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"Goblins" - Large Being/Creature Thinking

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Mulligan - Chapter 2

"So, you've learned of Beard Cutter's location, Long Ears. We've some time before we receive the rest of the details for this quest, what say we make the most of our time before then?" Dwarf Shaman said as he looked towards his party, the two mulling over the thought as High Elf Archer furrowed her brows.

"I say we find him and drag him out to wherever the heavens send us! I'm sick and tired of this waiting!" She groaned as her head fell to the table, her third party member chuckling as he turned towards the west.

"I agree with our friend here, to take the month that we have to savior this town's wonders. If what you heard about Milord Goblin Slayer is true, we need not rush when the details of our quest are still murky. We will receive the rest of the report from one of your messengers within the coming weeks. Until then, let us enjoy the comforts this town has to offer." Lizard Priest added as the green haired woman groaned in defeat, her companions chuckling at her as they made their way to the inn that would be their home for the coming month.

(Scene Change - Frontier Town: Adventurer's Guild)

"Ah! Goblin Slayer, you've retuned!" Guild Girl called out in a bright tone upon seeing the familiar visage of the man, though her smile faded a bit when she saw Rhea Ranger hanging onto the back of the man.

"Oh dear! Is she alright?" She added as she moved to secure a small healing potion for the girl, though when she saw the familiar forms of other girls who had ventured out with her, her worries faded almost immediately.

"She's fine, just once again proving that she is more of a child then initially thought." Noble Knight muttered as she ignored the indignant shout that left the smaller girl's mouth, the rest of the party moving to stand before Guild Girl's counter.

"So, I assume that things weren't as you expected, huh?" Guild Girl asked as a grimace passed through the faces of the ladies before her, a soft sigh leaving her mouth as she observed the ragged and tattered group in front of her.

"Mhmm, we... We failed to rescue the captured girls. In fact, we... We would've taken their places if it weren't for Sir Goblin Slayer and his timely intervention. You were correct, we were far too haughty." Noble Knight lamented as her party had a visible shudder pass their bodies, though they soon turned towards the armored man as warmth and security filled them at the sight of him.

"You certainly have always been rather quick when dealing with these situations, haven't you Goblin Slayer?" Guild Girl asked with a smile on her face, the armored man turning to look at her once he helped Rhea Ranger get down from his back.

"Is that so?" He droned as she simply giggled in turn, motioning for him to stand by while she took Noble Knight and her party in the back to receive their report.

Before leaving, the group of ladies paused slightly and stared at the motionless form of Goblin Slayer, looking almost afraid that he would vanish as soon as they turned their backs. Reluctantly, they meekly smiled at him before heading to the conference room to give their report. As they vanished behind the door, Female Wizard and Priestess were standing alone with Goblin Slayer as they fidgeted a bit while awaiting their own turns to give a report.

"You can go, it wasn't a quest you had taken." Goblin Slayer suddenly said as he broke them from their thoughts, turning to face him as a pair of tiny smiles crossed their faces at the way he was trying to ease their tension.

"T-That's ok, Goblin Slayer-san! W-We still have to give our side of what happened!" Priestess chirped as Female Wizard nodded her head in agreement, the two smiling a bit wider as they felt their tension slacken while they tried chatting with the armored man.

Hearing that, he simply nodded as the minutes passed by with him offering the occasional word of input during their conversation. Whilst the two ladies were discussing the possibility of potentially forming a party with the armored man when Female Fighter returned, their talks of forming a party was something that they ensured that he not hear for fear of embarrassment and rejection. In midst of the pairs discussion, the door to the conference room opened as the party of the four ladies exited with much more clear and eased expressions on their faces.

Seeing them, the two ladies who were waiting for their moment with Goblin Slayer waved at them which they returned in full. Following behind them was Guild Girl who quickly moved to file away the quest report that she had received from the four. Finished, she gained a bright smile before waving at Goblin Slayer, drawing the attention of the man as he moved over to her. The four who finished with their debriefing offering him smiles as he nodded at them in acknowledgment.

"I hope you weren't waiting long, Goblin Slayer! There were a few details that I needed so ensure were correct before I could let them leave." Guild Girl told him in a slightly apologetic tone, the man merely shaking his head as she sighed in relief.

"U-Umm, s-should we come along too?" Priestess asked the honey haired lady, Guild Girl turning to face Female Wizard and her as she contemplated the question.

"Hmm... I believe that it will be fine with just Goblin Slayer! I've known him for years and not once has his reports contained a trace of falsified information. He also has to file the report for the earlier quests he finished. Please, just retire for the night to relax and rest your minds and bodies!" She told them in a tone that left no room for arguement, the two ladies sighing sadly as they joined the waiting group of four.

Seeing him disappear into the back, the group of young ladies looked at the door with sullen expressions, though they replaced them with determined ones as they moved to follow the advice of Guild Girl and rest their tired bodies and exhausted minds. The events of the day were both traumatic and scarring, but the knowledge that it would've been far worse if not for the man being debriefed brought a sobering feeling to the six as they recalled their rescue and subsequent revenge. Turning back to the room, they offered him their thanks once more for saving them before departing for their homes.

(Time Skip - Fourty Five Minutes Later)

"-ess that was everything then, Goblin Slayer?" Guild Girl asked as she let the pen she was holding down, softly stretching her hand as she smiled at the man.

"Yes. Unless there is something else you might need." He told her as she nodded, turning to glance at the clock on the wall as a small light shone in her eyes.

"N-No, that is all, Goblin Slayer! B-But... W-Would you humor me and listen to a personal request of mine?" She asked as he nodded slightly, the blonde internally shouting as she took a breath to ease herself.

"W-Would you be willing to walk me back to my house? I-I'm not comfortable going home alone at this hour." She asked with pleading eyes, Goblin Slayer simply staring silently at her as she quickly ran though anything she could say to make the situation less awkward.

"That's fine." Was all he said as she froze in shock, though she quickly turned to smile at him with a euphoric expression spreading on her face.

