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Pilot-Part 1


Shadow figures danced gracefully in a circle of standing stones with lit lamps as therising sun glimmered its ray speaking through the branches of the forest.

Flames appeared shifting to a group of villagers chanting, "WITCH! WITCH! YOUR A WITCH! WITCH! WITCH! YOUR A WITCH!" with fire torches, pitch forks and wooden crucifixes in hand as they stood outside of an estate one night.

"This doesn't look good," a middle aged man said closing the curtains then turned to his family.

A woman no older than the man dressed in a midieval era dress with her grey hair up in a tight bun agreed."We should run and go for cover." she suggested turning to a woman with curly brown hair and brown eyes.

The brunette shook her head, "They'll know."

Groaning. "There's got to be another way."

"Mummy," she turns to the voice of a small girl around ten years old, her face etched with concern, "What's happening?"

A small worried smile tugged at her lips, "Your going to be ok Willa," went over and knelt down and wraps her arms around her small frame. "I'm not going to let anything happen to you."

"Then why are those people out there yelling?" Willa asked.

"I don't know child."

"Its not because who we really are right?" Tears brimming in her eyes.

"Hush now." she hushed her and pulled her into a hug. Parting a little where she can see Willa, she whispered, "I want you to listen to your grandmama and papa and do as your told and stay safe and be strong. You promise you will do that?" Not sure what she getting that, Willa stiffly nodded. "Very good, and I want you to keep your identity a secret until time comes, understood?"

"Yes mama."

"I love you," she looks up at the family, "All of you." She got and gave them one more look before headed to the door.

"Forgive me Jon." she murmured to herself.

"Vada what are you doing?!"

She kept going.


Her hand touched the knob and twisted the door open.



"There she is!" The main leader pointed.

Willa hid her face into her grandmother's close as she blocks out the sight as the guards drags her mother away to be burned to her death.


Krystianna's POV.-

Krystianna was standing in front of the closet mirror smoothing her school outfit out.

New semester.

New challenges.

Same school.

Same students.

Same drama.

Your going to school fake it till you make it.

Just fake it till you make it.

Knock! Knock!

Without turning she spoke, "Yea?" She saw the door being open by her niece Veronica. "Nana wanted me to remind you that she left to take her car to the shop for oil changed and I found coupons for Starbucks on the counter, if your interested." she crossed her arms.

She scoffed. "Who wouldn't? So, are you excited to start your first day of being a freshman?"

Her niece slowly shakes her head and holds her arm. "Honestly, I'm a little nervous."

Giving her a comforting smile, "Don't be."

Today would mark eight years since Krystianna and Veronica moved from they're hometown in Arkansas to Mystic Falls where her mom was born and raised. Her dad died in a bike crash when she was three.

She dont briefly remember him but do have a picture so she will. Mom would always tell her how he would, rock her every night singing her lullaby Butterfly Kisses. Her older sister Irene was brutally murdered no longer than two years ago by an unknown beast. It was remained unsolved to this day.

"Hurry up Krysi!" Veronica's voice snapped her out of her thought.

"Ok, I'm coming!" Krystianna yelled abck finishing brushing her wavy auburn brown hair and decided to leave it down in its beachy waves.

Placing the brush down she grabbed her school bag, swung it over her right shoulder and met Veronica at the front door. The girls stepped out side and locked the door then they went and hopped into her pride and joy. The old fashioned shiny red 2002 BMW convertible.

Starting up the engine, she pulled out of the driveway and rode to Starbucks to get both of them caramel whipped frappé's with the radio playing Cruel Summer.

One more thing.

She has autism.

As Krystianna drove around the parking lot of the school looking for a parking space..ooo. Found one! She thought and was about to pull in when she mmediately halted as a shiny black motorcycle beat her to it.

Aw come on!

With a sharp breath she reverse her car and went to look someplace else ending having to park in the lot far away in the grass.

The halls were crowded with students, pushing and shoving from every which way.

Taking some seep breaths to ease my nerves through this claustrophobia, her and Veronica climbed over fallen books, avoided paper balls that were being thrown...spotted a couple making out against a random locker.

