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"Goblins" - Person Thinking

"Goblins" – Large Being/Creature Talking

"Goblins" - Large Being/Creature Thinking

"Holy Light" - Spells

Hey guys, it's Dom bringing you another story. Thought I'd get in on the Goblin Slayer hype, also cause I really dig the series and want to put a not so different spin on it. Probably gonna be generic as hell, since I kinda get the impression that, for the most part, most are likely to adapt the story so no one really bites the dust, I'll go ahead and admit that right now for me there probably won't be a lot of people getting gobbed or killed, so apologies if that'll turn ya off. And like always, you all know I like my MC's OP as heck so GS is gonna have a nice buff to his stats and such; but I'll try and retain the challenge, no guarantees though since you all know how OP most rouge/assassin classes are in (J)RPG's with that sneak, crit and backstab damage. But yeah, if you're wondering, I'm still working on my other stories, A Son Forgotten will most likely be updated soon, but Smoldering Ember is kinda in the process of being revived. But for now, I hope that you guys all enjoy this little project and stick around with me while I wing it like usual. And if you have been with me all this time, you know the drill. by now Well, let's a go.

Mulligan – Chapter 1

"How could this happen…"

Screams and cries sounded around her, the reek of blood and steel nearly palpable in the air. Darkness nearly hugged the corners of her eyes, the sole sources of light illuminating the nightmarish scene in an almost mocking manner. The sight of her companions, their bodies pushed flush to the ground, trembling and struggling beneath the cackling and wretched laughter bellowing from their former targets.

"Why… Why did it have to be us…"

A horrible and wet sound, the subsequent scream of her sole male companion and the same mocking laughter that their targets echoed stole her attention towards the scene of his arm in the process of being removed. Her stomach churned, bile beginning to move as she moved her hand towards her mouth in an increasingly futile effort to appear strong in the face of the horrors cackling at her. More cries followed, stealing her gaze once more as her eyes widened at the sight of those same horrors tearing the clothing off of her female companions. Their ghastly guffawing only increasing in volume as they took in the sight of bare flesh before them.

"O… O E-Earth Mother… A… Abounding…"

Soon, a few of those horrors began turning their putrid gaze towards her as a warm and wet sensation dribbled between her legs, knowing that she had finally caught the interest of a number of them. Pausing in the torment of her companions, the horrors before her collectively chortled at her pathetic state. A shriek soon came from her own throat as an arrow found itself holstered in her arm. One finally taking the time to advance upon her as terror like nothing she had experienced before tore through her body.

Instinctively, she backed herself up against the fall, holding her staff close to her chest as the horror before her had garnered the attention of those in the back, the others continuing to merely watch as her companions remained pinned to the cold, stone ground, tears freely falling from their own terrified orbs. And, as the horror before her reached its thin, filthy, green hands towards her, her prayer; the prayer she had desperately sent towards the goddess who she had so strongly beseeched, was answered.

That answer came in the form of a small blade that tore through the eye socket and into the gray matter of the goblin reaching towards her. A choked cry leaving its throat, it soon toppled as the other goblins in the chamber tensed and clamored over the death of their brethren. The hobgoblin pinning down Female Fighter had its attention stolen by the sight just long enough for another blade to tear into its own eye, the creature roaring as it stumbled off of its conquest; the sudden loss of weight over her allowing the young girl to break free of the stunned goblins and scramble towards Priestess.

Seeing her frantically claw her way towards her companions, the goblins that had previously restrained her rushed to recapture her once their stunned state passed, though some were bludgeoned by the thrashing hobgoblin trying to regain its bearings .At that sight, the goblins holding down Female Wizard were nearly in the same situation, the young girl having managed to free one of her arms. Desperately, she grabbed at one of the arms holding onto her own, before viciously biting into it; a screech of pain resounding as the goblin let her free from its grip. Though, Female Wizard's victory was short lived as a dagger found itself buried into her abdomen. A scream leaving her own throat, it only raised an octave as one of the creatures struck her across the face before beginning to drag her deeper into the cave system.

But once again, salvation found the group of four as the origin of those lifesaving blades finally made its presence known, a presence that shone of hope as the echoes of his footsteps made it to the ears of the panicked creatures and terrified rookies. Standing tall and without a hint of tension or anxiety, a 'hero' had made his way towards the chaotic scene with nothing but a torch, a small buckler and a strangely crude-looking blade in hand. At his appearance, the goblins hurried in their efforts to secure at least one victory on the humans who were foolish enough to stand against them. They had let two of the females escape their clutches; they would not forfeit the other or the male that was with them. Hurriedly, one of the goblins raised a blade and quickly moved to drive it into the throat of Rookie Swordsman, the young man's eyes widening with nothing but terror, confusion and a hint of resignation swimming in their pools.

"That's two." The 'hero' said in a tone that caused a shiver to run the length of the spines of those who heard it, the goblin who was towering above Rookie Swordsman suddenly going limp as a primitive looking blade lodged itself into its temple.

Eyes widening at the sight, those that were trained on the carnage around them were instantly trained on the 'hero' who had saved the three of them; though they only widened more when they saw that he was gone. Scanning the room, a number of strangled cries resounded as the goblins in the process of dragging Female Wizard deeper into their nest were cut down with impunity. A much more vocal and pained roar drew their attention, finally seeing their 'hero' in the process of executing the hobgoblin that was wounded earlier.

The creature still continued clawing at its wounded eye, the wound continuing to burn and blister despite the creature having managed to remove the blade lodged in it. It let loose a shrill roar of agony as a shoddy looking axe found itself buried into its groin, its roar raising an octave as the axe was just as quickly ripped free. The beast toppling over, the four watched in morbid fascination as their 'hero' poured a flask of strange smelling liquid on it; the man acting coldly as he tossed his lit torch onto the hobgoblin, setting it ablaze while it shrieked in anguish. Soon enough, those cries and flames died down and their 'hero' moved towards the charred corpse, the four watching as he raised the same axe from earlier before driving it into the back of the burnt creature's neck.

"That makes eight." He said in that same cold and mechanical tone, viciously ripping the primitive axe through the side of the hobgoblin's neck in an effort to guarantee that it was slain with the severing of its cervical vertebrae.

Silence permeated the chamber, the four watching their 'hero' move about and ensure that the goblins that were laying prone were indeed eliminated. Confused as to why he was wasting the time to confirm what was already known, they were silenced when he struck one through the skull with filched spear, hearing it cry shortly before convulsing slightly. That statement was only enhanced when the same scene was seen with two more goblins who were attempting to play dead. Once he was sure that those who were currently in the room were killed, it was only then that he turned to address the party of rookie adventurers who had just been saved by him.

"Can any of you talk." He droned in that same cold tone, causing them to flinch as they shakily nodded at his question.

"Hmm." He sounded as he moved towards Priestess, the young girl flinching as he reached towards her before screaming as he ripped the arrow out of her arm.

"Drink this, it'll numb the pain." He said as he held out a small potion towards the whimpering blonde, the others looking on in morbid shock at his callous treatment of her.

Shakily, Priestess following the orders of the man, taking the potion before bringing it to her lips and downing it. Their momentary abatement was not for long, as Female Wizard suddenly turned and vomited, red staining the retch that left her mouth. Soon enough, she was shivering and sweating, her breaths coming out in short pants as the three stared with wide eyes at what was happening to her. But once again, their 'hero' simply turned to stare at her disheveled state before reaching back into his pouch and retrieving another potion.

"Here." Was all he said as he handed her a potion, Female Wizard weakly staring at him before shakily taking the offered tonic and drinking it.

A few moments later, Female Wizard's shivering and sweating decreased significantly, the man staring at her once more before turning his attention towards Rookie Swordsman and Female Fighter, who was still bare as a new born. At his gaze, it seemed that the young lady finally realized this and covered herself with her hands, shamefully gazing down as she felt heat flow to her cheeks now that they were free from such a heinous ordeal. That embarrassment wasn't for long as the man tossed her a small cloak, the young lady blinking a bit before moving to wrap herself up in it. And finally, the man turned to Rookie Swordsman, the young man flinching at his stare before turning to gaze pitifully at the stump that used to be his right arm.

"What spells do you have?" He asked Priestess as she snapped from her slight stupor, the young blonde shivering slightly when she felt his gaze on her person.

"I-I h-have Holy Light and Minor Heal…" She said in a shaky tone, seeing their 'hero' incline his head slightly before standing and offering the young man another potion.

"Cast Minor Heal on him. After, wrap his wound." He told them as he secured another primitive weapon from one of the slain goblins, Priestess following his order as she moved to heal Rookie Swordsman as he drank the potion he was given.

"A-Are you okay?" Female Fighter asked Female Wizard in a slightly awkward manner, getting a slightly dry but relieved look in turn as she held a piece of cloth to her wound.

"I am now. What… What about you?" She countered in a concerned tone as Female Fighter froze, shivering as she wrapped her arms and cloak tighter around herself.