Quickly moving to file away his reports, ensuring that it wasn't missed to keep the man safe for any legal issues that might arise from failing to do so, Guild Girl tidied up the conference room before rushing to do the same to her usual counter. Grabbing an armful of loose papers, she asked him to wait just a bit longer as she sprinted past him to place them on her desk. A few minutes later, which felt like hours to the poor blonde, she stopped before the stoic man while huffing a bit. Shakily, she rose her head to offer him a wry and awkward smile before motioning towards the door.

"S-Shall we be off?" She asked in the same wry tone, Goblin Slayer nodding as she bid her coworkers farewell, doing her best to ignore the whistles and catcalls they sent her way.

Soon enough, the pair found themselves leisurely walking down the road towards Guild Girl's home. Whilst it was a silent affair, Guild Girl couldn't help but find the current situation a tad romantic. Shuffling a bit closer to the armored man, she saw him shift his head to glance at her slightly before focusing forward once more. Smiling a bit, Guild Girl hummed a soft tune as she enjoyed her tiny slice of paradise. Though that paradise soon faded when she saw that they had arrived at the small housing complex that she resided in. A soft sigh leaving her mouth, she turned towards her escort before offering him a warm and thankful smile for entertaining her request.

"Thank you again, Goblin Slayer. I know it seems a tad trifling but I enjoyed our walk together." She said with an equally warm tone, a bit of pink dusting her cheeks as she saw him nod in accordance.

"I see, that's good to hear. Take care." He said as she nodded and offered him a polite bow, watching him turn and leave as a part of her screamed to ask that he stay the night while he was still so close by.

Shaking her head while battling down those rather risqué thoughts, she stilled when his form vanished into the darkness. A soft sigh leaving her mouth, she soon found a small smile gracing her features when she counted the event as a small but sure step into securing a solid foundation for a relationship with the man. The thought brightening her mood, she fished out her key before readying herself for bed.

With Goblin Slayer, the man made his way though town at a leisurely pace, seeing a few of his fellow adventurers still up and about, though they seemed like they were merely making their way to lay down for the night. The thought crossing his mind, he increased the pace at which he was moving, knowing full well that someone was very well waiting for him to return before she could sleep herself.

(Scene Change - Frontier Town: Farm)

Standing alone on the porch of her uncle's farmhouse, Cow Girl watched the clear skies as the moons' shone with their usual luminous light. Shifting her attention towards the road that led to town, she let a soft sigh leave when her eyes failed to catch the image of her childhood friend. She knew of the potential 'what if's' that were involved with his chosen profession, she recalled the young man who looked to have lost his arm, having spotted him earlier in town when she was delivering a shipment of milk to the baker. The mere thought that something could have happened to him while he was out never failed to drive a stake of absolute agony through her heart, the redhead having to always force herself to look on the positive side of things to avoid going insane on nights such as this.

"You said you would be home for lunch..." She whispered as she fiddled with her hands, a soft sigh leaving her mouth as she scanned the horizon once more.

Her gaze sweeping across the grounds, she froze when she saw something shuffling towards the farmhouse at an even pace. Stiffening slightly, she debated calling for her uncle but shelved it when she saw the familiar outline of her 'knight' illuminated by the moons' rays. A grin brighter then the stars above spreading across her face, she ran to meet him he eased his own hurried steps.

"You're finally back! Did something happen during the quest?" She greeted him brightly and lovingly, though it turned concerned as she scanned his person for any signs of damage.

"Mmm, something came up that I needed to deal with. More goblins." He answered as she giggled at his usual answer, moving to take a hold of his hand as she eagerly pulled him towards their home.

"I'll heat dinner for you, so go and wash up!" Cow Girl ordered as he nodded in response, though he paused before turning to scan the area.

"I need to check the grounds first, I'll be inside soon." He told her as she blinked a bit before smiling somberly, releasing his hand as he went to check for any signs of unwanted intruders.

Watching him go, Cow Girl's smile thinned as she made her way inside. Turning slightly to glance at him moving towards the fences, she could only pray to the gods for her childhood friend, for his mental and physical health and for her feelings to reach her beloved. As Goblin Slayer checked the fences and grounds for any damage or disturbances not made by human or farm animal, Cow Girl worked on heating up the stew that she had made specifically for him, a small smile dancing across her face as she idly wondered if it was as good as his sister's.

Hearing him enter the house after fifteen minutes, she saw him scan it for any signs of forced or unwanted entry before taking a seat at the table. Giggling, she poured him and herself a bowl of stew before making her way to the table. Taking a seat right beside him, making him scoot over to make room for her, she set their bowls down as he reached for a spoon.

"Ahem..." She coughed cutely as his hand froze mid-motion, Goblin Slayer uttering a soft apology as he moved the airborne hand towards his helmet.

Watching with eager and shining eyes, Cow Girl watched with keen interest as he unlatched and unfastened the bindings of his helmet. Methodically and practiced, he worked at a steady pace before he removed the piece of worn iron. As he pulled it off, Cow Girl felt her eyes softening in a loving manner as she found herself focusing on his features as they came into view.

She found it rather enchanting and a bit sensual if she could be so bold, the young lady watching him free his silver locks and sweat covered skin from the confines of his iron shell. Finding herself focusing a bit too hard on his neck and lips as he breathed a soft sigh at the feeling of the night's cool air on his skin, she snapped from her entranced state when he resumed reaching for his spoon. Flushing a bit, she followed suit as they enjoyed a moonlit dinner together, words slipping out occasionally between the two as Cow Girl's loving smile never faded from her face.

Spending a few extra minutes simply talking, Goblin Slayer made his way to his room as Cow Girl walked with him, the silence between them amiable and light. Stopping by his door as he entered, she leaned against the frame as he unequipped his armor; watching with rapt attention as he unfastened, unclasped and removed the iron that covered his body. When she saw him remove his chest plate, leather armor and chain mail, she froze when she spotted a dried patch of blood on his shirt where his right shoulder blade was. Without thinking, she sped towards him as he turned to give her a curious look.

