Chapter 29 - Bat Out Of Hell

Previously - Behind them members of the Order were shouting at them to get away but Harry simply ignored them, "Everyone ready", he called, "Mystic Squadron, Transform".

"White Ranger, Tiger Power"

"It's Morphin' Time, Dragonzord".


There was absolute silence for a moment, only punctured by an exclamation of "Bloody hell", from the twins. With their big secret revealed, it was time to take their former teacher back to school.

"Alright here's the plan", Harry began, "we'll handle the big guy can you two take care of the Cedals?"

"You can count on us", Kim answered for her husband.

The red ranger then turned to the few Order member's who had remained, "If any of them get through, magic won't work. You need to physically harm them to stop them". He turned around but then added, "Oh and you might want to duck".

His hand began to glow and he threw a ball of fire at Snape. The bat like creature brought his wings out in front of his body and intercepted the attack. The rest bite didn't last long as Cho and Ron jumped in with their Star Rods. They specifically targeted the wings, hoping to put them out of commission. The blue ranger swung his rod in an upward motion, impacting an area that would normally be soft on a regular bat. This one was a little different, "It's like hitting something solid", Ron groaned.

"Then try hitting it harder", the pink ranger snapped and pulled out her blaster. She fired off some point blank shots but like Ron moments ago, found that nothing seemed to damage the wings. Snape became bored of their attempts and thrust his wings outwards, the sharp edges catching them on the chest. They tumbled to the ground with sparks pouring off their suits.

In the corner of the room, the Order member could only watch as the teens battle against a seemingly unbeatable opponents, "My poor babies", Mrs Weasley sobbed. She was about to rush to help them but a gloved hand grabbed her by the shoulder. She turned her head and looked into the dark visor of the green ranger, "Please you have to let me go".

"I wouldn't advise that Mrs Weasley", Tommy began, "your magic won't be able to hurt that thing".

"How is that possible?" Professor McGonagall asked in her usual Scottish brogue.

"Look we're not familiar with the entire story", Kim called out but she was getting backed towards a table by a group of Cedals, "hold that thought". She backflipped onto the top of the table, summoning her Power Bow in the process. The second she landed the pink ranger unleashed a volley of arrows at the Cedals, stopping them permanently, "Sorry about that", she slung the weapon over her shoulder, "as I was saying you'll have to ask them once they've dealt with that overgrown bat".

George blinked a few times at the pink ranger, "I think I'm in love".

"Sorry but she's already spoken for", Tommy said, slicing through a Cedal in the process. He took a few seconds to check on the other rangers but it wasn't going well. Snape was overpowering them, just like the over generals did in Angel Grove, "We need to help them".

Kim though shook her head, "I don't want to say it but they need to work out their own strategy. We won't always be around to assist".

"You're right", Tommy added. The footsoldiers kept coming and there seemed no end in sight, "Maybe its time to try this out", he grabbed his morpher, quickly switching the coins, "Zeo Ranger Five, Red", he called and morphed in the red Zeo ranger ranger, "Kim give me your Blade Blaster". The pink ranger didn't even pause to question her husband and threw her weapon in his direction. He pulled out his Zeo blaster and handed a weapon each to the twins, "Can you cover us", he twisted the Blade Blaster into blaster mode, "it's real simple, just point and fire".

Fred grabbed the weapon and gave the red ranger a salute, "The famous Weasley twins at your service Sir".

"Great, this can't end badly at all", Tonks groaned under her breath.

The Mystic Squadron were huddling behind a table, trying to catch their breath. Snape was equally as strong as Bellatrix and Dolohov had been but neither of them had an impenetrable shield to break through, "This isn't working", Hermione panted.

"What gave you that idea?" Dean groaned, "nothing we throw at this guy has any effect".

"Where have you gone?" Snape chuckled dryly, "where's that famous Gryffindor courage gone to".

"Hey I was a Ravenclaw", Cho shouted back, "If only we could get him airborne, then we'd see how good his wings are".

Suddenly Ron snapped his fingers, "That's it", he said to the others, "I think I've got a way to beat him".

Snape was becoming bored waiting for the Rangers to show their faces. He was about to join his Cedals when the green ranger suddenly stood up from his hiding place, "Twenty points from Gryffindor for your stupidity Mr Thomas", he laughed and fired a black ball of energy at the green ranger. Snape watched it approach the green ranger but to his surprise it went straight through his body, "What!" he exclaimed.

He didn't get long to reflect on this as something sliced through his back, damaging his wings. He slowly turned around, only to get a face full of blaster from the yellow ranger. His injured wings couldn't react in time and the shots hit him straight in the chest. To his annoyance the real green ranger was standing next to him, "Forgot about the illusion thing didn't you Professor", Dean sneered, "now who feels stupid".