"I… I felt it press up against me…" She whispered in a horrified and repulsed tone, Female Wizard moving to wrap the other girl in a comforting embrace as the party of four took a moment to compose themselves.

A sound caught their attention, drawing their eyes as they watched their 'hero' move deeper into the same caves they almost met their demise in. Seeing that, panic filled them as they moved to stop him from threading to his demise. Priestess being the most physically able, she timidly moved to question him only to pause when she saw a glint of silver around his neck as he turned to filch another weapon. Her eyes widening when she realized the rank of the man who had stepped in to save them.

"S-Silver…" She whispered as the eyes of her companions widened as well, snapping to focus on the man as he turned to face them.

"W-Who are you...?" Rookie Swordsman finally voiced the question that they had skipped once he saved them, the four holding their breaths as he simply continued to stare at them.

"Goblin Slayer." Was all that came from his mouth, the group continuing to stare at him before he broke their gaze and moved to head deeper into the cave system.

"W-Wait! Are you really going to face them alone?!" Rookie Swordsman shouted at him in a stunned tone, Goblin Slayer merely turning to look at him before returning his gaze forward.

"Yes." Goblin said as he crouched slightly to grab a torch dropped in the chaos, never breaking his stride as the group exchanged glances with each other.

"S-Shouldn't we regroup and form a p-plan first? They managed to b-beat the four of us, you know." Female Wizard asked in a shaky tone, a stark contrast to her previously proud and sure self moments earlier.

"Y-Yeah, I think that w-would be for the best." Priestess added as Goblin Slayer paused in his trek, turning to gaze at them once more.

"Do so if you wish." He said as a shiver ran down the length of the four's spines, the armor clad man disappearing into the darkness as the group exchanged glances once more.

"W-We can't just let him go alone, right?" Rookie Swordsman asked in a guilty tone as he gazed at his companions, the three grimacing as well as they looked back to where he left.

"I-I'll go, I'm the one w-who's the least injured out of all of us." Priestess said in a shaky but resolved manner, the three having a flash of regret, shame and guilt cross their faces as they reluctantly nodded their heads in affirmation.

"Just… Be careful." Female Wizard said in a stern and pleading tone, Priestess nodding her head as she shakily stood and moved to following Goblin Slayer.

"…We were way in over our heads…" Female Fighter lamented in a defeated tone as she clutched the cloak around her tighter, trembling once again when she realized that by a slip of fate she had avoided meeting a fate far worse then death.

Slowly and regretfully, Female Fighter, Female Wizard and Rookie Swordsman followed the path that Goblin Slayer and Priestess had headed in; praying to the Gods that the two would make it out safely. Finished with beseeching the Gods, the three composed themselves before slowly and carefully heading towards the entrance of the cave. As their trek continued, the three felt their blood grow colder and colder; the freshly slain corpses of goblins that they had no knowledge or memory of seeing or facing littered the floors of the path they had taken prior to their encounter. Gulping, the tension of the three continued to increase as eyes that they felt were previously hidden were now fully staring them down. But their tension was for naught, as in a manner of moments the light of the afternoon sun warmed their chilled bodies.

Moving towards a shielded area, the three bitterly made the decision to wait for the return of the two; Female Wizard offering her own cloak for Female Fighter to cover more of her person with. The young lady wrapping her lower body with the cloak while hugging the one Goblin Slayer had given her closer around her shoulders, she trained her gaze on the entrance of the cave as silence overtook the three.

(Scene Change – Unknown Cave: Priestess' Location)

"U-Umm…H-Hello, G-Goblin Slayer-san?" Priestess ushered to towards the darkness that crept on the edge of her torch's light, clenching her staff close as she timidly and frightfully scanned the area around her.

The past few moments for Priestess were nothing but a waking nightmare, that same nightmare continuing as she crept her way deeper into the goblin infested cavern. To say the young lady was scared would be a vast understatement, the terror that filled her small body being magnitudes greater then what could be put into words. Swallowing the lump in her throat, she continued to whisper in the hopes that the silver ranked adventurer, by some miracle given the volume of her tone, would hear her and respond in kind. But even with the knowledge that Goblin Slayer was somewhere in the miniature labyrinth in her mind, it did nothing to ease it when he wasn't in sight. Priestess felt gazes that she didn't feel before on her person, letting her fear filled orbs scan every shadow that flickered with her torch's light.

"G-Goblin Slayer-san? A-Are you th-" The young girl started in another hushed tone, though her words died in her throat when she saw a short figure hobbling towards her.

Almost instantly, the blonde backed away from the confused creature in absolute fright. Once it caught her scent in its freshly woken stupor, the goblin began cackling as it crept towards her. Her eyes widening, breath coming out in quickened bursts, her form beginning to shake once more; Priestess felt as though her heart would hammer itself out of her chest when she saw the creature scan the length of her body, feeling her heart only beat harder and quicken when it licked its lips.

But before it would even take another step towards her, its head was savagely cleaved through. A primitive looking axe ripping into the back of its skull and exiting through the side of its mouth, a garbled croak was all that left its throat before it collapsed to the ground in a convulsing heap. Even then, the freshly made corpse was further defiled by the cold, steel clad boot that viciously stomped on and splattered the remains of its head across the ground.

"What are you doing." Goblin Slayer said in the same mechanical and cold tone from earlier, snapping Priestess out of her stupor as she shakily gazed at her savior.

"G-Goblin Slayer-san!" She cried as she felt a great weight had been lifted from her shoulders, the man saying nothing as he studied her from head to toe.

"Didn't you all leave." He said as she took a few seconds to recompose herself, the man already moving towards her as she flinched a bit in fright.

"U-Umm, w-we didn't want y-you to venture in b-by yourself! I-I can help, I have a miracle left i-if you need it!" She told him in an earnest but timid tone, the man saying nothing as he switched his gaze from her to the slain goblin.

"Then you need to mask your smell." He told her as she blinked in confusion, the man moving towards the goblin before kicking it over.

"S-Smell?" Priestess asked as she moved to where the helmet clad man was, watching with a grimace as he buried a blade into the chest of the corpse before carving it open.

"Yes, smell. These creatures have an excellent sense of smell. Especially when it comes to girls who wet themselves." He stated as Priestess felt her face and body grow pale and cold, shakily looking down at the open carcass that was resting below her.

(Time Skip – Ten Minutes Later)

"Save your final miracle for Holy Light." Goblin Slayer said as he strode in front of Priestess, the shaking blonde meekly nodding her head as her eyes darted across her crimson coated robe.

Lost in her own thoughts, she let a small squeak leave her mouth when she walked into Goblin Slayer. About to apologize, she was halted when he raised a hand to silence her, the blonde blinked before nodding as she gripped her staff a bit tighter to her person. Pointing to the side of the corridor, which were wider then the path they were stopped before, she followed his direction as she pressed herself against the cavern walls while watching him do the same. As the seconds passed, she was about to whisper a question about the nature of their actions only to have those words freeze in her throat at the sound of echoing footsteps.

Hastily, she felt herself pressing against the stone behind her with much greater force and purpose then before. Hearing the same thumping of her heart, she watched with fearful eyes as a trio of goblins sauntered down the path in front of her without a care in the world. Swallowing the lump on her throat as they were nearly within arm's reach, Priestess blinked and it was nearly over. A pair of garbled cries leaked from the damaged throats of two of the goblins, a set of throwing knives rooting themselves in the trachea of the creatures.

Confusion marring the face of the third goblin, it watched with an equally bewildered expression as its companions grabbed at their throats and thrashed about erratically. It wasn't long, however, until the realization of what was happening before its eyes reached the mind of the goblin. Panic setting in, it was about to turn and scream for reinforcements only to have Goblin Slayer's buckler bury itself into his mouth; shattering teeth, rending flesh and practically splitting the head of the creature before it was truly cleaved in two when the shield was brutally ripped free of its newfound sheathe.

"Fifteen." He said while stomping on the necks of the two goblins he downed earlier, Priestess wincing as she saw the bodies of the creature spasm lightly along with the soft crunch of bone being splintered.

"When we pass the next pathway, cast Holy Light." He instructed as he readied another pilfered spear, Priestess nodding her head as she took a few breaths before reciting her prayer.

"O Earth Mother, abounding in mercy, grant your sacred light to we who are lost in darkness. Holy Light!" She shouted as an intense burst of light illuminated the chamber they were in, her eyes scanning and widening when she saw the horrors that the darkness had concealed.

Then, like clockwork, Goblin Slayer had instantly rushed in and assessed the number of goblins and the threats that they posed; locking onto the hooded and hunched form of a goblin that held a staff. Shifting his positioning, he tightened his grip on the spear held in his hand before hurling it towards the hooded goblin as it began an incantation of its own. Not sparing a glance at the creature as the spear tore into its chest, Goblin Slayer carried out the execution of the remaining goblins in the chamber; the creatures panicking as they tried to ready themselves as they were caught in the midst of dark pleasure and horrid desire.