"You're hurt..." She muttered as traced the area of the wound, yanking her hand away she felt him tense at the pressure she applied to it.

Quickly moving out of the room, Cow Girl made her way to the kitchen as she secured a clean towel. Pouring a pitcher of water over it, she wrung slightly before making her way back to his room. Seeing him sitting shirtless on his bed, working on the armor on his legs, she went over as he turned slightly to look at her.

Wordlessly she gently wiped away the dried blood and felt a grimace pass her face when she saw the wound, thanking the gods when it wasn't deep or infected. Pausing as he was unfastening his greeves, he felt her caressing his wound in a gentle manner before she broke contact to fetch a medical kit. Watching her go, Goblin Slayer felt a small twitch of his lips at her concern for him.

When she returned, Cow Girl quietly applied a healing tonic to a clean towel before wiping the wound. Seeing him tense as the wound sizzled, she placed her hand on his shoulder in a comforting manner as she rubbed him softly to help ease the pain. A few seconds passing, she saw the wound looking less irritated before frowning when she realized the lack of any other form of aid she could provide for the man. Silence falling over the two of them, he simply went back to removing the armor on his legs as she sighed and stood up. Turning and moving to leave his room, she paused when she heard his voice cut through the silence.

"I'll be more careful. And thank you." Goblin Slayer said in a soft tone reserved only for those close to his heart, Cow Girl feeling her cheeks heat at the sound of his voice and the gentle tone it held.

"Please do..." She whispered back in an equally soft tone, offering him a warm but pained smile as she headed to her own room for the night.

(Time Skip - The Next Day)

(Scene Change - Frontier Town: Adventurer's Guild)

"Ha... Another busy rush... I'm glad that it's finally quieted down." Guild Girl lamented in a tired and irksome tone, flashing an equally irked glance towards the group of adventurers that had flirted with her moments earlier.

"There, there; it's just part of the job, dear." Guild Lady soothed her younger coworker with a slightly wry tone, Guild Girl heaving a tired sigh as she rose her head when a shadow graced her counter.

"Welcome to the guild! What can I do for you tod-" She greeted in her practiced polite and bright manner, though she froze when she saw the familiar sight before her.

"G-Goblin Slayer! It's so good to see you again!" She beamed with a truly bright and warm smile on her face, many who attempted to flirt with her earlier gawking at the sight.

"Goblins?" He asked in his usual deadpanned manner, Guild Girl giggling as she skimmed through the requests that hadn't yet been pinned to the board.

"Oh you! Just so you know, I'm technically not supposed to be doing this but just for you I'll check the requests not placed on the board yet!" She chirped in a smiling and mischievous tone, getting a nod of the head from the man in appreciation as she worked.

"Oh dear, looks like there aren't any goblin quests." She reported in an apologetic tone, the man merely nodding as he turned towards the request board once more.

As she watched him stare down the board, Guild Girl felt a bit guilty that she was so elated earlier to hear of the lessened goblin activity, only that such a lack of activity seemed to dampen the man's spirit. Racking her mind about what she could do ease his sullen mood, she paused when she saw the equally sullen faces of Rookie Warrior and Apprentice Cleric as the pair entered the guild hall.

Sauntering slowly towards an empty table, they sat down before the young warrior let his face drop flat onto it. His partner sparing him a tired and tried gaze, she sighed before following his action and let her own head fall. A depressed cloud hanging over them, Guild Girl grimaced as she could feel their state of misery even from where she was stationed at the counter. Taking a glance at the clock, her senior smiled and nodded to her as she took her break to approach the two. Making her way over to the pair, she gained their attention when they heard her light snd delicate steps. Dully, they shifted their heads to glance at her as she smiled wryly at their blank faces.

"Why the long face you two?" She asked as another sigh left the mouths of the duo, Apprentice Cleric lazily raising her arm to point at her partner.

"Someone went ahead and lost another sword during our rat extermination quest. Not only that but we used an antidote, all without completing the quest because we dropped the pouch with the ears when a bunch of roaches chased after us. So we're in the negative now." She droned in a dead tone, her partner growing a bit indignant as he snapped to glare at her.

"Why're you making it seem like it's my fault!? If you had actually landed your Holy Smite on that oversized bug I could've gotten my sword back!" He snapped back in an irritated manner, Apprentice Cleric mimicking the action as they settled into a rather heated squabble.

"I see, why not ask someone to lend you a weapon? I'm sure someone here would be more then happy to help!" Guild Girl offered as the pair paused, their faces growing a bit pink as they glanced towards the ground.

"W-Well, d-do you know anyone that might? We don't really know anyone here that well." Rookie Warrior asked as Guild Girl mulled over the question, her brows furrowing as she glanced around the hall and its current occupants.

"And what if you lose that too? We are not going into debt with another adventurer." Apprentice Cleric countered as her partner's brow twitched in anger, the two squabbling once more as their companion continued to survey the area.

As the two Porcelain ranked adventurers continued to bicker, Guild Girl found herself frowning slightly when she saw the crowd currently in the hall. Spearman, Witch, Heavy Warrior and his party were her first offers of suggestions for a loan; but seeing as they weren't currently present, the remaining adventurers weren't ones who would pay too much mind to a pair of fresh Porcelain ranks. A look of sympathy crossing her face, she stiffened before snapping her head towards the man who had remained rooted to the same spot when she last spoke to him.

A grin spreading across her face, she gestured towards the two to get their attention as they snapped to give her their full attention. Seeing the grin on her face, they quickly grew excited as she pointed towards an adventurer. Following her direction, they saw the person she was suggesting they ask for a weapon loan only to pale when it was the armored form of Goblin Slayer. Stiffly, they craned their necks back to her only to feel their souls leave when she called out to him in a loud and exuberant tone.

"Goblin Slayer! Over here!" Guild Girl called as her voice echoed slightly in the slow moving hall, the armored man turning towards them.

