Chapter 1: A Halloween To Remember

(Tabuu's palace in Subspace)

Pyrrhon was sitting behind a statue of Tabuu in a small hallway in the palace typing something on a laptop. However, he was acting a little paranoid as he was trying to type whatever it was he was typing. Checking his back every ten seconds to make sure no one was coming.

Pyrrhon- Come on! Hurry with process already!

Fawful- Hey, Pyrrhon…

Pyrrhon quickly jumped up and closed the laptop as Fawful suddenly appeared behind him.

Pyrrhon- Fawful! Don't sneak up on me like that again! You almost gave me a ****ing heart attack!

Fawful- Fawful apologize. Say, what Pyrrhon doing on laptop, anyway?

Pyrrhon- Uh…nothing important. Just a little…online gaming!

Fawful raised one eyebrow and had a suspicious look on his face.

Fawful- Awha…anyway, Pyrrhon see Dimentio or Infinite? Master Tabuu say they unaccounted for and Fawful no find around palace.

Pyrrhon- No, I haven't. I'll keep my eye out for them and inform you the minute I do.

Fawful- Ok, Pyrrhon do. Master Tabuu not happy with followers leave Subspace with Master Tabuu's say so. It makes Master Tabuu believes followers might be…up to something…

Pyrrhon- Well, good luck with that, Fawful. I'll be seeing you around.

Pyrrhon began moving down the hallway while carrying the laptop. Little did Pyrrhon know, Fawful glanced at Pyrrhon suspiciously.

Fawful- Yes…Fawful agree we will…

(At Mario's house)

Mario was knocking on the door to Luigi's room and trying to get him to come out.

Mario- Luigi, come on out. We're going to be late for the Halloween party.

Luigi- Then go without me!

Mario turned to look at Sonic and Tails who were standing behind him.

Mario- Luigi just doesn't want to get out of his room.

Sonic- Give me a crowbar and I'll him out.

Tails- Sonic, I don't think we need to resort to that. But why does Luigi not want to come to Princess Peach's Halloween party?

Mario- Luigi has a low tolerance to anything scary. You see, many years ago, Luigi had won a mansion in a contest he never entered. I found that suspicious, so I arrived there the day before Luigi. Only to discover it was full of ghosts. They captured me instead and sealed me inside a painting. Luckily for Luigi, he met Professor E. Gadd who equipped Luigi with the Poltergust he used to suck up all the ghosts. But Luigi was…sort of traumatized from that experience.

Ty's voice coming from downstairs- We're waiting on you, mates. Are you coming or what?!

Mario walked to the stairs and began shouting back.

Mario- In a minute, Ty! We're trying to get Luigi out of his room.

Mario walked up to Luigi's door again.

Mario- Luigi, I know you've had your…problems in the past…but me and the rest of the team will be there. Hey, we've beaten Tabuu who is a thousand times scarier than those ghosts when we work together. I'm sure we can handle anything scary that comes our way as long as we stick together like our ancestor's team did. Hey, if you still feel you need some extra security, you can bring the Poltergust 5,000 with you.

Luigi- I hope you're right, Mario.

(Later in Toad Town)

Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Link, Kirby, Ash, Sonic, Ty, Pit, Shantae, and Tails were making their way to Princess Peach's castle. Mario was dressed like a vampire with his fake teeth and Dracula cape on. Donkey Kong was dressed like a Frankenstein monster with the green face paint and fake bolts placed on his neck. Link was dressed like the headless horseman with the jack-o-lantern over his head and black suit of armor he was wearing, but he still carried the Master Sword. Kirby was dressed like Meta Knight since he was wearing a mask that looked like the one Meta Knight had. Ash was dressed like a zombie with the fake blood, stick-on scabs, and Ash was wearing a hat that made it look like part of his brain was showing. Ash's Pikachu was dressed like a ghost with the white sheet with eye holes coving Pikachu's body. Sonic was dressed like a mummy since he was mostly wrapped in toilet paper. Ty was dressed like a werewolf since his fur was died to look more grayish than orange. Pit was dressed like devil (the irony of it all) since he was wearing a devil's costume. Shantae was dressed like a witch with the black hat she had on and her face was painted green. Luigi was dressed like a knight since he was wearing what looked like a suit of armor. And Tails was dressed like Frodo from Lord of the Rings. Yoshi however wasn't wearing a costume. Luigi was hiding behind Tails and was trying to make sure nothing would jump scare him.

Tails- Luigi, can I get a little space please?

Luigi- Sorry. I'm still a little jumpy. I'd be more likely to punch the next thing to jump scare me.

Pit- You need to lighten up, Luigi. Luigi's Mansion was years ago and the only ghost around here is Pikachu.

Pikachu- Pikachu!

As they were approaching the castle, Link, Kirby, Ash, and Pit stopped walking as they saw a very strange statue placed right in front of Peach's castle. It looked similar to Princess Peach, but it looked like a crazy cartoon version of her holding a cell phone and a potted sunflower.

Kirby- Uh…Mario…what is that?

Mario- That's a statue of Rabbid Peach.

Link- Rabbid Peach?

Shantae- Look, it's a story we really don't have the time to talk about.

Ash- Why, I'd like to know what happened.

Donkey Kong- Trust us when we tell you that you don't. It's too crazy and it's a story for another day.

Mario and the others arrived at Princess Peach's castle. Princess Peach and Toadsworth were there waiting to greet Mario and his friends to her Halloween Party. But little did anyone know, Dimentio and Infinite were watching from atop the roof of the castle.

Dimentio- Excellent! The Mario Bros and their retarded stodges have finally arrived! Now we can really get this little party started!

Infinite- I'll admit, I thought you were crazy at first, but this idea of yours might work. I just hope it does, because Master Tabuu will not be happy when he discovers we've left Subspace without his permission.

Dimentio- I'm sure he won't be mad once we've given him a few new paintings to hang up in his castle. And we can say ciao to those fools forever. Now Infinite, it's time to invite a few more guests to this party with your Phantom Ruby.