RedKnight 21 here with a brand new story. A while ago I was approached by 'Clamanatha' with a story idea. It's the classic 'Danny makes a wish' story, so expect a lot of lemon. This story is mostly going to be pure smut that fallows the story line of the show. I looked through a lot of Danny Phantom FanFiction and I have not found a lot of stories that give Danny a harem and the story is complete. I see a lot of attempts to give Danny a harem but it never goes well and the writers drop them, I hope to change that. Here's some things to look out for in this story.

1: Their will be character bashing in this story, mostly the males. So expect a lot of Dash, Lancer, Jack, Johnny, Vlad, and Skulker bashing in this story.

2: Their will be a lot of sex scenes in this story that explore a lot of topics, such as M/F, F/F, threesomes, anal, incest, light BDSM, cosplay, toys, and even Danny using his powers. Whenever a sex scene is about to pop up I will give a warning about what is going to happen.

3: Their are some topics I will avoid in this story such as, pegging, waterspout, M/M, scat, rape, mind-break, brainwash, snuff, futa, and pregnancy. Their is just some things I just won't wright.

4: I will take some suggestions for this story but I mostly have it planned out.

5: 'Clamanatha' suggested that I use 'Garabatoz' style art to describe the characters in this story.

6: Their will be little to no fighting in this story, their might be one or two but not much.

That's about it, I hope you like this story.

Lady Lucks Favor


No One's P.O.V

Currently flying over Amity Park at night was a lone figure, all be it a bit shaky flight. It was a young man with snow white hair and glowing green eyes, the young man was wearing a tight black hazmat suit with a pair of white gloves and boots. The young man stood, flew, a descent 5'6", just above average in high for most 14 year olds his age.

This was Danny Fenton, the first half ghost half human ever, as far as he knew. You see a few weeks ago when summer just started Danny brought his best friend over, Sam Manson, to see his parents newest invention, the Fenton Ghost Portal. At first the portal didn't work crushing his parents that their dream never got realized, but Danny knew they would bounce back. So when Danny showed Sam the ghost portal she dared him to go inside. At first he was reluctant but as Sam always dose, she eventually convinced him to go inside.

Dawning a white hazmat suit, after taking a sticker off that looked like his dad's face, Danny Fenton walked into the dark portal. At first Danny couldn't see a thing and used the wall to help guide him, but at the same time his hand brushed against something, causing his world to become nothing but pain.

Blinding white hot pain Danny couldn't even describe touched every inch, every cell of his body. For what felt like an hour the pain came to a stop, the after pain still their though. The 14 year old, who looked different then before, then stumbled out of the portal in complete pain, his body literally smoking before he fell into Sam's arms, who was crying up a storm.

The young Goth was able to get Danny up to his room before anyone noticed. Fortunately it would only take a few hours until the pain was gone, not only that but as soon as the pain was gone a white ring shot across Danny's body, making him look like his old self. It only took them a few hours to find out what exactly happen and they found two things out.

1, Danny was now part ghost after the portal activated with him inside it, the very thing his parents hunted and hated with a passion. So Danny made Sam promise to not tell his parents no matter what and she agreed.

2, which was the real kicker, was how the portal was activated. Apparently when Danny was walking inside the portal his hand brushed up against the ON button, the ON button was on the inside of the portal. That sent Danny into a cursing rant that lasted about ten minutes, the 14 year old said so much colorful word that it even made Sam blush a bit.

After the incident Danny has been trying to get a handle on his new powers with Sam's help, but they weren't having much luck. Danny considered calling his old friend Tucker Foley since he was pretty smart, but he hasn't called or seen him in almost a year after he moved away, so he was out.

Danny and Sam agreed that the best way to understand his powers was to use them, get a feel of them. So far Danny could fly, turn invisible, intangible, a ghost sense, and was super fast and strong. His powers still flickered at times, like him using his powers while still human such as invisibility or intangibility.

The most Danny used his powers is when ghosts started to appear in Amity Park and he fought them off before throwing them in the portal. He didn't know where most of them we're coming from, he hadn't seen half the ghost he fought come out of his parents portal, so he had no clue where they were coming from.

Now that's how Danny Fenton became the ghost super hero Phantom. Sam suggested calling him Danny Phantom, but Danny said it was too close to his name and he didn't want anyone figuring out his identity.

Danny was suddenly brought out of his thought when he heard a scream in the distance coming from the park. Flying as fast, and best, he could Danny made his way to the park. Danny fallow the scream all the way until he it the wishing fountain and he was surprised at what he saw once there.

Their standing a few feet way from the fountain was Dash Baxter, the biggest asshole in the whole town. But the real kicker was instead of the over arrogant jock he normally was, he was now shivering with a blue coloring on his skin.

"W-what the f-f-f-fuck!" Dash shouted as he stumbled away from the fountain. "Wh-why is it s-s-s-so cold? I wanted to be c-c-cool, not c-cold!" With that Dash stumbled away from the wishing fountain. "Stupid bitch ran way before we could have fun."

