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Re: Zero-Spartan III

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'Just following orders...' those were the words Hana told him before he was brutally killed in the previous life. Adam's recent death had left him more angered than afraid and it all happened because he entertained the idea that he could possibly live as a civilian. Never again!

'This will count as my third death after delivering the package.' Thought Adam, covering his face with both hands. It's very possible that he may still have been defeated with the Mjolnir equipped, but has yet to be established. He was frustrated but he hid it well from the three girls that watched him wake up.

Remembering the painful stab attacks from the previous life, Adam decided to check himself, noting that his armor was removed but the protective undersuit remained beneath white sleeping attire. Whoever had managed to remove the Mjolnir possibly used magic to forcefully remove it, similarly to how he was killed back in Gusteko.

Naphtali, seated on a high chair next to the bed asked him; "Sir, are you okay?" Her demeanor was happy because she felt very safe.

Adam glanced at the girl and observed her, causing her to slightly tilt her head in confusion. Then she smiled in embarrassment, only for Adam to tell her, "Worry about yourself, kid."

The response caused Naphtali's posture to deflate and her tail remained frozen stiff.

Now Adam glanced at two familiar Demihuman maids in front of his bed, staring at him as they remained silent. They could only wonder if the man in front of them was another scumbag from the group of slave merchants that were supposed to be lost or dead.

It was forced, but they kindly greeted Adam, "Greetings, our esteemed guest! Have you slept well?" They both bowed but were poorly synchronized.

The Spartan mentally cringed. This is completely different to how he's greeted when he wakes up from the cryogenic pod. He would rather be forcefully awoken to fight the covenant than to have strangers watch him sleep. He didn't immediately reply and simply pushed aside the blankets and got out of bed. Then he glanced at the two maids and nodded in confirmation.

The two maids stared. Then Vanilla broke the silence, "If you recall the events leading you here, would you care to explain to us what happened to he merchant ship?"

'Great, they're trying to compare my story to Naphtali's version." Thought Adam.

"The boat was destroyed." Replied Adam without giving the details on how it happened.

Vanilla's placed her hands on her hips and she narrowed her gaze. "What managed to destroy the ship?"

Adam looked away, "Wasn't me."

Vanilla pouted, "I'm asking, what destroyed the ship?!" Chocola placed a hand on her sister's shoulder to calm her down.

"The weather suddenly became dangerous. Then a massive squid monster was harassing the ship. I tried to fight it off, but I failed in my task."

The two maids eyed Naphtali as she eyed them both.

Then came there serious questions.

"Why reason do you have for being on a Slave trading Ship?"

Adam didn't respond to her question. Instead, he changed the subject, "Where's your master?"

Vanilla repeats herself, "Why were you on THAT ship?"

"I have my reason... But they're personal. And I will not share them." Replied Adam.

Vanilla glanced at Chocola as if she had won a previous argument. Adam's response had confirmed a prejudice that the maids had come to believe.

So be it. So long as Adam doesn't have to baby sit a child, and keep her away from his business, he'll be satisfied.

It was now Chocola who began to speak, "The master demands to speak with you in private. If you would like, you may have access to your personal belongings."

"?" The Spartan was confused but didn't express it. Sargon Vollakia simply would not allow a stranger to keep their belongings if they're deemed dangerous.

"Why would you suddenly trust me with my own belongings after you've just interrogated me?"

"Master Sargon Vollakia has plans for you. He believes you're some sort of warrior."

'He wouldn't be wrong...' Thought Adam.

Nodding in approval, Adam replied, "Very well. Lead me to him."


The maids waited outside with Naphtali, giving the Spartan some time to fully equip himself with his personal belongings. He wondered why he was allowed to keep his property without a second question. Perhaps unrelated circumstances had convinced the Nobleman to use a foreigner instead of his own contracted shinobi.

'Had Sargon Vollakia become desperate only hours after the merchant ship was discovered?' He wondered. 'And how do these events correlate with the political assassinations happening that night?' As he equipped his gauntlets, he finally picked up his cracked helmet and stared at it. He stared for a while, remembering he's missed out on listening to an urgent radio transmission. But it would be full of static and pointless to listen to.

Finally he put on the helmet and sealed it shut, now watching his shields slowly recharge. Only this time the shields recharged quicker than before. "Strange..." He muttered. The shields still took a while to recharge, it just happened randomly. The chances of this happening again are slim and if he were to receive damage again, the shields may fail to recharge as fast as it did before.

He hated the fact that someone had put their hands on ONI property but he appreciated that everything remained where it belonged. Perhaps he would have to ask how they managed to remove his armor some time later.

