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Mulligan - Chapter 12

"Furry pieces of shit..."

Those words of agitation and spite left the mouth of Amazon Warrior as she used a severed tail of one of the wolves as a makeshift handkerchief, wiping away the crimson and gore that had splashed over her face. Spitting out a bit of blood that slipped into her mouth, the statuesque woman left an aggrieved sigh leave her as she turned to face her companion and prey, seeing Goblin Slayer wiping away some blood from his face as well. Once again, seeing that lightly scared face with splotches of red covering it sparked the dying embers of desire that burned within her, Amazon Warrior mulling over what to do as her target and herself started with skinning the intruders who entered their camp. Moving with practiced hands, the armored man had three of the beasts pelts resting beside him while she had only just started on her second. A meaningful glint coloring her eyes, she soon had an idea pop in her head as a salacious grin spread across her face.

Touching herself up as much as possible and giving her hair a light tussle to add a dash of wild charm, the woman was about to move towards and pounce on the man as she had been fired up just before the encounter. Though, she paused and drew a messy looking heart on the left side of her chest, finding herself grinning when she finished and strode confidently towards silver haired man. Freezing after taking half a step, she shifted her confident appearance to a meek and weary one, a faux drained sigh leaving her as she sauntered up to the man with the pelts of the two wolves she had skinned draped over her shoulder.

"Goblin Slayer~, I think one of those wolves got me, can you see if it's bad?" Moaned the woman in a pitiful tone, internally grinning when she caught his attention at the mention of an injury.

Heeding her words, the armored man made his way over towards her as she dropped the pelts to lean over and cross her arms beneath her breasts to emphasis them, her pitiful expression cracking slightly when she didn't see a reaction from him. Mentally sighing, she sprang back up when she heard him ask where she was injured, biting back her grin as she turned around and directed him to the back of her thigh.

"I felt something on the back of my thigh, but I can't see it. Could you please check it for me~" Pleaded the redhead as he remained silent, though an eventual sound of confirmation left him as he knelt and cleaned away the blood that covered her.

Purring and wriggling as the man worked on her, Amazon Warrior turned and had a lascivious grin plastered on her face as swayed her rear to entice the man to take action now that the danger was over. But, as the seconds ticked by without even a glance from the man, the redhead sighed bitterly as he finished cleaning her thigh of the blood caked on it. Giving it a second glance, he nodded and assured her that she was unharmed, not that she was paying any attention to him at that moment.

"Ah, screw it!" Shouted the woman in frustration when she saw Goblin Slayer making his way back to their campsite, quickly running over and tackling the man to the ground as a grunt left him.

"Well?!" Snapped the redhead in a heated and irritated tone, drawing a blank look from the man as he stared up at her with his usual deadpanned expression.

"Well what?" Countered the silver haired man as the brow of the statuesque woman twitched in anger, Amazon Warrior slamming her hands beside the head of the man as she lowered her face to his.

"Oh for the love of, are you going to fuck me!? Gods be damned, I've been trying to seduce you the minute we left on that quest! Here I am waving my rear and offering you my breasts and this is the thanks I get?! Any other man would have been begging me to let them fuck me but you? Are you made of stone or something?! Or am I just not sexy enough for you!? I even kept my promise to fuck on top of the little fuckers who interrupted the first time!" Yammered the woman as she straddled the man and panted in his face, her anger and presumed offense clouding her lust as she tried to gain some insight into the mind of the man beneath her as they rested on top of a few pelts of the wolves they had slain.

"No, I will not." Goblin Slayer said in a stern tone as the amazon's patience finally snapped, the redhead narrowing her eyes as she leered darkly at the man.

"Oh? That right? And why not? Too good and pure for someone loose like me? Hah, should've figured that hanging around someone like me would remind you of the ones you rescue from goblins. Do I disgust you? Cause I sure as hell know that a lot of people are disgusted by me letting out my stress." Growled out the woman as an all too familiar ache started to throb inside of her heart, biting back the slight stinging sensation that started to nip at her eyes.

Why did she decide to leave her sisters all those years ago? Tempted by gold and glory, the young amazon made her way out of the forests in the hopes of making it in the cities as an adventurer whose name would be known throughout the lands. But alas, reality was a stark contrast to one's dreams, Amazon Warrior finding herself at Frontier Town living a comfortable but mundane life. In her society, sisterhood reigned supreme, connections and relationships were more important then anything else in an amazon's life, so it was hard for the woman to make any meaningful connections with those in the town. In her society, sex was a way to not only help one release pent up stress, it was also a means of connecting and deepening the relationship of the pair akin to hugging or kissing. So it came as a surprise to Amazon Warrior that it wasn't the same outside of the forest, the men and women who she had spent a night with leaving even before she had woken up. Before long, word had spread that she would lay with anyone should they be enough eye candy for her, something that she wouldn't deny but didn't completely agree with either.

"Tch. He's just like those other bastards who assume that I'd sleep with anyone as long as they have a pretty face. Would they sleep with someone who's as pretty as they are fucked up on the inside? Maybe I should just go back to my sisters, I miss them..." Lamented Amazon Warrior as she lightly bit her bottom lip, snapping her eyes shut as the humiliating and ridiculing words whispered and thrown behind her back began to seep into her heart.

