Chapter 14: Mario's Portrait

(In the hidden sanctum)

Luigi and Tails entered a room that looked very similar to where Mario's painting was hidden in the first Luigi's Mansion game. And hanging on the wall was Mario's painting.

Mario- Luigi?

Luigi- Mario!

Mario- I should've known you'd be the one to save me since you always do when ghosts are involved and I'm placed in a painting. But what about the other members of the team?

Tails- Luigi and I already gotten the ghosts out of their bodies. Yours is the only one left.

Luigi- Once we're defeated the ghost in your body, Palutena can tell us what caused this to happen and we can get you and the rest of the team out of the painting. Where is your body, anyway?

Mario- Unfortunately, right behind you both.

Luigi and Tails looked behind them and saw Possessed Mario entering the room and locking the door behind him.

Possessed Mario- (Moan)

Luigi- I guess he realized we were coming since we've already captured the other ghosts.

Luigi and Tails pulled out there Poltergusts, but Possessed Mario pulled out a fire flower. Possessed Mario ate the fire flower and turned into Possessed Fire Mario.

Possessed Fire Mario- (Moan)

Luigi- Palutena, you wouldn't happen to have any powerup items I can use?

Palutena (telepathically to Luigi)- Sorry, but I used up all of the ones I held on reserve during that Tabowser fiasco. I'm afraid you'll have to rely on your Poltergusts as your powerups.

Luigi put his palm to his face before realizing Possessed Fire Mario was pointing his finger at him.

Possessed Fire Mario- (Moan)

Possessed Fire Mario shot a fireball at Luigi, but Luigi managed to suck it up with the Poltergust.

Tails- Hey Luigi, the elemental tank is glowing red like if you've sucked up a fire spirit.

Luigi- Really?

Luigi pointed the Poltergust at Possessed Fire Mario and shot a stream of fire. It caught Possessed Fire Mario by surprise and made him lose his fire powerup. However, Possessed Mario pulled out a metal cap and put it on his head, turning into Possessed Metal Mario.

Possessed Metal Mario- (Moan)

Tails- I don't think fire will work this time.

Luigi- I already know the metal powerup is fireproof. But his movements are impeded a bit.

Possessed Metal Mario charged for Luigi and Tails, but they managed to dodge. Possessed Metal Mario rammed his fist through the wall and made a huge hole in it. Possessed Metal Mario pulled out a brick and crushed it into dust in his grip.

Tails- Yeah, but he's like a tank in that metal form!

Possessed Metal Mario charged for them again, but Tails grabbed Luigi and flew them on a chandelier hanging in the room.

Tails- We should be safe up here for now.

Then Possessed Metal Mario began ground pounding the ground and made the chandelier Luigi and Tails were standing on fall to the ground. Luigi crawled out of what was left of the chandelier and struggled to get back up.

Luigi- Well that didn't go as well as we hoped…

Then Tails saw another chandelier in the room and got an idea.

Tails- Luigi, think you can lure Mario's body to stand underneath that chandelier?

Luigi- Why do you want me to do that?

Tails- I think I have an idea to getting rid of that metal power up Mario's body is using.

Luigi shot some fire at Possessed Metal Mario with the Poltergust, but Possessed Metal Mario wasn't fazed.

Possessed Metal Mario- (Moan)

Possessed Metal Mario tried to use his jump attack, but Luigi managed to get out of the way. Luigi shot a few more flames, but they still did nothing to Possessed Metal Mario. Possessed Metal Mario tried his jump attack again and Luigi dodged again. However, Possessed Metal Mario was standing underneath the second chandelier. Tails was standing on that chandelier and sliced through the ropes with his Tails and made the chandelier fall from the ceiling and land on Possessed Metal Mario. Possessed Metal Mario was unharmed, but the metal around his body shattered to pieces and turned him back to regular Possessed Mario. Possessed Mario seemed a little annoyed about this and pulled out another powerup item. But when Luigi saw this powerup item, Luigi quickly tackled Possessed Mario to the ground and made him drop the powerup item.

Luigi- Tails, don't let Mario's body use that red star!

Tails looked at where the powerup item Possessed Mario dropped landed and saw a red star powerup.

Luigi- If my bro's body uses that and turns into Ultra Mario, it will be like when Sonic's body turned super!

Tails- Got it!

Possessed Mario knocked Luigi off of him and tried to reach for the red star. However, Tails sucked it up with his Poltergust and into the Poltergust's tank.

Possessed Mario- (Moan)

Possessed Mario tried to reach for Tails, but Luigi grabbed hold of Possessed Mario from behind and held him back from attacking Tails. While Possessed Mario struggled to get Luigi off of him again, Tails beaned Possessed Mario on the head with the Poltergust. The ghost possessing Mario's body jumped out of Mario's body shortly after that and was quickly sucked up by Luigi and Tails.

Tails- Luigi…we did it! We finally got the ghosts out of all the members of the Super Mario Brothers' Team!

Luigi- You're right, Tails!

But before they could celebrate, they heard the sound of someone clapping behind them. When Luigi and Tails turned around, they saw Dimentio applauding Luigi and Tails for their efforts. And standing next to Dimentio was Infinite.

Dimentio- Oh yes. Well done Mr. L. You've managed to remove every single one of Infinite's ghost out of all the other heroes. Very impressive for a bunch of sidekicks.

Luigi- Don't call me Mr. L, Dimentio! I've told you how much I hate that nickname!

Dimentio- Not like Pit listens to Dark Pit when he tell him about what he thinks of the nickname Pittoo.

Infinite- It took a lot of energy out of the Phantom Ruby to make all those ghosts you know!

Tails- What are you even doing here, jerks?!

Dimentio- Haven't you figured it out? We're the one who made this haunted house. You might've defeated all of our ghosts, but we can still finish what we've started and do to you what we did to the others!