Lady Lucks Favor

After School Project

No One's P.O.V

"Go left! Go left! I said left!"

"I'm going I'm going, don't blow your top off!" Danny yelled as he worked the controller.

Currently Danny and Sam were in Sam's room playing their favorite online game, Doomed. The game was about a apocalyptic cyber world where characters fought to gain special keys that would unlock the secrets of the internet and become it's master.

Obviously it was all fake and their were no real master keys to the internet. How stupid would it be for a game to create master keys to the internet and leave them inside a kids game.

Danny was currently playing with Sam, who loved the game just as much as him. When Danny found out Sam liked Doomed he was honestly surprised at first, not because Sam was a girl, but because Sam was... well... Sam. Sam liked poetry, she liked being a vegan, she liked rock n' roll, she LOVED being right. Videogames was not on the list of things Sam liked that Danny knew, until now.

The halfa huffed as his character died. "Well, I'm out until I respawn." Danny said as he stretched his arms before standing up. "I'm going to use the bathroom."

"Come back quick, I should be able to revive you after this boss!" Sam called as she kept her eyes on the TV. "Die you fucking toaster!"

Danny shook his head with a laugh as he made his way upstairs.

As he climbed the stairs Danny's phone rang making him pause. Pulling out the phone Danny smiled as he read a news article about Ember McLain's latest consort.

It's been a while since Danny and Ember met and split, the memory being bitter sweet to the halfa. After Danny and Ember agreed to try being together for a week Danny had a blast to say the least. Ember was fun, wild, confident, and passionate all at once. She put her core and soul into her music that made it come alive and touch other people deep within. The two went on a date every day and would spend most of the day together if not all day. They would visit the park, music studios, the movies, or earthier of their Layers.

And the sex, the memories of what he and Ember did still made the halfa hard. The rock-star ghost was a wild-wild girl in bed, more then willing for some extra kinky play whenever Danny wanted. Hell, for every day the entire week Danny and Ember had sex more times in one day then Danny had detentions from Lancer.

The only down side was when Ember had to leave. On the last day Danny took Ember out all day, treated her like a queen before they had passionate sex at the end.

Ember promised Danny they would meet again, and she would try and drop by every once in a while.

As Danny continued to walk down the hallway he turned a corner before stopping as he faced Sam's mom, Pamela Madison.

"Danny," The woman said simply before walking around Danny, making the Halfa raise an eyebrow.

Danny knew Sam's mom for a long time, and Danny knew the woman didn't fully like him. Pamela would always nitpick at something about Danny or his family, or just give the Halfa a look that said she did not like him. Pamela was a bitch, but a bitch that loved Sam and somewhat respected Sam's nature and personality, even if she didn't always agree with it. Sam's father however, Jeremy Madison, was way worse. The man outright insulted Danny and his family, calling them freaks, peasants, and the reason Sam is so different from them and why he doesn't have a proper daughter.

The man annoyed Danny to no end, talking about status and money as if it was the only important thing in the world. Pamela was somewhat the same with being obsessed with status and money, yet she still cared about Sam enough to respect her daughter's personality, if only offering the occasional pink dress now and again.

From what Danny remembered Sam telling, Jeremy and Pamela were high school sweethearts, Jeremy being the star actor of the drama club and Pamela being head cheerleader. The kind of couples from those cheesy romance movies about the two teens that seem too perfect for each other and marry right after college and settle down with a white picket fence house.

Yet that's where the sweet story ends as Sam told Danny that the main reason Pamela and Jeremy married, the same thing as now, status and money. With their families investments combined the Madisons had enough money to live without worry, giving them status as one of the wealthiest families in all of Amity Park.

Danny felt sorry for Sam, not having a good family growing up, Sam's family made Danny feel like he grow up in the perfect home. Yet the goth always waved Danny down. Sam's grandma was a big part in rising Sam and both Jeremy and Pamela loved their daughter in their own way. Sam always told Danny she might not have the ideal family, yet it was still her family, fucked up as it is.

After Danny finished in the bathroom and made his way back to Sam the Halfa found the goth relaxing with a look of victory.

"So you win?" Danny asked as he sat next to Sam, who continued to grin.

