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I'm not happy with this chapter.

I think chapter 1 had good intentions but was poorly written.

Chapter 2 is when the story became interesting.

Chapter Summary (Spoilers)

Noble six awakened in another setting different to Planet Reach where his corpse should have remained.

A Ghost with the appearance of a Silver-Haired Half-Elf helped the Spartan exit the frostbitten forest of Gusteko into finding civilization.

For a short period time the Spartan believed he was in hell until he met with civilians.

Soon he was attacked by a group of mercenaries, accidentally killing a few of them in the process.

This event caused Elsa the Bowel hunter to gain interest in the Spartan.

Elsa then introduced Noble Six to Meili Portoute and her Client that originally hired the Bowel Hunter to kill the mercenaries accidentally killed by Noble Six.

The Client gains interest in Noble Six thus hiring him to either Kill the Silver-Haired Half-Elf or Steal her insignia.

Will the Spartan Remain as a lone wolf or will he become the Personal Grim Reaper he used to be?


Re:Zero Canon will be tampered with in this chapter.

Noble Six wasn't given a name yet.

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Satella, the Witch of Envy watched as Noble six was at the mercy of a squad of elites.

Six didn't ever see Jun die because the lucky spartan was allowed to leave Reach with Halsey. 'At least Jun escaped Reach... The lucky bastard...' He thought. The Spartan knew he would soon meet again with his spartan comrades. Instead of his life flashing before his eyes, the last words of his squad members echoed in his thoughts as he fought endless waves of Elites.

"Tell them to make it count."




The Spartan dropped his helmet onto the ground and picked up an assault rifle just as he received plasma shots from an Ultra class Elite. Six concentrated fire onto it and finished it off.




"Where does he get off calling a demolition op Priority one-"




Six pushed back an Elite General from behind then finished it off with his pistol.




"You're one your own, Noble. Carter out."




Six killed off two elites then was tackled onto the ground by an Ultra. Even though he wasn't on his feet he still put up a fight and pushed back the elites that tried stabbing him.




"I'm ready! How bout you?!"




A Zealot now towered over the collapsed spartan. The thought of killing a demon with it's blade made the Zealot's blood boil. The prophets would surely reward the warrior for his accomplishments. Noticing that Noble Six didn't have his helmet. The Zealot stared into the Spartan's eyes trying to find a trace of cowardice. The Sangheili warrior became accustomed seeing horrified human expressions before slaying them, but the human before him didn't show fear at all. Instead of fear, Six's facial expression screamed "Do it already!"

The Zealot felt a hint of respect for the human because he was ready to die for his sins like a real man. 'Demon, Know that your death had served a purpose in helping me come closer to enlightenment.' Thought the Zealot.

Moments before six could be killed in action by a super heated energy sword, he heard a woman's voice whisper into his ear then time froze in place, causing the Zealot and the rest of the Elites to stand frozen in place.

The injured spartan staggered onto his feet and studied the frozen covenant warriors. Then Six briefly scanned all directions, but only saw waves of dead covenant bodies flooding the vicinity and the squad of frozen Elites surrounding him. The mysterious woman's voice was difficult to hear but six managed understand what she said. "This will not be your grave."

'Am I dead?' he asked himself, while picking up his helmet and putting it back on. 'What on Reach are they doing?' He asked himself.

The Zealot's eyes were following Six as he moved around the frozen covenant warriors, proving that time wasn't frozen. Even the remaining Elites stared into the eyes of the spartan.

For once, Noble six felt scared and confused. And to make things even more frightening. The hearts of every covenant soldier exploded inside out. The masses of covenant collapsed Dead instantly.

Noble Six looked left and right as every Elite collapsed with holes in their chests. The methane pods of the grunts had exploded, causing the poor Unggoy warriors to suffocate and collapse. Every Jackal had their necks twisted.

Covenant Air Craft lost altitude and crash landed onto Reach's surface one by one. Banshees and Phantom's fell from the sky like flaming stars. Shortly after this incident, a Covenant Super Carrier was burning in half and descending into the atmosphere of Planet Reach.

Noble six watched the nostalgic sight in awe. The burning super carrier lit up the dark sky. This sight reminded Six of his final moments with Jorge just before his comrade sacrificed himself above planet Reach.

"Died for naught." Six thought. "Rest in peace, I may not meet you in heaven, but... I'll meet Emile in hell."

The Super Carrier was descending onto a mountain not too far from Six's location. The shock wave would be just enough to send Six into the after life.

The temperature in the environment continued rising to dangerous levels just as the burning super carrier crash landed into the wasteland. The Shock wave lifted debris and sent it flying toward Six like a Tsunami of earth and Bedrock.

"Is this the end?"...

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One Month before Re:Zero Canon takes place...

*Breathes heavily*

*Vision slowly returns*

*Sees white landscape*

Deep in an unfamiliar forest, Noble Six was buried deep below mountains of snow, only the helmet remained visible. The Spartan awoke and struggled to move for his armor had been locked, who knows for how long...

