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Chapter 1: Prologue

As he opened his eyes, he put his hands up to block the light that blurred his vision. His mouth was dry, his skin hot and his body tired, yet he'd never felt more alive. He actually felt freed for the first time in decades. It was as if the suit had completely vanished.

Standing up as his vision came back he realized something quite weird: His legs were aching.

"Wait, legs?" He wondered. He put his hands down to feel them, and his suspicion was right.

He had legs. Real legs. Skin, flesh and bone, not the metallic piece of support he'd been given after his gruesome injuries. He could actually feel them touching the ground and his robes. He moved his toes just to make sure they were actually there.

And this wasn't all. His left hand was also there, intact and unburned. He rose his arms, disbelieved, though he quickly noticed his right arm was still cybernetic.

And that's what ticked him off.

"What is this?"

He looked around, seeing nothing but his shadow in sight. Checking himself once again, he found only a holoprojector and a lightsaber…

"Wh- How?"

Startled, he grabbed the hilt, realizing it was his old saber. The one he'd lost on Mustafar and last saw with his son on Bespin. Just to make sure that was it, he ignited the blade, admiring the blue hue it emitted.

He grinned, but before he could amuse himself with his old weapon he heard something behind him.

Extinguishing the blade, he turned to see a young woman lying in the ground, waking up to the bright light of the place.

Though confused about how she got there, Anakin would help nonetheless.

"Are you alright?" He asked, kneeling down. The woman wore robes, similar to those worn by Jedi, though these had traits of self-made clothing, much like the one she used to wear as a slave on Tatooine.

"Ugh… Wait w- Where am I?" She said, hand in her forehead.

"Honestly, I wish I knew it." He offered his hand, pulling her up from the ground. She blinked her eyes repeatedly until she could see as well.

The surroundings looked like a desert, but not like the huge dunes that used to plague her home world. This was just a dry, empty desert with no signs of life at all.

That is, besides the man standing next to her.

"Pardon, but… Who are you?"

Understanding that in order to help each other they had to know each other, he calmly introduced himself.

"My name's Anakin. What's yours?"

"I'm Rey." She replied, letting her guard up. She had no idea who this man was, so all caution was welcome. Though his name did sound familiar.

"Huh, I feel like I've known you before. I don't know, I've seen too much back in my day." Anakin said, looking around to look for anything that could help them.

"Back in your day? You're not that older than me." Rey said.

"Hah, what'd yo…" Anakin was going to make a quick pun when he noticed something. He did feel younger. Taking the holoprojector from his belt, he put an image of himself on it, getting shocked to see it.

He was young indeed. No burned marks, no untreatable scars, no missing limbs, besides his right arm.

No helmet. He looked just as he did near the end of the Clone Wars.

Astounded, he ran his hand through his face to make sure it was real, slapping it just to be certain it wasn't a dream. Chuckling, Anakin had no idea on how to react.

"Are you… okay?"

Snapping off from his shock, Anakin put the projector away, facing Rey in an uncomfortable manner.

"I guess so. It's just that… I remembered myself not this way…"

"If you say so." Rey said, taking a small step back. Glancing around to the nothing surrounding them, she knew they needed to do something to survive "We need to find somewhere to make a shelter. Maybe it'd be smart to move."

"Very true. Let's- Hey, give that back!"

Confused toward Anakin's sudden burst of demand, Rey questioned.

"That what? I literally took nothing from you!"

"What do you mean nothing?" Anakin asked, losing his patience "That's my lightsaber you've got right there!"

Putting her hand over the hilt, Rey backed away.

"This is my lightsaber! Yours is right there!" She said, pointing at his belt.

"Ugh, stop-" Glancing down, Anakin stopped himself as he noticed the saber was indeed still hanging there, untouched.

Looking again at the Rey, though, he was troubled to see her lightsaber's hilt was not only similar, but identical in every way to his.

He picked his weapon up, analyzing it. At first Rey thought he was going to strike at her, so she also grabbed her saber. But then she noticed the same thing as he did.

How was this possible?

"Can you… turn it on, please?' Anakin gently asked, hoping not to give her the wrong impression.

Nodding, Rey slid her finger to the ignition button, and at the same time, the swords lighted into a matchable blue tone. Both of them were puzzled by the sight.

And Rey remembered. The original owner of the saber. Not Master Luke, but his father, the prophesied Chosen One, hero of the Clone Wars, former Jedi.

And Sith Lord.


"Skywalker". She murmured, but Anakin heard it clearly.

"T-That's me." He said, still unsettled.

Staring at him, Rey spoke again, sweating.