"Yup, had to use some of my rare items, but it was totally worth it." Sam said as she put down her controller. "Now I think it's time we study."

That made Danny groan as Sam shut off the TV. A big English test was coming up with Lancer's class, a test that counted for a big portion of everyone's grade for the year. After Lancer's stunt with the last big test and failing to tell his students a few months in advance, Lancer was on thin ice with the principle and had to watch his step for a while.

Danny needed at least a B or higher if he wanted to be in the clear for next year. A C or lower and Danny would have to put more time into every test and less time on fighting ghosts until he made it to next year.

"I know, I know Danny." Sam laughed as she pulled a textbook. "But Valerie is on patrol tonight and this will allow us to study for the test. And I don't not want Lancer or my parents on my ass.

"Speaking of your parents, I ran into your mom." Danny said as he laid down on Sam's bed.

Sam sighed as she sat on the floor right next to her bed. "What did she say?"

"Nothing," Danny said, making Sam look at him in surprise. "She just said my name and walked away in a hurry, like she was distracted."

Sam gave an annoyed sigh as she leaned back in her bed. "Things between my parents have been strained lately, more so then usual. Half the time their bickering over some bullshit around the house or arguing over something else."

Danny gave Sam a worried look. "You don't think they'll split, do you?"

That made Sam snort a laugh. "Not if they want to give up their money." Sam said before glancing at Danny. "If they have a divorce they would have to split all of their assets, meaning they can't have all the fancy stuff they love to shove in peoples faces, and that is the last thing they want." Sam said before smiling at Danny. "Look Danny, I know I don't have the best parents in the world, in fact even I know their snobbish assholes, but I have a rocking grandma and... well... you..." Sam said with a blush as she pushed her face in her textbook.

Danny stared down at Sam for a long moment before he started to act.

(Lime: Start)

Throwing his book to the side Danny reached down and pulled Sam onto her bed, making her yelp in shock.

"Damn it Danny, what are you-Mmm."

Danny silenced Sam with a deep kiss that made her melt in his arms. The goth closed her eyes and accepted the kiss with no hesitation.

The halfa pulled away from the kiss and left Sam slightly breathless.

"Okay, what brought that on?" Sam asked with a goofy grin on her face as Danny smiled down at her. "Not that I'm complaining."

Danny started kissing down Sam's neck, making the goth moan in pleasure. "I made you talk about something personal and depressing, so I need to fix things by making you feel better." Danny said as he flicked Sam's hardening nipple.

"Hmmm~" Sam moaned as she felt Danny rub her bear legs, making her twitch with anticipation. "Well this is normal for ME!" Sam yelped as she felt Danny's mouth on her right breast through her cloths. "But fuck, I am not complaining." Sam hummed as Danny started to work on her.

Putting his hand under Sam's shirt Danny slowly rubbed her flat stomach, feeling her shiver under his touch. Fazing her shirt off Danny was greeted by Sam's black bra holding her D-Cup tits.

The Goth moaned at Danny's touch making her nipples slowly become hard.

"I don't think I say this enough." Danny said slowly as he used his other hand to slowly roll Sam's nipple's between her fingers. "But you always look sexy in dark colors. Black, purple, it always looks good on you." He said before flicking her nipple.

Sam gave a shutter as she grabbed Danny's hand. "D-Danny, we can't..." She said while panting.

That made the Halfa pull away. "Sorry, I thought you were in the mood." Danny apologized.

Sam huffed while giving Danny a shaky smile. "Trust me, I am." She said while grabbing his hand. "It's just my parents are here, they are so annoyed with each other the little noise will catch their attention. If we fuck I might not be able to hold back my... you know." She trailed off with an embarrassed look on her face.

"Screaming and moaning your brains out." Danny's cheeky tone was met with a pillow. "Then let's not fuck," Danny said slowly as he started to rub between Sam's legs again, making the Goth squirm. "I just want to make you feel better after I asked so many personal questions."

That made Sam sighed as she smiled at the Halfa. "Danny, if their is one person I trust just as much as my grandma, it's you." She said before a sexy grin crossed her face. "So if you want to make me feel good... look in the drawer next to my bed."