It took 10 minutes of being idle for his armor systems to power online once more. The Hud was blurred and his equipment displays were absent from sight.

Now that the Mjolnr systems were online and the shields were somehow up and running, the Spartan had to climb his way out of the snow like a zombie out of a grave. The Spartan's suit of armor was miraculously functioning the way it's suppose to. But what surprised B312 the most was his injuries were 100% healed, for he could move freely without the pain of severe plasma damage. In fact, his armor wasn't in bad shape at all. But several Cracks remained in the Visor as memory of his final battle.

How did his armor get repaired but his Visor remained cracked? Who's the one responsible for this?

Once Six gained a view of where he was, he found that there were was an absence of a crash-site. No. There was a complete absence of Covenant.

There were no fallen banshees or phantoms, no dead covenant or destroyed UNSC equipment. Just Snow and Trees. The terrain was foreign, frozen, unfamiliar, abandoned. The forest was covered in frostbite. Every inch of ground was covered in frostbite.

How could Noble Six have survived this? This could only mean his armor had protected and preserved the Spartan from Freezing to death.

A familiar soft female voice echoed in the distance. "Spar-tan..."

Six lifted the rest of his heavy armor out of the snow that continuously threatened to sink him under over and over again. B312 searched for the woman's voice, but what he found was dense white fog, frostbitten trees, cloudy skies. Nada.

"I didn't know hell was going to be cold." Thought the Spartan, still observing what, where, why, and how did he end up in this place?

"I-Found... you" The silky smooth voice echoed once more in the distance.

Six briefly glanced behind him, realizing he went the wrong way. In the foggy distance, he recognized a human shape sitting on a tree branch. His enhanced eye sight immediately identified Silver Hair, pointy ears. Petite Body. White dress. Perfect skin. Amethyst eyes glowing through the dense fog. Beautiful Face?

'A civilian?' Six thought. Upon further inspection he changed his mind. 'No... that isn't human.'

Six crawled through the snow once more, trying to not sink deep under. Upon arriving in front of the tree Six realized that the woman had vanished as if she didn't exist. Then he saw the familiar amethyst eyes glowing once more, far through the dense fog. It would seem she wants him to follow her.

"Don't play with me, woman!" He shouted. Upon taking one more step he sunk deep into the snow. This incident was more of a nuisance than an obstacle as Six easily jumped out of the snow like a volcanic eruption of white snow then he gently landed on solid ground.

The further he traveled the more he noticed the frostbitten land disappearing. For now Six would follow this mysterious entity for he needed instructions. For once he wasn't worried about the covenant sneaking up on him. His blurry motion sensor still made it clear that he was alone. Not even the entity he followed had a heat signature.

'A ghost perhaps?'

Every now and then, Six would catch up with the entity only for it to vanish then reappear and call out for the spartan to follow her.

Grass plains.

The grass became visible although still covered in snow. The Snow fog was now absent from view allowing Six to behold the New world. Far behind him remained the frostbitten Forest. The Frozen land he spawned in not long ago.

Noble Six waited for the entity to call for him again but her voice had ceased to sooth his ears. If Six was still on Planet Reach then he could try to contact the UNSC communication systems. Hopefully the Entity didn't drag him into another world.

Six was now alone. This wasn't of much of a problem, for Spartan B312 performed best as a lone wolf.

Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World as a Spartan

Difficulty- Legendary


Blind Eye- Hud is semi-functional/isn't very reliable

Famine- No weapons at all

Iron- Restart mission upon death

Malfunction- Upon respawning a random element of the Hud is Disabled

Black eye- Shields don't recharge until after 24 hours

Custom Skulls-

Red Skull- Spartans have the Knowledge of how to create standard weapons and medical equipment (etc) (needs to find the materials)

Blue Skull- Spartans are as lucky as the Master Chief

Yellow Skull- Civilians will be afraid of Spartans at all times

Jealous Skull- Noble Six arrived into Re:Zero long before any of the canon story takes place

Mission Start...

X Start a new life...

The Spartan's enhanced eyesight allowed Six to spot an under-developed nation covered in snow. The buildings were very unfamiliar to the spartan. Six was accustomed to seeing skyscrapers and shining lights in Civilian sectors so this could only mean he found himself on the poor parts of Reach, hopefully B312 is still on Reach.

'Is this even Planet Reach to begin with?' Thought six as he staggered across frozen grass plains toward what could hopefully be a fully functioning civilization far in the distance. Six doubted there would be any survivors on Reach but maybe the Covenant weren't as cunning as the briefings say they were.

Was this even planet Reach to begin with? The buildings weren't glassed, neither destroyed. The land seems to be inhabited at least.

Upon closer inspection, Six assumed what appeared to be slaves or workers doing manual labor in deep freezing temperatures. The workers were in line entering a mining shaft. Of course these civilians were dressed in protection against the cold and yet dead workers were pulled out of the frozen Mines to be tossed into a Massive Bonfire that was used for heating up the cold workers.