"You… You are Anakin Skywalker. The Jedi Knight."

"Yes, I am." He confirmed, a smile forming in his face.

"But… You're dead."

The scratchy wind kept blowing in his face, waking him up to a very unpleasant environment.

There was nothing to be seen for miles, and the only company he had was the blazing sun on top of him.

Standing up from the ground, he ran his finger through his eyes, but stopped to such realization.

His fingers. His hands. They were there.

Most important, actually, his head was there. Touching his beard, he couldn't believe it. He was alive, and feeling better than ever.

The only question was what kind of planet was he lost on.

Glancing down, all he carried was a holoprojector and his curved lightsaber. Though at the moment he was sure he wouldn't need it.

Or so he thought.

Behind him, he heard a cracked, sparkling noise. Turning around, he saw a man standing a few meters away from him, with a crimson, crossguarded lightsaber in hands.

Putting his hand over the handle but not yet grabbing it, Count Dooku spoke.

"Easy, warrior. Let us not fool ourselves into fighting one another."

The man didn't change his stance, though he seemed to take interest over whatever Dooku had to say.

Proceeding carefully, Dooku continued.

"Please, turn off your weapon. No need for violence yet."

"Who are you?" The man asked, pointing it's crackling blade toward Dooku.

Without hesitation, he responded.

"I am Count Dooku of Serenno. And you?"

He remained quiet, though Dooku noticed some agitation in the man's eyes.

"Hm, not much of a talker, I suppose."

The man got closer, still in a defensive stance. Now Dooku did grab his hilt.

"I'm warning you. Turn off the sword. We don't need to start trouble here."

Sensing this needed to be dealt with now, Dooku decided to take action.

"That is, assuming trouble can be even started, Your saber is unrefined, unbalanced. It's the work of a child with no knowledge!"

The man snarled, moving to attack the Sith Lord. But before he could land a strike, he was thrown aside by Force Lightning to the ground. Before he could stand up, Dooku got his foot on top of his chest, both his saber and the mysterious warrior's at the man's throat.

This reminded him of that fateful day with Sidious and Skywalker.

Shrugging the thought off, Dooku decided he could make questions later. For now, he had matters to resolve. Staring the man down, he spoke.

"You are reckless. Untrained and uncareful, though I sense great power in you."

Stepping away from the man, Dooku kept the two sabers ignited. The warrior got up, this time more calm than before.

Dooku smirked.

"A child without a toy can be easily controlled."

The warrior looked at him, rage in his eyes.

"I cannot be controlled." The man said.

Grinning, Dooku continued.

"Hm, prove me wron-"

Before he could finish his sentence, however, Dooku felt the air escape his chest, and his neck tightening up. His feet left the ground, and he dropped both sabers. The strength he felt upon not only his throat, but his self being was underwealming, and not even the power of his master could be compared to this.

The warrior summoned his saber back, and released the Count. Kneeling to the ground, he gasped for air.

The man walked up to Dooku. Too weakened, he was ready to accept his fate. He had already before. But instead, he was surprised to see the man reaching out to him with his hand.

Taking it, Dooku got up, still feeling his throat aching.

"Impressive." The Count remarked, looking at the warrior. He had a scar over the right side of his face, similar though bigger than Skywalker's. He wore black robes, with a dark cape hanging on his back.

Whoever this individual was, however, was nothing like the Count had ever seen, especially considering his power on the Force, which could be felt by every pulse of the warrior's heart.

"Count… Dooku?" The man asked, now seemingly curious.

"Yes. And you are?"

Clipping his saber to his belt, the man answered.

"Kylo Ren."

Dooku chuckled, seeing through the apparent joke.

"And what is your real name, young man?"

Glancing at him irritated, Kylo replied.

"It matters not."

"Oh yes it does." Dooku said, approaching Ren "It is your true self, the man you really are."

"Kylo Ren is who I truly am. My true identity."

Turning his face aside, Dooku scoffed at the man's attempt to be someone else.

"Just like yours is Darth Tyranus."

Widening his eyes, Dooku stared at Ren. None but a few selected or lucky individuals knew his Sith title. So how could this random man who he'd just met know him?

"What did you just say?" Dooku asked, confronting Ren.

"It's true. know who you are. I know your tale. How you were a former Jedi turned Sith. How you started the Clone War. How you manipulated the conflict and, at the same time, were manipulated by someone else. I know your whole story."

Startled, Dooku stepped forward, inches away from Kylo. His face invoked anger, disturbance, but most all, fear.

"How can you know this?" He asked, troubled.

With a confident and evil look, Ren replied.

"Because… You are dead."