Welcome to Mystic Falls High

A pair of hands covers Krystianna eyes. "Guess who?"

"Umm," she guessed, "Oompa Loompa." Hearing the person roll its eyes, "Close enough." That person removed they're hands. She turned around to see her best friend, Destillyn 'Destiny' Gilbert.

"Smooth Destiny, real smooth."

She smirked, "Your welcome."

Doing our friendship shake, they both walked to there lockers which are right next to each others and put the code in.

"How was your trip?" Krystianna asked. Her and her family went on a small trip out West.

"It was good," she answered, "How was dance camp?"

"It was good to. After camp was over mom took me and Nica to the shores which was a dream. The shops, the weather and the waves there were awesome!"

"Sounds like the place I need to be right now." Destiny amitted, picturing herself there. Krystianna placed a comforting hand onto her shoulder, knowing what she meant behind them. Back in Spring, the Gilbert's lost they're parents at Wickery Bridge.

It devasted them.

Destillyn and her little sister Elena sunked into deep depression, there were days the two would put on a smile and be like everything is fine. Krystianna and the girls would see right through them. Destiny though tries to keep herself together for her family's sake.

They're brother Jeremy on the other hand handles his..by doing drugs which is worrying her and there Aunt.

"Has she seen Matt yet?" She asked her friend.

She shakes her head. "They broke up."

Krystianna's mouth formed a small o.

"She says its for the best besides and found someone better." "Oh really." She nodded. "Who?"

"Stefan. They met while you were away. His cousin will be starting school here."

The redhead fake gasped. "She didn't tell me she had a boyfriend." Pretending to be hurt.

Destillyn shrugged. "She wanted to wait till we we're all together."

Closing her locker, her and Destillyn said "bye" then headed to class.

Krystianna and six other students stood outside in the field with our photography teacher while he did role call. She enjoys photography along with music and reading. It's like whenever you look through the lens of a camera you escape to another universe.

"Lucas Griffin."


"Madeline Bryant."


"Kathriona Night."

She raised her hand. "Here!"

"Ok," Mr. Harrison clapped his hands, "Now that's done, let's ge-"

"Scuse me." they heard a masculine voice in a British accent from behind them.

Swifting around to the owner of the voice, Krystianna found herself looking into eyes of a boy with the most captivating dark brown orbs she has ever seen.

"Yes, what can I do for you?" Mr. Harisson asked, giving the boy his full attention.

Breaking eye contact with hers, the boy looked at Mr. Harrison, "I'm looking for photography, I'm new to this school." he responded.

The teacher nodded. "Your at the right place, mister..." He trailed off.

"Salvatore, Mason Salvatore."

"Mister Salvatore." Mr. Harrison said, "Ok, Mister Salvatore if you can please go find a partner everyone else turn to page thirty in your book so we can get started on our lesson for today."

After the teacher sayed that, the girls were silently hoping the boy would pick one of them.

Much to the boys annoyance.

The last bell rang signaled the end of the first day of school. Veronica placed a soccer try out form into her folder before leaving the building and met up with Krystianna to meet up with the girls for lunch.

Sigh, the town is beautiful. The Falls, the nature and of course the warm greetings of the citizens.

You can take a girl out of Arkansas but you can't take Arkansas out of a girl. Home is home and is where the heart is.

Do wish this place had a mall though. Krystianna thought.


Time to put on somewhat of a happy face.

Closing the car door and locking it, her and Veronica went up to the Mystic Grill entrance went in and stood at the stand where a waiter is ready to serve.


Krystianna shifted her gaze to see.


She ran and wrapped her arms around Bonnie and hugged her. We parted and I turned and hugged Caroline next. "I freakin missed you guys!"

"Same girl, same!" she agreed.

I know, an eighteen year old friends with juniors, dont see that every day.

Those two (including Destiny and Elena) are like her only friends she has there at school since the move. Though she sticks to her bestie more.

The others pretty much keep to themselves.

"Hey Nica!" Bonnie greets Veronica.