Staring for a few seconds, Guild Girl seemingly ignorant of the attention she was drawing, Goblin Slayer wordlessly made his way over as the two newcomers felt like the reaper was stalking towards them with each step the armored man took. Stopping at their table, Guild Girl happily chatted with him for a moment before pointing towards the two beside her. Turning to stare at them with a smile, she stood beside Goblin Slayer as the two found words failing to form at the attention he was paying them.

The two had heard the rumors and stories that many had about the Silver ranked adventurer. Some said that he is an undead, revived through dark and forbidden magic to wreck havoc upon unfortunate souls. Others said that he used helpless girls and women as bait for luring goblins from their holes, letting them get violated and abused before he 'saved' them afterwards. Of all the stories and rumors, not many of them painted the man in a favorable light. Now seeing him in front of them, and so closely, the rumors of him potentially being an undead didn't seem so far fetched as they thought.

"Now, why don't you ask Goblin Slayer!" Guild Girl chirped in a bright and warm tone, offering them an equally bright smile as they felt themselves shrink under the gaze of the armored man.

"U-Uh... I-I was wondering i-if you had a spare s-sword that I could b-borrow..." Rookie Warrior stammered as he stood straight and shaking before the man, Goblin Slayer merely remaining quiet as Apprentice Cleric threw in her two cents.

"B-But you're not o-obligated to h-help us or anything Mr. G-Goblin Slayer!" She quickly added before they felt his wrath, the man turning to gaze at her as she felt her soul freeze at his attention.

"For what." Goblin Slayer asked in a level and hollow tone, the pair shrieking a bit as they hadn't heard his actual voice until the current moment.

"F-For rats!" Rookie Warrior squeaked as the man inclined his head in thought, his hand cupping his chin as he mulled over the creatures.

"Where." Goblin Slayer added as the two blinked a bit at his line of questioning, though they feared him far too much to deny him an answer.

"I-In the sewers." Apprentice Cleric answered as he simply nodded, turning and walking away as their shoulders sagged slightly in both relief and disappointment.

"Wait here." He answered after he took a step towards the door, the two stiffening before Rookie Warrior had a grin spread across his face.

"Y-Yes sir!" The youth replied in a bright tone, Goblin Slayer inclining his head as he exited the establishment.

"W-Wait... Does that mean that...?" Apprentice Cleric asked no one in particular with a tone that held disbelief, Guild Girl smiling fondly as she watched his retreating back.

"Mhmm. He may seem like a soulless, unfeeling person but out of all the adventurers I've known, he is the kindest. Do you two happen to know his title?" She answered as the younger pair turned to look at her, Rookie Warrior entranced by her radiant expression as Apprentice Cleric elbowed him in spite when she caught his face.

"N-No ma'am!" They answered in unison and in a fluster, the older woman giggling before a fond sigh left her mouth.

"His title, besides all things concerning goblins, is 'The Fronter's Kindest'. And as you've seen and will see in the future, he more then fulfills that title." She explained as their eyes widened in absolute disbelief, Guild Girl giggling at their expressions before she excused herself to return to the counter.

The two alone once more, they shared looks before contemplating what they had heard from Guild Girl. 'The Frontier's Kindest'? Such a title was bestowed upon the armored man that scared the souls out of them when they had seen others who looked perfect for the part? Those contrasting facts befuddled the two to no end, eventually forcing the two to sigh and abandon the lines of thought as they awaited the return of the man. Sharing a glance, they exchanged thoughts and hoped that, if he did indeed live up to his title, he would humor their request.

(Time Skip - Half an Hour Later)

Apprentice Cleric and Rookie Warrior having remained rooted to their spots at the table since the Goblin Slayer's departure, they were beginning to think he forgot about them as the minutes ticked by. Rookie Warrior playing with a marble he kept on him that acted as a good luck charm from his sister, he rolled a bit too hard as it fell from the table. The light clatter drawing an irritated look from Apprentice Cleric, he offered her a wry smile before moving to pick up the orb.

But as he rose from his chair, he watched as the marble hit the armored boot of an adventurer who walked through the doorway. Quickly growing embarrassed, he rushed to grab the marble and apologize for invading the personal space of whomever it was that he was currently kneeling in front of. Snatching the keepsake, he rose his head with a flustered and apologetic face only to freeze in fright when he saw the familiar armored visage of Goblin Slayer.

About to stammer a reply, Rookie Warrior blinked in surprise when he saw the man offer him a hand. Numbly the young man took it as Goblin Slayer helped him to a standing position, Rookie Warrior swallowing the lump in his throat when he felt the power that the man had in his grip. Contrasting his more rogue-like appearance, he had a presence of strength that Rookie Warrior felt Heavy Warrior possessed, solid and unyielding. He was broken from his thoughts when he heard the armored man speak, the young man straightening his back out of reflex.

"Here." Goblin Slayer said as he held out a short sword for the young man, Rookie Warrior's eyes shining as he stared at the blade.

Reaching towards the offered blade, he hesitated before looking at the armored man. Seeing him incline his head slightly, he solidified his resolve and took the sheathed blade. Smiling at Goblin Slayer, he quickly ushered the man back to the table Apprentice Cleric was still sitting at, the young woman having watched the entire exchange with a bewildered expression on her face.

Quickly taking a seat, Rookie Warrior unsheathed the blade. Placing the sheathe on the table, the young man held the sword in his main hand and was a bit surprised at the balance that it held. Moving to stand, he tested the feel of it while shifting his body and arm, blinking in surprise when he felt something 'right' about the sword he was currently wielding. The long sword that he utilized before felt like it was swinging him rather then the him swinging it. Sheathing the blade, he turned and bowed towards the man who had been kind enough to loan it to him.

"T-Thank you so much for loaning this to me, Mr. Goblin Slayer! I promise I won't lose it and that it gets back to you as soon as possible in the same condition." He replied in an earnest tone, Apprentice Cleric a bit surprised at how thankful he was for the loan.

"Y-Yeah! I'll make sure that this guy doesn't lose it! So don't worry about not getting it back!" She added to reassure the man, definitely not wanting to fall out of favor with the terrifying man.

