears and bright green eyes. The woman was dressed in a deep red dress and black heels.

As the three got out, Harry felt a faint attraction to her, which vanished immediately. There was also the hint of water, like a powerful torrent rushing over a waterfall deep within some wild jungle, beautiful, but very deadly and treacherous. She moved with a sylvan grace, otherworldly, not human.

The woman spoke, and it was enchanting, quite literally. Musical and seductive in quality, "Mother it is good to see you again. Little brother, why didn't you tell me that you where engaged that last time we met?"

Morgan Embraced the woman and stood aside as Stephen hugged her tightly and planted a kiss of her cheek, causing the woman to blush.

"It is good to see you again, Nimueh. And as for your question, the last time I saw you, I wasn't engaged yet!"

The three adults laughed, Nimueh's the most magical in nature. She then caught sight of Harry, whom Stephen beckoned forwards.

As he moved closer, Harry realized that Nimueh was feyer than he thought as he got a good look at her eyes. They were cat-like, with slit pupils.

"And whom are you, young one?" The part nymph queried.

"Harry James Potter, ma'am," he answered.

Nimueh lifted a very fine eyebrow and turned to her younger brother.

"Nimueh, may I introduce you to your grandson. After fifty-six generations, you still have family."

The nymph-like woman sucked in a shocked breath and her cat-like eyes widened. She then embraced Harry tightly as a stunned silence filled the air.

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