Ethan Morgan here again.

And that's the story of the worst few weeks of my life. Ending of course with Musetronics playing for the Grade 9 dance, and our school photos. That was awesome, no magic required.

Most of the story up to this point was magically-written . . . with me staring into space, white-glowing seer eyes and using a spellbound-goose quill of Evelyn Weir's. A bottle of normal blue ink, BTW. Only the dark side, the forces of evil, use blood for ink.

Seriously though, that goose-feather quill wrote so fast most of the pages ended up with scorch-marks! In the end, Mrs. Weir gave me a bowl of water to soak away a serious case of writer's cramp! As for what I saw, it was like being in a trance. So, I was at max power . . . awesome in its way . . . . but didn't remember anything except from my own "normal" memory.

A good thing too, because it ended up being told, with what they call in English "a third person omniscient narration". I think I can imagine what Sarah would say if she found out I was reading her mind. That's why this is going to be wrapped up in several layers of brown packaging and placed under the eaves up in my attic. No one but me's going to know where, and I'm not looking. After last summer's mental trip-to-the-future, I know that there's some things I'm better off not seeing.

Writing it down did work to ease me up, like everyone told me (I forgot to mention at the start, even Malcolm suggested it last week). Because I'm a detailed kind of guy, I know there's a few things post-dance I need to add . . . just to make this complete.

After another week, we managed to clear our homework. Benny complained to me that his grandmother could have easily made her "field trip" note clear us of having to catch up, but Mrs. Weir wanted us to do the work we were supposed to do.

"I guess she just wants us to earn our credits."

"Ethan, dude" said Benny, "don't you think that we deserved a break?

I shrugged.

Yeah, but deep down, I think Benny was right. I would have loved to waive away all our course-work and maybe have taken a week off to have practised for the dance.

Rory's girl, Chantal, dumped him after about a week. Sarah thinks Chantal went with him because she thought Rory was a cool sixteen-year old guy. Rory's sixteen, but he's not cool. But Rory bounced-back by the end of that day. He says it gives him "bragging rights". Rory has several pictures of him with Chantal. Plus Rory's managed to book Musetronics for a fundraiser for the petting zoo where he used to volunteer.

"Sooner or later, a girl's going to fall for the Rorster for the Rorster" Rory told Benny and me when we were chilling' that Saturday after a light sabre duel.

"She'll be the hottest girl in the old age home" Benny joked. "You'll go shopping for his and her canes. Share a bottle of prune juice."

"Warp 10 Butthead" Rory shot back.

I have a feeling it won't take one tenth as long, even for "the Rorster." But like I said, I'm not going to make the mistake of trying to look into the future to see for sure.

Last Monday, the sixteenth, was tough for me. It was the night that finally convinced me I needed to write out the story. Tuesday 9:28 am was the full moon, so that Monday was the "waxing" full moon night. You'd think I want to celebrate that night. But, man, I was nervous when I just looked at the moon out the window. I went outside in my jacket, gloves and tuque, looked up at the moon and just stood there for a minute. I took off my gloves and stretched out my fingers.

I thought going out under the full moon, watching nothing happen and feeling nothing would calm me down.

"Aren't you cold?" asked Jane, as she went outside and stood beside me.

"I guess I am" I said casually, as I put my gloves back on and shoved my hands in my pockets.

"Does it scare you?"

"No, he's taking a victory lap" Benny said, as he entered the yard. "Ethan, don't let it bother you. An ice cold Monday night, last week of school before Christmas Vacation, time to watch Gun on Ice Planet Zero! Clones, some massive artillery, and Cylons will get your mind to better things.

"I'm thinking more a combo of The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi."

Benny shrugged. "Well you choose, young Padawan. The force is strong with this one"

We ended up watching the movies. But we were up to nearly midnight.

First, we were interrupted by some howling. It was Krypto howling at the moon; Rory had also walked over. So, we had to start the movie again. Next, Sarah drove up with Erica. Erica complained about the Star Wars, but half-watched while she texted someone on her phone. Then even Malcolm showed up (in the Camaro), so we started again and ordered a pizza. Malcolm paid . . . I don't know how he heard about my major case of nerves, but he looked sort of guilty.

But . . . it's good to have friends.

This brings me back to where I was at the start. Friday, December 20, as I went over to Sarah's tonight, to say goodbye before she left. The snow was over and the roads were cleared. Sarah's going with her parents to the South of France and she's way excited.

I don't know, and I'll never know, where she went when she took off after Jesse tricked her to go full vamp for a year - to save me. But I know it didn't count. It's no surprise, and it doesn't bother her in the least to spend the time with her parents. Like Sarah told me, she wants to enjoy life as a teen girl.