She was only human, even if she was seen as strong or intimidating due to her size, physique and personality, she was still a someone who could only take so much for so long. She remembered when she was propositioned for sex by a sleazy adventurer who put on a nice face to get into her pants, of the filthy people who thought that they could simply pay her a gold coin or two for a night, of the bastards who tried to trick her into becoming the plaything for them and their circle of friends. Just because she was open and thought differently about the topic of physical intimacy which was considered normal in her culture, she was shunned and exploited for it, when she found no fault in what others thought about the subject. Five years, it had been five long years since she had decided to leave the safety of her home forest and her sisters and for the first time since then, she was seriously debating returning. In the midst of her thoughts, she was broken from them when she felt the man beneath her shift slightly, cracking open her eyes before snapping them wide when she saw him brushing away a stray droplet that escaped from her eye.

"There's no need to cry."

"W-Wha- I-I ain't crying! There's just something in my eye!"

Hastily, the larger woman snapped to straight seated position as she felt her face burn with embarrassment, gritting her teeth as she actually let her guard down enough around the man to let him see her at her most pitiful state. Growling as she rose to leave, she stopped when she felt him grab her by the wrist in a firm but gentle manner, turning to look down at him as she felt her eyes widen slightly at what she saw.

"I do not understand your position nor do I particularly care to, it will do no one any good to dwell on it and let it swallow you. My master and my teacher taught me that no matter where you find yourself, you will always face strife, that you alone are all that matters so long as you manage to stay alive to face the next day. Words can be cut and poison but they will never kill, they are simply another tool for you to use." The man stated as the woman felt her brow twitch at the iron in his words, gritting her teeth slightly as she knew that his words, as biting as they were, were true as she had first hand experience.

"But... Someone more important to me told me to mind my words, though I find it difficult to do so. So, I'll tell you the what they told me, that the words that matter are the words of those who cherish you. " Continued Goblin Slayer as the redhead felt herself blinking at his statement, looking down at the man with a surprised expression on her face.

"Those words, they're what someone would tell a child though, aren't they?" Asked Amazon Warrior as she saw a nearly imperceivable glint cross the eyes of the man, the warrior woman feeling her heart tighten slightly when a soft sigh left him.

"Yes, they were." Said the man softly and with a tiny trace of longing in his tone, the woman above him finding herself staring with a different emotion replacing the previous lust and anger that filled her heart.

"...I'm sorry, Goblin Slayer..."

"For what?"

"Heh, I've been wallowing in self-pity about the same thing that I did to you, talking shit behind your back and assuming I knew who you were as a person. Gods, my sisters would gut and bleed me if they heard about this."

A chuckle leaving the woman, she sat up straight once more on the lap of the man, brushing away a few stray tears of mixed emotion as a sigh left her. Yes, she loathed those who spoke ill of her behind her back but she did the same in turn. An eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, everything would come full circle and the gods would ensure that balance was settled between all. Feeling that her heavy heart was a touch lighter then before, she paused when she heard the man speak once more, tilting to meet his gaze.

"The truth of your character is dependent on how you live your life, be it kindly or otherwise. While others may perceive differently, so long as you live life as you have chosen to the fullest, that is all that will matter in the end. And if those who have wronged or slighted you choose to mend their ties it's said that apologizing is difficult, forgiving is arduous and forgiving oneself is... Impossible for some. I was taught that." Goblin Slayer told the woman in a strange tone, though the woman instantly knew what he meant in the latter half of his statement.

"...Is that why you hunt goblins?"


The lust and desire that Amazon Warrior felt for the man seemed to have burned into something different as a strange mix of emotions gripped her heart, the woman seeing a never before seen side of the man who everyone saw as infallible and stoic. Leaning down, she nestled the head of the man between the valley of her chest and simply held him there, a long and nostalgic memory of doing the same for her younger sisters returning to her as he simply trained his gaze upwards. Meeting it, the redheaded woman scanned and memorized the face of the man under her as she offered him a warm smile, turning over so that the two of them were resting on the pelts of a

"What are you doing?"

"Just be quiet and enjoy the moment."

Faced with her swift answer, Goblin Slayer said nothing as she larger woman quickly fell asleep with him in her arms. His attempt to wriggle free met with more resistance and a tighter grip, he let a soft sigh leave him as he his thoughts drifted back to the conversation that they had just finished. While he gave the woman what he thought was usable advice that had been beaten into him by his master and teacher, memories of his sister also managed to slip back to the forefront of his mind. His eyes growing slightly heavy, he closed them for just a moment and immediately saw her radiant smile before the heartrending teary smile he had last seen on her face replaced it. In an instant, the man's eyes snapped open once more as a soft breath left him. It would seem that for another night, Goblin Slayer would be without sleep, least he choose to fester in the pitch of nightmares and horrors that plagued him every time darkness clouded his vision.

(Time Skip - The Next Morning)


A satisfied moan left Amazon Warrior as she rose and stretched her body, cracking an eye open and scanning her surroundings with a bit of confusion when a small sheet fell off of her. Blinking, she directed her gaze downward and saw that she was resting on the pelts of a few forest wolves and furrowed her brows as she tried to recall what had happened the night prior. In an instantly, she snapped to scan the campsite of any signs of her silver haired teddy bear that kept her both warm and secure the entirety of the night, Amazon Warrior finding herself calming with a soft smile crossing her face as he could be seen tending to a pot above the camp's firepit.

