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From Chapter Three: Stephen growled at Rias, "It was never ceded to the Underworld."

Chapter 4: It begins

The school week had come and gone and it was finally the end of the school week. Harry had spent several days getting to know his new family and spent much of his time talking to Nimueh. The part-nymph enjoyed what little time she could with her grandson before she had to leave. But in the end, she left and now it was just the three of them.

It was now Friday, and luckily, Morgan didn't have any classes to teach. The enchantress was up early that morning doing who knew what and Stephen was having a light snooze out on the front porch after his morning training. Harry was still in bed.

A crunch of gravel jolted Stephen out of his snooze. He looked up. Someone was walking up the drive. He grinned and stuck his head inside and shouted, "Mom can you get Harry up? We have company!"

With this he vanished. Not long after, a tall, pale skinned long black-haired woman came into view. She was wearing a grey skirt, thigh high black boots, a white and black jacket with a dragon crawling all over the sleeves, with black gloves and her hair was loose, flowing down her back. Her eyes, half-lidded, had cranberry red irises. This was the Witch of Wishes herself.

Behind the woman stood a young man, more like a high schooler himself, who had black hair, deep blue eyes, was tall, lanky, and dressed in a rather smart black school uniform. This was Watanuki, the Witch's erstwhile apprentice and part time worker.

The part-timer was jittery and jumped when he heard a door hinge squeak. The Witch shook her head and strode up to the front door and knocked. The two waited for a moment and then it opened. Morgan was standing there and she smiled.

"Come in, both of you, please," the enchantress said, inviting the two inside. The Witch and her part-timer entered the house and Morgan brought them to the sitting room.

Tea was set out and poured and idle chit chat began for a while. Then a smug voice was heard from the entryway.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't the Wicked Witch of the East! Corrupt any innocents of late?" The Witch and Watanuki turned around. Standing there, with a neutral look on his face was Stephen.

The dragon prince strolled into the room and approached the Witch. The part-timer began to stand up to defend his boss when the red-eyed woman stood and smiled. Then something surprised him. The newcomer embraced his boss!

"Yuuko-niisama, it's good to see you again!" The now named Yuuko laughed, "How long have you been waiting to call me that?"

"Call you what? Wicked Witch of the East or niisama?"

Yuuko gently shook Stephen by the shoulders as Morgan laughed.

"You know what I mean," the Witch replied.

Stephen laughed, "Awhile."

Yuuko bopped him gently on the nose and they sat down, waiting for Harry. Morgan explained to Yuuko what was going on. This caused the witch to frown. Putting a child into a potentially deadly competition with no help that trained adults would have died from was reprehensible to her.

Stephen heard the stairs creak. Harry was coming down. A few seconds later, the wizard appeared in the room. Everyone's attention turned to him.

"Clow?" Yuuko asked standing up, her eyes narrowed at Harry. She shook her head as she got a better look at him, "No, not Clow, your eyes are green, Clow's were blue. Still…, there's something similar."

Harry was confused and he glanced at Stephen who just softly smiled.

"Later," the Dragon Prince murmured, "Just humor Yuuko."

He snapped his fingers, catching Yuuko's attention and simply said, "Getting off tangent."

The Witch of Wishes rolled her red eyes, and circled Harry, who felt like he was some prey animal being sized up by a predatory cat.

"Hmmm," the Witch hmmed, continuing her appraisal of Harry. Eventually, she stopped and spoke to Morgan.

"I'll take him on. He shows promise, and if what you say is true, and I have no reason to doubt that, he'll be just as much of a joy to teach as Stephen was. Of course," she drawled, "I do require payment."

Stephen snapped him fingers and a surge of magic could be felt and then it vanished.

"Done." He said. "It awaits you at your shop. I'm quite sure that you will enjoy it."

"Huh?" asked Watanuki, standing up.

"Oh, you wonderful boy!" Yuuko shouted with glee, "Is it really what I think it is?!"