"No need." He answered in a curt tone, Rookie Warrior and Apprentice Cleric blinking when they heard his statement.

"What do you mean?" Rookie Warrior asked in a confused tone, Goblin Slayer merely pointing at the sword resting on the table.

"Keep it, I don't have a need for it." He said as the pair's eyes widened at the statement, Rookie Warrior standing quickly against his best wishes.

"A-Are you sure?!" The young man asked a tad too loudly, flushing deeply when he felt a few curious gazes fall onto his person.

"Yes, it should fit your build." Was all that Goblin Slayer said as he moved to the request board, Rookie Warrior letting a grin spread across his face as he fully equipped the sheathed blade to his person.

When his benefactor was out of earshot, Apprentice Cleric quickly grilled her partner about the exchange that she had just witnessed. Her impression of the man growing with what Rookie Warrior was retelling, he paused as she gave him a curious look. Seeing him motion towards the board where Goblin Slayer resided she seemed to get his message as they made their way over, standing beside the man in an awkward manner as their gazed flicked towards him every now and again. Finally, Apprentice Cleric took the plunge as she turned to face the man with embarrassment flooding her face.

"U-Umm, Mr. Goblin Slayer!" She called out with a voice a pitch higher then usual, Rookie Warrior wincing a bit when he heard it.

"What." The word left his mouth as soon as she finished her statement, the young woman grimacing a bit as she tried to calm her tension and anxiety.

"We were w-wondering if you would a-accompany us on a quest. Our luck hasn't been the best and I-if you're able to, we h-hoped that you could give us some pointers." She continued without taking a breath, finding herself holding it as he mulled over the thought.

"Goblins?" He asked in a curious manner, the two resisting the urge to liken him to a dog of sorts with how expectant he sounded when he voiced his question.

"R-Rats, sir!" Rookie Warrior answered in a quick manner, the air of the man seeming to dampen slightly with the answer.

"Hmm... Rats..." He mulled as he turned to glance back at the board, scanning it once more for any requests that dealt with the creatures that shared his namesake only to slow when he found none.

"When are you departing?" He asked as they blinked at the question, quickly having their eyes widen as grins split across their faces.

"A-As soon as possible! Let's go now!" Rookie Warrior declared with an excited tone, Apprentice Cleric sharing his enthusiasm as they rushed to the receptionists' counter after taking a request off the board.

"Hello you two! My, aren't you both full of energy now!" Guild Girl greeted them in a bright tone, the sight of them full of zeal that they were lacking before bringing a smile to her face.

"Mhmm! We're ready for another quest! This one, please!" Rookie Warrior said in a bright and confident tone, handing the piece of paper to the honey blonde woman who began filing out the appropriate paperwork.

"Alright you two, here are a few pouches for the ears, don't forget to bring them for proof of subjugation. Other then that, is there anything else?" She asked as they shook their heads while taking the offered pouches, pausing before inquiring about the reward conditions.

"Could you change the reward to split between two?" Apprentice Cleric asked as the older woman blinked in surprise, a bit confused as the pair always shared their rewards.

"That's no issue, but may I ask why?" She continued as she hoped that nothing happened to their bond, the two shaking their heads with a smile as they pointed to the man who was waiting behind for them.

"Nope! Just want to make sure that Mr. Goblin Slayer gets a proper reward for his time!" Rookie Warrior responded as Guild Girl felt her eyes widen, though a grin crossed her face as she waved warmly at him.

"Ufufu! I see that you two caught him at a good time! No goblin related requests for him to take today." She giggled as they nodded with grins on their faces, the woman quickly changing the paperwork before bidding them farewell.

Quickly moving towards the man, they reported the details that the quest they were embarking on entailed as he nodded in acknowledgment. Turning, they exited the guild hall as Priestess, Female Wizard and Female Fighter entered the hall; the two groups making a sound of surprise as they nearly bumped into each other. About to apologize, the three young ladies froze when they caught sight of their savior. Their faces brightening considerably, the quickly moved to greet him as Rookie Warrior and Apprentice Cleric blinked in surprise at the scene.

"G-Goblin Slayer-san, how are you!"

"How did yesterday's reporting go?"

"It's so wonderful to see you again, Goblin Slayer!"

The greeting of the three varying between bashful, haughty and delighted; they peppered him with questions that he answered quickly and simply. The minutes dragging a little, he turned towards his companions who were feeling a bit out of place at the scene playing out in front of them. The ladies around him realizing that they were interfering with him, apologized as they dipped his heads.

"What supplies do you have?" He asked Rookie Warrior and Apprentice Cleric, the two opening their packs as they rifled through their belongings.

"Let's see... Between the two of us: one healing potion, some rope, three candles, a lantern, a flint and steel and our canteens. We have our bedrolls back where we're staying, since we won't be spending the night in the sewers. Oh, and we have a dozen of the pouches that we're always given for rat quests, not that we fill more then one anyway." Apprentice Cleric reported as Goblin Slayer mulled over the list, turning to look at her as she felt him judging them a bit.

"Get another healing potion, two stamina potions and two antidotes before we leave. Invest in chain mail as well when you can, and a helmet." He told them as they balked a bit at his suggestion, wincing as they opened their coin pouch.

Seeing that, he moved to his own pouch and secured his coin pouch. Taking a few coins from his pouch, he handed them towards the two as they blinked at his form. Snapping from their stupor, they shook their heads as they waved their hands out in front of them to avoid falling into debt with the man. But they stopped when he simply placed them in Apprentice Cleric's outstretched hands, the young woman feeling her cheeks heat at how gentle he was despite his cold appearance.

Unconsciously, Rookie Warrior felt something innate demand that he remove the older man's hands from hers. The young man finding the light blush on her face irritating him more then anything she had ever done before. But as Goblin Slayer retracted his hand, he snapped from his stupor as he quickly ushered her to follow him as they moved to the Apothocary.