As if her awakening was an invisible signal, the man turned to look at her and saw that she was indeed awake, Goblin Slayer shifting slightly and giving her a sight of the breakfast that he had awoken early to prep. An uncharacteristically overly feminine giggle leaving her mouth at the contrast of his grungy appearance and gentlemanly gesture, the statuesque woman clamped a hand over her mouth as pink razed her cheeks at what she had just done.

"W-What in the name of the gods was that?! D-Did I just fucking giggle!? Like those scrawny flowers always gossiping and chasing after the newest hotshot like an abandoned kitten?!" The mortifying and humiliating thought was screamed in her mind as she angrily tried to force herself to calm down, her embarrassment burning her like a hot iron as she grit her teeth and clenched her fists.

An equally embarrassed grimace on her face, the warrior woman stiffly rose and made her way to her armored companion, muttering a greeting as she tried to limit the odds of her spewing something humiliating so early in the day. Taking a seat beside the man on the log, she uttered a soft grunt of thanks as he handed her a bowl of the stew he had prepared, Amazon Warrior feeling a bit of her tension melt as the tantalizing smell assaulted her nose. A tiny line of drool managing to dribble from the corner of her mouth, she quickly wiped it away and helped herself to the breakfast presented to her. Taking a spoonful and having her eyes shine upon spotting the pieces of potato and meat, the redhead happily chowed down as Goblin Slayer followed at a much more subdued pace. The sound of the two eating mixing with the songs of the birds and chatter of the forest, it was a peaceful atmosphere if one turned their eyes from the drying pools of crimson and carcasses off to the side of the clearing.

"Ah! The hit the spot! Haha, I think cooking may be the only thing that can rival your skill in slaying goblins, Goblin Slayer!" Chirped Amazon Warrior as she patted her stomach, a content and warm feeling filling her heart as she beamed the man a coy smile.

"Is that so?" Answered the man as he finished his own bowl, moving to break down the campsite as his red haired companion moved to find a suitable place to wash off the dried blood that clung to her skin.

Managing to find a stream, Amazon Warrior was about to jump right in but paused as a brilliant idea entered her mind once more, quickly moving back to camp as Goblin Slayer had finished with packing his supplies and the remains of the wolves that were worth keeping. Calling out to her companion, the woman told him of the stream and that he could use a dip in it as much as she did. Her excitement did dim slightly when she saw him ponder the thought before shaking his head in the negative, the amazon not giving him an option as she marched up to him and grabbed his shoulder. Practically dragging the man behind her, Goblin Slayer put up no resistance as he had already learned during the short time with her that when her mind was set on something it was impossible to change it.

Arriving at the stream, the redhead quickly disrobed as she gave the man an eyeful of her body, pretending to drop something in order to bend over and present herself to the man in an attempt to rile him enough to jump her bones. But alas, like a tiny part of her brain had expected, he remained firm in his stance, telling the warrior that he would stand watch while she bathed. While unhappy that she wouldn't be able to 'accidentally' grope him while bathing together like she had hoped, it was a setback that was slightly alleviated seeing as she could try to seduce him with the way her body was glistening with the water that coated it.

Taking a breath, Amazon Warrior took a quick dive into the stream before emerging as she shook her head to rid it of the excess water, her red locks cascading over her face, neck and shoulders in a wild and sultry manner as she eyed her armored companion to gauge his reaction. It was when she saw him staring at a squirrel in a curious manner that she finally gave up, her head dropping when he held his hand out and offered the tiny creature an acorn that he happened to see beside himself. Though defeated, the woman did try and coax anything that bore a semblance of attraction or lust by cupping her breasts and rear while cleaning herself of the blood and grime that coated her, her defeat growing even more bitter when she saw that he was simply feeding the small woodland creatures that had suddenly gathered around him.

"...Your turn." Came the defeated and low voice of Amazon Warrior after a few minutes of bathing and failed seduction, watching the man nod as he moved to allow the woman to take his post and keep watch.

"You know that you don't have to worry about me being prissy like other women, I don't care if you strip in front of me." Added the amazon when she saw that he was going to strip in private, Goblin Slayer pausing but shaking his head nonetheless.

"I was told not to, to not embarrass others." He said in a simple tone as he moved to the stream, the brow of the woman twitching as he changed in privacy behind a tree.

"Probably as small as he is personable..." Muttered the woman as she was denied the enjoyment of watching him strip out of his armor, though those thoughts died as her mouth hung open slightly when he entered the stream.

A quiet splash being all that signaled that Goblin Slayer had entered the water, droplets flew off his person and cascaded down his body as a soft sigh of content left him. Shaking his head slightly, his hair fell over one of his eyes in a wild and untamed manner, the woman observing him gulping slightly when something caught the attention of the man, Goblin Slayer turning the over direction as a choked sound could be heard from Amazon Warrior. She and many others had thought that it was a myth, that the holy sword, Excalibur, said to have felled the demon king, was simply a thing of legend. But right before her eyes, glistening in the rays of the morning sun was said sword of legend.