Danny raised a brow at Sam as he reached back and pulled the drawer open. Looking inside Danny's eyes widen at what he pulled out.

"Wow, someone's feeling kinky." Danny grinned as he pulled out a pair of handcuffs, a blindfold, and a mouth gag.

Sam blushed as she made circles in her bed. "I ordered them online and I have been meaning to try them out. Now's a good a time as any." She said with a giggle.

"What about your mom and dad?" Danny asked as he looked at the stuff Sam bought.

"My dad should be out in a while, and as long as my mom doesn't hear any screaming or moaning she should stay content watching her shows." Sam said as she leaned back into her bed. "So as long as you don't fuck my brains out, we can have some fun." Sam said while licking her lips.

Danny grinned as he turned to Sam, making the Goth shiver with anticipation. Before Sam could say another word Danny acted. He handcuffed Sam to her bed, put the mouth gag in place, and blindfolded her.

Looking down at his best friend Danny couldn't help but get hard at how helpless she look. She was completely at his mercy.

"You've made a big mistake Sam." Danny whispered in her ear as he ran his hand up and down her stomach. "I might not fuck you with my dick, but I have other ways of making you scream."

"Carful. Mom." Sam said in a muffled tone through the gag.

"Then I guess," Danny said in a low tone as the pinched Sam's nipple hard, making her moan. "It's up to you to keep quiet."

Danny started off slow. Kissing down Sam's neck softly before kissing between her breasts. Pulling her bra down Sam's tits jiggled up, exposing her harden nipples. Danny bent his head down and took one of the nipples in his mouth, kissing softly before slowly pulling back.

Sam's nipple gave a wet pop out of Danny's mouth before the Halfa moved over to the next breast.

"Hmm~" Sam moaned softly as she twitched under Danny's touch. With the blindfold on and her hands restricted even the simplest pleasures were being intensified.

After a solid minute of kissing Sam's breasts Danny started to move down. He kissed her flat stomach slowly before licking her bellybutton. Snaking his hand down under Sam's skirt Danny rubbed Sam's pussy over her laced panties. Already the Halfa could feel how wet she was as her panties were becoming soaked.

Moving her panties to the side Danny started to rub her clit in circles as he kissed her bellybutton deeper and longer.

"Hmm~! Hmmm~!" Sam started to moan louder through her gag as she tighten her fists.

Pulling up Danny looked at Sam's face with a grin. She was a drooling mess as her mouth was closed shut around the gag.

"Carful Sam, what will your mom say if she see's her daughter tied down while her best friend makes her cum with just his mouth and fingers?" Danny asked in a cheeky tone as he started to move down.

Pulling down her skirt and panties in one motion Danny spread Sam's legs as far as possible. He saw her pussy twitch hard with need and anticipation, just a few more rubs before she was ready to cum.

Rubbing up the inside of her thigh Danny slowly moved up before his hands were on her pussy. Spreading her lower lips open Danny saw more of her juices fall onto her bed. Leaning is face close and taking in Sam's sent, Danny licked her clit with his tongue before he started to stuck on it hard.

"Hmm! Mmmm!" Sam's moan's started to become louder as she tried to grind her pussy against his mouth.

Danny felt himself become rock hard and wanted to release himself, but not until Sam had her own orgasm.

Sticking two fingers into Sam's pussy Danny started to pump rapidly while sucking on her clit hard.

"Hmmmmm!" Sam moaned loud into her gag while pulling on her handcuffs hard.

Pulling off Sam's clit hard Danny went down and stuck his tongue deep inside of her, moving it around and tasting her juices.

Sam's eyes rolled into the back of her head behind the blindfold.


Sam squirted all over Danny's face, getting it nice and wet with her juices. Sam's entire body was stiff before falling completely limp on the bed.

Danny pulled from between Sam's legs and whipped the juices from his face. Moving up Danny grabbed the mouth gag and pulled it out of Sam's mouth, allowing her to pant for air, sweat running down her face and body.

"Holy... Holy..." Sam panted before shaking her head with a weak chuckle. "I can't even... talk..." Sam said as she laid lifeless on the bed.

"I guess it would be asking to much for you to take care of me." Danny said while pressing his hard-on against her leg.