"Damn..." Six cursed under his breath.

These humans seem to be living lives comparable to the 1100's recorded in human history. Either Six was sent into the past or he was sent into the future. Nothing was making any sense right now.

Noble 6 approached the civilians to ask for directions, but his tall frightening appearance wasn't a pleasant sight to behold. The workers cowered and fell onto the freezing ground groveling at the boots of the black imposing figure who stood 6,9 feet tall compared to their average heights of 5 feet.

"Don't punish us!" Pleaded a bearded man.

"We w-were just going back to work." Muttered another man, his hands were clapped together as if he were saying his prayers.

The Spartan didn't want to start a panic. He attempted to calm them down. "Be at ease. I'm not your superior." Replied Six, kneeling down to help the two men back onto their feet.

The bearded man looked into the eyes of Six "What exactly are you then?" He asked.

Six paused. These civilians don't know what a spartan is.

Like a machine the Spartan repeated a list of memorized words. "I am Spartan-B312 of Noble team, serving under the United Nations Space Command."

The civilians blankly stared at the Spartan.

"What?" Asked the bearded man.

Six scratched his own helmet. "Is this an outer colony? Does Oni operate in these parts?" Asked Six.

They blankly stared at the Spartan as if he were crazy. "Sir, I don't understand a single thing you've said just now. Are you a foreigner by any chance?" One of the workers asked.

The Spartan was certainly out of place in this new world. This could only mean Noble Six isn't on Planet Reach. What happened?

Almost forgetting Six just said a bunch of nonsense in front of civilians, he apologized and proceeded to leave, but not without a disturbance hindering the Spartan.

"Stop! You've trespassed onto private property!" Shouted a guard that shortly arrived. 4 more guards arrived and were shocked by the tall black armored person before them.

They had better protection from the cold than the workers them selves. How unfair.

The guards wondered what they were exactly looking at.

"Is that a knight?" They wondered.

"Perhaps, but he doesn't carry a sword."

Six turned to them and blankly stared into their souls for what seemed like an eternity until the Spartan broke the silence. "Pardon my trespass. For I am lost." Explained Six.

The guards aimed their swords at the super soldier. "That's no excuse! You'll have to pay a tax." Explained a guard.

Six shrugged "I have no currency."

A chuckle was heard from the guards "I call dibs on his armor!" Exclaimed one of the guards.

"First come, first served!" Shouted another guard, charging at Six to stab the exposed part of the Spartan armor. The rest of the guards charged with their own attacks as well. These events took place in slow motion in Spartan reaction time.

The Spartan disarmed the first attacker then pushed him toward his allies. The next attacker was within range so Six snatched the sword from the enemy and whacked the opponent's face with the hilt of the blade causing some teeth to fly out of the guard's mouth.

The guards shoved aside their teammate and as soon met the same fate as their other comrade and lost several teeth just when Noble Six whacked their faces with their own weapons.

Noble Six dropped the primitive weapons as soon as he finished and then calmly walked away.

"Mer merth!" ONe guard covered his mouth in pain.

"Srn rf ar!.." this guard searched for his teeth under the thick snow.

One guard managed to speak even with pain in the mouth "There will be a bounty on your head! YOU BASTARD!" Shouted the final guard glaring madly as Noble Six as the Spartan walked away from the incident as if nothing had happened.

B213 didn't spend most of his life making entire rebellions and insurrectionists disappear just to waste his time fighting weaklings. But the Spartan lll will soon be shocked once he realizes he isn't invincible in this world. One day he'll learn it the hard way. Re:Zero has no mercy.

Now was the time to figure out where he is and what to do.

The Spartan traversed the Snow filled Civilian towns of Gusteko, gaining shocked expressions from peasants to and fro. During brief investigation B312 had recently learned the names of the Four Nations from anyone not too frightened to speak.

Eventually the Spartan used stealth to steal two Broad Swords from drunken Knights who ignorantly stood with their backs facing Noble Six.

Disappointing. Being alert at all times would surely have prevented such a thing from happening.

The new weapons had Black insignia's resembling a hawk or an eagle. It made sense for Noble Six to keep them. The Insignia's resembled the UNSC Eagle logo on his armor.

Things would have been even better if he managed to find UNSC Weapons. Even simple firearms used by Civilians for self defense would have served him greatly.

Though he doubted he'll ever find a firearm in a fantasy setting.

"So... There's Lugnica, Vollakia, Kararagi, and Gusteko." He thought out loud, walking past a beggar that tried to grab onto the Spartan's boots.

'I'm currently in Gusteko. Are these Nations really what remains of Planet Reach? Surely there are forms of technology the humans have not forgotten...' He thought as he watched a Dragon-Drawn carriage pass by.

'Or not. This truly isn't Reach.' Thought six, staring at the Ground Dragon pulling a carriage full of dead workers.

'Dammit!' He cursed under his breath. 'Even if this isn't Planet Reach, There has to be a way to communicate with Space Command!' He thought, eagerly speculating ways to contact Earth or outer Colonies.