But as soon as she caught that chance sighting, it vanished as Goblin Slayer turned around once more, taking a handful of water and splashing his face with it. It was a brief moment, a mere glance, but the holy radiance and glory that Amazon Warrior had just bore witness to was unmistakable. At that moment, there was a strange feeling that filled the woman in place of her lustful urges from before, a deeply instinctual desire to propagate and live a happy and warm life with the silver haired man in front of her. Snapping from her stupor when she realized that the man had already finished bathing, she flinched and felt her lower abdomen tingle and flutter when she saw the man walking towards her with his helmet in hand, taking a moment to assess her current mental state before the duo made their way back to Frontier Town. Unbeknownst to her companion, there was a glint to the eyes of the amazon as she eyed Goblin Slayer from the side, pink beginning to color her cheeks as she stopped herself from rubbing her abdomen.

"Damn it all... To think that the Goddess have chosen him of all people for me to settle down with... My sisters would be laughing their assess off if they heard about this! It was just supposed to be a night of passion and screaming, but the Goddess decided to go ahead and bind our lives together... Goddess Otrera, what could you possibly see in this man? Besides his body, of course!" Lamenting in her own thoughts, Amazon Warrior prayed to the deity that all amazons aspired to be as to what the nature of her pairing Goblin Slayer with herself was.

It was an extremely uncommon occurrence for such a thing to happen to an amazon, that their patron goddess would bind two souls together in order to raise the odds of a stronger generation of amazons. The only known instances of such a thing happening was when a someone of great power or skill was received in the forest, the woods becoming a scramble in order to secure a successor and even then, if the child failed to be female... Then it's fate would be decided by Otrera. For her goddess to bind her with Goblin Slayer, that would mean that she had foreseen some form of potential in the man.

Setting aside his holy lance, the redhead didn't see anything out of the ordinary about the man, his stature and build were nearly perfect but his personality left everything to be desired. Skill-wise, there wasn't anything that set him apart from a regular Silver or even lower ranked adventurer, his abilities usually dependent on his mark. Thus, the trek back to town was made in silence, with Goblin Slayer's thoughts hidden and those of Amazon Warrior focused on the man and his possible genetic contribution to her race.

"Guess this is where we part, Goblin Slayer!"

"It seems so. Then, take care."

A grin on her face as she said her farewells to the man, Amazon Warrior gave him a flirtatious wink and blew him a kiss which went unnoticed by the man. A hearty chuckle leaving her, she saw him off with a wave as she made her way back to her home, intent on praying to her goddess for any insight for the future. Goblin Slayer stood silent as he watched her leave, turning and making his own way home where someone was aching terribly for his return.

"Hmm... This should be just about right..." Cow Girl said to herself as she dusted off her hands, kneeling to check on the wood in the smoke house.

Having risen early to start smoking the meat that her and her uncle would be selling at the oncoming harvest festival, the redheaded young lady nodded contently when the amount of smoke that the house was beginning to produce finally settled to the needed amount. Peeking through a crack in the door and getting a small face full of smoke, she coughed slightly but had a small smile on her face. Closing the door as she nodded her head, Cow Girl turned and looked towards the rising run, the path that led into town as empty as it had been the past few days.

"He'll be fine... He always keeps his promises..." Whispered the young lady as she reluctantly turned to carry out the rest of her morning routine, arriving at the pens of the animals only to gasp when someone was already helping shepherd them to their grazing area.

"You seemed busy." Was all Goblin Slayer said as he had a shepherd's crook in hand, Cow Girl unable to say anything for a second before a giggle managed to escape.

Energy and affection swelling in her body, she ran up to and latched onto the free arm of her knight, turning to beam a brilliant smile up at him. Words needn't be said as the bond that the two shared was a special one, one that Cow Girl intended to keep with him no matter what the gods would throw at them. So, with the morning sun rising above the horizon, the pair spent their morning together with the animals of the farm, Cow Girl's uncle's eyes never leaving the two as he chopped firewood.

"He still ain't right in the head... But... Long as he treats her like a princess, that's enough for me." Said the man in a light tone, a tiny smirk on his face when he saw Goblin Slayer gently catch his niece when a doe bumped into her.

(Time Skip - A Week Later)

"...Something's coming..."

Wrenching his blade free from the skull of an unusually armed goblin, Goblin Slayer scanned the darkness of the mine that he found himself in. What seemed like a typical extermination mission soon turned into something ominous as the man found traces of more organized goblin activity, the mere fact that they had full sets of equipment that didn't look scavenged or looted only added to the urgency to find the root of the nest.

"Three women kidnapped from a village a few hours away, a week prior. No signs of a shaman or champion, well equipped and somewhat organized."

Talking to himself, Goblin Slayer ventured deeper into the mine, pausing when a small commotion echoed from further within. Filching a pickaxe nearby, he inched his way towards the sound of the disturbance and paused when he entered a larger chamber where the three women could be seen held in cages. But instead of the state nearly all women captured by goblins would be in, they were still clothed, though rags would be more apt to describe what they were wearing.

Seeing that the women were untouched immediately raised alarms in the mind of the man, the creatures seemingly squabbling over violating them and the consequences of disobeying whomever it was that was leading them. Taking a moment to scan for any signs of a leader, the armored man heard what seemed to be something emptying its bowels further into the cave system. Taking a head count, the man nodded as he assumed that a hob was leading the group, finally making his move when the goblin vying for taking the women pointed towards them.