Sam gave a weak laugh. "Just let me rest for a minute Danny. In fact I'll make you a promise. After we finish studying today I'll suck your cock off until your shooting blanks."

Danny twitched hard at that, and decided he would suffer a little suffering for a good reward. So the Halfa started unlocking the handcuffs around Sam's wrists.

If the Halfa was paying more attention he would of heard the faint sound of a door closing.

Lime: End

"Finally!" Danny sighed in relief as he exited Mr. Lancer's class with Sam behind him. "I thought that test would never end."

"Yeah." Sam said as she stretched her arms. "But now that is over with, we can take a break." She said before grinning to Danny. "Doomed at my place?"

"You sure your parents won't mind me coming over again?" Danny asked as he pulled out his backpack from his locker.

"Of course they will, that makes me want to do it all the more." Sam said with a cheeky grin. "So, what did you get on the test?"

"B-," Danny said as he held up the test in hand. "It's not what I wanted, but if I get a A on the next test I'm solid. You?"

"An A," Sam said with a grin as she moved down the hallway. "You know, maybe before we play Doomed we can swim in my pool, my parents just got it fixed."

"Remind me again how it broke in the first place?" Danny asked as they walked out of school.

Sam snorted while holding back a laugh. "Let's just say my dad pissed off the last pool boy we had and leave it at that."

After a few minutes of walking the two entered Sam's home.

"I'm home," Sam called as she closed the door. "And I'm not alone!"

A moment later Jeremy came around the corner. "Oh, Fenton, here again I see." The snobbish man said with a sniff while sticking his nose in the air.

"Yes, that happens when your daughter has friends." Danny said while rolling his eyes.

"Then she needs better friends." Jeremy throw back before walking past them. "Tell your mother I'll be out for the rest of the day, I have friends to meet up." The blond man said before walking out of the room.

"I'm surprised he has any friends." Danny snorted.

"That's what he calls his rich group, where they hang out to see who has the most money and is better then the rest." Sam said with an eye-roll before grinning at Danny. "Anyway, let's celebrate-" Sam was cut off as her phone rang, making the Goth pause. "Hold on..." Sam said as she pulled out her phone. "Hello... Grandma?... What, oh yeah... Okay, I'll be right over." Sam said before turning to Danny with an apologetic look. "Sorry Danny, my grandma just called and I just remembered I would be with her for her bowling tournament today."

"Hey, it's cool," Danny said with a shrug and a smile. "We can play another day."

"No, no," Sam said quickly. "It shouldn't take more then an hour at most. My grandma is a beast when it comes to bowling and no one stands a chance. You can just wait here for now."

"Are you sure, your mom is still here." Danny warned with a sigh.

"Don't worry about her, as long as you stay out of her way she'll stay out of yours. My dad is the only one who likes to bitch at you." Sam said with a small chuckle before she handed Danny her bag. "I'll see you in a bit Danny." She said before leaving.

Danny let out a breath as he looked at a time. "An hour, huh..." Danny muttered before he made his way to the kitchen for some water.

Unfortunately as soon as Danny entered he made eye contact with Pamela, who was drinking a glass of red wine.

"Daniel..." Pamela said simply as she continued to drink her wine.

"Mrs. Manson..." Danny said slowly with a nod. "Do you mind if I get a glass of water?"

"You may." The highclass woman said with a cut nod.

Danny placed his backpack down while making his way over to the sink, the entire time Pamela didn't take her eyes off him as she drank her wine. Danny quickly poured himself a cup and silently drank it.

"I saw you yesterday with my daughter, saw what you two did."

Danny's eyes bulged as he quickly hacked up the water, a shocked look on his face as he coughed heavily. Danny whipped his head around to see a calm look on the older woman's face as she continued to drink her wine.

"You saw... what exactly?" Danny asked slowly, hoping maybe she meant something else then what he thought.

Now Pamela looked amused, which scared Danny a bit. "When you were supposed to be studying, you were instead playing with my daughter's body after she was tied to the bed." She said while narrowing her eyes, yet the evil grin never fell.

"I'm dead..." Danny thought with dread as he held his hands together. "L-Look Mrs. Madison, I can explain."

