The story is based on a prompt by otp prompts where Person A is hugging a crying Person B in the rain. I was in a TopHerc mood, so I wrote this. The story takes place during the events of Sunshine!

Top Hat sat outside the Star Dock, many thoughts running through his mind. Just a day earlier, he and the other Star Tugs were involved in the eventful escort of the Duchess. Sunshine, the newest tug to be brought into the Star Fleet, was blamed for went wrong and ran away. Although the switcher had been found, Top Hat felt guilty. He worried that he was a major reason why Sunshine chose to run himself aground.

"Is something wrong?" Top Hat slowly lifted his wheelhouse and noticed Hercules sailing up to him. Although the leader of the Star Fleet was often busy handling contracts, he took the time to care for his friends. "I noticed you hurried out of the dock and I got worried."

Top Hat, being a tug of much pride, was hesitant to tell Hercules about how he was really feeling. However, Hercules was not one who was easily fooled. "You shouldn't be here Hercules." He started, looking away from the ocean tug. "You should be furious at me for making the kid beach himself."

"Top Hat, it was Zorran's trickery that caused this mess in the first place." Hercules replied, his voice much softer than what it normally was. "You got upset yes, but don't let the guilt eat you."

The railway tug ignored Hercules and started to sail out towards the harbor. Tears trickled down his cheeks, and the struggle to prevent himself from breaking down completely was becoming more and more obvious. Rain began to trickle down, and Top Hat hoped that was sufficient to hide the sobbing. He didn't pay much attention when he heard the gentle thrums of Hercules's engine. "I wish to be alone you know." He demanded.

"I am aware m'dear." Hercules replied, killing his engine and keeping a good amount of distance from Top Hat. "I want to help you move on, but you're making it difficult for me to do so."

The words hit hard. Top Hat knew that moving on was essential in the Star Fleet, but the guilt he had was making the task difficult. He suddenly remembered Sunshine being found, but even then, that was not enough. "Hercules, do you know how Sunshine is doing perchance?" He asked, trying to look composed. "I hope he's not too horribly damaged."

"He's only got some slight damage." Hercules answered, slowly sailing up to Top Hat. He noticed that while Top Hat showed a face of relief, he was still looking indignant. "I visited him earlier this afternoon and he was in good spirits."

"But will he forgive me though?" Top Hat asked, tears now streaming down his cheeks. "I made his life here-"

"He already forgave the others. Now will you listen to me?" Hercules answered. Top Hat was being too indignant, and so the ocean tug decided it was time to bring him down to earth. After a minute, he realized what he said might have made the situation worse. "Top Hat, I'm-"

"No need to be dramatic Hercules." Top Hat said, looking calmer than what he was feeling earlier. "I heard plenty." At that moment, he gently nudged Hercules and started to cry.

Hercules too started to get emotional, and the two tugs quietly shed their tears. After what felt like hours, he looked up and noticed that Top Hat had calmed down. Good. "Shall we head back now?" He offered. "We have a big day tomorrow."

Top Hat nodded, and the two vessels headed back to the Star Dock.