"So you're going on a quest with them?" Female Wizard asked in a curious tone, the man nodding st her as her mood sullened a bit.

"I-I see, that's too bad. We were hoping you could go on one with us." Female Fighter said in a slightly disappointed tone, Priestess sharing her sentiment as she had an equally sullen look on her face.

"Next time." He told them as they blinked at his statement, their faces brightening as they eagerly nodded at him.

Chatting for a few more minutes, they soon found themselves listening intently as he offered his suggestions for improving themselves. Simple and short as they were, they absorbed as much as they could from the man; Priestess and Female Wizard relaying what they had learned from the man to Female Fighter who unfortunately wasn't able to join them on their previous embarkment. When he asked about Rookie Swordsman, Female Fighter reported that he was retired back in their village a day's walk from Frontier Town, farming again with his family.

Nodding at her answer, they cut their conversation short when Rookie Warrior and Apprentice Cleric returned from their shopping trip. Seeing that, the trio bid the three farewell, though they sulked slightly when they bid the armored man farewell. As they left, Goblin Slayer turned towards the two as they stiffened at his attention, though he merely nodded as they made their way towards the sewers.

(Scene Change - Frontier Town: Sewers - First Floor)

"Geh, I hate this place..." Apprentice Cleric muttered in a disgusted tone, giving the grimy and dank cavern a rueful gaze.

"I know you do, but giant rats are the safest things we can fight that the Guild offers rewards for." Rookie Warrior said in a wry tone, Apprentice Cleric sighing as Goblin Slayer remained silent before them.

Continuing to talk, they stilled and quieted when Goblin Slayer halted his steps. The two peering over him, they stiffened when they saw their target chittering and squeaking about a pile of rubbish. Swallowing the lump in throats, they saw Goblin Slayer move to the side as they blinked at him. Silently, he pointed at the rat as they stared before flinching when they got the message. Sharing a look, they nodded as they moved to engage the rats.

"Take this!" Rookie Warrior shouted as he landed a preemptive attack, the rat squealing as his blade cleaved through its side.

A pained and angered sound leaving its maw, it rushed him down with the speed that made him panic. Bringing up his shield, he felt the beast slam into him with its full weight as his arm jarred with the impact. A cry of pain sounding as he felt his shoulder groan in protest, he managed to push the creature away as it struggled to right itself with its wounded side. Taking a moment to compose himself, Rookie Warrior panicked when the rat was already upon him.

Gritting his teeth, he lunged and buried his blade into its chest as it lunged towards him. A garbled cry leaving its maw as blood oozed from its newfound wound, it spasmed lightly as life seemed to leave it. A sigh of relief leaving the young man's mouth, he winced while rolling his left shoulder to ease it of its stiffness and ache. Kneeling, he was about to cut off the ear of the rat as proof of its subjugation when it tried to bite him with the last of its strength and will.

A startled cry leaving his mouth, he sloppily hacked at it until it's body was full of gashes, more of a mangled mass of flesh and bone then a corpse when he finished. Shakily, he took a breath before poking it with his blade, seeing no movement before repeating the act of cutting its ear off with a bit more caution. Once finished he went about placing it into a pouch as he regrouped with his party.

"Oh ho, not as bad as last time!" Apprentice Cleric quipped in an impressed tone with a smile on her face, the young man's cheeks reddening as he basked in her praise.

"Sloppy." Was all Goblin Slayer said as the pair froze, all traces of an amiable atmosphere fading as they turned towards him while he moved on ahead.

Rookie Warrior wincing at his harsh assessment, he felt his spirits dampen as he followed behind at a sedate pace. Apprentice Cleric glared a bit at Goblin Slayer, was he forgetting that her and her partner were fresh Porcelain ranked adventurers? Biting back the retort that edged to the tip of her tongue for undervaluing her best friend and partner's skills, she shelved her anger as they ventured deeper into the sewers.

The mood having turned awkward and silent, the rookies followed their senior as he halted his steps once more. Mirroring their actions from earlier, with a bit of reluctance with how sour their moods were, they panicked when they saw a group of five rats gnawing on something. Panic slowly sinking into their hearts, they were about to voice their worries when the armored man sped forward.

Not wasting a second, he unsheathed his sword and buried it into the head of the rat closest to him. Tearing it out, he hacked the through the throat of the second startled rat as its companions finally retaliated. Angered cries leaving their mouth, they lunged at him with blind fury. Bringing his buckler to take the impact of the first rat, he shifted his weight and brought the rat hanging into his shield arm in direct contact with the two jumping at him.

Their teeth tearing into the hide of their companion, it released its hold on his shield arm as he swung it in an arc. The shield crushing and splitting the neck of one of the rats trying to dislodge its fangs from its brethren, he swapped arms as he drove his blade into the skull of the second stuck rat. With the death of the two other rats, the third that suffered bite wounds was pinned to the ground as Goblin Slayer brought his foot down on its neck. Struggling violently, it thrashed about as he freed his sword before moving to end its life.

Tearing his blade out of its skull, he cleaned it of the fat and blood that clung to it, wiping it on the hide of the rat he most recently slew. Though it was dirtied once more when he impaled the rat that had its throat slashed in the head, the two Porcelain ranks wincing at his ruthlessness. After removing his blade, he examined it before tossing it aside, deeming it as worthless. Moving close to him, they helped with removing the rats of their ears. As they were about to voice their questions about his actions, the quieted when he spoke.

"You're too hasty, when striking first, strike them somewhere fatal like the head or neck. When finishing them off, land clean, precise blows instead of wasting stamina swinging wildly. When you block your technique is poor, square your shoulders to absorb the impact and let it flow away from you instead of into you if possible. When surrounded or unable to land a single, fatal strike, stay calm and assess the situation; cripple those that you can by cutting off their limbs or slicing tendon in the arms or legs, blinding their eyes or exploit their sense of smell. After three to four bodies, blades become useless with the blood and fat caked onto them or becoming chipped from bone or armor, have a spare or utilize what you can find or have on hand. Ensure that it's dead before leaving or touching it, some may fake death to get a surprise strike. Practice and patience will save your lives in the end." He explained to the two as they quieted and listened with wide eyes, the two absorbing everything that they could as he secured a smaller blade that laid on his waist before holding it out for Apprentice Cleric to take.

