Chapter 2 – Rise Of The Mystic Squadron

Harry continued to stare in awe at his hands, he had no idea where that power had come from. It didn't feel like accidental magic, there was something controlled about the ball of fire, almost like it was a natural extension of his body. He was soon snapped back to reality as more of the black suited monsters closed in, "Now would be a good time to break out your new trick mate", Ron gave his friend a nudge in the shoulder.

Harry nodded and thrust his arm forward but this time nothing happened. He tried again but there wasn't even a hint of flame, "Any time Harry", Hermione hissed.

"I'm trying", Harry replied, "but I don't even know what I did the first time". The weird creatures continued to move towards them, buoyed by the fact that Harry couldn't replicate his previous attack. "Alright new plan", he began, "run away", he turned quickly and slid down the earth bank to the field below.

They had moved away from the settlement and into an overgrown field. The thick grass made it difficult to run but fortunately the creatures chasing them had the same problem. The trio hadn't explored this part of the village before and they had no idea where they were going. They could see Hogwarts in the distance they decided to head in that general direction.

Slowly but surely the black suited creatures were catching up. Harry twisted his body around and fired a blasting curse at the ground behind him. His magic wasn't having a direct effect on these creatures but if he could damage the ground then they might not be able to catch up with them so quickly. Several of the creatures tripped over and tumbled into the weeds, taking a few more of their friends with them. Unfortunately, this didn't deter the rest of the creatures and they kept coming.

Soon they reached a small stream, the bed of which was lined with several large rocks. Harry and Ron cleared the stream but Hermione wasn't so lucky. She caught her foot on a rock and fell face first into the water. Her clothes were soaked and her hands were cut in several places where she had tried to break her fall.

The two boys turned around and saw their friend struggling to stand up. As four of the creatures closed in on the teenage girl, Ron felt angrier than he had ever felt before and all his rage was focused on the monsters. Suddenly the creatures shot up into the air, like they had been hit with an overpowered levitation spell. The trio looked up and they couldn't even see where their attackers had gone, "Did I do that?" Ron said with a hushed voice.

"Something weird is going on", Hermione replied as she finally pulled herself out of the stream. She looked down at her legs and winced, her knees were bleeding and there were a few blood patches on her jeans.

"Are you alright?" Ron asked the girl.

"Just peachy Ronald", she snapped and began to wring the water out of her hair. She paused as in the distance more of the creatures were closing in, "They just won't give us a break", she cried.

"Come on, we're nearly there", Harry said. Hogwarts was looming large on the horizon and if they could get inside the wards, maybe they would be safe. The trio started running again, although Hermione had an obvious limp. Ron grabbed her hand and pulled her along to help with their escape.

The castle was close and for the first time since they were attacked, the trio's hopes finally soared. Those hopes were soon dashed as they were suddenly faced with a huge problem. Hogwarts was right in front of them but between them and safety was a vast chasm at least a hundred feet wide, "How the hell are we going to get across there?" Ron asked his friends.

Harry looked around but there was no obvious way to cross over to the castle. If they followed the cliff they might come across a bridge but that was a long shot at best. If they had a broom they could fly across but even if they could summon some from the castle, the creatures chasing them would catch up before they arrived. "We'll just have to keep running around", Harry began, "it's not the best plan but it's all I've got right now".

Suddenly a couple of creatures burst out of the undergrowth and jumped towards Ron and Hermione. The girl's eyes widened as the creature closed in on their position. Almost instinctively she grabbed Ron and pulled him away from the cliff face. Everything seemed to slow down for her as the creatures sailed past them and over the edge of the cliff. Hermione stopped moving and to her surprise, they were several feet away from where they had started. "Hermione", Harry gasped, "I've never seen you move so quickly".

The girl struggled for words for a moment before replying, "It was like everything slowed down".

"Maybe you could use that super speed to get us out of here", Ron added.

"I wish I could", Hermione began, "but I have no idea how I did that". Things were getting weird for the teens, all of them had exhibited signs of unusual accidental magic that they couldn't control.

Just when they thought the day couldn't get stranger, there was a animalistic shriek from the skies above them. Descending through the clouds was a giant red dragon but it wasn't like any they had seen before. At first glance, it appeared to be a Chinese dragon with red skin and a few black patches around the legs, however, instead of the usual scales, the dragon's skin looked like it was made of metal. Its eyes glowed bright yellow as it swooped down towards the teens. They braced for impact but to their surprise the dragon went straight for the creatures chasing them.

"I've never seen a dragon like it", Ron gasped, "Charlie would love this".

"It almost looks like a robot", Hermione frowned, "but that doesn't make any sense". The dragon opened its mouth and incinerated the creatures with a powerful jet of fire. With the danger passed, the dragon turned towards the teens. Almost automatically they pulled out their wands, even though they knew it would be largely futile. The dragon's eyes shone brightly again, bathing them in a yellow beam of light. Before they could blink, they had disappeared from the cliff before landing with a hard thump on a solid stone surface.

Their arrival hadn't been the smoothest, their bodies were tangled together making it difficult to stand up, "Ah I should have known you three would be involved", a kindly and familiar voice called out. It took them a few moments to recognise where they were, they had landed in the Headmaster's office at Hogwarts.