Stephen inclined his head to his teacher. "Yes. Spirit saké made from a nymph's spring and wine aged for a thousand years as well as a few magical items that I thought you might enjoy."

"You sweet, sweet boy!" Yuuko squealed hugging the Dragon Prince tightly.

He grunted, "Yuuko, can't breathe. Need air!"

She released him and he gasped to get his breath again.

Yuuko turned to Morgan, "Just send him by in the afternoons after class. We'll start the week after this. If I'm out, Watanuki will be there to keep an eye on him. Take care now!"

Stephen led his teacher and her part-timer out of the house and saw them on their way. When he returned, Harry was sitting down in a chair his eyes wide.

"What the heck just happened?" The wizard asked.

Morgan laughed as Stephen explained, "That was the phenomenon known widely as Yuuko Ichihara, the Space-Time Witch. You'll learn a lot from her, trust me."

"I see."

Just then the phone rang. Morgan answered it.

"Hello? Oh dear! Yes, yes, I'll be quite happy to fill in for you. It's not a problem, you focus on getting better. Alright, good bye." She hung up.

"Boys, it appears that one of the other teachers has fallen ill and they need me to fill in. Get yourselves ready and we'll head to the school."

Harry rushed off to get dressed and five minutes later he was dressed. Stephen and Morgan were waiting in the car already and the young wizard hopped in.

Kuoh Academy

When the three arrived at the academy, Morgan hurried off to the class that she was going to fill in. Stephen and Harry were left to their own devices so they wandered the grounds for a while. With neither being a student of the school, no one said anything, although Sona gave Stephen a glare when he passed by.

Eventually, they wandered down to where the kendo club was practicing. Harry could hear shouts as the girls practiced. Stephen jerked his head.

"Come on, I'll introduce you. Can't have you be a wallflower now," he teased.

Harry rolled his eyes, "So says the one with the fiancé that would make any man sell his mother just to have a single date with her."

Stephen laughed, "True! Very true."

They entered the dojo. Sure enough, the kendo club was all there, paying full attention to their practice. Stephen raised a finger to his lips in a silent signal to Harry to stay quiet. And then he slammed the door closed. Bang!

The girls all shrieked in fear and whirled around bringing their shinai up to hit perverts. When they saw who was standing there the third-years cajoled the younger members back into practicing as Stephen grabbed two wooden longswords and tossed one to Harry.

This drew the club's attention again as Stephen was known throughout the campus as being a master with the straight sword and several of the third-year members could attest to that fact.

Two of the second years, a pink haired girl with reddish pink eyes and a brown-haired girl with dark yellow-brown eyes wandered over to watch as Stephen guided Harry through the very basics of using a straight sword.

"Alright, now we'll run through a basic drill. Ready?"

Harry nodded his assent and raised the wooden sword.

"Ferro! Fenestra! Donna! Ferro! Mind your footwork. Good parry Harry! Keep it going. Now thrust! Just like that! Now from the roof! Not too wide now, that gives your opponent a chance of hitting you. Now…Mordstreich! Good dodge! Very good."

The two were getting faster and faster with the basics Stephen was teaching and Harry was doing pretty well until Stephen sent a pommel strike straight for his face that he did not catch. Luckily, Stephen stopped the blow just in time.

"Ok, that was good. That last move was to catch you off guard. Very well done for a beginner, although you aren't ready for a full speed bout. Take a break, Harry and get some water."

One of the third years tossed Harry a water bottle from the large package that they kept in the dojo. Harry easily caught it and sat back as Stephen took a breather. The platinum-eyed teen was then approached by one of the third years and a quick discussion took place.

The third year then shouted, "Katase! Murayama! You're up!" and gestured to Stephen who settled into a starting position. The pink-haired girl and the brown haired one readied themselves as the third-year counted down.

"Three!" Stephen's eyes closed and he tightened his grip.

"Two!" Murayama and Katase held their shinai up higher and prepared to attack.

"One!" Rias walked in as she had heard shouting with Akeno.