Stopping before a goblin as it was pulling away from a captured woman, it was sent tumbling to the ground as an axe stolen from its brethren tore the flesh and bone across its temple. Turning, Goblin Slayer threw the bloodied instrument towards another goblin as it tried to rush down priestess; the blonde yelping as she watched the stone blade bury itself into its skull. Wincing, she turned her attention back to Goblin Slayer as he stood before the last goblin in the chamber, her eyes widening as she saw it holding another captured woman with a blade held to her throat. But before she could say anything, he took a step forward as the goblin trembled; bringing the blade closer to her throat as a thin trail of blood started to run down her neck.

"G-Goblin Slayer-san?!" Priestess called out in horror as she tried to get him to stop his advance, her words falling on deaf ears as he continued to stalk towards the trembling goblin.

Just as he was in striking range of the shaking creature, it acted by roughly shoving the woman towards Goblin Slayer. Her body falling forward, he caught her with one arm, surprisingly gently as Priestess observed with curiosity. Goblin Slayer's head inclining slightly, the terrified visage on the goblin's face was replaced with cruel triumph as it screeched and lunged at him with blade in hand. But that triumph was once more consumed by terror and horror as Goblin Slayer skillfully and almost automatically parried the falling blade with adept ease.

Diverting the path of the blade, he grabbed and began tightening his grip on the wrist of the creature. Then, as simply as one would a twig, he crushed the wrist of the goblin as it screeched in response; Goblin Slayer jerking the arm of the creature towards him as he delivered a brutal headbutt to the goblin. The sound of cartilage breaking and blood splattering onto the floor resounding, Goblin Slayer placed the woman in his arm delicately on the ground before standing and sauntering towards the writhing creature in front of him. In an almost sadistic manner, Goblin Slayer waited until the goblin turned its head to look at the armor clad man before he raised his foot and proceeded to stomp onto the head of the creature. As soon as the sound of its garbled screams reached her ears, Priestess turned her head away until the sounds of Goblin Slayer's merciless execution ended.

"This makes eighteen." Goblin Slayer said as priestess timidly made her way towards the man, watching as he stopped before the hooded goblin from before.

"I-Is it… Dead?" She whispered in a soft tone, turning to look at the creature with its eyes open as Goblin Slayer looked down on it.

The young lady had her question answered as the creature let out a shriek and lunged towards the man, Priestess letting a cry leave her throat at the sight. But her fears were for naught as the creature's head impacted with the ground in a jarring manner as a brutal blow from Goblin Slayer's buckler connected with it. As it continued to writhe on the ground, it began to struggle much more wildly as he pinned it to the floor with his foot bearing down on its stomach. Grabbing the shaft of the spear still imbedded in its chest, he ripped it free as a pained shout left its throat. That same shout turning into a wet gurgle as he buried the spear into its throat; violently tearing apart the muscle, bone and tissue in its throat with the tip of the spear before breaking the neck of the goblin with another ruthless stomp.

"A shaman. And it is now." Goblin Slayer said as he scanned the chamber once more for any stragglers, turning to glance at the throne made of bones as Priestess moved a bit closer to his person.

"A-Are those, h-human bones…?" The young lady asked in a horrified manner, Goblin Slayer saying nothing as he moved towards the structure before scattering the bones with a sharp kick.

"It's a typical goblin trick. Look closer." The armor clad man said as Priestess glanced past the area the throne sat, seeing a shoddy looking wooden door previously hidden behind the skeletal structure.

As Goblin Slayer approached the door, he unsheathed the remaining blade that still hung by his waist while taking a torch that was resting on the wall beside the duo. Priestess watching in trepidation, it only grew when she saw what was laying behind that door. The light of his torch illuminating the smaller chamber, the young blonde's eyes widened when she saw the trembling and small forms of goblin children. As she stood, watching them cling to the other and press themselves against the wall of the small room, her heart froze when she realized what was to happen to the creatures.

"Y-You'll… You'll kill the c-children as w-well?" She asked in a shaky tone, shifting her eyes between the blade held in his hand and the green creatures.

"Of course. These creatures multiply quickly. It wouldn't have been long before they numbered in the fifties, then they would have attacked en masse. We've destroyed their nest, they'll never forget that. Survivors of nests learn, adapt and become smarter. There's no reason to let them live." He said as he cut down one of the children, a horrid and bloodcurdling screech leaving its throat as the blade tore into its flesh.

"B-But what if it were a good goblin?" Priestess cried out as she snapped her eyes shut to rid it of the scene before her, her heart pausing once more as she heard the sound of blood dripping from his sword.

"A good goblin? They might exist, if we looked for them." Goblin Slayer started as the blonde's eyes creaked open slightly, seeing that Goblin Slayer had indeed paused in the execution of the children in the room.

"But… I think that the only good goblins, are the ones that never leave their holes." He said as her blood froze once more, instantly snapping her eyes shut as the flash of steel and screams of desperation assaulted her senses.

"That makes twenty four." He said as he moved out of the room, Priestess slowly following behind him and soon flinching when she saw him embed his blooded blade in the head of the downed goblin shaman .

The trip back to the entrance of the cavern was a quiet one, mostly due to the fact that Priestess couldn't shake the feelings that she had conflicting in her heart. The doctrine that she followed wholeheartedly was all but ruined by merely watching the actions of both Goblin Slayer and the creatures he earned his namesake from; the horrid and atrocious actions that she bore witness to, they were unlike anything she had ever thought of, even in her darkest nightmares. The captured girls especially shook the foundations of her person, the blonde wrapping her arms closer around her person as she realized that she, herself, was nearly another victim if not for the intervention of the man walking before her.

"We're out." He said as the evening rays shone on her body, warming her slightly as she watched Goblin Slayer take out a piece of parchment and begin writing.

Watching him, she was entirely ignorant of the trio that was racing towards her until it was too late. Before her fatigued mind could register them, she was instantly met with the embrace of Female Wizard and Female Fighter. Flinching at first, she felt her heart warm as she returned their gesture. Across from the hugging trio, Goblin Slayer shifted his head slightly to view the three as Rookie Swordsman greeted the blonde before returning to the piece of parchment held in his hand. As soon as the armor clad man was finished, he turned to leave the area, gaining looks of confusion and slight apprehension from the four as they turned to look at him.

"U-Umm… C-Can we go with you, back to town?" Female Fighter asked in an anxious and pleading tone, her eyes darting between Goblin Slayer and the cave they had emerged from.

"I-If it's not too much trouble! I-I mean, we're going to the same place anyway, r-right?" Female Wizard added as she stepped a bit closer to the man, the action being mirrored by the others as Goblin Slayer scanned their faces before returning his attention forward.

"Do what you want." Was all he said as he as he continued on the path, the four blinking a bit before hurriedly moving to follow him.

(Time Skip – A Few Hours Later)

(Scene Change – Frontier Town: Adventurer's Guild)

"Thank you for all your hard work!" A beautiful and youthful, goldenrod headed young lady said as she bid farewell to a slightly blushing adventurer.

Though, that brilliant and charming smile soon fell to a thin line as Guild Girl left a soft sigh leave her mouth; turning to look at the door that, no more then a few hours earlier, she had seen a group of rookies head out to slay goblins with pride befitting a party so young. Closing her eyes for a brief moment, she clenched her hands slightly in a bit of irritation and guilt when she remembered the words that they uttered to her; the avarice and hubris that they exhibited being a death sentence when combined with the creatures they sought to slay. One could say that about any of the creatures or foes that adventurers faced, but the ones that those four rookies had chosen to slay were notorious for being underestimated and costing those who took them on flippantly their lives and purity.

"Goblins… It's always goblins…" She whispered in a tired manner as she opened her eyes and dropped them downwards, grimacing when she saw the signatures of the four young ladies who had taken on a quest of rescuing another group of women from the same creatures no more then a few minutes prior.

"I should have tried harder to stop them from going alone…" She continued as the need to keep up her smile fell along with the setting sun, the number of adventurers having dwindled to a mere handful who were also on their way to rest their mind and bodies.

That same smile was forced to return as she saw someone move before her, awaiting her services as she offered them a bright smile and a cute tilt of the head once she rose her head to greet them. But soon enough, it turned to a small gape of surprise when she saw the man who stood before her, shifting once more to relief when she took notice of the group behind him; though her eyes widened when she took note of the condition that they were in.

"O-Oh my! You're all alright!" She nearly shouted in relief, getting slightly wry and apologetic smile in turn as she moved around the counter to greet them.

"Y-Yeah, we're fine… Mostly…" Rookie Swordsman said as he gestured to his arm, Guild Girl gaining a sullen look as he immediately tried to lift her spirits.

"B-But it would have been a lot worse if Goblin Slayer hadn't shown up!" He added quickly as she turned to stare that the armored man, offering him a grateful and radiant smile as she bowed slightly to the surprise of the four.