Sarah's mom answered the door. She's a bit short, like Sarah, but has a very soft voice. You can see by the face that she's Sarah's mom.

"Hi, Mrs. Fox" I said. "Merry Christmas."

"Merry Christmas, Ethan."

Sarah ready?" I asked.

"Sarah's been waiting for you" she said, as I went in.

I caught Sarah's relaxing by the fire in her living room reading some tour books. We were just talking.

"You're jealous, aren't you?" she laughed.

"No" I said, a little too loudly.

"I'm really happy for you" I said honestly.

"I know you are, but you think some French guy's going to pick me up" Sarah joked. "Well, Ethan, I can promise you I won't let him. I don't do 6000 kilometre long distance relationships."

We laughed.

I don't think I'm "crazy jealous". But jealousy might be something I need to work on.

"Just don't pick up a Jamaican girl" Sarah added.

We laughed again.

But face it, there's way more of a chance of a guy trying to pick up Sarah than girls falling over me.

I am going to Jamaica at the end of the month. Benny had put in an invite for Rory and me to his mother's wedding, day after Boxing Day. Benny was to be his step-dad's best man. We were invited, as Benny explained his mom realized we weren't only best friends but "comrades in arms".

For awhile, Sarah talked about France and I talked about Jamaica.

Then: "Did you look by the window" Sarah said.


Our kiss was interrupted by Sarah's dad.

He's a tall, dark guy who's grey around the temples. Speaking of "comrades in arms", Sarah's dad even walks like a soldier. I think he went to the RMC in Kingston and was a Lieutenant for a few years.

"Ethan, mind helping me in the garage with the luggage. I've been having some back trouble"

I went. I started to wonder if this was set up between Sarah and her dad before. Then I felt as if I was going to get a vision of exactly what that was. I closed my eyes and got that under control fast.

Not that I mind. Maybe I wish my entire life was normal . . . in a perfect world. But it's enough to be a human being whose life is normal 98% of the time.

Mr. Fox watched me while I put the suitcases in the family's blue Ford Expedition.

"You know, Ethan, I didn't approve of you at first. I thought Sarah could do so much better."

When we started dating last summer, Sarah's dad turned the porch lights on and off if I stayed too long at the door.

I became a little angry. Probably not the best thing.

"I know the guys Sarah dated before me" I said angrily. "They . . . you wouldn't believe what they were in to."

I finished lamely.

"I believe it" said Sarah's dad. "That other jerk . . . Jesse. At the time, he oozed a good impression. Should have known he was just polishing the apple . . . a suckup."

Sarah's dad chuckled.

"Jesse had this crazy hangup where he'd stand waiting at the front door and wait to be let in the couple times he came over. We thought he was polite."

"I wouldn't invite him in" I muttered as I struggled with the last suitcase.

"Believe or not, I compared you to him. And you know what, Ethan? I realized you're genuine. I've seen how happy Sarah's been these last six or seven months. How she looks at you. There's a lot worse she can do than an ambitious, honour student . . . who's awkward and should be in the gym more and in front of the computer less."

Sarah's dad clapped me on the shoulder.

"Come on, Ethan" said Sarah's dad. "Call me Doug. You can probably guess Sarah and the wife put me up to this. You didn't come here to see me. Come in, and we'll give you some real eggnog before we leave."

I stayed for a few glasses of eggnog, and another trip beneath the mistletoe. Then I watched Sarah and her parents leave in the Expedition.

I'm typing this from my room, the brown packaging is beside me. After I finish these last couple sentences, it's time to wrap these pages up and stuff them in an attic corner where I think it'll be ten, twenty years before it's ever seen again. By that time, it won't matter if I read what Sarah, Benny, Rory, Erica, Mrs. Weir, Della, Malcolm, Roger, or even Tom Towers were doing or thinking last month.

But, as for me, what's my final message to anyone reading? Life is awesome.


Author's Notes

And that's the end of the story, with a return to Ethan's first person narration for this final chapter . . . as promised. It ends with life for Ethan, his buddies, his girlfriend, and even Erica, as close to perfect you can get.

This is also the end of the miniseries. In chronological order, the stories are: (1) The End of the Beginning (2) Ethan to the Future (3) Good v. Evil or Some Assembly Required (4) Busman's Holiday (5) Attack of the Gremlins; and (6) The Case of the Counterfeit Curses.

Personally, I'd rank them from favourite to least favourite as: (1) The End of the Beginning (2) Busman's Holiday (3) Ethan to the Future (4) Attack of the Gremlins (5) The Case of the Counterfeit Curses; and (6) Good v. Evil or Some Assembly Required.

Thanks to everyone for reading, and it's an honour to have been followed/favourited. I would like to again add a special thanks to MBAV fan66 for her awesome chapter-by-chapter reviews.