They wouldn't have a chance to finalize that decision, however, as Goblin Slayer moved with wicked intent. Darting towards the closest of the creatures, he buried the pick into the skull of the goblin as a gurgled croak left its mouth, Goblin Slayer ripping it free with a splatter of blood and gore. Ripping the head of the pick out, he heard the creatures scream at the sudden spray of crimson gore.

"Nine." Stated the man as he turned and tore through the eyes and nasal cavity of the next goblin, its face exposed in a horrid fashion for its brethren to bear witness to.

Panic taking over at the sudden assault, the rest of the creatures were helpless as the man's ambush caused enough of a disruption to their ranks for him to clear them out. The last of the creatures tried to escape through a tunnel that it spotted, diving into it and clawing its way to freedom as fresh air could be felt on its face. A fear filled but hopeful smile crossing its face, it could see the light outside only for an ironclad hold grip its leg. A scream of horror leaving it, it turned into a scream of agony as Goblin Slayer tightened his hold and crushed his ankle.

Dragging the sobbing and screaming creature out of the hole, it was kicking and trashing about to escape the reaper that had it in its clutches. As soon as its back was exposed, Goblin Slayer drove the hammer that he had in his hand into the back of the goblin as a shriek of pain left it. Over and over, the man struck the creature as its screams slowly died out, never stopping until he freed it and had the contents of its skull strewn about the mine's floor. Standing to his full height, he repeated the process of splattering the heads of the creatures before making his way to the cage where fearful but hopeful eyes fell upon him.

"A-Auntie, a-are we s-safe n-now?"

"I-I wanna go home..."

"Hush, girls... Auntie will protect you, don't worry..."

Catching their words, Goblin Slayer hastened his steps as he stopped before the cage, their frightened eyes striking a chord hidden deep within the heart of the man as he held a finger to his helmet and motioned for them to remain quiet. Seeing that he wasn't going to harm them and that he was telling them to lower their voices, they nodded as he picked the lock of the cage. Helping the women out of it, one of them let out a cry of pain as she tried to take a step, Goblin Slayer kneeling and seeing that her ankle was an ugly shade of blue.

"Stay close to me." The man said as he readied his blade and the hammer from before, turning towards the deepest part of the mine as a low lumbering sound could be heard closing in on them.

"Grah!" Roared the hobgoblin that was heading the group of goblins that had taken the mine, its eyes burning with anger when it locked onto Goblin Slayer and the women that had tempted it since their capture.

Red blinding the vision of the creature, it charged towards the armored human before it in blind rage. Screams leaving the women behind him, Goblin Slayer acted calmly as he pulled and threw one of the blinding eggs at the beast. The egg impacting without issue, it scattered its contents as the hobgoblin choked and gagged on the horrid irritants, stumbling as its charge was suddenly halted. Tears streaming from its searing eyes, it tried to wipe away whatever it was that was causing it such pain, its efforts only awarding it more agony as it spread the horrid mixture deeper into its eyes.

In the midst of its suffering, Goblin Slayer didn't waste the chance as he surged forward and struck the creature on the temple with the hammer in his hand. A wicked crunch sounded as its head jerked to the side with blood and a bit of flesh sailing in the air, the creature desperately swatted at its assailant only for its hand to be hacked through. Not relenting, the armored man repeatedly struck the hobgoblin upside the head, each strike carrying more anger and power as the creature wailed louder with each blow.

Eventually, its movements stilled as death snaked her hands around its throat, Goblin Slayer burying the hammer into the skull of the creature before hacking through the back of its neck. Standing, he turned towards the women behind him as they quickly gathered around him and held onto his body with their own shaking. The young lady with the injured ankle was soon carried by the armored man as pink colored her cheeks despite the precarious situation that they were in, settling onto the back of the man as the other two linked their arms with his. Leading them out of the mines, he simply asked where their homes were before the four set off for the friends and families who had all but given up hope for their return.

(Scene Change - Adventurer's Guild: Guildhall)

"His vocabulary is centered entirely on two to three words!" Shouted red faced High Elf Archer, slammed her tankard onto the table as everyone shared wry looks and laughs at the truthful statement.

"I see. Is that right? That's right. That so? Goblins, goblins, goblins! That's it, that's the extent of his words!" Added the verdant haired woman as she spun around the table in an unsteady manner to emphasis her point, the women at the table sharing looks as they knew that it wasn't entirely as she had described.

"I-It's probably because h-he needs to focus while questing! G-Goblin Slayer-san is always f-focused when we're questing!"

"Y-Yeah! That's exactly it! Goblin Slayer never talks much when we've quested together!"

"Mhmm! Mr. Goblin Slayer is always focused when we're out of town, sometimes even in town!"

The trio who had first met with him defended him in earnest, their eyes shining and their cheeks colored pink as they felt their hearts warm just thinking about their armored savior. Though, their moods did drop slightly when they realized that it had been some time since their last venture together, the three sharing looks as they nodded in agreement to ensnare the man in a quest once they saw him.

"Haha, come now Long Ears! You make it seem like he's just stopped talking when he never started!" Chuckled Dwarf Shaman as he drew laughter from everyone around him,

"That's correct! Sir Goblin Slayer doesn't mince his words, they're always concise and to the point!"