After much pushing they untangled themselves and slowly got to their feet. They looked over and saw Headmaster Albus Dumbledore sitting behind his desk. He gave them a small smile and pulled out his wand to summon three comfy looking chairs. The Headmaster paused and took a couple of deep breathes as a pained expression briefly appeared on his face. The trio frowned, the Headmaster was looking gaunt and pale. The elderly man still exuded a powerful magical presence. The look of pain soon passed, "Sit down please", he continued, "we have got a lot to talk about".

Cautiously the teens took a seat and waited for the old man to speak, "Before I explain what happened in Hogsmeade today, I need to give you a history lesson", Dumbledore began, "do any of you know where magic originally came from?"

Harry and Ron's heads immediately snapped towards Hermione but even the brightest witch of her generation was stumped, "I thought not", the Headmaster continued, "it's a fascinating story but as time is for the essence I will give you the short version". He leaned back in his chair and took a deep breath, "Six thousand years ago there were two tribes who lived in an area now located in China, the Reesha and the Gormal. They used a rudimentary yet powerful form of magic known as Chi".

"I thought Chi was just a myth", Hermione asked, "ancient superstitions".

"To be fair Hermione, you probably thought magic was a myth until six years ago", Harry smiled.

Albus ignored this exchange and continued his story, "For reasons that have been lost to history, the Gormal Tribe attacked the Reesha and threatened to destroy them. That was until five warriors with incredible Chi power and the help of their magical beast guardians defeated the Gormal and sealed them away". Dumbledore paused for a moment before continuing, "The five warriors and the rest of the Reesha scattered across the world and laid the foundations of several magical societies around the world".

"Sorry to interrupt Professor", Harry began, "but what does this have to do with black suited creatures and metal dragons?"

Dumbledore chuckled, "So eager to get to the point as usual Harry. The creatures that attacked you are called Cedals and they are the footsoldiers of the Gormal". Dumbledore paused for a moment, "It would seem that someone has found the resting place of the Gormal Tribe and brought them back to life".

The trio looked amongst themselves nervously for a moment, "Voldemort?" Harry asked.

"I don't know for certain but all the information I have draws me towards that conclusion", the Headmaster sighed.

"This is just great", Ron threw his hands up in the air, "not only has V-Voldemort added to his band of psycho's but we have no way to stop them, our magic didn't even touch them".

"Chi is a rawer form of magic", Dumbledore replied, "to the well trained it is also much more powerful and that is why normal magic won't work on the Gormal. Fortunately, only a limited number of people have access to this type of power". He opened a drawer and pulled out a wooden box. "Now there is a way to stop them Mr WeasIey. I have suspected this for a long time but today confirmed it for me". He paused again as his piercing blue eyes scanned the teens, "You three are descendants of those five ancient warriors and have inherited their Chi powers".

"Erm Professor", Hermione raised her hand, "but how can we be descended from five Chinese warriors, all of our families are from Britain".

"Six thousand years is a long time Miss Granger", Dumbledore smiled, "you can travel a long way in that time. I also know a little about what muggles call genetics and a lot of the psychical characteristics would have been bred out of your genes in that time".

A feeling of dread washed over Harry as he thought about Dumbledore's story, "What powers did these warriors have?" he asked.

"Each of them had their own speciality, control over wind and the human mind were two of them", Dumbledore answered. "The other three warriors controlled time, gravity and fire respectively". The trio thought back to their running battle with the Cedals and the strange powers they had exhibited. "I see the pieces are finally falling into place", Dumbledore smiled. "Like accidental magic, you experienced outbursts of Chi energy due to your highly stressful and emotional states at the time. With proper training you will be able to call on these powers without too much effort".

"Are you going to train us Sir?" Hermione asked.

A broad smile appeared on Dumbledore's face and he broke out into laughter, "No Miss Granger, unfortunately I do not have the require experience to teach you. Your guide to Chi power will reveal themselves in time. Until then, these will help harness your natural Chi power". He opened the box to reveal five pairs of muggle looking technology. One half of the devices had a black screen with a golden motif around the edges. The other half of the device was coloured differently on each piece, either red, blue, yellow, green or pink. At one end was a small metal ring, "These are your Mana Morphers", Dumbledore continued, "they will enable you to morph into Power Rangers".

"Power Rangers?" Hermione spluttered, "like the various teams seen in America in the last 20 years".

"Indeed Miss Granger", Dumbledore smiled. He gave the blue morpher to Ron, the yellow to Hermione and finally the red one to Harry. "I'm sorry to burden you with something else Harry", the old man continued, "but unfortunately the red dragon has chosen you to lead the team. I believe you met him today so you know how scary he can be".

Harry gulped and looked at the weird device in his hand. Once again fate had dealt him a cruel hand, "What about the other two morphers?" he asked the Headmaster.

"Until we find our green and pink ranger they will remain dormant", Dumbledore smiled, "but I don't think they will keep us waiting for too long.

The teens attached the morphers to their wrists and were stunned to see them disappear. They thought about them again and they reappeared in a flash. They were amazing, a perfect harmony of muggle technology and magic, "How do you know all this Sir", Ron began, "and how did these come into your possession?"

"Excellent questions Mr Weasley but sadly those answers will have to wait for another time", Dumbledore replied. "You have been trusted with a great responsibility, I trust that you will not misuse your new powers". He stood up and walked towards the door, "We will go through how the morphers work tomorrow. Now I suggest that you go and get cleaned up, today has been a long day".

The teens shuffled out the Headmaster's office, giving their new morphers curious looks as they descended the spiral staircase. All three of them were having the same thought simultaneously, what on earth had they gotten themselves into now?