"Save your breath, I honestly suspected something like this between you two for a while." Mrs. Madison said coolly while sipping on her wine, making Danny blink. "My daughter isn't as sneaky as she clams to be, yesterday only confirmed it."

"So Jeremy also.." Danny trailed off slowly.

That made Pamela laugh before looking back at Danny. "Are you serious, I know my husband, and as much as he claims to be at the top of the social ladder he won't suspect anything unless he see's it with his eyes."

That made Danny sigh in relief. "Well that's one silver lining..."

"Honestly, I don't mind all that much." Pamela said in a care free voice, making Danny blink at her in shock. "Sam is a smart young woman, and a woman none the less that needs her own relief. I feel more comfortable she get it from someone she knows then some stranger." Suddenly Pamela's eyes turned sharp as she glared at Danny. "But if you hurt her, or get her pregnant, their will be hell to pay and you will pay it." She said while coolly sipping on her wine. "Are we clear?"

Danny felt an honest shiver run up his spine as he stared at the woman, no ghost Danny has met so far had given such a look.

"Crystal." Danny said with a nod.

"Good," Pamela said as she poured her next glass. "But since I'm allowing this to continue, you owe me something. Sit down Daniel."

The Halfa now looked confused as he sat across from Pamela. "What do you want exactly?"

Pamela took a long sip from her wine glass while looking down at the Halfa. "Tell me, what do you think of my husband?" She asked in a neutral tone.

Danny's fast twisted for a moment before he spoke. "He's... a decent man to say the least."

That got an un-ladylike snort out of Pamela. "Please Daniel, I want an honest opinion, not a flat out lie. I'm sure Sam has told you about Jeremy and I's marriage arrangement."

"...He's a pompous asshole with a silver spoon so far up his own ass it's making a round trip." Danny said in one breath.

Pamela blinked at Danny before nodding slowly. "I wouldn't use those exact words, but that about sums it up." The woman said before standing up, wineglass still in hand. "I am honestly content with my arrangement, and while I know others will see it as heartless I am quiet happy, and isn't that what truly matters."

Danny gave a shrug. "Hey, you do you. If this life style is making you happy, and your not hurting people, keep doing what your doing." Danny said before giving the woman a questioning look. "So why are you bringing up your husband?"

That made an annoyed look cross Pamela's face. "Jeremy is cheating on me." Pamela said simply, making Danny's eyes widen in shock. "My husband think he's so smart, able to keep this from me. If it wasn't for our butlers he wouldn't even know what to ware."

"I-I'm sorry," Danny stuttered after hearing the statement. "I had no idea-"

"Oh don't be, frankly I'm somewhat thankful," Pamela said off handedly, making Danny blink. "Thanks to his so called lover I have had the house to myself much more often. Also he is quiet content to sleep by himself and not come to me for sex. So I find this a win." The woman said simply with a shrug as she drank her wine.

Danny blinked slowly before shaking his head. "So what's the problem? If you don't care and actually benefit, what's the problem?"

"I have three major problems with Jeremy's personal affairs. 1: He is being too reckless." Pamela said with a dry laugh as she shook her head. "He has been spotted by multiple people going into unfamiliar areas, came home late with his clothes in shambles, and has been stinking of alcohol and cheap glitter." The woman said with a scowl, and Danny could tell it wasn't from the fact her husband was cheating on her. "If he continues to be so reckless all of Amity Park will know of my husbands side life. Imagine how that will look on me," Now Pamela sounded angry at that. "They will think I can't satisfy him, that he has grown board of me and wants some young, big tit bimbo to fuck whenever he wants! I will be a laughing stock to all who hear, that my dandy of a husband has the balls to cheat on me so recklessly without a fucking care in the world!" Pamela huffed and puffed while looking to Danny with an angry look in her eye.

Danny leaned slightly back from the woman's rage before slowly nodding. "Okay, I can understand why that would upset you. And the other two reasons?" Danny asked slowly.

Pamela took in a breath before smoothing out her pink dress. "2: My husband is spending too much money on this woman. Thousands of dollars have been spent on jewels, restaurants, furniture, and anything else. We have money Danny, but so much reckless spending at once will become very problematic for everyone if this continues on like this."