"Ugh, that's Goblin Slayer for you. Never thinking about our feelings when he talks... It wouldn't kill him to mind his manners every now and again..."

"Goblin Slayer and long conversations just don't seem to mesh well, not that I wouldn't wish to talk with him."

"B-But I think it's k-kinda cute if you think about it, l-like if I pretend h-he's really shy!"

The latter statement from Young Monk drew dry and dead gazes from the others as the plum haired young lady's face burned with embarrassment, offering them a weak laugh as the statement was as outlandish as the image of the man blushing and wriggling in shyness. Giving their youngest party member a pat on the head, the gather group continued to talk about their favorite armored goblin hunter when they were joined by Witch and Spearman.

"We heard you from outside of the Guild, you sure you aren't angry that he shot you down?" Asked the strawberry blonde as he took a seat at the group's table, Witch mirroring his action as Guild Girl joined them as her shift had just ended.

"How was the quest?" Asked the honey blonde in a soft tone as she took a seat beside the amethyst haired woman, getting a weak and slightly pained smile from Witch in turn.

"It went... Fine... We didn't talk... Much..." Answered the sorceress as Guild Girl's eyes softened, moving to pat the other woman in a comforting manner on her hand.

"He did not shoot me down! I didn't even want to go on an adventure with him!" Roared the elf as she spilled some of her ale, her brow twitching in annoyance as Spearman leaned away from her in an effort to avoid being splashed.

"Still, to think he went on a quest with Amazon Warrior of all people. Makes you wonder what drives others to seek him out." Lizard Priest added in a curious tone, the faces of the ladies who held affections for him paling as they knew of the rumors that surrounded the red haired war maiden.

The mood souring slightly, it livened back up when Padfoot Waitress arrived with Lizard Priest's roasted meat melted cheese adoring the top of it, the cheer of excitement that let the priest drawing startled looks before they melted to laughter. Chatter picking back up at the table, Witch seemed content staying to the side of everyone, her eyes downcast and gloomy as they shifted to her former crush and back to her glass of wine. The lively mood was soon stalled when the doors to the Guild opened once more, the very person at the center of the group's conversation finally making his appearance as he entered.

Silence settling over the group, it was quickly broken by an irate High Elf Archer as she stood on the table, pointing at the man while shouting various questions that he failed to answer. Making his way over to the table, the gleaming and shining eyes of those who knew the man matched the smiles and grins on their faces. Offering them all a nod of acknowledgement, he was quickly pulled to the table to sit with them by High Elf Archer, the elf's ears fluttering slightly as she began to ramble on about his transgressions against her.

"When I ask you if you have plans, I don't really care if you say, 'goblins,' or 'yes,' you're Orcbolg, I'm happy to overlook that! But, that is not the answer I expect when I ask you out on a little adventure! You're supposed to happily agree and go with me! Not turn around and walk off!" Snapped the green haired maiden as she somehow found herself straddling the man while poking at his helmet, her tankard spilling a bit of wine onto him and herself as the others gained mixed feelings at the sight.

"Haha, calm yourself Long Ears! Let the lad at least try to defend himself before taking him on like that!"

"I agree, Milord Goblin Slayer has just returned from a quest, let him rest a spell before pressing on."

"See, he did shoot you down."

The men at the table laughing heartily at the sight of the two, the women couldn't be any more contrasting in their response. Priestess, Female Fighter, Female Wizard, Young Monk and Rhea Ranger were tearfully envious of the elf as they were nearly crimson imagining themselves in her position. The older females were more reserved in their responses though their eyes were sharp and bore a displeased glint to them, though Guild Girl and Witch let soft sighs leave them as they shared somewhat pained smiles.

"There are, many, rivals, yes?" Asked the voluptuous woman as Guild Girl could only nod in response, taking a small sip of her drink as she raised her head to stare at the object of her affection.


"Five years now... Yes...?"

There wasn't a thing that the honey blonde could say in response as she tightened her grip on her glass, offering the other woman that same smile as Witch had a guilt and shame flash in her eyes. When she had been assigned to the Guild branch in town, he was one of the adventurers placed in her charge. Their first meeting wasn't the most memorable or the most flattering but it was the start of something she found wonderful.

How could she not help but notice him as he quietly went about doing what needed to be done? Taking the jobs that others deemed beneath them or unworthy of their time? Ensuring that the devils that plagued those who were unable to afford 'proper' adventurers were taken care of swiftly and with impunity. She greeted him, began his paperwork, saw him off and awaited his return to finish that paperwork. There wasn't a thing dramatic or romantic about it, but that's what brought the two of them together. The trust and affections of two people built up over their day-to-day lives, love blossomed this way as well.

Witch could understand Guild Girl's feelings for the man, her eyes glancing between her former crush and the man across from her. She could count on hand the number of times that she had interacted with Goblin Slayer, none of those meetings being anything more then business between them. But looking back on those few but precious encounters, she could recall herself laughing and smiling more then when she was chasing after Spearman's back the past half decade.

He was rather handsome, outgoing, and kind to women; though by the same coin a major flaw of the man was his tendency to flirt with any beautiful woman who caught his eye. He was intelligent, strong, kindhearted, and cheerful; and while rough around the edges, if one accounted for his income and the fact he was never truly unbearable, Spearman was a decent man who any woman would be lucky to have. But perhaps it was because he was so seemingly decent that Witch had her hopes crushed when he confessed his true feelings for her back in Water Town, the sting of those words still piercing her heart when she recalled them.