"Thank you, Goblin Slayer. I didn't mean to make you feel like you were obligated to go after them but nonetheless, thank you." She said as the eyes of the four widened at the piece of information, remembering her words earlier when she asked that they wait for a more seasoned party member to accompany them.

"There were goblins." Was all he answered as she blinked a bit before a string of giggles left her mouth, the blonde managing to calm herself enough to stare once more at the man in a rather serious manner.

"But because you choose to do so and in a quick manner, you saved the lives of these four; even more so these girls. If you had been just a hair late, who knows what would have happened." Guild Girl stated as a shiver ran down the spines of the three young ladies with them, Female Fighter tightening her hold on Goblin Slayer's cloak once again as the memory of what had nearly happened still chilled her to the core.

"And I hate to ask this of you once again, especially since you've just returned from another quest, but…" The blonde started in a slightly guilty and strained manner, knowing that what she was doing was blatantly standing against the principals that the Guild offered its adventurers.

"Are there goblins?" He asked as she blinked in turn, though all she could do was offer him a small smile and a soft nod of the head.

"Then I'll assume that I can leave making a report for the last quest for later. Where?" Goblin Slayer said as Guild Girl's smile became much brighter then before, hurriedly moving to gather the needed paperwork for the quest he was taking after offering him a stamina potion.

As he waited for her, having downed the potion, he was approached by the four rookies who he had saved, turning to gaze at them as they had their heads bowed. An uncomfortable silence taking over at his lack of response, Rookie Swordsman turned to look at Priestess as the young blonde had been the one who was with him the longest. Gulping slightly, she was debating on what to say only for Female Fighter to step forward, timidly holding out the cloak he had given her earlier during their rescue. The man staring at the offered cloak, he shifted to look at her, the raven haired young lady having received a shirt from one of the other guild receptionists during his conversation with Guild Girl.

"U-Umm, here… Thanks for lending it to me earlier..." She said as she avoided his gaze the best that she could, a dusting of pink on her cheeks as embarrassment like no other filled her person while she stole a few glances at him.

"Keep it." Was all he said as she snapped her head to look at him, a bit confused but at the same time a tad elated that he would allow her a keepsake of her rescue.

"A-Are you sure? This was yours, and I have a s-shirt now so I don't need it anymore!" She countered as she clutched the cloak to her chest, feeling strangely safer as she shifted the fabric a bit to cover part of her face.

"Yes. Do what you like with it if you don't need it." Was his answer as Guild Girl called him over to her part of the reception desk, the man moving towards her as the others watched him go in silence.

"So, are you going to get rid of it?" Female Wizard asked Female Fighter in an inquisitive manner, the sentiment shared with her two other companions as a deeper shade of pink colored her cheeks.

"Probably not… It's a reminder, of what could have and what did happen back there…" She said as they all nodded softly in response, turning and seeing that he was already moving to head out on another quest.

"W-Wait! G-Goblin Slayer-san!" Priestess called out as she moved to stop him, the man pausing as he turned to look at the blonde and her two companions as they seemed a bit anxious.

"What?" He asked in the same mechanical manner as he had since their first encounter, the blonde taking a breath as she looked at him with resolved eyes.

"P-Please let us accompany you!" She said while gesturing to Female Wizard and Female Fighter as Guild Girl flinched a bit at the request, feeling a twinge of something she'd rather not accept as she watched the exchange happening before her.

"I'll be going alone." He told them in a tone of finality, the three young ladies flinching slightly as they felt a twinge of fear from the cold reply that they received.

"B-But we can help! I was at the top of my class in the academy when it came to magic! I can provide you support from the rear!" Female Wizard told him in a resolute tone, hoping that her boast would sway the man to allow them to join him.

"A-And I've trained my life for close quarters combat!" Female Fighter added as she stared at him with eyes full of resolution like Priestess and Female Wizard, the man scanning the faces of the three before turning around once more.

"Did those skills help you deal with the goblins in that cave?" He asked as the bravado and resolution that shone on their faces were consumed by complete and utter fear, Female Fighter clutching the cloak in her hands while her companions clenched their staves.

"Rest. You in particular. And invest in chainmail and healing items the next time you take a quest." He told them in that same cold tone, stressing part of his statement to Rookie Swordsman who had remained quiet during the exchange and the latter to the young ladies next to him.

"Y-Yes sir…" The teen answered in a soft and sullen tone, moving to grab the reminder of what could have been a far more gruesome fate.

"Take care, Goblin Slayer! I'll be sure to get a party to the cave you mentioned for the kidnapped girls so don't worry about them!" Guild Girl called out as the man inclined his head in acknowledgement, the young lady waving energetically at him until his form passed through the doorway of the guild.

"Ha… Gods, please grant him safety on his journey." She whispered under her breath in a pleading tone, uttering a soft prayer to any entity that would hear and answer her prayer.

"So, do you four need any assistance with anything else?" Guild Girl asked after a few more moments of silence, causing the group of four before her to jump slightly at the question.

"N-No, I'll be fine. I'll… I'll probably just head back home now." Rookie Swordsman said in a slightly pained manner, drawing worried looks before Female Fighter moved to wrap an arm around his shoulders.

"We'll go back together, then. Alright?" She told him as his smile became a bit brighter, the two bidding their companions and Guild Girl farewell as they exited the guild themselves.

"W-What are you going to do?" Priestess asked Female Wizard as the bespectacled young lady had a small frown marring her face, drawing a curious look from the blonde.

"I… I want to follow that guy. I need to prove it to him that it was all just a freak accident, what happened in there." She admitted in a shamed and slightly irked manner, Priestess blinking a bit before turning to gaze where he had left.

"I don't like the thought of him going alone. H-He saved us; we should at least repay him by accompanying him on a mission of his own, right?" The blonde asked as Female Wizard stared at her in surprise, though it melted into a small smile as she nodded her head in agreement.

"I think so too… And sorry, for how I acted back in that cave. I… I might have had too large of an ego back there." She admitted as she bowed her head slightly, instantly being waved off by Priestess as the two shared a slightly comical and warm exchange.

"I know this is going against the policies of the guild, that interfering with another's quest without written or verbal consent is a punishable offense, but if the two of you are still up to it and are aware of the dangers that could come with another goblin related quest, this should help you. But you didn't get it from me." Guild Girl suddenly said as the two squeaked a bit in fright, snapping to stare at her with wide eyes and thumping hearts as she simply offered them a smile and a small map.

Seeing that they were receiving help, albeit in a slightly illegal manner, Female Wizard and Priestess quickly thanked Guild Girl before moving to catch up to Goblin Slayer. Watching them run frantically, but with a bit more renewed and determined vigor then they did when she first saw them, Guild Girl couldn't help but feel a bit glad that the group she thought she had sent to their deaths were able to survive and grow from such a horrid ordeal. Sighing once more, Guild Girl stretched before moving to clean up and end her shift at the reception desk, blinking before smiling slightly when she saw the tiny mark on the edge of the piece of parchment that Goblin Slayer had given her detailing the location of the cave.

"Twenty four goblins, hmm…" Guild Girl whispered as the demure smile on her face never left, gently placing the piece of parchment back to the pile papers that awaited the return of the armored man.

(Scene Change – Frontier Town: Priestess and Female Wizard's Location)

"U-Umm, s-should we stop by the blacksmith and apothecary?" Priestess asked Female Wizard as the burgundy haired young lady gained a look of confusion, though it soon turned to realization as the words of Goblin Slayer echoed through her mind.

"Do you think we'll be able to catch up to him if we do?" She questioned the blonde in a slightly apprehensive tone, Priestess mulling over the thought before nodding her head.

"Even if we don't, w-we should follow his advice. H-He is a silver ranked adventurer, and he seemed to be very adamant about it." Priestess said in a sure tone, Female Wizard slowly nodding her head in agreement before the pair quickly moved to secure a set of chainmail and potions for the upcoming journey.

(Scene Change – Unknown Location: Female Rescue Party Location)

"Haa… Still nothing to report, guys. A few of those things are going in and out, but it seems like they're holed up in there pretty tight." Rhea Scout muttered as she brought down the monocular she was using to view the fortress that was their current objective, Young Monk taking the momentary pause to steady her nerves as she lightly patted herself on the cheeks.

"Are you alright?" Elf Wizard asked the young lady in a concerned manner, Young Monk flinching a bit before offering the blonde a shaky but sure smile.

"I-I'm fine! J-Just a little tired is all." The plum headed young lady replied in an attempt to ease the worries of her party, getting small smiles at her determination as Noble Knight shook her head.

"No, I think it would be best if we settled and rested before moving into that fortress. Guild Girl told us of all the dangers that goblins present, more so for women like us, so we need to be mentally and physically prepared for what's to come. We'll take turns on watch, two hours each with me as the last. Let's put some distance between that fortress and us, though I doubt there are scouts this far away from their nest, it would pay to be safe then sorry. " Noble Knight told the three as a bit of apprehension crossed their faces, easing slightly as they moved to set up camp for the coming hours.