Upon exiting the guestroom, the two maids stared at him in his full height before asking, "Do you really need to be fully armed to the teeth?"

The Spartan looked down on them and replied, "Force of habit."

The girls nodded and motioned for him to follow them. Naphtali wasn't with them, so perhaps another group of maids were now in charge of taking care of the little girl. Good riddance. It wasn't long before the two maids had escorted the Spartan to where he remembered Sargon Vollakia's office would be. Chocola stood politely next to the doors and was ready to ask for entry only for Adam to push her aside and open the door by himself.

Chocola stepped back and pouted, "Oh, the arrogance!"

The doors swung wide open as the Spartan walked past the bookshelves. Chocola muttering words of frustration in the background... He found Sargon Vollakia exactly how he remembered the man would be, overlooking the property through the wide windows at the far end of the office.

"You've finally awoken, stranger." Said the voice of Sargon Vollakia, without turning around to look at the Spartan. "And you intend to greet me by hiding yourself under that strange armor of yours?"

The Spartan stopped in front of the desk and observed that it was full of incoherent paperwork and pictures of strange individuals. Possibly political targets. Adam didn't wish to repeat a very similar conversation about the hitman work but he'll now have to be patient about. Perhaps their conversation would be different in this timeline.

The Spartan frowned under his helmet. He remained silent and waited for the Nobleman to continue speaking.

Sargon remained silent and waited for Adam to speak but he was met with silence. For a while, Sargon still hadn't turned around to acknowledge the Spartan. Tired of the awkwardness, he asked, "You aren't much for conversation, are you?"

"There's a reason why you've granted me access to my equipment, is there not?" Responded Adam with his very own question, pretending to lose patience. "I believe under normal circumstances I could have been locked in a dungeon for interrogation, but you had other plans, did you?"

Sargon finally turned around to face the Spartan. His demeanor was impatient, as if he were running out of time. "Before I tell you anything, are you of Vollakian descent?"

Quickly, Adam responded, "No, what of it?"

Sargon proceeded to explain, "Your facial features and your strong build. I could have sworn you were a descendant of Vollakia."

Adam crossed his arms and shook his head, "I am not of Vollakian descent. For what insidious reason do you need someone of Vollakian descent?"

Sargon's eyebrows narrowed angrily, "Tsk, then you are of no use to me." Sargon then faced away the Spartan and overlooked his own property again. "You may leave and never come back."

"?" This did not happen before. What does having Vollakian descent have anything to do with Sargon's plans?

"Are you sure?" Asked the Spartan, dumbfounded that it was so easy to leave the mansion. No, there has to be a catch! Will they try to kill him? Will he be tracked and killed before he could search for the UNSC?

"You are of no use to me if you aren't of Vollakian descent. Get out." Explained the Nobleman.

'Why the hell does he need someone of Vollakian descent?!' Adam wondered, taking a step back.

Adam watched as his radar picked up movement outside of the office. It's as though there were silent orders being given out. Adam would have to be cautious if they attempted to kill him on his way out of the mansion. In fact, he felt the killer intent of some unseen individuals in the local vicinity. (And it wasn't the frustrated maids.) Adam scanned his surroundings and found no one but himself and the Nobleman. But the Radar in his HUD was giving him warnings.

Adam felt that he may need to save his own life by using his words carefully. So he remembered something that caught the interest of the Nobleman in a previous life. He explained, "Unfortunately, I remain without a master. You see, I am an assassin of sorts."

This had peeked the interest of the Nobleman. He now faced the Spartan and seemed to take him seriously. "Humor me."

The killer intent had vanished as quickly as it arrived. And the warnings in his HUD had vanished too. It was strange.

"My original task was to kill a candidate from the Lugunica election, but there's no longer a reason for me to do so. The possibility of my superiors surviving the sinking of the merchant ship is very slim, I assumed they're dead by now." Adam lied. He remembers killing off many of the merchants with his own two hands.

The Nobleman's eyes lit up, "Ah, I see. I see. One man's lost property now becomes another man's treasure! Are you pleading loyalty to me?" Asked Sargon as he finally took as seat in his own desk.

"That depends, if you're in need of an assassin, I'm all ears." Adam bowed his head politely.

Sargon grabbed the list of targets and folded them neatly. "Very well! But I must ask, why kill a Lugunican candidate for the throne?" Asked Vollakia, intrigued with the new information. "Who's the unlucky fool on your hit list?"

"A half-elf candidate." Replied the Spartan.