Once far enough away Danny landed on the ground while laughing hysterically.

"Oh god, what beautiful being did that to him?" Danny said as he whipped away a tear.

"You flatter me too much young man." A feminine voice said behind him making Danny freeze as he hiccupped a small blue mist from his mouth.

Whipping his head to the fountain Danny was stunned what he saw floating above the fountain. It was a beautiful woman warring harem style cloths, she head long black hair that reached all the way to her waist and it seemed to go well with her green skin. As Danny stared up at her he couldn't help but notice her very sizable chest before looking her in her red eyes.

"Your a ghost." Danny said in shock as he looked up at her.

The woman looked amused as she floated down to his level. "Your right, and so are you." She said, her voice dripping with amusement.

Danny flushed realizing he said as obvious question. "Sorry, it's just your the first ghost I met that can talk... other then me."

Now that got a surprised look from the woman. "Have you not met another ghost while in purgatory?"

Danny shrugged. "My situation is... complicated. I never went to the ghost world, I've been here." He said before looking at her. "By the way, what exactly happened to that guy?"

The woman gained a mischievous smile. "Well after his date walked way for being a jerk he asked to be 'the coolest boy in town' and for the day he is."

It took a second for Danny to get it, but he did. "You made him cold, why?" He asked with a smile.

The woman smile as she let her hands glow. "I am Desiree, the wishing ghost." She said with passion that made Danny nearly stare at her in awe.

"So you can grant any wish you hear?" Danny ask, a little excitement in his voice.

Desiree suddenly gained an even more mischievous look on her face. "But be carful what you wish for young man." She warned with a smile, making Danny raise his hands a bit.

As Danny was about to ask another question he heard a scream not far from where he was. Acting on instinct Danny flew to the scream came from, leaving a confused Desiree behind. Once their the halfa saw a few Ectopuss tarazing some people, about three of them. Acting fast Danny grabbed one by it's tentacles and started to swing it around, slamming it into the other two, then before they could react the halfa tied them together by the tentacles. They got a few good hits in but it was nothing Danny couldn't handle.

Once they were defeated Danny realized he needed to get them away before they woke up. "Damn it, I wish there was a ghost portal near by." Danny muttered.

"So you have wished it, so shall it be."

Before Danny could even question what happened a ghost portal opened up in front of him. Without hesitation Danny throw the three ghosts into the portal but just as the ghost entered the portal Danny was hit with a blast sending him flying to the ground. Danny groaned as he pushed himself as he did so he felt a white ring pass over his body and a second later he heard a gasp.

Looking up Danny saw a shocked Desiree floating above him, looking at him in disbelief.

"What are you young man?" Desiree asked as she floated closer to him.

Danny quickly changed to his ghost form but was still on the ground. "I'm... I have no idea." Danny said with a sigh as he sat up. "As far as I can tell I'm half ghost and half human."

That got another gasp of shock from Desiree. "I have never heard of such a being," She said as she floated closer to his level, now only about a foot apart from him. "You may be the first of your kind."

That got a sigh from Danny. "I know, this whole half ghost thing is really complicated, I feel like half the time I'm using my powers blindly. Hell your the first ghost I've met who could talk." Danny said before he got up.

Desiree gave the young man a sad smile as she looked at him. "You have no idea what you are doing, do you?"

"Not a clue," Danny said before he gave her a smile. "Anyway, thanks for opening that portal, it would of taken me forever to find one."

That seemed to get an even sadder look from the woman. "It was not like I had a chose young man." Desiree muttered to herself, confusing Danny even more. "Tell me..." Desiree tried to say his name but realized she didn't know it.


With that Desiree nodded. "Phantom, what do you think of ghost?" She asked, Desiree wanted to know what kind of young man he was.

Danny thought for a moment before answering. "Honestly, I used to think all ghost were like those Ectopuss, plus that's what my parents told me how ghost are." He said making Desiree frown. "But seeing you do nothing but prank someone makes me think that not all ghosts are bad. So I don't know what to think." Danny said while rubbing his head.

Desiree had a blank look on her face before smiling, it was an honest answer and he was willing to keep his mind open. "Alright, well you see Phantom, not all ghost are bad and not all ghost are good."

"Like people."

Desiree smile again when she heard him. "Almost like people," She said getting a confused look from Danny. "You see all ghost have an obsession, something that drives them and something they love to do. Sometime that obsession can take over the ghost's action and nearly make them do what ever it takes to so that obsession."

Danny was listening closely, this was the first real ghost related information he had and he wasn't going to miss it. "So some ghost might do something bad because it's related to their obsession, but that doesn't mean their bad?" Danny asked if he got that right.

Desiree nodded with a smile. "Exactly, for instant your obsession might be fighting for protecting, which might be bad for ghost who's obsession might cause some mischief. Another example is my obsession, I must grant anyone their desires, such as wishes," She said before a serious look crossed her face. "But not everyone's wishes are good so I must be vigilant when granting wishes or their will be a price."