Danny nodded again. "Okay, you don't want Jeremy to blow everything, understandable. And the last reason?"

"I don't want a divorce."

Now that made a very confused look cross Danny's face. "Okay, I'm lost now." Danny admitted while shaking his head.

A smirk crossed Pamela's face, making Danny shiver at the unnatural look. "Daniel, the reason this family is so rich is because of both my family's assets and Jeremy's family's assets. Separated they are only lucrative, together however, they work well enough where we can barely work yet make so much. If Jeremy were to try and divorce me our assets would be split, the same could be said if I tried to do the same to him. The last thing I want is for Jeremy to get it into his head that this woman is worth leaving everything for. And if he does want to leave me for this whore I'm going to need some... insurance to make him think twice. Or something to make sure I come out with almost everything."

"Ah, that's where I come in." Danny said, finally understanding what Pamela was leading up to.

"Exactly." Pamela smiled at the Halfa. "I need you to follow Jeremy and get me any evidence you can, photos and video will be perfect. I can't take a chance of a PI thinking he can blackmail us over this. Do this for me and you can continue your relationship with my daughter and feel no worries." Suddenly Pamela's face turned cold making Danny shiver. "But if you hurt Sam in any way, or get her pregnant, you will be held responsible. Are we clear?" Danny gave a fast nod to the mother, making Pamela smile again. "Good, so do you agree with these terms?"

Danny looked to the woman for a moment before he spoke. "Sam won't be caught in anything, right?"

"Of course. What me and Jeremy do with our personal lives will stay between us for the most part. I would never think to bring Sam into this."

Danny sighed before nodding his head slowly. "I guess I have no choice."

"Good," Pamela said with a nod before making her way out. "I expect some results by the end of the week if possible. Until them I am going to enjoy my piece and quiet." She said before walking out of the kitchen with a stride.

Once the woman was gone Danny gave a long sigh. "How the hell am I going to explain this to Sam?" Danny muttered while rubbing his head.

"Oh that, I already know."

Danny's jaw dropped at his Goth friend as he just finished explaining what Pamela told him after she got back from her grandmother's bowling.

"Y-You do?" Danny asked, a shock look on his face.

Sam gave a carefree shrug. "Yeah, my dad isn't exactly hiding it well. Do you know how many times I've caught him with lipstick on his face and cloths. I would be shocked if my mom didn't know." Sam said with an eye-roll. "What really surprises me is what my mom asking you do. Seriously, it's almost like she knows what you can do." Sam said in a worried tone as she glanced around.

Danny quickly waved his hand. "I'm much more carful about my powers, your mom is just looking for someone she had dirt on to do her dirty work."

That made Sam sigh with an annoyed look on her face. "I can't believe my mom is using my sex-life for her own bullshit. Actually I think I can, this is so like her." She said while shaking her head.

"So, what should I do?" Danny asked. "Should I go along with this, or say no and ignore her?"

Sam sighed an gave Danny a shrug. "Honestly, I think you should just do what she says." She said, making Danny look at her in surprise. "My mom may be a high society bitch, but she always keeps her word. She just wants to make sure my dad doesn't blow all of our money and run off with his lover. Frankly I agree with my mom on this. I might not care for the family money, but I do care if some bitch shakes every penny out of my dad's pockets just because he wants to get laid."

Danny sighed before nodding. While Pamela might be forcing Danny into this, it was Jeremy who started cheating in the first place and blowing his money on some woman. Though Danny personally blames them both for the very dysfunctional relationship they had.

"Alright, I'll start following your dad tomorrow." Danny said with a nod.

Sam sighed and throw her arm around Danny into a side hug. "I'm sorry for dragging you into my family's shitty business."

"Hey, it's no problem." Danny said as he smiled at Sam and returned the hug.

Suddenly Sam's smile turned sexy as she pushed her breasts into Danny's side. "You know, if you do this that means my mom won't care if we fuck here whenever we want. Imagine it, you coming in the middle of the day, throwing me over your shoulder like a sack, taking me to my room before locking the door, then fucking me senseless until I can't feel my legs as a pool of thick cum spills out of my ass and pussy." Sam whispered into Danny's ear while pressing her breasts harder against his side. "I'll finally be able to scream like a bitch whenever you blow that fat load in me."