"A-Amazing... To think rats had such depth to fighting them." Apprentice Cleric whispered with stars in her eyes as she took the offered blade, Goblin Slayer turning towards her with a questioning aura to him.

"Rats? I was referring to goblins. I assumed the same rules could apply to rats that I apply to them, though I am not an expert in this field." He answered as they sweat dropped a bit at his statement, Apprentice Cleric feeing embarrassed for assuming he was referring to rats.

With newfound knowledge, the duo seemed much more confident then they did earlier. With Goblin Slayer watching over them, the man having taken Apprentice Cleric's staff as it was useless with her having already used the day's miracle, they carried out the subjugation of the rats that littered the sewers with the man offering his criticisms where he felt fit. Soon enough, they found themselves panting after a few hours of slaying the large rodents, their pouches of ears neared seven with how many they had slain. Taking a break before they made it back to the surface, Goblin Slayer returned Apprentice Cleric's staff before he suddenly stood as he faced the darkness with a pilfered sword he found on the corpse of a fellow adventurer.

Scanning the darkness, he solidified his stance as the pair behind him looked at him withcurious and anxious eyes. In the short time that they had partied with him, the found that his senses were almost inhuman. The tiniest flickers of movement, the faintest sounds, the slightly change of scents; he noticed them all. Seeing him alert automatically raised alarms in their minds as they shakily rose to a battle ready stance, though they felt their bodies shudder when they caught sight of a horrific looking creature skittering towards them.

"W-What the hell is that?" Rookie Warrior whispered as his sword shook from his terror, Apprentice Cleric feeling her legs shake as the creature let a terrifying chitter leave its maw.

"It's no goblin." Goblin Slayer stated as he scanned it from head to back, grabbing the lantern that served as one of their main sources of light before tossing it at the creature.

The lantern shattering upon impact with how hard it was flung, glass, oil and flame covered the area as a jarring screech left the maw of the giant insect in front of them. The creature rearing up, it spread its wings as Apprentice Cleric felt herself dampening her britches at the nightmarish sight as she collapsed to her knees. Rookie Warrior fell onto his rear as terror filled his body, unwilling to believe that such a large roach existed in the sewers he had explored with his partner. But as they edged to despair, their tired minds and bodies catchin up to them, the voice of their third party member spoke, cold and collected as ever.

"Calm yourselves." Goblin Slayer said as he stared the roach down, scanning its body before focusing on its limbs.

Without waiting for them, he lunged forward and hacked trough the trochanter of the left leg closest to him. Almost immediately the roach lost its sense of balance as Goblin Slayer wasted no time repeating the action to the next closest leg. With the loss of two legs on a single side, it thrashed about while trying to lunge at the armored man. Seeing that, he swung his shield as it managed to shuffle its body enough to face him, the bladed edge of the buckler slicing into its eye as another horrid screech left its maw. Seeing him unfazed brought a radiance that the darkness had nearly snuffed out, the pair managing to stand on back slightly shaky legs as Goblin Slayer tore his shield free from the roach's carapace.

Watching in an almost entranced state, the Rookie Warrior and Apprentice Cleric watched as the man almost mechanically dismantled the roach, feeling that each strike, each cut was calculated to either cripple, incapacitate or disable a function of the insect. Then a sudden realization as the words that he spoke to them earlier resounded through their minds, that when facing a foe one wasn't able to fatally wound with a single strike, crippling their movement and senses was imperative. They snapped out of their thoughts when the roach reared up once more, the rapid beating of its wings forcing them to shield their eyes as the force of the wind generated sent debris flying at them.

But the sudden wind stopped as a heavy thud and subsequent pained chittering made it to their ears, removing their arms from shielding their faces as they saw the unbelievable scene before them. Based on the blade lodged in its head, they could only presume that Goblin Slayer had thrown the sword he had used to butcher the roach, seeing him standing beside the creature as he watched it twitch and spasm. Motioning then to approach, the numbly followed his order as the cautiously made their way over.

When they neared him, he held out his hand towards Rookie Warrior, the young man blinking before making a sound of realization as he unsheathed his short sword before handing it to the man. Taking the blade Goblin Slayer hacked trough the roach's thorax, a dying sound leaving its severed head as its body twitched with the dying remnants of its nervous system. Studying the corpse, he merely handed the blade back to Rookie Warrior as the young man slowly took it before looking at the man in awe.

"Who... Who are you really?" He asked in a soft and bewildered tone, Apprentice Cleric sharing his sentiments as he simply stared at them.

"Goblin Slayer." Was all that left his mouth as started down the stone walkway, his younger companions simply staring before following after him in a panic.

(Time Skip - An Hour Later)

(Scene Change - Frontier Town: Adventurer's Guild - Conference Room)

"-ter a couple of hours we got attacked by this huge roach, it was almost five times the size of those regular roaches! I tried to fight it off while Apprentice Cleric wet herself since she used Holy Smite on a rat that snuck out of nowhere earlier today, she even dropped the sword that Mr. Goblin Slayer had so graciously given her! Can you belie-" Rookie Warrior prattled on as his brown haired companion felt her temper blow its lid, wracking him on the back of the head as he yelped in pain.

"Are you seriously making yourself look cooler on purpose or something?! And I did not wet myself! When that thing showed up I fell down and got sewer water over me!" She snapped at him in an angered tone, the two falling into a heated bicker as Guild Girl watched the scene with a wry smile, deciding to get the facts from someone she knew and trusted.

"Well Goblin Slayer? Would you please recount the quest details?" She asked while batting her eyes unconsciously, her cheeks reddening when she realized her folly.

"There were no goblins." He reported as she blinked before giggling, nonetheless she wrote down his statement before staring at him to continue.