(Time Skip – A Few Hours Later)

"It should be around noon, based on what I've been seeing; those creatures are active mostly during the morning and at night. They should be asleep around this time, the number of them going in and out have dropped to zero." Rhea Ranger reported as the three other members of her party nodded, moving to infiltrate the fortress once they finished their preparations.

(Scene Change – Elven Ruins: Courtyard)

The trek to the elven ruins that the rescue team were currently on the edge of entering was a rather quiet and unimpeded one. Compared to the horror stories that they'd heard from Guild Girl and the warnings that she had given them, they were met with practically no resistance from the creatures that littered the area. En route, they encountered roughly a dozen goblins; each quickly and silently killed by Noble Knight and Rhea Ranger. But as they continued to venture deeper into the fortress grounds, they halted the execution of the creatures as their numbers grew to a nauseating level beyond that which the party of four could comfortably handle.

"That was a close one. This isn't too bad, guess Guild Girl was just overreacting." Rhea Scout said in a relieved tone as she ripped an arrow out of the skull of a goblin that had just woken moments prior, thanking the gods that the creature that was well separated from the others in the area.

"Perhaps, but it still wouldn't do us any good to get complacent. Until we rescue the women in that nest, we shouldn't get comfortable." Elf Wizard added in a serious tone, Rhea Scout pouting a bit but nodded nonetheless.

"D-Do you think it'll be like this the entire way?" Young Monk asked in a hopeful manner, getting a pat on the head in return from Noble Knight as the older woman smiled softly at her.

"Let's just focus on finishing this quest and getting home." She said as Young Monk nodded her head in turn, the group moving deeper into the fortress as a certain sight instantly struck them.

"O-Oi!" Rhea Scout shouted as they rounded an archway, getting the attention of her party as they rushed to see what the commotion was.

"Oh gods…" Elf Wizard whispered as they rushed to the sight of a bare, bruised and bloody woman, rhea ranger instantly by the woman's side before moving to lift her.

"H-Hey! Don't worry, we're here t-" She started in a panicked tone, though as soon as she caught sight of the woman's neck she froze.

"S-She's already gone…" Rhea Ranger thought as the small action of picking up the corpse active the alarm placed by the goblins, Rhea Ranger being too late to detect it in her haste and panic.

The act of picking up the corpse of the woman caused a small line of wire attached to a pin on the body to be pulled, causing a large sack of metal to impact the ground with a jarring clatter. The sound instantly causing the goblins in the area to wake with a start, groggily and frantically looking around before narrowing their eyes on the group of four. But once they noticed that it was women who entered their lair, their eyes gained a dark lust and desire that was mirrored by their cackling as they closed in on the women.

"Shit! Fall back! Single file, everyone! I'll take the rear so they don't surround us!" Noble Knight shouted in panic as she took up the position of rearguard, Rhea Ranger picking off a number of goblins with shots of her arrows while Elf Wizard began an incantation of her own.

"Come, O wind, lend me thy power and sunder mine enemy with thine invisible edge! Wind Blade!" Elf Wizard chanted with eyes closed before snapping them open towards a small group of goblins racing towards Young Monk and herself, holding her staff horizontally across her body as a green shimmer began to emanate from it.

With a glow of green, the air around Elf Wizard began to shift slightly before focusing around her staff. Then, with a swipe of her hand across the length of her staff, Elf Wizard let loose a lengthy blade of wind that surged towards the goblins advancing on their position. As it continued through the air, it slowly began to lengthen in width before meeting and bisecting the group of goblins. Stunned that so many of their comrades were cut down in such short time, the creatures instantly focused their attention on the slightly winded form of Elf Wizard as she tried to catch her breath after using such a draining spell. Seeing that, an archer aimed an arrow at the blonde before letting it loose as her eyes widened at the sight.

"H-Hiya!" Young Monk shouted out as she stepped forward and caught the fired arrow in a clumsy and green manner, though the shoddy marksmanship of the goblin made the projectile an easy and predictable target for the young girl.

"W-We need to get out of here!" Rhea Ranger shouted as she nocked her final arrow, panic and terror beginning to fill her eyes as the number of goblins seemed to be rising rather then thinning.

"Tch! Keep together everyone! Remember! Single fi-" Noble Knight shouted before a jarring impact made contact with the back of her head, black and white spots consuming her vision as she dropped to the ground.

Dumbfounded by what they had just witnessed, Rhea Ranger, Elf Wizard and Young Monk were stunned long enough for the creatures to rush them down. Screams soon entered Noble Knight's ears as her spotted vision began to clear, her eyes soon widened when she saw her companions being stripped bare of their clothing. But soon those same eyes were filled with terror themselves when she found her own body stripped of its clothing and armor. Feeling grubby and filthy hands roaming her body, she let loose a scream of horror and rejection herself as she was pinned by the creatures that infested the area. The screams Rhea Ranger, Elf Wizard and Noble Knight being drowned out as the goblins forced their heads to the sight of Young Monk in the process of being violated.

"N-No! Help! Please! Somebody, save me!" She screamed with all of her soul, struggling with all the might that her tiny body could muster as horror like no other filled her eyes at the sight of the creature bearing down on her.

Slowly, it roamed its hands over her body as its comrades merely watched the spectacle with lust filled eyes. Normally, just an event would be a free for all, the spoils going to the fastest; but in this case, with a fresh number of women in their clutches, they treated this event as a public act of humiliation for the humans who had the audacity to invade their nest. Soon enough, Young Monk's struggles reached its climax as the goblin on top of her reached for its vile corruption, the plum haired maiden wanting to vomit at the sight of it. But that thought was trounced by the need to escape at all costs, her struggles causing her to dig her nails into the arms of one of the goblins holding her.

At that inkling of pain, it struck her across the face in a ruthless manner, nearly breaking the young girl's nose as blood seeped from it and more tears from her eyes. But once more, that pain was overtaken by horror as she felt the corruption of the goblin press against her womanhood. Eyes widening, she screamed once more as the creature merely cackled and prolonged the suffering of the young girl, slowly and appallingly started to press against Young Monk. Her party members being forced to watch such a wicked and vile act, they screamed at the creatures to stop what they were doing, tears falling from their faces as the revulsion, disgust, horror and terror that consumed Young Monk's visage shattered their own souls. But, just as the creature was about to snatch, taint and corrupt the maidenhood of the crying girl, it happened.

The pressure that she was feeling against her womanhood was instantly gone, Young Monk's eyes widening as did the others in the area as the goblin suddenly froze. The cause of its sudden freeze unknown, it was soon made clear as it slumped over, an arrow lodged in the cranium of the creature. At the sight, chaos soon broke loose as the goblins scrambled to secure the women before anything else could happen. But they were once again met with resistance as a sudden shout made it to the ears of the women.

"Close your eyes and hold your breath!" A hollow sounding order echoed through the area, the women shivering at how empty and frigid it was but nonetheless following it.

At the sight of them following his order, Goblin Slayer quickly reached into his pouch and pulled out a number of egg-like containers. Throwing them as he rushed down the fumbling goblins, they impacted and shattered as would an egg before releasing their contents over the group. As the goblins who were targets of the egg-like projectiles stood a bit stunned, the compound of powdered cobra venom and drake's breath pepper soon entered the eyes and lungs of the creatures; instantly causing them to scream and scratch at their eyes and throats. With a distraction in place, the armored man shifted his focus from the goblins to the four women still holding their breath with eyes closed.

Quickly scanning the area, he managed to wrap Rhea Ranger and Young Monk each in an arm before bolting to a small stone structure. Placing them in it, he moved to retrieve Elf Wizard and get her to safety as well. But before he could make it back for Noble Knight, the goblins who had been blinded were already forced from the grounds as a few more took up arms in their place, a pair having snatched and were proceeding to drag away Noble Knight as the woman began screaming for aid. It was received in the form of a pair of throwing knives, the blade embedding themselves into the throats of the two goblins as they released Noble Knight to grab at the blades.

With their attention diverted, she managed to get to a kneeling position, scrambling to grab a blade and aid Goblin Slayer as the man was soon surrounded by goblins. Panic and fear filling her as she imagined the sight of the man being overwhelmed and slain by the creatures, she was soon flabbergasted when he expertly and seemingly autonomously evaded, parried and guarded against the creatures. Diverting a falling axe to have it slice open the shoulder of a nearby goblin, he hacked the offending arm at the elbow joint before driving his blade through the face of the goblin it was once attached to. Turning, he smashed his buckler across the face of anther goblin, blood, spittle and teeth sailing through the air as he snatched the primitive axe held by the creature.

Tightening his grip on the weapon, he grunted as a number of blades impacted with his back, though they were unable to penetrate his armor. Spinning, he hacked through the throats, faces and skulls of the creatures who were stunned that he was able to move with their blades still in his body. Shifting his weight, he flicked his arm and threw the axe towards an archer that was nocking an arrow, the stone blade burying itself in its face. Soon enough, the goblin group of nearly twenty was reduced to a meager four; the remaining creatures trembling as Goblin Slayer, armor dyed red with blood and gore, stalked towards them with eye aflame with crimson rage. Then, an explosion of pain before darkness consumed them as the stolen blades tore into their bodies.