Danny started to become hard at the Goth's words. "Maybe I should practice right now." Danny growled with a smirk.

"I wouldn't mine." Sam said back as her face moved close to Danny's, before she pulled back completely, nearly making Danny fall over. "But I think we should hold off on anything for now, until you finish your mission Ghost Boy." Sam said playfully while sticking her tongue out at Danny.

The Halfa slumped as he gave a playful glare to Sam. "I'm going to make you pay for being a cock tease."

"I look forward to it, Detective Phantom."

"I'll be going now, don't stay up for me." Jeremy didn't wait for a response as he closed the door behind him and started to walk.

"And the hunt is on."

Danny stood on top of a building with a digital camera in-hand. It was currently the weekend and after finishing his early petrol and fighting Technus Danny was free to fallow Jeremy and find out who he was cheating on Pamela with.

Danny turned invisible and flew as Jeremy drove away in his fancy car.

The next few hours were pure torture for Danny. Fallowing Jeremy Madison was something Danny never wanted to do again. The man went to 15 different clothing stories, tried on a thousand outfits, yet only bought one, the most expensive one. He went to an expensive restaurant and had a small meal by himself, yet it was also the most expensive one. Jeremy Madison was the kind of man who wanted to flaunt his welt in front of everyone just to make himself feel superior to everyone else.

Danny had stayed in the background as both Phantom and Fenton, keeping an eye on anyone Jeremy may spend time with. Yet thought the whole day not a single woman was involved, sure a few other high-class men hung out with Jeremy here and their, and a few high-class women, yet no one showed any intimacy with Jeremy.

Danny groaned as he flew behind Jeremy as he drove, the sun starting to seat.

"Please, no more clothing stores, no more high-class whatever. If this chick doesn't show up and I have to do this tomorrow, I'm going full ghost." Danny moaned in pain as he continue to fly invisibly behind the moving car. Suddenly the Halfa blink before a grin crossed his face. "Oh, now we're cooking."

Jeremy suddenly took a major detour into the less high-class part of the city. This was something since the man despised anything low class as far as Danny was concerned.

Danny continued to fallow Jeremy until the rich man came to a stop and parked his car.

"Okay, even I think this is cliché." Danny snorted as he landed on the ground.

Jeremy had parked right in front of a decrepit motel in the slums of Amity Park, the 'Don't Tell Motel'. From what Danny heard from Valerie the motel was somewhat famous in Amity for being a hotspot for shady dealings such as dealers, info exchanges, hideouts, and cheaters. What made the place great for such things was the thick walls and thick windows so no one can see or hear what when on in the rooms, or at least from what Danny heard from Valerie. It was also said that a few people even bought out some rooms for privet business, business that would be better let out of the light.

"I need to be smart about this." Danny hummed as he looked at the building.

As much as Danny wanted to just go in intangible and record everything inside the room, that kind of video would set off questions. Like how in the hell was the teen able to get a video from inside the room and right in front of Jeremy without the man noticing.

Looking around the building Danny saw that every motel room had a widow that could be open wide enough, possible for a camera to see through.

Seeing Jeremy start to get out of his car and make his way inside, and Danny started to fallow.

Sticking close enough to fallow Danny saw Jeremy wordlessly walk up to the front desk and slap a large wad of cash with no hesitation. The scruffy man behind the bullet proof glass took the cash wordlessly before slipping a key with a tag that said 3-C.

Jeremy practically snatched the key before he started to walk away in a rush.

"I'm late, I late." Jeremy muttered as he looked at his watch, speed-walking into the motel.

Silently fallowing the man Danny saw Jeremy enter room 3-C before slamming the door shut, and a loud lock going off.

Seeing this was what the halfa needed, Danny took a deep breath before he stepped through the door, making sure to be completely invisible and intangible.

"I see your here for me Zaddy."

Danny blinked as he saw what he could only assume was Jeremy's 'lover', laying on the large bed in the cheap room.

The woman looked to be in her early 20's, bleach blond hair in a pony tail, pink lips cover in lip-gloss, bright blue eyes with long lashes, and smooth light skin that seemed to be covered in glitter. For her cloths the girl wore a pair of short-shorts that seemed to barely fit around her tiny hips and butt, and a small pink tank-top that said 'Bitch' in big blue letters.