The mind of the purple haired woman falling back to Goblin Slayer, well, she didn't fall in love with any decent or kind man that she met. Never bothering to respond to the advances of those who tried to sway her hand as she had hoped that her feelings would get through to her partner, the sorceress had her wake-up call and as scalding as it was, she knew that she would thank her partner in the future for his words.

But when she recalled his words and promises, she never could find a time where he betrayed her expectations, always managing to rise above them and surprise her. The same couldn't be said for Spearman, a grimace crossing the face of the woman when she recalled the heartache she felt seeing him spending time reserved for her with another.

Letting another soft breath leave her, she turned to look at Goblin Slayer once more as the man noticed her gaze, offering her a more direct nod of the head as a tiny smile crossed her face. Perhaps, now she was one of those rivals in love, contending against a seemingly endless amount of others for the hand of the one person who would have never appeared on the radar of others unless they truly saw the man beneath. So, with a bit of reluctant but renewed vigor in her heart, Witch turned towards Guild Girl and offered her a smile that the honey blonde knew was hidden in the depths of the woman's heart, returning it in full as the two shared a somewhat wry and bitter laugh together.

"It is most... Demanding..."

"Yes, for all of us."

"Is there anything else you needed? I need to make my report."

"Grr! You should know that it's proper etiquette to greet your friends when you return from an adventure!"

"Is that so?"

"Yes, it is!"

All eyes falling back onto the pair of Goblin Slayer and High Elf Archer, the green haired woman was trying to pry the helmet off of the man as he held her wrists from getting any closer then desired. No one was sure what to do given the murky lines that defined their relationship with the man, but seeing as he seemed to be playing with the archer latched onto him rather then trying to shake her off was a positive sign to say the least. Eventually, with the aide of Noble Knight and Elf Wizard, they managed to wrangle the drunken lady back to her seat, though she continued to pout and glare at Goblin Slayer.

"So how did it go, Goblin Slayer?" Guild Girl asked as she broke the awkward air around the table, everyone turning to look at the man as he contemplated divulging the details of his quest.

"Is it alright to make my report now? Is your shift not over?"

"Oh come now, I'm always the first to hear about your adventures! Why not tell me?"

"Hmm... There were goblins."

"Right, who woulda guessed. Our resident goblin expert hunted goblins. What our lovely Guild Girl wants to know is how they stacked up against what I usually go against."

"Be nice and... Listen..."

"G-Goblin Slayer-san, was there anything different?"

"Yeah, anything new? A shaman? Champion?"

"I wish I could've gone with you..."

"Ha, I'd hazard a guess that Sir Goblin Slayer had no trouble with those devils!"

"Well, wouldn't his name be a lie if he did?"

"Hush, let the man finish his tale. Go on, Goblin Slayer, enrapture us."

"P-Please go on! I-I want to hear more!"

"By my beard, it still astounds me to see so many flowers on Beard Cutter's arms..."

"Haha, tis true that Milord Goblin Slayer has quite the garden of flowers!"

"Hmph... I'm not a flower, I'm an elf..."

"They had equipment and the kidnapped women were safe." Said the man in a tone that managed to stall the amiable and light atmosphere, his words carrying a strangely eerie weight to them that drew some tension from the others.

"Really? That's a relief, isn't it? Unusual but wonderful!" Quipped Guild Girl as a sense of comfort filled her, though there was a nagging feeling in the back of her mind as Goblin Slayer shook his head in the negative.

"What's wrong? It seems like something is bothering you about that." Asked Elf Wizard as she narrowed her eyes in contemplation, running through her own ideas as to what could cause the man to be so on edge.

"...Goblins wouldn't leave a woman untouched, that's what you're thinking, isn't it?" Female Wizard added as she clenched her fists at the memory of what happened on their first goblin related mission, her party members mirroring her action as they huddled a bit closer together to stave off the chill running down their spines.

"Maybe they were being kept for food?" Rhea Ranger threw in as she took a sip of her ale, feeling none of the same pleasure she felt just moments prior as she kept her eyes on the man.

"Hrmm... Perhaps their leader wanted them as hostages?" Suggested Lizard Priest as he tried to find some rational about the devils and their doings, though he was only limited to the few expeditions with Goblin Slayer to base his assumptions on.

"They were stationed in a mine, weren't they? What could the little devils possibly want with a mine?" Dwarf Shaman wondered aloud, his own brows knit together as he recalled the man's words about their race's complete lack of interest in being self-sufficient.

"That means that they weren't after food then, doesn't it? A mine isn't a place where humans would typically store their foodstuffs." Noble Knight threw in as a bit of a anxious glint flashed across her eyes, feeling eyes on her that weren't there prior as her thoughts ran a tad wild.

Guild Girl demonstrated just how she had known the man as she managed to piece together the few bits of information that the man had given, being among the select few that could somewhat follow his train of thought and keep a conversation with him. She tapped a delicate finger against her lips as she digested the nuggets of information he shared, unknowingly being stared at by a flush faced Spearman as he swallowed slightly at the sight of her slightly pert pink lips. The same was being done by the other women who could boast to being close to the man, knowing firsthand what vile and horrid acts the creatures would commit at a moment's notice.