Laughter was heard inside of what appeared to be a wooden inn or a cafe. But the way people roughhoused inside the building made it obvious to the Spartan that this was most likely a Bar or some 1 star Restaurant. The structure was 2 stories tall and was half a yard in size. Descent structure for being in the slums.

The Spartan was surely hungry after his long nap. He needed some rations to keep on going for another few days without food. The Spartan's metabolism would allow for him to continue having energy even with small amounts of nutrition. (Correct me if I'm wrong)

'Here goes.' he set one foot on the wooden staircase. The 1000 pounds entering caused the wooden floor to crack with each foot step the Spartan took. Now standing within the boundaries of the building, all eyes were on the tall frightening dark figure that was Noble 6.

A woman dressed in a dark cloak sitting in a far corner of the Bar licked her lips as she stared into the Spartan's visor. She could feel the Spartan's battle hardened aura.

Enhanced Spartan hearing allowed Six to hear what the cloaked woman whispered to Nobody in particular "He looks like fun..." There was a small girl seated next to the woman, she was eating a ham sandwich.

Some faces seemed to have recognized the weapons Six had stolen but they remained Silent. Shortly all eyes stopped looking into the Spartan's visor and the customers continued with their habits.

Eating, talking, arguing, fighting, collapsing of drunkenness.

'Filth.' Was only thing six could describe these people to be.

The Spartan cracked the floor with each footstep, gaining shocked expressions including glares from a group of roughhousing drunks wearing expensive armor. The Drunks had recognized the weapons Noble Six had stolen and were offended to new heights. Those are the weapons from their own faction! The group of armored men quickly stood up glaring at Noble six.

They all stepped forth and blocked the Spartan's path toward the Bartender.

Six stopped and stared into the eyes of the armored men. The cracked visor did not allow for them to know who Six was looking at, causing a sense of uneasiness around them.

"How may I be of service-" Six was interrupted, being kicked out of the entrance of the Building. Six had landed outside of the Mead Hall on his two feet, causing the residents outside of the building to evacuate the vicinity.

[shields down to 20% / internal organs were mildly shaken although no injuries sustained]

Six was lost for words. Not long ago the Spartan had faced weaklings, but now he had come across Humans that can send Spartan's flying out of buildings?

The Spartan would now proceed with caution. The mercenary Knights before him don't seem to have augmentations and yet they had performed a feat only another Spartan was capable of doing. But they were surely mistaken if they thought they could fight against a hyper lethal Spartan.

But one thing bothered the Spartan. His shields wouldn't recharge. The annoying beeping sound continued [beep, beep, beep, beep, beep] because his shields were low.

'This isn't good.' He thought.

The Group of Knights had exited the Restaurant glaring daggers at Noble Six. (5 Knights)

"Fuck, that armor was way too heavy!" Complained the Knight that kicked Six.

"Still, if he can walk in it with ease then he must be strong." Added another Knight.

Six stood on guard in a foreign fighting stance 'Hm, if they thought my armor was heavy, then I'll have no problem winning.' Thought Noble six. 'They're strong but I'm stronger.' He thought.

The Knight's unsheathed their swords. Their weapons resembled the highly decorated long swords Six had stolen.

"Where did you find those weapons?!" Asked the angry Knights.

"Only Black Hawk mercenaries carry those swords!" Continued another knight.

Noble Six wasn't informed of the customs and culture of this new world so this had caught him by surprise.

The Spartan wasn't afraid to admit the truth. "I stole them." This gained angered reactions from the mercenaries of Black Hawk.

"That's what I thought." Scoffed the mercenary that kicked Six a while ago.

"Kill him!" Shouted the leader.

The mercenaries were fast at charging toward Six, with speed comparable to tired spartan lll's without armor enhancements. This was surely an impressive display of speed for non augmented humans, but nonetheless, these knights were slower than the Spartan lll.

As the first attacker approached, Spartan reaction time was what saved Noble Six from a sword thrust that would have damaged Six's shields down to 0% power and pierce right through his stomach.

Noble Six side stepped appearing as a blur to the human eye, disarmed the attacker then with a single punch to the Knight's face, the opponent's brains were splattered onto the ground.


The beheaded opponent staggered backwards and collapsed onto the ground creating a pool of blood on the bleach white snow. The other attacking mercenaries immediately stepped back in horror. The fight had already stopped with just one punch.

"Reol!" Shouted the leader of the mercenaries.

"He's a monster!" Cried the knight who kicked Six earlier.

"Reol's dead..." Continued the leader, tightening the grip on his sword. He glared into the Spartan's cracked Visor. "YOU DEVIL!" He shouted.

Noble Six didn't intend to kill the man, but was pushed to do so. The threat was real and the Spartan would not ignore it.

Six Didn't loose his fighting stance and spoke calmly. "It was his fault for picking a fight with a Spartan." Explained Six, as if nothing had happened. "He killed himself." Finished Six.