"That makes forty eight." Goblin Slayer said as he buried the stone axe into the skull of a nearby goblin, the man turning to look at Noble Knight as the redheaded young lady was still in a kneeling position with a stunned expression on her face.

"Can you speak?" He asked her as she flinched in turn, complexion going crimson as she quickly moved to cover her exposed breasts and lower body from the man.

"Y-Yes. T-Thank you for your aid." She told him in a truly grateful and genuine tone, eyes watering a bit as the injury she received to her head nearly cost her and her party their dignity and lives.

"Here." Goblin Slayer said as he tossed her a cotton sheet, Noble Knight shakily catching it before moving to wrap it around her person.

With the encounter seemingly over, Noble Knight watched with an intrigued expression as Goblin Slayer secured a spear and moved about, impaling the prone bodies that littered the grounds. A bit confused as to why he was doing what he did, the damage that was inflicted on the creatures being more then enough to rid them of life, she received her answer as a few of them spasmed and jerked as he speared their skulls. The sight chilled her to the bone, seeing that out of the bodies, six of the creatures were laying prone in order to blend in with their fallen comrades. Soon enough though, he finished ensuring the deaths of the creatures as he embedded the spear into the skull of the final goblin, raising his head to glance at Noble Knight as she made her way over to him.

"A-Amazing… How did you know that there were a few who were only pretending to be dead?" She asked with the same intrigued expression on her face, Goblin Slayer moving to glance at the creature he had speared in the skull before facing her once more.

"Practice. These creatures aren't intelligent, but they aren't fools. They learn tricks like that quickly, more so if they had survived an encounter like this. Making sure that they're truly dead is the only way to ensure that they don't learn and spread that knowledge." He explained to the redhead as she nodded in turn, turning to glance at the slain creatures as the voices of her party members reached her ears.

"I-Is it ok to come out now…?" The shaky and meek tone of Rhea Ranger sounded as she peeked through the doorway of the stone structure they were nestled in, Elf Wizard also peeking through it with her arms around Young Monk.

"Y-Yes! It should be safe to come out now! Right?" She called out to the other women, though she quickly turned to ask Goblin Slayer for confirmation as the man inclined his head slightly.

"No scouts where they'd usually be. I already checked the area before coming here." He told her as her eyes widened at the piece of information, turning around to fully face him as her party members skittered over while covering their own bodies.

"Y-You knew that we were here!? Why didn't you intervene earlier!?" She nearly shouted at him in anger, her party members sharing her sentiments to a degree as they were subjected to a horrible ordeal while he merely watched.

"I didn't. There were goblins who you failed to kill on the way here. It was more important to kill them while they were asleep. If they weren't and joined that encounter, it would have been a much more difficult." He told them as their eyes widened in realization, the number of goblins that would have been alerted to the alarm that they set off should have been doubled that which they encountered if the ones that they passed were woken by it as well.

"S-So, because we didn't kill the ones that were sleeping, we p-pretty much stepped into an inescapable trap…" Rhea Ranger said in a horrified tone, shaking slightly with both the wind on her bare body and the knowledge that their efforts to stay hidden only made escaping that much more impossible.

"Exactly." Goblin Slayer said as they all shivered at the matter-of-fact way he said it, heads drooping slightly in shame as the embarrassment that they were currently feeling seemed insignificant to the blunder that they had made.

Watching their crestfallen expressions, Goblin Slayer stared for a few seconds before moving to the area that they were being stripped during the earlier part of their encounter. Watching him move, the four women grimaced with pink colored cheeks as they moved to follow him while continuing to cover themselves. That embarrassment was replaced slightly with curiosity as they watched him scan the grounds before kneeling and picking up the pieces of clothing that were ripped from their bodies. Soon enough, he had a few articles of clothing that belonged to the four women, moving towards them before holding them out for the four to take.

"Dress yourselves." He told them as they flushed deeper at the rather callous order, shyly taking the dirty and torn garments from the man before seeing what belonged to whom.

Soon enough, they were garbed in enough clothing that it wasn't as humiliating or embarrassing to be seen by the man. Rhea Ranger had managed to have her shorts and scarf saved, a blessing as she had the green scarf wrapped around her breasts though the tips of her ears were tinted a deep red as her eyes flicked towards Goblin Slayer and herself. Elf Wizard was forced to wear her tattered cloak as a high cut dress of sorts which left her back and the sides of her body exposed, and like Rhea Ranger her ears were crimson with embarrassment as she tried to avoid the gaze of the man. Noble Knight had managed to secure a decent amount of her leather armor and plate mail, having been unable to be torn by the creatures, though she was a tad reluctant to hand Goblin Slayer back the sheet he had given her earlier. The only one without anything to wear was Young Monk, the simple robe that the young girl had on being nothing but tattered rags with how viciously she was stripped down during the encounter earlier.

Still covering her breasts and lower body with her hands, she was shaking in humiliation, embarrassment and misery as her party members scrambled to find her usable clothing. But that search was for naught as Goblin Slayer focused on her person, causing her to flush and stare at the ground in order to alleviate feeling of his gaze on her body. But her head soon snapped to lock onto the form of Goblin Slayer as he moved to wrap the cotton sheet that he had given Noble Knight around her shoulders, her face glowing warmer as he gently and deftly fitted it around her frame with a number of pins and wire he pulled from his pack. It wasn't long before the man was finished with making her a makeshift cloak with the sheet, the man standing and moving towards the archway that led deeper into the fortress.

"W-Wait!" Young Monk called out as she raced to take a hold of his hand, squeezing it as one would a lifeline as he turned to look at her.

"What?" He asked as her cheeks flushed a deeper shade of red, the plum headed young lady stammering as she tried to find an excuse as to why she had so boldly stopped him.

"Are you seriously planning on going alone?" Elf Wizard asked in a concerned tone as she moved to join Young Monk with the rest of their party, the man getting the same concerned looks from the others as he nodded his head.

"There are still goblins inside." He told them in the same cold tone as before, the others flinching as they had figured that he was doing what he did for the captured women in the fortress.

"T-That's all!? Aren't you here for the women that were captured by those things!?" Rhea Ranger shouted in a confused manner, Goblin Slayer merely looking at her as a shiver danced down her spine at his attention.

"It's been too long. Goblins don't care to feed their captives. They use them as entertainment, to bolster their ranks and finally as a food source once they're too weak to stay alive. If the women that you've come to rescue have been there longer then a week, they're dead." He told them in a callous manner, the blood freezing in the veins of the four as the knowledge of a timeline was nonexistent to them when they took the quest.

"H-How long was it since they were reported missing?" Young Monk asked in a shakily tone as she squeezed Goblin Slayer's hand a bit tighter, the man seemingly indifferent to the act as Noble Knight racked her rattled mind for the quest details.

"…It's been roughly two weeks since the first reported kidnapping…" She said in a grave tone as the others grimaced at the knowledge, Goblin Slayer nodding his head as he turned to face the fortress.

"Then it's too late." He said in a tone of finality as the hearts of the four broke, all of them clenching their fists as the knowledge that they had accepted a quest doomed from the start weighed heavily on their minds.

Seeing that they were lost in their own thoughts, Goblin Slayer lightly pulled his hand away from Young Monk's as the plum headed young lady flinched at the loss of warmth and security that his hand gave her. About to ask him to stop once more, though she knew that she was just another obsidian ranked adventurer, her words froze in her throat when she finally took notice of the glint of silver that hung from his neck. Her reaction drew the attention of her party members, the three other ladies blinking at the flabbergasted look on Young Monk's face before turning to see what was causing her expression. They did feel a bit embarrassed to be studying the features of the man so intimately, but they needed to see what was Young Monk was seeing. When they did, they all lost the redness on their cheeks, shock and awe replacing it when they saw his tag.

"S-Silver?!" Rhea Ranger shouted in shock as she skittered towards the man and studied the tag closely, though she jumped right back to where her party members were when she realized how she was acting.

"Y-You're a silver rank?! I would have never thought! Your equipment is what a rookie would have, nothing about it says silver!" Elf Wizard exclaimed as she took in his appearance more closely, finding nothing but the tag suggesting that he was truly the rank that it signified he was.

"That is what the guild decided." He replied as they stood a bit stunned at the revelation, the luck that a silver ranked adventurer and one who specialized in hunting the very creatures who had attacked them had saved them still made their heads spin slightly.

As the lull continued, it was soon broken when the sound of footsteps caught the ears of Elf Wizard and Rhea Ranger. Instantly, the two were tense as they raised their weapons as the other followed their example, trusting the ears of the two as they were twitching slightly in response to the sound. Nocking an arrow, Rhea Ranger trained her bow in the direction the sounds were coming from as a bit of sweat began to run down her face at the thought of another possibly disastrous encounter. Their tension rising as the sounds became closer and louder, it soon fell as the duo of Priestess and Female Wizard passed through the vine-covered archway, their nervous expressions instantly melting to surprise and relief when they caught sight of the five.