Sargon's bright demeanor vanished and he blankly stared at the Spartan. "I understand. It would be foolish to delay such a dire mission. But I have more urgent demons to slay. If you would hear me out..."

Here it comes, the political nonsense of families and power...

"I have a political rival..."

Adam raised a hand to interrupt.

"Sir, cut to the chase. Give me a name and a face. I need details about how I can find the target, and I'll do it as soon as now, if possible."

"... Sargon blankly stared before nodding and getting serious. "Very well! But you should know. I've never met you, and you've never met me. I have a reputation to uphold. If you bring shame to my name, I'll make sure that will be the last foolish thing you do."

The Spartan nodded, "Noted."


The Spartan stepped out of the office with a grin under his helmet when he saw two familiar Shinobi waiting for him to exit the Nobleman's office. Only there was something different about them. They were accompanied by three more warriors who were armed to the teeth with blades and seemed ready to kill.

Instead of their usual demeanor, they stood in his way and looked up to him in wonder. None of them had said a word to him yet.

"Excuse me, sirs." Said the Spartan as they stepped aside and allowed him to walk past them. They didn't even bother with challenging him to a fight like last time. They shared similar reactions to when civilians are witnessing a Spartan in full armor for the first time. Looks like nobody will give him trouble in this timeline so long as he remains in his armor.

He intended to find Hana and challenge her to a fight, only for familiar people to call him out.

"Halt! Remain where you are!"

It would seem they had mustered the courage to challenge him.

The Spartan stopped in place as many footsteps approached him from behind. Then he turned around and faced the five warriors who were dressed for combat in a dark attire.

"I'm listening."

The bravest one stepped forth, Adam remembered him being the Berserker who wouldn't accept defeat. The man asked, "Why did Master Vollakia speak with you?"

Adam sternly replied, "What was spoken in private, shall remain private."

Don frowned, "Hm! Of course, but that's not why we're here."

"Humor me." Replied the Spartan, giving off the impression that he's unimpressed by the warriors in front of him.

Don replied, "I challenge you to a duel. There's no better way of finding out your position in life than knowing if you're strong or not."

Adam grinned, "Very well, I accept."

The surrounding Shinobi nodded in approval. Don glanced back at his allies for validation before returning his gaze to the Spartan, "Now, if you would follow us into the battling grounds."

"Of course." And thus, the Spartan closely followed the five fully armed Shinobi, not to their dojo, but an outside bloodstained arena. A previous battle must have occurred before Adam had entered. There he saw an unfamiliar maid in charge of cleaning the bloodstains away but stopped when she noticed the Spartan accompanied by five shinobi. The maid proceeded to take the cleaning equipment with her and vacated the vicinity, allowing the men to use the arena. This time there was almost nobody in the vicinity, so this duel seems to be a private affair.

In the center he now stood, being watched by the four bystanders judging his every movement. His opponent would be Don, the man who challenged the Spartan to begin with. Now fully armed and ready to fight, he told the Spartan, "Make no mistake, my sword in hand is enhanced and can cut through simple armor, turn back if you wish to avoid harm." Don held a weapon with the appearance of a dark muramasa.

The Spartan was not intimidated. "I'll be fine."

"Have you a weapon to fight with?" Asked Don, already holding his sword defensively.

The Spartan glanced at his holstered magnum and shook his head in dismay, "I'll settle with unarmed combat."

Don's eyes widened, "Don't be foolish!"

"..." Adam crossed his arms and remained fixed on his decision to fight unarmed.

Seeing that the Spartan wasn't joking, Don decided to fight honorably. "Very well. I'll do the very same." Don stabbed the ground beneath him and took a stance."

Adam responded in kind with his own stance then the two of them stared down at each other.

One of Don's companions stepped in between to act like a referee. "All magic is allowed, however, lethal blows will have you disqualified! Begin!"

As soon as the man acting as the referee stepped away, wind magic surrounded Don's body, giving off the vibe that he was powering up. The Spartan observed curiously, only for Don to move at an incredible speed and instantly appeared next to the Spartan. Adam only had a split second to react before a wind infused fist would knock him out of the battlegrounds. If he didn't wear his Mjolnir, he would have had to parry the attack without too much trouble, but now that he's in the Mjolnir, he felt immensely more powerful.

As he dodged and parried Don's ferocious punches and kicks, Adam began thinking about the night when he the mansion was raided for political reasons. The political assassinations that happened there were for a reason, and Adam would have to figure it out. If this is the best the shinobi can do against him with the Mjolnir equipped, perhaps he can take on all of the invaders, but he would have to make sure to save some bullets for Hana.

That female shinobi is the biggest threat to his own survival.

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