"Hey Bon!" Veronica greeted back.

"How was camp?" Bonnie asked. Bonnie is like the glue that keeps her and the girls friendship together, strong. She's convince she's psychic because of what her grandmother told her of her ancestors being witches. Which Krystianna and Destillyn find pretty neat but freaky.

Krystianna answered with the same response and continued chatting till we got onto the subject about Mason.

"His name is Mason Salvatore." Caroline started after they've chatted for a good hour, "He's ninteen, he moved here from England to be with his cousin and uncle at the old Salvatore Boarding House. He's an Aries, had to repeat a grade and has a scratched retina and that's why he wears the shades inside and he likes the color red."

My mouth dropped a little. "You got all that in one day?"

"Oh, please, I got all that between third and fourth period." she flipped her bangs, "I'm already planning a June wedding in my head." She is such a bubbly flirt.

Choking on her coke. Bonnie patted Krystianna's back. "You barely know the guy," I said, " "He could be like those jerks who thinks there better than everyone else." They gave her a look. "What?" Carli just shook her head with that Cheshire cat grin of hers.

"Ugh, why bother, they're nothing but smelly dogs anyways." Veronica said crinkling her nose.

Me, Caroline and Bonnie snorted. "How, you never had a boyfriend." Bonnie pointed.

"Ew, cause I don't need one, ever."

Bonnie whispers to Krystianna, "Let's see how that turns out in the next year or two."

"Right on."

"How's Elena doing?" Matt asked as he sits with us at they're table. Not sounding in a good mood. "We lost our parents Matt." Destillyn started. "How do you think? She's putting on a good face, it's only been four months." Bonnie finished for her "Has she said anything about me?" he asked.

"Oh, no. So not getting in the middle. You pick up the phone and call her."

"I feel weird calling her. She broke up with me."

"Give it more time Matt things doesn't happen overnight." Krystianna said, not hearing the front door open.

Matt turns and his expression changed. "Overnight, huh?"

Me and the girls followed to see Elena holding hands with another guy.

Matt's going to need a stronger drink for this one.

He walks over to them.

Shit. Thinking he's going start a fight which luckily didn't. He did this.

"Hey, I'm Matt, nice to meet you."

"Hi. Stefan." Stefan greeted.

They shook hands.

So that's the boyfriend.

"Hey." Elena greeted.

Matt gave her a small, "Hey." Then he left. He's not a bad guy but like a lot of people is going through a rough time.

"So, you were born in Mystic Falls?" Caroline pestered him with questions which Stefan didn't seem to mind.

Stefan replied, "Mm-Hmm. And moved when I was still young."

"Parents?" Bonnie asked.

"My parents passed away." Stefan answered.

"I'm sorry." Elena apologized, "Any siblings?"

Stefan made eye contact with her.

"None that I talk to. I live with my cousin and uncle."

"Cousin, as in Mason?" Krystianna asked.

He nodded.

Oh duh, they share the same last name.

Carli clears her throat. "So, Stefan, if you're new, then you don't know about the party tomorrow."

"It's a back to school thing at the falls." Bonnie said.

"Are you going?" Stefan asked Elena.

Destillyn glanced at her sister,"Of course she is."

"I'm home!" Krystianna placed her backpack by the door and brought over groceries to the kitchen. "And I bought groceries."

Her mother appeared in her nurse uniform. "Thanks sweetie, how was your day?" She helped her put groceries away.

"It was good." she replied, "I stopped and had lunch with my friends at the Grill."

"That's good, I have a shift at nine tonight," Mrs. Night started, "Veronica's upstairs doing who knows what. You know the rules."

"Keep the door locked or its the end of the world."

"That's my girl." she gives her daughter a kiss on the forehead.

After she left for work, Krystianna went upstairs and changed from het white short sleeved dressy top, Arizona denims and uggs into pjs then came back down and made her niece and herself dinner.

Once the girls done eating, the two rinsed the dishes, put them in the dish washer, Krystianna took her anti-depressants (which I have forgotten to take this morning) then went and chilled in the living room.

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