"Spartan?" Asked one of the mercenaries.

The angry leader raised his hand facing Noble Six and shouted "El HUMA!" Ice crystals shot out of the man's hand toward the Spartan. Judging by the speed of the projectiles it could damage Six's shields down to 0% and severely injure the Spartan if he were to be hit two times.

The Spartan moved as a blur, unhindered even when stepping on slippery snow, dodging every ice projectile as he charged toward the Leader.

The distanced between the two was closed too quickly. The black hawk's allies weren't fast enough to save him from the Spartan's wrath. Noble Six punched the Knight's chest armor, causing the opponent to crash through the wall of the Restaurant and land in front of the cloaked woman's table.

The customers in the Mead Hall were shocked at the intensity of the fight that took place outside. They stared at the knight's dented armor that was rumored to survive a dragons's deadly bite.

The Leader tried to breathe but couldn't. His armor was tightly pressed against his chest. He couldn't even take off the chest piece. His allies even rushed to the leader's side to help remove the armor but it wouldn't budge.

The mercenaries were in full panic mode trying desperately to remove the chest armor but ultimately the leader suffocated and died. His body became limp and he laid still, eyes wide open in panic.

"He's gone." Whispered a knight.

The spectators were shocked at how easily the Black armored knight put down two members of black hawk.

Elsa watched the scene unfold and felt impressed with the Spartan. "That black knight easily killed two members of black hawk... How fun..." Elsa licked her lips once more, enjoying the fight.

"Big sis Elsa." A little girl with blue hair seated next to the woman gained her attention.

The woman looked into the eyes of the little girl. "Yes, Meili?"

"That black knight is having a lot of fun!" Exclaimed Meili, the little girl seated next to Elsa.

"Indeed he is." Replied Elsa with an eager grin.

Character descriptions:

Elsa Granhiert is called the Bowel Hunter and is the first antagonist of the beginning episodes of Re:Zero.

Meili- ls the little girl from Irlam Village (Inside of Roswaal's territory) holding the puppy that cursed Subaru who was the original protagonist of Re:Zero.

The mercenary knights became more ANGRY than afraid of the Spartan's lack of mercy. They didn't have mercy on Six either so it was only fair that the Spartan responds in kind.

The three remaining mercenary knights gathered together to form a plan. They whispered to each other believing that Six couldn't hear a word but they were surely mistaken if they thought the Spartan can't hear under his helmet.

Noble Six stood on guard as the three remaining knights slowly and cautiously circled around the spartan, hoping they could catch him off guard.

The Spartan could hear the footsteps of the opponent that stood behind him. One thing Six noticed was that the knights had trouble standing on slippery ice. This fight truly wasn't fair to them.

Six warned "If you leave now, you can bury your dead friends. Or you can join them in the grave." Six gestured toward the dead knight.

"Bull shit You just killed Reich!" Shouted a knight. He must have been talking about the leader of the group.

"And Reol's death would have been for nothing if we just leave you be!" Complained the third knight, tightening the grip on his long sword.

"Hit him now!" They shouted.

The three knights charged at Six at the same time. One from behind. One from the front. The last one from Six's right.

Six decided to show off just how powerful a spartan is.


Six stomped onto the ground causing the thick Snow in the vicinity to burst into the air, creating a big splash that blinded the attackers. Even the spectators in the neighborhood were blinded by the snow.

The mercenary knights would have crashed into each other instead but Six had another idea. Six personally beat sense into the three knights while the snow still had not yet touched the ground. Noble Six lightly punched one knight in the stomach immediately destroying the ribs. The other mercenary had has left arm twisted backwards by Noble Six. The final knight had the worst treatment. The poor soul had his spin broken in half when the Spartan kicked his spine.

As the snow finally hit the ground, the few spectators brave enough to stay and watch the fight saw that the three knights were badly hurt and Noble Six was standing tall.

The Spartan blankly stared at the two knights that were not paralyzed causing them to fear for their lives.

"You've brought this upon yourselves." He said, as if nothing had happened.

The two black hawk members took their injured ally and unconscious leader fled the area. From afar you could hear them swearing revenge on the Spartan.

Noble Six exhaled in relief then decided it would be best to leave and not gather anymore attention. And to make sure he doesn't gather anymore unwanted attention, he tossed away the weapons he stole. He didn't know if the Black Insignia's had any other meanings he didn't understand. The best course of action would be to learn the ways of this planet.

Before the Spartan could wonder off, the Cloaked woman called him out, gaining the attention of Six. She removed her hoodie allowing Six to see her face. She looked into the Spartan's cracked visor allowing her to gaze into her own reflection. (Or she doesn't have a reflection because she's a vampire?)

The Spartan could now identify her facial features. She seemed to be in her early twenties and was fairly attractive. Elsa has long black hair tied into one tail on the left side along with eyes that droop, giving her a gentle aura. She wears a black dress and wields bent black swords from the northern lands. At the moment she wore a black magic Cloak that masks the identity of a person. The hoodie has 2 long ears that resembled fox ears. (Fashion sense?)