"Begin!" Time seemed to slow as Stephen raised his head and his eyes shot open. They blazed with a burning flame and spirit.

With a loud war cry, Murayama and Katase charged in bringing their shinai down upon Stephen with blistering speed. He however, easily dodged around Katase, striking her hard across the back, knocking the wind out of the pinkette and putting her out of the fight.

Now only Murayama was left. She raised her shinai again and gritted her teeth and flung herself straight into the fight. Crack! Crack! Crack! Went the wooden blades as Stephen parried several blows from the brunette. The bout continued for another few minutes, neither opponent making any real headway.

That is until Murayama though she saw an opening in Stephen's guard and tried to end the bout. She swung her blade towards his side but it was a trap. The wooden longsword flickered to the side and caught the shinai. The force of the blow sent it spinning out of Murayama's hand and this blow of the sword allowed her opponent to end the fight the same way Harry's had ended.

With a driving blow of the pommel, straight to the solar plexus, Stephen knocked Murayama off her feet and onto her rear end gasping for breath. The entire dojo burst into applause, for all participants had performed well, even Katase who had been taken out in the first few seconds of the bout.

The downed girls finally caught their breath and were helped back up by a smiling Stephen. Murayama then asked, "Why haven't you taken on Kiba yet if you're this good?"

The teen laughed, "Because he would get hurt. He's under my level of mastery, but close enough that it wouldn't be a bout, but a full-on fight. That's the difference. I've trained since I was five in this stuff, not for dueling, but for combat. There's a difference in mental state that I would use with him that I do not use here."

"And what's that?" Rias spoke up from the doorway.

"The difference, Miss Gremory, is that I would be in the mindset of taking him out permanently. Full fledged combat, one left standing. I would treat is an actual battle for my life." Rias made a sound of understanding and left.

"Why?" Someone asked.

"That's my training and I'll go no further. That's all you need to know." Stephen replied. "Any of the bouts that I have had or will have with any of you will never be that intense."

"So, you were pulling those punches?" Murayama queried.

"For safety, yes," the teen answered. The lunch bell then rang and the girls rushed to get changed. Stephen and Harry put up the swords that they were using and left the dojo.

They wandered outside and then heard rustling near the outer wall of the changing room. And a voice complaining, "Matsuda, Motohama can I have a chance now?" Stephen groaned, "They're at it again," and marched over to the spot.

"Haven't I told you three to leave those girls alone?" He growled, blocking the exit.

"Guys, run!" A boy's voice shouted and three teen males burst from the cover. It was Issei, Matsuda and Motohama again, peeping as usual. However, escape was not to be.

Harry, being not far behind his uncle, stuck out a leg in the only gap that they could escape from.




The three perverts fell flat on their faces. Stephen loomed over them. Three faces looked up at him. Issei's seemed resigned, while the other two were scared. The TA took a long look at their faces and immediately knew who to punish.

"Hyoudou, get to lunch. I don't want to ever find you over here again." Needless to say, Issei got.

"As for you two…," he grabbed Matsuda and Motohama by their collars and dragged them to the principal's office. Luckily the door was open as Sona exited. She raised an eyebrow and just shook her head. "It's about time at least two of them were dealt with," she thought. "They were spying on the Kendo Club again, I take it?" She asked.

The platinum eyed teen grunted, "Yes, and this time Hyoudou was somewhat innocent of any crime. That's why he's not here right now. I gave him a warning though so hopefully he should heed it." Sona shook her head and walked off, heading to the Student Council office.

Stephen dragged the two perverts into the principal's office where the law was laid down. The two were told that if they were caught one more time, they would be suspended for a month and any incidents after that would result in expulsion. They were then dismissed. Matsuda and Motohama quickly got out of there and Harry and Stephen lazily wandered off campus, knowing that no one would protest.

The two eventually ended up in the park where Stephen spotted Yuuko sitting on a bench and went to talk to his teacher. He wanted to inform her about what Kuroka had found in Harry's scar.

