This is my first attempt at an official fanfic... Please let me know how i did starting off my story if anyone does read this.



"Translated Pokemon speech"


In a beautiful garden, hidden from prying eyes, a lone Latias is found attempting to sleep but having no such luck. This Latias has been missing her lost love for the last 9 years. He had promised to return, and although the years have passed and the times have changed, she still yearns to see his face again. To be able to hold him as she once did, and as she prayed to Arceus that she may see him soon, at the same time she started to lose hope.

She had lost her brother when she had last seen the boy, but with his help she managed to get back on her feet (so to speak). Not only that, but with the help of that wonderful boy, along with his closest and most reliable friend Pikachu, they had managed to save her home.

Her uncle, a Latios, and his 2 kids, who were Latios and Latias twins, had been very worried about her lately. She had been getting upset that her lost love had not returned, though they weren't sure who he was, and she had been wanting to go out and search for him. That would mean she would gave to leave the safety of the hidden garden. Something they had warned her was not usually a good idea for long periods. While she appeared to be asleep, they decided that they too should finally rest for the night.

When her relatives were asleep, she peeked out with one golden eye, just to make sure they were. She had decided to leave the garden after telling her best friend, Bianca, and her grandfather, Lorenzo, earlier today.

As she flew silently into the night, she had one single thought going through her mind.

"Even if it's the last thing i ever do, we will be reunited, Ash."