Her height was 5,6. She looked short compared to the Spartan standing in 6,9 height.

"That was quite the show." Exclaimed Elsa, eyeing Noble Six from head to toe. She observed the Foreign armor Six wore. Upon closer inspection she noticed the UNSC insignia on his torso armor. She was intrigued by the foreign words on the Spartan's armor.

"You aren't from around here, are you?" She asked.

Six Nodded in agreement "You presumed correctly. I am a foreigner." Six explained.

"But still, you're very good at killing." She said with a grin.

Six was taken aback by her choice of words. "And what's it to you?" He asked.

Elsa licked her lips and eyed Six one more time before breaking the silence. "We could use someone like you. How would you like a job?" She asked.

"I presume it involves killing?" Asked Six, not liking where this was going.

"Yes, and you seem to be very good at it." She pointed at the dead knight's body sinking into it's own pool of blood covering the thick snow. "I've been hired to kill this man, but you stole my prey." She Explained.

"I didn't intend on stealing your prey." He calmly replied.

The Spartan crossed his arms, giving him an aura of seriousness. "I killed the man by accident." Six explained in irritation. "He shouldn't have attacked me, for I acted on instinct." Finished Six.

Elsa crouched beside the corpse and proceeded to slice off one if the knight's hands and placed it in a bag as evidence of a job well done. The target's head was destroyed so a severed hand was good enough. She smiled when observing the gores that poured out of the corpse.

Elsa stood up and stared into Six's cracked visor again. "Once it becomes common knowledge that a Black Hawk member was murdered in cold blood, you'll be hunted down like prey." She Explained.

Noble Six didn't give a response.

Elsa also crossed her arms in irritation to the Spartan's silent treatment. "You'll be killing more people whether you like it or not. It's what you're meant to do. Isn't it?" Asked Elsa.

How could this woman know this much from simply looking at the Spartan? Who exactly was she?

Six's cracked visor stared into Elsa's eyes causing the Bowel Hunter to blush madly. "How would you even know that?" Asked Six.

Elsa covered her blushing cheeks and avoided eye contact with the Spartan. "I can smell your killer instinct. This isn't the first time you've killed a man." Explained Elsa, still blushing madly.

Elsa's assumption was true. Noble Six has made entire militia groups disappear. He killed more men than he could count. Wait, did Elsa say she could smell the Spartan's killer instinct?

'The women of this land... aren't normal...' Six thought, remembering the silver-haired female that led Six away from his temporary grave. He assumed the silver-haired beauty was an Elf, a creature of fiction, a creature that shouldn't exist.

Noble Six's tension dropped but he still remained uncomfortable speaking to a killer psychopath. "I have many questions, but I'll save them for later." Explained Six. "But now, I'll need a guide. Someone who can show me the ways of this land." He finished.

Elsa showed pure ecstasy to the Spartan's reply. She leaned onto the Spartan's shoulder and led him into the building where Meili still remained in the dark corner of the restaurant eating her sandwich. The local Customers in the restaurant slowly exited the building one by one, feeling unsafe because of the Spartan's presence. Even the bartender went into hiding.

'So much for wanting to eat food.' Thought six.

Meili had finished her ham sandwich and looked up to Noble 6 and Elsa. The little girl smiled and asked "Did he say yes?"

Before Elsa could reply, Noble 6 interrupted "Don't misunderstand, little one. I only require a guide." Replied Six.

Meili frowned in disappointment, however Elsa still kept her smile. "I'll take that as a maybe." Said Elsa.

"So, he's a shy boy?" Asked Meili, teasing the spartan.

"Indeed he is." Said Elsa blushing wildly. "Although, he's quite the man." Finished Elsa.

Meili grinned "When you say "Man" you mean "killer" right?" Asked Meili.

The Spartan became convinced the females of this land truly aren't normal "Why would you be interested in my ability to kill?" Asked Six.

Elsa released her grip on the Spartan's arm and played with the Spartan's cracked visor with her fingers. Noble Six then grabbed her arm with a grip of absolute strength and gently removed the woman's hand from his field of view.

Elsa giggled at Six's response. "You'll know soon enough." Explained Elsa. This wasn't the response Six hoped for.

His intentions wasn't to be hanging around criminals, but if what the woman said was true then Six will be hunted down like prey. He's unsure of the dangers this world has so it would be best to learn from someone who has experience.

Elsa could smell the uncertainty Six was feeling and it made her chuckle. Meili stood up from her seat now ready to leave the restaurant with Elsa.

"Let us leave." Said Elsa.

The group of three now exited the restaurant.

Elsa and Meili brought Noble Six to the wealthier parts of the frozen lands of Gusteko. There was prosperity in these parts, but there still remained poor souls without homes. Peasants doomed to freeze to death and orphans doomed to suffer the same fate.