"G-Goblin Slayer-san!" Priestess shouted with joy and relief as the blonde and Female Wizard race towards the armor clad man, stopping before him and offering him a tired and relieved smile as his presence filled the two with ease.

"I'm glad that we managed to catch up to you! W-When we saw the number of goblins that were killed coming her, we started to get worried that something might've gone wrong but we're glad that your alright!" Female Wizard admitted as she let out a breath of relief, a small smile on her face as well as the man merely stared at them.

"Why are you two here." He droned as the two flinched slightly, pink coloring their cheeks as they found the ground far more interesting then the man before them.

"W-Well… We, uhh…" Female Wizard stammered as she tried to find a plausible excuse to why they tailed the man, Priestess clenching her staff a bit tighter before facing the man straight on.

"W-We wanted to help!" She told him in a resolved tone, startling Female Wizard slightly as she had never seen the blonde so set on something since partnering with her.

"T-That's right! We knew you couldn't handle something like this all by yourself, after all! I-I mean, remember what I told you! A-About how I was at the top of my class back in the academy? We're not in a cave, s-so I'm one hundred percent sure that I'll be more useful here then in there!" Female Wizard boasted in a sure tone, though it softened slightly as she timidly gazed between the ground and the man in front of her.

"Have you both rested?" He asked as they blinked a bit, still a bit dazed at the contrast of caring about their wellbeing and how vicious he was in slaying goblins.

"Y-Yes! We're both rested! Just a bit jumpy with, umm, the goblins and being alone with them." Priestess admitted as Female Wizard nodded her head in agreement, the four other women knowing now exactly what they meant by that statement.

"Hmm. You should return to town with them." Goblin Slayer said as he gestured towards the four other ladies in the area, getting them to snap to look at them with wide eyes at his statement.

"W-What!? Y-You're seriously going to finish this quest alone?!" Rhea Ranger shouted in an incredulous tone, her party members sharing her sentiments as they moved to rebuttal his suggestion.

"You can't possibly think that we'll abandon you to deal with a quest that was originally ours, do you?" Elf Wizard asked him with narrowed eyes, poking him in the chest as he merely stared at her.

"Your quest was to rescue the women that were taken. Mine is to eliminate the goblin's nest. You've failed your mission, I've yet to finish mine." He told her as she recoiled a bit in shock, bitterly turning her head away as she remembered the harsh reality of their situation.

"…That may be true, Sir Goblin Slayer, but by my code as a knight I cannot let you go alone. Especially not when I owe you my life." Noble Knight told the man in a serious manner, her eyes alight with fierce determination as the eyes of her companions widened at the truth in her words.

"T-That's right! W-We owe you for s-saving us!" Young Monk added in a timid but honest tone, skittering up to Goblin Slayer and staring with shining eyes and pink tinted cheeks at the armored man.

"Y-You see, Goblin Slayer-san! W-We're here to support you, all of us!" Priestess said in an earnest tone and demure smile, that same smile shining on the faces of the others in the area.

"…Do as you wish." He said after a few seconds of silence, the women blinking before brighter smiles lit up their faces.

That celebration was short lived, however, as Goblin Slayer quickly nocked an arrow and taking aim at the sleepily and stumbling form of a freshly awoken goblin that was forcibly sent to check on its comrades. Blinking when it took in the massacre of its comrades that were stationed in the area, it snapped out of its drowsy and hurriedly tried to scream for aid, only for the arrow nocked by Goblin Slayer to shred its throat. Rushing down the gagging and gurgling creature, he cleaved its head in two before scanning the path that it stumbled down from. Spending a few seconds carefully observing the path and determining that it was clear, he eased the tension in his body before turning to stare at the wide eyed form of the six women that vehemently argued to join him in his quest.

"We're moving." He told them as he filched a few arrows from a slain goblin archer, the women quickly moving to secure their equipment as the armored man coated the heads of the arrows in oil.

As they regrouped and convened as to what was going to happen, the women listening intently to Goblin Slayer and explaining to him their own strengths and weaknesses as he did to them. Soon enough, with the sun near its peak, they began moving towards the outer ward of the elven fortress. But before they left the courtyard, Goblin Slayer crouched slightly and picked up a slightly nicked, steel helmet. A tad puzzled by the action, he placed it on Noble Knight's head as the woman squeaked a bit at the sudden act. About to question the man as to why it was only her that was to wear a helmet, she wasn't able to speak as he continued on the path; Noble Knight having a small frown mar her face as she followed after.

(Scene Change – Elven Ruins: Outer Ward)

In the afternoon sun, a goblin let a tired yawn leave its mouth as it groggily looked around the area. It had been a rather uneventful week for the creatures, most if not all of them rather pent up and irritated as the last of their human captives had perished after a rather brutal experience with the creatures a few days prior. With the lack of release and entertainment, they were impatiently waiting for another group of females to wander into their nest; many of the scouts intent on finding a fresh body to bring back for them to enjoy.

For this goblin in particular, it was excluded during the final moments of their prisoner, having gotten into a rather violent altercation with its comrades as to why it was excluded. In the end, it was demoted to scouting duty, moving from area to area to check on its comrades and report anything out of the ordinary to the central area of the nest. For the past few days, the same monotonous duty had begun to wear on the mind of the creature, the goblin letting a irritated growl leave its maw as it lazily scanned the area from the high ground of the fortress walls. But soon enough, its eyes widened and shone with untold lust and desire as it saw the beautiful form of a number of human women. Instantly it turned and shouted for its comrades to join the sight, excitedly turning to point towards the group only for a flaming arrow to tear through its face; rending and searing its cheek and ear before setting the tree ablaze, panic quickly spreading as the goblins rushed to deal with the source of the flames.

"Old elven fortress, burns nicely." Goblin Slayer said as the women behind him sweated a bit at how casually he had spoken, shaking their heads slightly before focusing on their own tasks.

Plucking another flaming arrow from the ground, Goblin Slayer was accompanied by Rhea Ranger as the duo fired a number of flaming arrows at the fortress. The others watching in slight awe as it was quickly becoming nothing more then a structure of fire as the flames from the arrows greedily consumed and spread across the ancient wooden foundations of the fortress. The current formation of the group consisted of Goblin Slayer and Noble Knight holding point, Young Monk right behind the pair with Rhea Ranger, Elf Wizard, Female Wizard and Priestess holding the flank, respectively. Their formation having remained steady, it was shaken considerably when a pair of stones struck Goblin Slayer and Noble Knight both on the heads; the hollow clunk of stone meeting metal causing their companions from behind to worriedly check on the pair.

"G-Goblin Slayer-san!"

"N-Noble Knight!"

"Are you two okay!?"

"Calm down. They're using slings. They can't muster much force at this distance." The armored man explained as Noble Knight's eyes widened as she realized why he had placed a helmet on her head, memories of what had happened earlier struck her as she grimaced at her lack of insight.

"Let's go. Pay attention for any traps. Keep your shield at the ready." Goblin Slayer said as the group followed closely Noble Knight and himself, his latter points addressed to Rhea Ranger and Noble Knight as the two nodded their heads in response.

"Are you able to use that new miracle?" He asked Priestess as the blonde jumped a bit at his sudden attention, but quickly nodded her head in accordance as the armored man mirrored the action.

Arriving at the main gate, the women were taken back by just how many of the creatures were rushing to evacuate the fortress. Barely able to count the number of the creatures, given how dire the situation was, they were broken from their slight stupor as Goblin Slayer spoke up once more.

"Those who can use magic, cast your widest spell through the gate. Once those spells pass, cast your miracle on the opening of the gate." Goblin Slayer ordered as Female Wizard and Elf Wizard nodded their heads in acknowledgement, both taking a deep breath as the held their staves in front of them.

"Come, O wind, lend me thy power and sunder mine enemy with thine invisible edge! Wind Blade!"

"O flickering blaze, burst and burn, scatter and sear, spread your flaming tongues and lash my foes! Covering Fire!"

The incantations by Elf Wizard and Female Wizard sounded through the area as a wide blade of wind and wave of flames surged towards the open gateway of the flaming fortress. Watching with apt interest, Goblin Slayer watched as the blade of wind passed the gate walls, slicing through and leaving marks on the worn stone as a number of goblins were bisected by the invisible blade. The goblins that were behind froze as the blood of their comrades splashed on their forms, confusion and horror as the twitching halves of the goblins in front reached their minds. But those same emotions were consumed with pain and agony as Female Wizard's wave of flame consumed their bodies. As they thrashed and flailed about, searing those nearby that were unfortunate enough to be close to the flaming creatures.

"O Earth Mother, abounding in mercy, by the power of the land, grant safety to we who are weak. Protection!" Priestess shouted as she her staff out in front of her, a transparent wall of light yellow encasing the opening of the gateway.