Women abducted by the devils were treated as fodder to be used to vent their sexual frustration and anger, playthings to use and break as they desired. In the same manner that humans found them utterly abhorrent, goblins thought the same of humans. But even with their knowledge, they failed to come up with anything concrete, Goblin Slayer excusing himself to make a more detailed report as Guild Girl blinked at his statement.

Snapping her head up, she watched as he walked away from the table towards Guild Inspector, the brunette offering him a tender smile as she led him to the back. At a complete loss for words, her reaction was met with varying looks as Witch gently patted her on the back, High Elf Archer managing to stand once more as she called out to him again with an accusatory point.

"Who cares about your dumb report! You should spend more time with your friends and companions first! I know goblins are more important to you, though..." Shouted the elf in a slurred and heated manner, though it turned meek and sulky in the latter part of her statement.

"I have done so, haven't I?"

"Not long enough! Don't you know that everyone was worried about you!"

"Were they? Hmm... I will keep that in mind."

"Hmph! That's good! You'd better remember that!"

Content with his words and 'promise,' High Elf Archer's scowling pout melted to a cheery smile, her ears fluttering with her raised mood. The verdant haired maiden quickly downed the rest of her tankard before falling face-first onto the table, a low snore coming from her as she mumbled something that caused those with enhanced hearing to stiffen and frown slightly. Excusing herself, Elf Wizard volunteered to take her fellow elf back to her room, bidding the group farewell as she swiftly moved to drag the inebriated archer upstairs.

"Oi... Frankly, she might be something of an embarrassment to her ancestors..." Said Dwarf Shaman in a wry tone mirrored by a few of his companions, their eyes following the muttering elf as her blonde escort carried her up the stairs.

Silence that taken hold of the Guild by the time Goblin Slayer had finished his report with Guild Inspector, the brunette seeing him off before sleepily returning to rest in the overnight employee lodgings in the back of the hall with Guild Lady taking over for her. Stopping before leaving, the armored man took a glance at the table where his companions were seated earlier, seeing none of them had stayed past midnight. Spending a second glancing at the table, he returned his gaze forward and strode out of the Guild, stopping when he saw a blonde haired woman sitting beside the Guild' entrance in the comforting light of the lanterns.

"You haven't returned home?" Asked the man as Guild Girl jumped slightly at his sudden voice, snapping to stare at the man with wide eyes and a hammering heart.

"G-Goblin Slayer! Please, announce yourself next time! You almost frightened me to death!" Chided the honey blonde in an irate tone, the man apologizing as she managed to reign in her frazzled nerves.

"A-Ahem, I was waiting for you to finish your report... With my coworker..." Started Guild Girl in an even more irked tone, Goblin Slayer apologizing once more though he lacked the idea as to why she was upset.

"A-Anyway! U-Umm... T-The harvest festival is the day after tomorrow."


Once again, Guild Girl struck a wall at his terse response, laughing in an effort to lighten the mood and give her the courage to voice her request. Before, the honey blonde would have never had the courage to even attempt what she was about to do, but in the face of all of her rivals, she knew that the first to strike would secure victory. She didn't have as many years of memories with him as Cow Girl did, but besides possibly Witch, there wasn't anyone else who came remotely close. So, using that as a crutch, she steeled her resolve and rose to meet his gaze.

"Do you have any plans for that day?"


"Besides goblins!"

"...No, I don't believe so."

"I-I see! Well... Umm... I-I'm going to be taking the entire afternoon off that day, and I was wondering if you would m-maybe like to go with me."

It was the season for the harvest festival, and Guild Girl had been planning for this moment since the start of the year. He had just finished a goblin slaying quest, he would need at least a day or two of rest, right? And seeing as she had been working diligently to aid him in his quest for the extermination of the creatures the past few years, she felt that now was finally the chance to grasp at a chance that she felt was slipping through her hands. With the liquid courage filling her belly, she made use of what she felt was her best and only chance.

"...Alright. You are always a great help to me."

Nodding his head, Goblin Slayer granted the young lady her wish, a wish that she felt was desperate and hollow that he would have outright rejected it. But, unexpectedly, he agreed to her trifle plea and would accompany her to the festival! So, unwilling to speak lest she sound like a starstruck dolt, Guild Girl simply beamed him a smile that didn't seem able to properly express just how happy she was.

"The day of the festival, will noon in the square do?"


"Alright. I'll see you then."

Giving her a meaningful nod, the armored man left the blonde as she could be seen shaking with utter excitement radiating off of her body. Throwing her arms up, Guild Girl let out a small cry of victory as crimson burned on her face, though it was offset with the bright grin that was spread across her face. Finally, after five long years of passively pursuing him, she had finally taken the first and most important step towards capturing the heart of the man.

So, filled with renewed vigor, Guild Girl quickly made her way back home, entirely ignorant of the unintentional eavesdropper who had tuned into the conversation of the two. As for said eavesdropper, she was idly playing with a tassel of her hair, an unhappy and jealous look on her face as she puffed her cheeks out in a childish display of anger.

"Hmph... You won't go on an adventure with me but you'll go on a date with her... You're unfair, Orcbolg..."

And that's a wrap. Thanks for reading, stay awesome.