The Financially stable citizens ignored the problems of the poor. They could never sure when they would loose all their wealth in the blink of an eye. It's every man for themselves.

Elsa glanced at Noble Six. "I can smell your pity toward these low lives." She stated, unimpressed.

"How is it that you can smell my emotions?" Asked the Spartan.

"It's because I am a vampire." She replied proudly, unafraid to admit her true nature.

Noble Six's guard went up. He became more convinced that she's crazy. But if she could smell his emotions then she must be a vampire.

Elsa glanced at an alleyway full of beggars digging in trash or hustling against each other to be close enough to a heat source emanating from a window.

"Death is mercy for the weak and poor. That's why we ignore them." Explained Elsa. "Isn't that right, Meili." Asked Elsa, looking down on the little girl with a smile.

"That's right!" Replied Meili, believing anything Elsa says to be the undeniable truth.

Noble Six didn't agree with them but he wasn't the type to start a disagreement. "I'll keep that in mind." Replied Six. "Now, may I ask, where are you taking me?" Asked Noble Six.

Elsa glanced at the Spartan "You're awfully impatient. We've arrived." Replied Elsa.

The trio stood at the front gate of a highly decorated Mansion. There were mercenaries guarding the entrance. There was expensive pottery lined up decoratively along the path to the entrance and there was a beautiful garden with a big fancy water fountain.

The Spartan's enhanced eye sight allowed Six to see that there was a fancy party full of wealthy Guests inside of the warm protected boundaries of the mansion.

"What business do we have here?" Asked Six.

Elsa began her explanation. "My client is the Head Master of the Mansion. He'll want to know exactly what happened with my target. It'll be interesting to see how he reacts to you stealing my prey." Explained Elsa.

The guards at the front gate recognized Elsa then proceeded to allow her to enter along with Meili, but Noble Six was stopped.

"Is he affiliated with you?" Asked the first guard.

Elsa glanced at the two guards. "Why, of course. He's accompanying me." She explained.

The Second guard glared into the Spartan's cracked visor then felt uneasy when Noble Six glared right back at him.

"...!... You may enter." The guards allowed Noble Six through the entrance.

The Guards glared at the Spartan as he followed Elsa and Meili into the Mansion.

Upon entering the highly decorated mansion overflowing with wealth, the well dressed party guests were frightened by the presence of the Spartan. The Musical Band stopped playing music. The invited guests stopped eating food. The patrolling guards stopped their duties to stare at the Spartan.

With each footstep, the Spartan damaged the well decorated Quarts floor. 'I'm not paying for this damage.' Thought Noble Six. He gained glares from the Guards but when Noble Six looked at them they quickly looked the other direction.

Just as Noble Six followed Elsa and Meili to the Head Master's office, the invited guests all staggered away from the Spartan's path allowing for an easy passage way to upstairs where the office was said to be.

Women went into hiding behind their husbands and fathers. The children were only scared because the adults became silent. Was the tall black knight responsible for their fears?

Elsa could smell everyone's fear. For her, the strong scent of fear felt as satisfying as inhaling the aroma of a flower. With how easily Noble Six managed to silence everyone without saying a single word, Elsa became impressed and hoped to see what else the Spartan is capable of.

With a clear passage to Head Master Guldo's office, Elsa proceeded to walk up the stairs with Noble Six calmly following after. Meanwhile Meili saw a cake and couldn't resist taking a small piece.

Guldo is a Non Canon Character and Could have been one of Elsa's many wealthy clients in the world of Re:Zero.

The wealthy Head Master of the mansion is an obese middle-aged Glutton who gets what he wants either the easy way or the hard way. His name is Guldo. He's dressed formally like a politician. He's 4,5 feet. Has a big bald spot on his blonde hair, wrinkly facial features and an impressively well trimmed mustache.

Guldo was seated in his office with two fairly attractive teenage girls dressed in seductive clothing. The two girls were paid to give Guldo a good time. If they want their families to have wealth and protection from the freezing cold then they will do as he says, or else...

The two attractive teens were seated on the man's lap and were touching him seductively just as Guldo commanded.

"Hehe! Keep going like your life depends on it." Exclaimed the glutton in a deep perverted voice.

The Two girls were beyond disgusted and uncomfortable but they followed orders without a second thought.

The Glutton's good time came to a halt when vigorous knocking was heard on the door. Guldo ignored the knocking because he was too busy with his slaves. Then the door suddenly opened without the permission of the headmaster.

Guldo shoved aside his two sex slaves and glared at whoever dared to enter his office without permission then became horrified to see what appeared to be a tall black knight following Elsa into the Office. Meili shortly arrived eating cake from the party.

The two sex slaves panicked and fled toward a closet to hide from the scary black knight that cracked the floor with each footstep. Meanwhile the wealthy Head Master stared into the spartan's cracked visor. This almost gave Guldo a heart attack.

Guldo then glared at Elsa with murderous rage. "Have you finally decided to kill me?! Have I not paid enough for your services?!" Asked Guldo, unsheathing an unimpressive short sword. It was laughable.