A number of goblins smashed into the wall, with the handful that managed to escape turning in shock at what they were witnessing. That small moment of distraction was all that was needed for Goblin Slayer and Noble Knight to close in on the creatures, cutting them down with impunity. Hacking through the head of one of the goblins, Noble Knight felt the partially rusted blade get lodged in the creatures skull. Panicking, she kicked the corpse away as another of the creatures lunged towards her, the redhead's eyes widening slightly before an arrow from Rhea Ranger tore into its eye socket.

A sigh of relief leaving her mouth, it was sucked back in as the creature managed to stumble towards her with a dagger shakily held in its hand. But before it could take another step, it was sent tumbling to the as a blade thrown by Goblin Slayer buried itself in the creatures skull. Soon enough, the encounter was over as Goblin Slayer strolled towards the wall of Protection, watching in silence as the goblin on the other side desperately and repeated struck the wall in an attempt to escape the blaze and smoke that slowly choked them of life. The man remaining silent as the last of the creatures slumped to the ground, death snaking her cold hands around the creature's throat before taking its life. Before long, only the smog and smoke of the burning fortress was all that was visible through the wall of Protection, Goblin Slayer turning and heading back towards the group of winded women while kneeling to secure a war pick from a slain goblin.

"To use a holy miracle this way… Earth Mother, why did you grant me this miracle…?" Priestess through as she turned her eyes away from the execution of the goblins trapped in the smoke laden prison she had erected, the voice of the armored man breaking her from her own thoughts.

"Tell me when you're done resting. I'll search for survivors. Some may have escaped, stay alert." The man said as the women stiffened in response, warily gazing about as they tightened their formation and focused their sense.

"So, there might be more of those things still skulking around?" Rhea Ranger said with a grimace, nocking an arrow as she listened for any footsteps or breathing that didn't belong to the group.

"Of course. The back entrance was already collapsed when we arrived. The front was just dealt with. But some may have jumped from the tower and survived. Or they might have begun digging in desperation, might have found an escape route." Goblin Slayer explained as the eyes of the women widened in response, turning to look back at the burning fortress as they clenched their fists.

"You… You've already thought that far ahead?" Female Wizard asked in a curious tone, Goblin Slayer turning to look at the smoldering structure before moving to hunt survivors.

"Imagination is a weapon. Those who don't use it are the first to die." He told them as they shivered at his tone, exchanging glances with each other before following behind the man while sparing once last glance at the blazing stronghold.

(Scene Change – Elven Fortress: Outer Grounds)

Scrambling to escape with every fiber of its being, a few of the goblins had managed to dig themselves out of the hell that was once their nest. In the midst of their desperation, they had found a small tunnel that led to the outside; though only a handful of the creatures had managed to escape the blazing trap, many having died in the tunnel and thus seal the fate of those who were behind. With only eight of its comrades having made it to the outside, the group of goblins quickly bolted to gain distance between them and the armored demon that had assaulted and ruined their home.

But as the remaining four were clamoring to leaving the tunnel that they were currently in, a shadow loomed over the goblin near the top of the ladder, the creature craning its head and prompting feeling fear like no other enter its heart as the armored demon from before was standing above it. Before it could vocalize its terror, the armored demon poured some kind of crude smelling liquid on the goblin before dropping a torch on it; the goblin begin set ablaze as it shrieked in agony; dropping down the ladder and onto its comrades as the four were quickly consumed by the flames that were intensified by the gasoline that was added by Goblin Slayer.

"That's all of them." Goblin Slayer said as he buried the bloodied war pick held in his hand into the skull of one of the goblin that had escaped from the tunnel, turning to see the six women staring at him with rather stunned and slightly fearful expressions at the efficient and ruthless fashion he had executed and completed the extermination quest.

"Acting my rank can be… Difficult." He told the six as he strode past them, the eyes of the women widening before closing softly as they saw the shattered and broken man that the suit of armor was shielding.

Just as the moon began its rise, the band of seven headed back towards Frontier Town, the trip a quiet but amiable one as the women chatted with each other in an attempt to ease their minds of what could have been a horrendous and heinous ordeal. But like before, Goblin Slayer opted to stay silent through the trip, the women stealing glances at him while in the midst of their own conversing. After an hour or two, it was evident that Rhea Ranger was having difficulties walking, the party stopping to see what the issue was.

"Ow, ow, ow! That hurts, be gentle would ya!" She barked in an irked manner as Elf Wizard and Noble Knight inspected her foot, frowning slightly when they saw that a nasty looking bruise marred her ankle.

"How long have you had this?" Elf Wizard asked in a rather stern tone, the orange haired young lady whistling as she turned her head away.

"Rhea Ranger." Noble Knight said in a threatening manner, the young lady squawking a bit in fear as she waved her hands in front of her.

"R-Right after we got attacked! When they knocked be down, I might have twisted by ankle pretty bad! I-It's been fine all day, it just started hurting now!" She explained in haste as the others of her party sighed in response, Female Wizard and Priestess watching in confusion as Noble Knight and Elf Wizard placed a hand to their foreheads.

"She's always like this. Waiting for the worst time to bring up an injury." The redheaded young lady said in an exasperated tone, Rhea Ranger blushing furiously as she denied all accusations being thrown by the two.

"U-Umm, do either of you have any spells left?" Young Monk asked as Female Wizard and Priestess shook their heads in the negative, though Priestess seemed more distraught then her burgundy haired companion.

"I-I only had one spell left since I was unable to pray at the temple. I-I only visited it to receive Protection before we left to find Goblin Slayer-san." Priestess admitted in a sullen tone, though she was waved off by the others as they contemplated their options after applying first aid to the ranger.

"Well, can you walk alright?" Noble Knight asked as Rhea Ranger tried to take a step, nearly stumbling as a hiss of pain left her mouth.

"N-No good, gods that hurts!" She barked while cradling her wounded ankle, a frown marring the faces of everyone before Goblin Slayer knelt down slightly.

"Get on." He said as the others looked at him in confusion, though instantly their eyes widened while Rhea Ranger's face exploded in crimson.

"W-What?! G-Get on, a-as in, on your back!?" She shouted as her ears began to color red as well, a small frown marring the face of Young Monk as she watched the exchange.

"Yes. Hurry, I want to get to town as soon as possible." He practically ordered as the orange haired young lady squeaked in turn, timidly and shakily following the armored clad man's order.

Her blush nearly being visible with how bright it was, having grown much deeper when she felt his arms hold her thighs and her own around her neck, it was able to easily walk with her on his back like she was a backpack or rucksack. Seeing that he was treating her more like extra baggage then anything else, Rhea Ranger's blush melted as a blank expression crossed her face as the holy rite of having been given her first piggyback ride was trampled on by the armored man. The other seeing the same thing, they soon snickered and giggled at the sight as Rhea Ranger's previous blush of embarrassment shifted to one of anger, snapping her head around and glaring with tearful eyes at the others. The trip back to Frontier Town was an uneventful one, but one that was made much safer and more secure with the presence of Goblin Slayer.

(Scene Change – Unknown Town: Town Square)

"The Goblin King has lost his head to a critical hit most dire! The king's repugnant plan comes to a fitting end, and the princess reaches out to her rescuer, her friend. But he is Goblin Slayer! In no place does he abide, but sword to wander, shall not have another by his side. Tonight, this is as far as the story goes of the frontier's hero, Goblin Slayer!" A bard recited as people watched on and clapped at his retelling of the tale of the man and his exploits, removing his hat and bowing as he finished his tale.

Taking the offered coins in the plate that was by his side, the bard found a bench as he counted his profit for the day, smiling to himself as he received another fair amount of coin. In the midst of placing the obtained coin in his pouch, he was soon approached by a hooded figure, the bard feeling a bit anxious at their appearance as he tightened his grip on his coin pouch. But before he could decide on what to do, they spoke with a regal and feminine tone.

"You, the adventurer that you sang of, is he real?" The hooded figure asked as the bard let a sigh of relief leave his mouth, seeing that they were merely after information and not coin.

"But of course, miss! I hear that he lives in a town that is on the western border, two or three days from here. They've a large guild too, try asking there." He said as the figure seemed to mull over the information, the bard awkwardly laughing as the hooded figure rose its head slightly.

"He doesn't wander, huh. Well, that's convenient." They said as they removed their hood, the bard flushing pink as he saw the beautiful and youthful visage hidden beneath the hood.

"Orcbolg, the 'Goblin Slayer', huh…" High Elf Archer said as she placed a hand on her hip, turning towards and focusing on the west before moving to relay the information to her party members.

And that's a wrap folks. Again, not too much that went on aside from the survival of the beginning cast members, which again, I apologize for if you didn't dig it. But yeah, I had a heck of a lot of fun writing this, something a bit different from the Shounen that I'm writing right now, so yeah. Again, thanks for giving this a read and hope that you stick around and enjoy it, I know I am writing it. Like always, you all stay awesome.