Snape was about to attack the impudent ranger but he was suddenly swept up in a powerful tornado. The pink column of air tore through the fabric of the tent, blowing Snape high into the night sky, "Now this feels very satisfying", Cho smiled underneath her helmet.

"I think that should be enough", Ron added, "lets see if this bat can fly". Cho cut the tornado, leaving Snape flapping around in the air. He was struggling but unfortunately he was just about staying in the air, "That's a shame, I was looking forward to him crashing", Ron sighed, "oh wait I can do this". He clenched his fist and swung his arm towards the ground, capturing Snape in a powerful gravitational field. The professor was dragged to the ground at tremendous speed and his body make a crater on impact.

A very groggy Snape clawed his way out of the hole in the ground, only to come face to face with the red and white rangers. The red ranger had his swords in hand and they were charged up with his fire Chi power, "This is for Albus Dumbledore", he said and swung the blades towards the fallen Snape. Almost on auto pilot the bat creature turning into a column of black smoke and disappeared into the sky. Harry's attack missed and he rammed his sword into the ground in frustration, "Damn it", he swore.

"Don't worry, we'll get him next time", Ginny placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Yeah you're right", Harry replied just as the others arrived, "good plan Ron and well executed everyone".

The rangers powered down and headed back for the tent, "I don't know about you but I could sleep for a couple of days after that", Dean stretched his muscles.

"You're not the only one", Hermione replied, "I wouldn't mind having a relaxing soak".

The rangers laughed but they immediately stopped when they stepped inside the tent. The Cedals were gone but in their place was something much more terrifying, several extremely angry and confused members of the Order of the Phoenix, "Oh yeah I forgot about them", Harry commented. A part of the tent fell down in between the two groups, "I'll pay for the damage", he added.

"I think that you owe us all an explanation", Mr Weasley said.

Over the next half an hour, the Mystic Squadron recounted how they came into their powers and what they had been doing over the last few months. They covered off their time in Angel Grove, including what they had been battling when Remus and Tonks met up with them. They also touched on their mission for the Horcruxes but didn't go into too much detail, the less they knew about that the better.

"So just to recap", Tonks began, "the six of you control some ancient form of magic", the teens nodded, "and You-Know-Who and his followers have the power of this evil Gormal tribe and have been using it to unleash monsters on the country".

"Sounds crazy I know but it's all true", Hermione replied.

"Why you lot", Professor McGonagall asked, "what makes you six so special?"

"Bloodlines ironically", Cho answered her former teacher, "the five of us are descended from the original warriors that defeated the Gormal six thousand years ago. Our element power only manifests itself in one individual per generation".

"So this power was in our family", Fred began.

"And for some reason it chose Ron", George finished for him.

"I can't believe it myself sometimes", Ron deadpanned.

"But no one on my side of the family had the same power that Ron did", Mr Weasley stated, "and I don't think Molly did either".

"That's because without someone to train you from a young age it can lay dormant", Cho began, "I was lucky that my Uncle trained me as a child because we were aware of our heritage. As the others didn't know about their power, it didn't manifest itself until a point of severe stress".

"And what about Ginny", Remus asked, "I thought this Chi Power could only appear one in a generation".

"My power is different", the white ranger began, "because it was an unclaimed power back in ancient times, it could be claimed by anyone Saba deemed worthy regardless of ancestry".

"Saba?" Mrs Weasley frowned.

"Yeah my sword", she held out her hand and the aforementioned Saba appeared, "say hello to everyone".

"A pleasure to meet you", Saba began.

"It talked", Mr Weasley stammered.

"Of course I can talk", Saba replied with an indignant tone, "why is everyone surprised to learn that I can talk?"

"This is all getting too much for me", Mrs Weasley stood up and began to pace, "ancient magic, talking swords, giant metal creatures". She stood up and began to shake her head, "I need to think about this but I don't like it", Mrs Weasley sat down again.

"What's there to think about", Ginny began, "we're the only one's who can use these powers and it's up to us to stop Voldemort and the Gormal from taking over the world".

"Watch your tone young lady", Mrs Weasley snapped.

"I will not watch my tone mother", the red haired teen spat, "we've got a job to do whether you or anyone else likes it or not", with that she stormed off back to the house.

"I'll go see if she's alright", Hermione ran after her, eager to get away from the interrogation.

"I'm sorry but this is a lot to take onboard", Remus said for the group.

Harry sighed, "And it's not for us", he slowly stood up, "look it's been a long night, we'll talk about this more another time". He traipsed back up the garden towards the Burrow, closely followed by the rest of his team.

"They're good kids", Tommy said once they had left, "I fully believe they can destroy the Gormal".

"But as you said, they're just kids", Professor McGonagall replied.

"So were we when we first became rangers", Kim began, "try not to push them away", she added, "because they know what they need to do and they're going to do it whether you like it or not". With nothing further to say the two Americans headed for the house, leaving the Order with a lot of information to process and a lot of thinking to do.