Harry, left to his own devices, ended up by one of the large ponds and started skipping stones and he sank into his thoughts trying to come to grips with everything. He sighed, "As usual, I just can't seem to be normal at all. Everything strange always happens to me. Although I bet Hagrid would be over the moon over me being related to several Dragon gods."

Harry continued his musings as nearby, Stephen was in a hushed discussion with Yuuko, the witch having been extremely alarmed with what Kuroka had found in her new student's scar.

The sun reached its zenith and the afternoon wore on when Issei Hyoudou entered the park. The brown-haired pervert had finally been let out of school for the day and boy was he depressed. First, as usual he was treated as though he had some horrible disease by the girls. This he could deal with as it was relatively normal for the second year. However, it was the second thing that bugged him. His best buddies tried to abandon him to the mercy of not only the Kendo Club, but Stephen-san.

"Geez, thanks a ton guys. While you two actually were punished this time, I still have yet to realize my dream for a harem or even a girlfriend. Things were looking up there for a moment after helping that kid Harry, but then things went back to the way they were!"

He kept mumbling to himself as he wandered the park, and spotted Harry skipping stones however made no move to interact. He could easily see Stephen talking to a woman that while extremely hot, looked like the TA's older sister or relative and he was in no mood to piss either one of them off. Issei wandered off deeper into the park and out of sight.

Harry eventually finished skipping stones and went exploring as his uncle caught up with his new teacher. The young wizard sensed something strange and wanted to check it out. He followed the sensation, not knowing that he was being followed by Kuroka. The Nekoshou wanted to keep a close eye on the boy as nasty things were moving.

Harry eventually found himself on a bridge overlooking the small river that ran through the park. As he gazed out over the flowing water, Harry heard footsteps behind him. He pivoted around to see who was there.

Approaching him nervously was a teen girl, roughly the same age as him, maybe a year or two older, dressed in a school uniform that while he didn't recognize it, Harry knew wasn't Kuoh Academy's uniform. Her long hair was black and straight and she had violet eyes and a blush on her cheeks.

"A-ano are you Harry Potter?" She asked nervously.

This of course should have put Harry on edge, but after spending going on four years in the wizarding world and having everyone know his name Harry simply sighed and answered her, "Yes, that's who I am. Let me guess, you want an autograph or something?" This last was said rather bitterly as Harry understandably hated any reminder that he survived and his parents had not.

At this, the girl's eyes widened in shock and in the branches not far away, Kuroka's eyes narrowed. The girl answered his quickly.

"N-no! I'm My friends they…um, they noticed that I was attracted to you after you came here and was too shy to notice." The girl scuffed a shoe against the ground in embarrassment as Harry's emerald gaze held her form. "They pushed me to ask you if you would be my boyfriend!"

By this time her face was completely red and Harry stood there shocked. However, the young wizard had become slightly more cautious since August and he replied, "That's a little forward Miss. Especially since we've only just met and I don't even know your name, though you seem to be well aware of mine."

The girl eeped, "My apologies! Ah, this is so embarrassing and my friends are probably watching too! I'm Yuuma Amano, please take care of me. Maybe we should just start out as friends then….," she trailed off as Harry approached her. The wizard, out of the corner of his eye caught a quick glance of Kuroka looking completely human wandering amongst the planted beds.

"Let's start out with getting to know each other first, eh Yuuma? Perhaps on Sunday afternoon as some relatives of mine have made prior arrangements for this evening and tomorrow."

Yuuma giggled softly, "Hai, that will work. Oh, dear, I have a project that I'm working on with my friends and I'm going to be late! I'll see you Sunday afternoon!" She ran off and Harry stood there smiling softly to himself.

"It's nice that there are some people in this world who don't care about my fame." He turned around and headed back to Stephen.

Kuroka caught up to him. "Nya, be careful Harry," the Neko said as she escorted him back to where Stephen was waiting.