"Rats and roaches were prevalent. We spent four hours slaying them, secured roughly seven pouches of rat ears, though I failed to keep track of how many were slain. When departing the sewers we ran into a larger roach, it was slain shortly after without issue. Nothing else happened that was noteworthy." He reported as she smiled and nodded, writing down his report as the two Porcelain ranks finally broke from their petty argument.

"Alright, everything looks to be in order! As for your reward, let's go to the counter and I'll fetch it for you all!" She chirped as she gestured for them to follow her to the front, Goblin Slayer already moving when his companions stumbled to chase after the two.

Arriving shortly, they saw Guild Girl disappear to the back as silence took reign. Anxiously, the two Porcelain ranks shot glances at the armored man as he turned his attention to the quest board. About to walk towards it and scan for any quests relating to goblins, Guild Girl returned with a small chest in her hands. The eyes of Apprentice Cleric and Rookie Warrior widening, they eagerly awaited her to hand them their reward as she deposited the coins on the counter and counted the amount.

"Let's see... Rats fetch thirty copper per ear and one gold piece for full pouches. Six full pouches, and a seventh with ten ears... Six gold pieces and three silver!" She announced as the eyes of the two widened in shock, barely able to comprehend the amount as they barely made a single gold coin a day.

"And split between two, it'll amount to three gold coins, one silver and fifty copper!" She continued while counting out and filling two pouches with the appropriate amount, happily handing it to the three as Apprentice Cleric and Rookie Warrior seemed a bit lost.

They were broken when Goblin Slayer took the two pouches, handing them their share Rookie Warrior gingerly took it. Feeling it's weight, the young man's eyes shone before dimming when the coin pouch was snatched by his stary eyed companion. Quickly opening it, Apprentice Cleric basked in the sight of the coin as a sound of joy left her mouth. But she froze before turning to address Goblin Slayer, seeing the man pocket his pouch of coin.

"Mr. G-Goblin Slayer, please wait!" She called out as he turned to leave, Rookie Warrior flinching as her voice broke him from his miffed thoughts.

"Is there something wrong?" He asked as she shook her head in the positive, returning to the coin pouch as she fished out a gold coin to present to him.

"We've almost forgotten to repay you for the money you lent us earlier for our supplies. Also, to pay for your time and knowledge today!" She said with pink on her cheeks, Rookie Warrior blinking as Goblin Slayer merely looked at her.

"No need." He told her as she found herself staring at him in surprise, it wasn't a secret that most adventurers were in love with coin, the pair included, why else would they choose such a dangerous but rewarding profession.

"B-But, we can't just take something and not pay you for it! You've given us both swords, your time and knowledge and even coins for potions! At least let us join you on a quest like you did for us, or request something of us!" She insisted as Rookie Warrior found himself nodding his head in agreement, his pride demanding that he repay the man for the valuable and potentially life saving gifts he bestowed upon them.

"Is that so?" Goblin Slayer asked in a curious tone, the follower of the Saint of Justice vigorously nodding her head along with her partner.

"Very well. If you wish to repay me, then live." He answered as the two before him tilted their heads at his request, their eyes slowly widening as they slowly found the underlying message of the statement.

"Y-Yes sir!" They declared as they dipped their heads in respect, the armored man nodding as he departed to the request board.

"He's so kind..." Apprentice Cleric whispered with shining eyes, her cheeks flushing as she found herself following his back.

"L-Let's go find some armor like he said!" Rookie Warrior snapped in a rather flustered tone, securing a hold on Apprentice Cleric's wrist before dragging her out of sight of the armored man.

With Goblin Slayer, the man was left alone scanning the board once more for any quests pertaining to goblins. Though, like the morning, there were no requests for the devils. Growing a tad curious about the lack of such activity, a hand found itself holding his, Goblin Slayer turning to see Young Monk sporting a blush and a shy smile as she beamed at him.

"M-Mr. Goblin Slayer! I-It's nice to see you again!" She chirped as he nodded at her, a sudden shout drawing the attention of the two as her party stormed up to him.

"Sir Goblin Slayer! It is a welcome sight to see you once more!"

"It seems like you've just returned from a quest yourself, more goblins?"

"Grr... Don't think I've forgotten the humiliation you brought to me, Goblin Slayer!"

The voices of Noble Knight, Elf Wizard and Rhea Ranger resounded as they stopped before the pair in front of the board. Smiles graced the faces of Noble Knight and Elf Wizard, though Rhea Ranger had a pout on her face as she glowered at the man. Seeing as they were clamoring in front of the board, Young Monk gently pulled Goblin Slayer towards an empty table as her party followed suit. Taking a seat, they filled the man in on what occurred yesterday during their debriefing and of the day's event, which was uneventful as they had just returned from a simple wolf suppression quest. Soon enough, the stomach of Young Monk rumbled a bit as the young lady flushed in absolute mortification, growing more red as her party members laughed at her expense.

"Well, we're going to get something to eat. Would you like to join us, Sir Goblin Slayer?" Noble Knight asked as her party members turned towards the man, Young Monk insisting that he join them so she could repay him for saving her.

"You j-just returned from a quest yourself, right Mr. Goblin Slayer? A-Aren't you hungry?" She asked in a meek tone, the man shaking his head in the negative as she gained a sullen look.

"Well, maybe next time then, Goblin Slayer. And of course, expect me to repay you for saving me as well. It will be more... Personal." Elf Wizard purred in a coy tone, her eyes shining with a sinful light as her party members choked on air at how forward she was being.

Quickly dragging her away from the man, they bid him farewell as Elf Wizard blew him a kiss which Young Monk swatted out of the air with a frantic wave of her hands. Seeing them leave, Goblin Slayer merely turned his attention back to the board. Debating on whether or not checking it once more would bear any fruit, he was approached by Guild Girl as the honey blonde gave him a wide grin. About to ask what the situation was, she just held up a rolled piece of parchment as he stood immediately.

"Where." Was all he said as he moved to follow her to her counter, Guild Girl filling him in on all the information available with a smile on her face.

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