Danny started to understand more and more about ghost just from listening to Desiree. "Well you can just ignore bad wishes right?" When Danny saw Desiree flinch and look away he got confused. "Right?"

"...I must grant every wish I hear, it is my curse since I became a ghost." Desiree said as she looked at her hands.

Danny gave Desiree a said sad look hearing that. She seemed like a nice person helping him with his problems without anything in returned. And she's forced to grant any wish she hear-

"Wait, I wonder if this will work then. "Danny muttered in thought, not noticing the betrayed look on Desiree's face. "Desiree, I wish-"


"That you can chose which wish you can grant."

Desiree's sentence died in he mouth when she heard those words, suddenly her hands started to glow. "So you have wished it so shall it be." She said in an almost disbelief tone.

As soon as the words left her mouth she felt it, the binding of her core was gone she was free. Desiree looked at Danny it disbelief and could only ask one thing. "Why?"

Danny rubbed his head a bit. "Well you seem like a good person and you did help me, and I didn't like how your own powers we're keeping you down. So I decided to help you."

Their was a long silence between the two that made Danny fidget a bit. Suddenly, without warning Desiree grabbed Danny and brought him into a hug.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Desiree shouted as tears ran down her face.

Danny however was blushing up a storm as Desiree hugged him. It wasn't just the beautiful woman giving him a hug that made him blush, it was the fact his face was right in between her incredibly large breasts and soft. They were so large they nearly wrapped right around his head.

Suddenly Desiree pulled Danny up to her level and did another shocking thing. She gave him a mind-numbing kiss right on the lips. The kiss was so good that Danny accidently changed back to his human form, but Desiree didn't stop the kiss, in fact she moaned when she felt the tingly sensation of the change.

After about a minute of kissing Desiree finally pulled back, leaving a weak knees Danny barley able to stay standing.

"How can I ever repay you?" Desiree asked in joy.

"Oh... the kiss was enough, more then enough." Danny said in a weak voice, thought he still had a goofy smile on his face.

"But their must be something?" Desiree asked as she got closer, which caused Danny to get a great view of her breasts. "I know, I can help you with your powers."

That seemed to get Danny to look at her eyes. "Help me how?"

"I can give you some advice on how to get a better control of your powers." She offered.

That was something Danny could easily accept, so he did. Desiree told him that the best way to get a handle on his powers was to meditate, having a clear mind and connecting with his core, basically his ghost heart, will give him a better feel of his powers and have better control. She also suggested he train his human body, both physically and his powers while still human to get a better understanding. The final piece of advice she gave was to keep training his powers with any free time he had until he got a handle on them, she mentioned it took her a good long month to change her hands into weapons.

"I really appreciate the advice your giving me." Danny said as he finish writing everything he heard down on his phone.

"I should be the one thanking you, no one has ever shown me suck kindness before." Desiree said while giving Danny a big smile.

Danny rubbed his head while blushing. "I just did what I thought is right, plus like I said earlier, your a good person. Just try to make sure your wishes don't get out of hand."

Desiree nodded before giving Danny one last hug, putting his face between her large breast again. "I'll never forget this, ever."

Danny smiled as he carefully returned the hug.

After a few second they separated, both smiling. "It's time I go," She said as she started to fly away. "I hope we meet again."

With that Desiree started to fly away. Danny sighed as he started to let everything sink in. He learned a lot about ghosts, he helped a ghost, he learned not all ghosts are bad, and he got some great tips for his powers.

But best of all was what Desiree did, which put a smile on his face.

"Man, first I get a kiss from a hot woman, then she put my face between her breasts, twice, and I got some advice on my powers." Danny said as he let a big smile cross his face. "Man, I wish I was always as lucky with girls." Danny said to himself before flying off.

Unknown to him Desiree was still in ear shot, thanks to her power of granting wishes she would hear a wish from nearly a mile away. She didn't have to grant Danny's wish, but she decided that she wanted to, as a 'thank you' for what he did for her. Another mischievous part of her wanted to make the young man's life a little more interesting.

"So you have wished it, so shall it be."

With that said Danny never felt any different, but his life was about to become a whole lot interesting.

21N: And that's the first chapter and I hope you like it. So here are some clarifications about what is going on.

1: Tucker will not be in the story, if he was then he would of been completely useless and hating Danny for getting so many girls. So no Tucker.

2: Danny will have a much better control of his powers then he did in the show. He won't be OP but he will be stronger then the weaker enemies in the show. But it doesn't really matter since I won't be writing a lot of fight scenes.

3: Here's how the wish work. Danny will be caught in sexy situations thanks to the wish, weather he, or someone else, wants to or not. For instance he could be the only one to see if a girls skirt falls to the floor, or if a girl get's water on her shirt getting a great view of her breast. But the wish goes both ways, for instance a girl could walk in while he's taking a leak, or if he's shirtless and working out, it all random and no one has any control of it.

Thanks for reading, hope you like it.