"Why is that Kuroka? She was just a teenage girl. There's thousands of them in this country alone." Harry remarked.

"Yes," the black-haired Neko answered slowly, "But you still should be careful. Like the gangs that plague many cities and the mob in the United States, Japan has organized crime groups. The Yakuza. Ruffians thought they may be, they are still dangerous. That girl could be a Yakuza member or something else."

The voluptuous woman continued, "I made that mistake in trusting the wrong person and it led to me becoming part of a Devil's Peerage and being experimented on. And we both know what that lead to. Me slaying my previous master and Shirone paying for it as well as me being on the run for a number of years before I ended up running into Stephen again. Never judge someone by the first meeting alone, especially when dealing with the supernatural."

"I understand," Harry sighed, "But I'm still going."

Kuroka smiled and softly remarked in amusement, "And that is your choice. You'll learn a lot about that from Ichihara-san."

They had returned to where Stephen was waiting. By now Yuuko had left, although the witch promised to stop by over the weekend to examine Harry's scar. The area around them was clear of people so Kuroka summoned a magic circle and teleported them back to the mansion.

Later that weekend

It was now Sunday, and Harry was heading out to meet Yuuma. On the previous day, Yuuko had stopped by again to examine his scar and what the witch found disturbed her greatly. She didn't say anything though and rushed off after conferring with Kuroka leaving Harry greatly confused.

"I'm heading out!" He called to the house at large, Morgan was somewhere in the mansion so he hoped that she'd heard him. Stephen was also out doing who knew what and Kuroka had vanished again.

When he received no reply, Harry shrugged and made his way to the transportation circle in the grounds and teleported out to Kuoh where Yuuma told him to meet her.

"Harry!" A girl's voice called. He turned around, it was Yuuma. She was dressed in a pink ruffled shirt that emphasized her rather sizable bust and showed a bit of cleavage and a black skirt as well as platform shoes with a bangle on her wrist.

"Yuuma," he said in greeting, "So what do you want to do?"

"Let's go shopping," she said and dragged him off to the shopping district.

Over the next several hours, Harry was dragged by a very happy Yuuma to numerous clothing stores and shops. The wizard put up with this with amusement as it was clear that she was enjoying herself. Eventually, after stopping for ice cream, they ended up in the park by a fountain.

The two were enjoying the sunset when Issei and a navy haired girl passed by them. The brown-haired pervert looked like he was having the time of his life. Harry shook his head at the pervert's rather obvious thoughts as the two sat down on the far side of the fountain.

"Harry-kun, I have a question," Yuuma asked.

"Hmm?" Harry answered.

"Will you die for me?" She asked.

This froze his thoughts for a moment as he attempted to make sense of what she was asking of him. Caught off guard, he answered her slowly, "What kind of question is that?" Needless to say, he got his answer.

Yuuma's clothes shredded as her body grew taller and more mature, appearing to be in her early twenties. Her straight black hair reached her rear now and her eyes grew darker in shade. Two large black feathered wings emerged from her back.

Yuuma's clothes now consisted of black, strap-like leather around and under her breasts, a thong-like piece held around her hips by three thin straps, gloves that ran up her arms with small lengths of chains hanging from them, Pauldrons on her shoulders with three large spikes sprouting from her right shoulder, and black thigh-high heel boots. There was also a strange collar around her neck.

Harry was completely caught of guard. "Damn it, I should have listened to Kuroka's warning. Talk about being a damn Gryffindor!" he thought.

Yuuma's voice tumbled to a lower and more erotic pitch, "I can't say that this wasn't enjoyable, naive and childish as it was. Thanks for the gift though," she smiled sinisterly and summoned a spear made of red light and prepared to throw. "I, Fallen Angel Raynare will now end your lowly existence. But don't blame me. Instead, blame the God you put that Sacred Gear in you!"

Raynare threw the light spear at Harry, who in his complete astonishment, couldn't dodge. The Fallen Angel laughed at his fear as death soared at him.