"Your disgusting bowels are safe for today. You'll live while you're still useful to me." Replied Elsa with a sinister smile that almost gave Guldo a heart attack.

"For now!?" Asked Guldo, stepping back in horror. "What do you want? Just tell me!" Shouted Guldo, he lost balance and fell onto his office chair and dropped his short sword by accident.

Elsa's smile vanished when she saw just how clumsy the Glutton was. If she wanted to, she could kill Guldo right now. But there was too much security in the Mansion and she knew her own limits despite enjoying the thrill of battle.

Noble six's motion tracker suddenly powered on allowing him to see many heat signatures surrounding the outside of the room. 'Are these signatures from the party guests or is there an ambush waiting?' The Spartan now had his guard up just in case anything happens. He could feel that somehow Elsa was aware of her surroundings as well. 'No wonder why she's not killing the fat bastard. She knows there's guards outside.' He thought.

Elsa placed a severed hand onto the desk "I've only come to receive my reward for the death of Reol, the most dangerous member of the Black Hawk mercenaries."

Guldo stood up from his seat. "You killed him already?" He stared at the disgusting limb that stained his desk papers with blood.

"It wasn't me though." She said, gaining a shocked expression from Guldo.

Guldo slammed his fists onto the desk. "Then why should I pay you if you didn't kill him? Is this even Reol's severed hand to begin with? Why didn't you bring his head instead? How do I know you didn't cheat? WHERE IS REOL'S HEAD!?" Shouted Guldo, slamming his fists onto the desk again and again.

Elsa glanced at Noble Six. Guldo then looked at Noble Six then understood what Elsa meant.

"You mean... he killed Reol?" Asked Guldo pointing at Six.

The Spartan nodded in agreement. "I killed him."

Guldo's jaw dropped. "Reol is skilled in close quarters combat! Only someone such as the Bowel Hunter could go toe to toe against him!" Said Guldo pulling on his own hairs in disbelief.

"He killed my target with one punch. How unfair." Explained Elsa.

Meili reenacted how it all happened by punching an imaginary person. "Poof! Just like that! The target's head EXPLODED!" Explained Meili with enthusiasm.

Six continued after Meili finished her reenactment. "Although, it wasn't my intention to kill him, but Reol and his comrades attacked me first."

Guldo leaned back onto his seat again and exhaled in relief. "I think I understand now."

"Understand what?" Asked Six.

Guldo gestured at Elsa "She brought you here for a reason, right? You need a job, don't you? There's a list of people I want dead. If you can get the Job done, then I can pay you anything." Explained Guldo, now smoking from a pipe.

The Spartan didn't have trouble killing people, but he didn't like Guldo's attitude. "I refuse."

Guldo's eyes widened in disbelief "What? Then why are you here?" Asked Guldo in shock.

"I just follow her wherever she take me. I am lost." Replied Six.

"What exactly happened to you? Are you a foreigner?" Asked Guldo.

"I wont go into detail of who I am. But you presumed correctly. I am a foreigner." Explained Six.

Guldo stood up from his seat and exhaled the smoke from his pipe. "The Fact that you're a foreigner and how easily you've killed a member of Black Hawk will raise mass attention. You'll be hunted down if you aren't part of a faction." Explained Guldo. "So, why don't you work for me?" Asked Guldo giving Six a sinister grin. "I can pay you anything."

The Spartan didn't respond, the only thing he currently cares about is protecting Humanity. 'Who the hell does he think he is?' Thought Noble Six.

Guldo continued. "If you don't want to kill anybody, then I have a different job for you. One that doesn't involve killing. What do you think?"

Six nodded. "I'm listening."

"There's this person I don't like. Some of my other buddies were thinking about it first, but I think I'll cut to the chase and do it before they get the chance."

"What do you mean?" Asked Noble Six.

Guldo became irritated "Just hear me out will ya? Anyways, as I was saying. My buddies have recently learned about every candidate to Lugnica's Royal selection. But there's one candidate that shouldn't be allowed any power. After my sources find out where she'll be, I want you to steal something very Important."

Guldo pulled a sketch of a woman's face out of his desk drawers and showed it to the Spartan. Noble Six observed closely and recognized Something familiar.


Silver Hair.

White dress.

Amethyst eyes.

Pointy ears.

Petite body.

Beautiful face.

Perfect skin.


Was this the same entity that led Noble Six out of the frostbitten forest?

Guldo noticed the Spartan spent too much time staring at the picture. "heh! Don't be fooled by her beauty. She's trouble. If you kill her. I'll pay you extra. What do you say to that, huh?" Guldo grinned, hoping for a good response from the Spartan.

It's now up to Noble Six to decide whether this Elf lives or dies...

Was did you all think?


Will Noble Six be hired to kill Emilia?


Will Noble Six steal Emilia's insignia?


Will Six be ready for Re:Zero's lack of mercy on it's characters?


What else will the Spartan encounter one month Before the canon story begins?