Harry resigned himself to his fate, but just as the spear came within three feet of his chest it burst into thousands of splinters and a large cloud billowed around him.


Harry opened his eyes. In front of him was another Fallen Angel. This one had blonde hair and looked like an extremely busty child in gothic Lolita clothing. She was holding another spear, a pink one, and right next to her was Stephen.

Rage poured off of his uncle, as a yell of fear came out from Issei as his girl suddenly transformed as well. A similar collar was on the neck of this woman before a blue spear of light flew in front of her. A male Fallen, dressed in detective gear and a fedora hovered above them, his eyes narrowed.

Stephen flew into action as Raynare created multiple light spears, his blade shattering many of them as the blonde Fallen took to the air to deal with Raynare.

"Come on," Harry heard in his ear. He felt someone grip his wrist and pull him out of the way. It was Kuroka. The Nekoshou was very stern. "I warned you to be careful. You were lucky that Dohnaseek and Mittelt ran into us earlier. Something is very wrong right now and you could have died." Behind them the battle raged.

Raynare was furious. That Mittelt had dared to interfere in her mission was unforgivable! However, at the present moment, she couldn't voice her rage, simply due to the human that was so easily fending off her attacks.

Stephen blocked and parried, shattering light spear after light spear until Harry was safely out of range. Then he really moved. His attacks became stronger and more precise, and while he hadn't landed any hits yet, it gave Mittelt the time to assist Dohnaseek in dealing with the other Fallen.

"Damn it, Kalawarner! What the hell?! You know that Azazel wouldn't condone this!" Mittelt screamed as she tried desperately to stop her normally pleasant friend. Dohnaseek flew in close and tried to knock Kalawarner out, but failed and quickly ended up having to defend himself along with the heavily bleeding and unconscious Issei.

After a while, Stephen subdued Raynare and Kalawarner was knocked out. The fighters looked exhausted. Dohnaseek and Mittelt were bruised rather badly as they limped over to the two unconscious Fallen. They nodded at Stephen and Mittelt spoke, "We'll let Azazel know." They flew off as Kuroka and Harry returned. Just then, a massive presence pressed upon all of them.

A portal opened up and Tiamat stepped out in her human form. The Dragon Queen raised an eyebrow at her nephew. Then she caught sight of Issei. She slowly approached.

As Tiamat neared the wounded boy and red gauntlet with green gems appeared on the boy's left hand. Tiamat grinned evilly. Then a voice spoke.

"I should have known that you'd eventually track me down Tiamat," the deep masculine voice said, "But now is not the time to settle scores. I have just barely awoken and already my host is dying. Pervert he may be but I care for him somewhat."

"Ddraig," Tiamat said slowly, "Aside from the incident which we will deal with at a later time, you have always been respectful of your elders, quite unlike you counterpart Albion. Your host shall live as any dragon should."

The Dragon Queen knelt down and put her hand over Issei's chest, "Thou art a dragon, boy. Live again as one. In the name of Tiamat, the Dragon Queen, RISE!"

A bright flash lit up the surrounding area and then faded away. Issei's wounds had healed and he was now breathing easier.

Ddraig spoke again, "Thank you, Tiamat. I and my host are in your debt."

The red gauntlet disappeared and Tiamat turned to her nephew. "I will take the boy home and watch over him until he awakes." She jabbed a finger at the two unconscious Fallen, "Interrogate those two and examine those collars. There is magic that is familiar on them and I want to know what it is."

With this said, Tiamat summoned a magic circle with the five Chromatic Dragon heads on it and transported herself and Issei away.

"Kuroka?" Stephen asked his fiancé, gesturing to himself, Harry, and the Fallen.

"Yes," replied the Neko, summoning her own magic circle and teleporting all of them away from the area. Not too long after, a red magic circle lit up the ground and with a flash, Rias Gremory stepped out.

The crimson-haired devil's eyes narrowed as she cursed, looking around. "Damn it! I was too late!" She vanished into her magic circle again.

When Raynare woke up, her entire body was extremely sore. She groaned and tried to move, but she couldn't. When she realized this, her violet eyes shot open to take in the situation.

She was in a room, with no windows and a single closed door. There were two beds, one of which was hers and a light hanging from the ceiling. Kalawarner was in the other bed.

"How did I get here? Where am I?" The Fallen murmured to herself, panic slowly rising. Raynare tried getting up off of the bed, but could only sit up. "What the hell?! Kala! Get up!"

Kalawarner sat up groggily, "Raynare? What is it? Hey! I can't move!" The navy haired Fallen thrashed around, trying to get off of the bed but was unsuccessful. After a while, she was too worn out to continue. Both women sat there trying to figure out a way to get out of there.

Not long after, they heard footsteps coming from outside. The door swung open and a large group entered, Stephen in the lead. It shut behind them. The group consisted of Kuroka, Morgan, Tiamat, Bahamut, Sirzechs, Serafall, Azazel, and in the back was surprisingly, Yuuko.

The Prince of Dragons was the first to speak, "Now to get to the bottom of this. And believe me, there will be answers. From both of you."

Raynare was confused, she had no memory of the past forty-eight hours.

A tall man stepped forwards. He was dressed in a kimono, with a thin beard and a blonde fringe to his dark hair.

"Azazel-sama?" Both Kalawarner and Raynare chorused.

"Raynare, Kalawarner, what the hell happened? I sent you to keep an eye on the boys, not attempt to kill them! The both of you are quite lucky that both Dohnaseek and Mittelt concurred that you both were not acting normally over the past two days."

Raynare looked down in shame. She had royally messed up and knew it. Then she spoke, "I don't know what happened, Azazel. The past two days are completely blank, except for my date. All I remember is laughter, darkly amused laughter, and something being placed around my neck and a command to kill Harry. I had no control over my body except during the date. It was like is was locked in my own mind, only able to watch as someone else controlled me."

"Yes," Kalawarner concurred, "The same happened to me, except I might be able place the voice. There was another person there as well, who only spoke a few times."

"Who was it?" Stephen inquired.

"I think it was Kokabiel, the damn warmonger. As for the other person, I could not identify them. They were talking about collars, and controlling wills."

The Dragons in human form growled, and Yuuko's eyes narrowed. "I thought that the last of those accursed things had been either destroyed or locked up in your lair, Tiamat."

"They were," she replied swiftly, "However, it is very likely that others may have found another way to make them or more likely, they are a weaker version from this existence. Witch?"

Yuuko, when addressed spoke, "I am not aware of anyone making the Collars of Control, believe me, I would know. Now finding lost ones in some forgotten region of the planet is a distinct possibility, but there were only a few ever made in this world and many of them were destroyed when Rome fell. Only three survived, now one."

She paused, "Luckily, they are limited in what they can control. Dragons, for instance, are completely immune to the collars, most Japanese supernatural beings cannot be touched by them as the collars were a European invention, I myself can overpower them easily and putting one on a higher-powered devil, or angel would fail."

"So, it is likely that Kokabiel either has this remaining collar in his possession, or is in league with someone who does," Sirzechs mused.

"Can we all agree that Raynare and Kalawarner's actions are no fault of their own and that they are innocent of plotting murder and war?" Azazel asked.

"Yes," Morgan said.

"Indeed," Stephen rumbled. Kuroka nodded her assent as Yuuko inclined her head.

The other four in the room quickly agreed and the two Fallen were released.

Tiamat, Bahamut, Sirzechs, Serafall, Azazel and Yuuko vanished in magic circles as Morgan and Kuroka left the room. Kalawarner teleported herself away as well. Raynare and Stephen were the only ones left and the platinum eyed teen eyed the Fallen woman.

"I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt, Raynare. However, you still need to explain yourself to Harry," he growled as she summoned her own magic circle.

"Yes, I guess I do," she replied and vanished as Stephen turned around and closed the door.