However, all this was secondary as Danny noticed the girls body. To put the words bluntly, the girl looked plastic.

The girl had big tits, at least a bit bigger then DD-cups. Sure they were big, yet looked very unnatural on her body as her tits looked too firm from the breasts Danny had seen. Danny was sure if he held them they would be a little too hard in his hand, and not in the good way. Her ass looked the same as it was too big and unnatural looking on a body her size. The last noticeable thing was the woman was on the short side, about half a head shorter then Jeremy.

"Hello Amy, Daddy is here." Jeremy said with a big cocky grin as he held his arms out to the young woman.

The now name Amy giggled up a storm as she jumped off the bed with an enthusiastic bounce and hopped over to Jeremy, her large breast nearly smacking her in the face with each hope before jumping into Jeremy's arms.

Jeremy grunted as he stumbled back from the young woman's weight, despite the woman looking to weight less then 100 pounds. Yet somehow Jeremy didn't fall and gave the girl an even cockyer grin while looking down at her.

"Wow, someone's been working out." Amy giggled as she stroked Jeremy's arm with wide eyes. "Maybe Daddy wants to impress me with his nice muscles." The woman giggled as she pressed her body harder against Jeremy's body, smashing her breasts against the man's chest. "Hey Daddy, I need some money soon, it's important. So can I get a small advance on my allowance." The woman said with big pouty lips as she started to rub her body against the older man. "Please~"

Jeremy's cocky grin grow wider as he put his hands on the girls shoulder. "Of course, anything for my woman." He said in a superior tone while looking down at the young woman.

Now Danny had a clear understanding of the relationship these two had.

Jeremy was Amy's 'Sugar Daddy'.

That thought alone made Danny shutter. Apparently Jeremy got off being the 'bread winner' of a relationship, throwing cash around to satisfy whatever this woman needed. Danny didn't know if this chick was playing Jeremy for everything he was worth, or she was truly like this all the time.

Glancing around the room Danny saw a window on the far side, and the Halfa slowly made his way over, making sure not to set off anything in the two people in the room. Danny has met people who sometimes feel a chill when a ghost is near and Danny did not want to take any chances with this chick.

Once close enough to the window Danny slid it to the side just enough to see everything before fazing to the other side. The halfa then pulled out his phone and started to record, hoping to get enough to satisfy Pamela.

"So Daddy, do you like my new puppies." Amy said as she pushed her breast together while looking up at Jeremy. "They are so much bigger then before."

Jeremy didn't hesitate to grab the woman's breast and fondle them. "Of course I do, I paid for them." The man said smugly as he reached around and slammed the girls ass, making her yelp. "And this ass as well, your body belongs to me Amy." Jeremy said in his cocky tone.

"Oh~" Amy moaned while biting her lower lip. "Does Zaddy want to play with Amy's body." The woman said in a lusty tone as she twirled her finger around her blond hair. "Well, Amy wants her Zaddy." The woman said before pulling Jeremy to the bed.

Danny's face twisted as he saw everything. Jeremy had bought the woman a freaking pair of tits and ass, something that should of cost thousands of dollars alone. Who knows what else the man has paid for on this woman. From what Danny had heard the woman was getting an allowance from Jeremy, along with whatever gift he felt like giving this woman. All that money wasted just for Jeremy to get a tickle from this woman and feel superior to everyone, even his so called lover.

"Oh~, So excited Daddy." Amy giggled before moaning.

Danny's face turned green as he quickly looked away from what was about to happen and put on some sound proof headphones before playing some music, some very loud music as the moaning began to start.

About a half an hour later Danny only heard and saw bits and pieces of the sex between Jeremy and Amy, as the last thing Danny wanted was to see was Jeremy naked. Though from what Danny saw Amy was doing all the work for the most part and Jeremy only gave orders before telling her to stop and he was satisfied.

"Wow, you lasted way longer then last time Daddy. And all for me." The naked woman said as she and Jeremy lay naked under the covers. "So, what can we do now?"

"Why don't you give Daddy a dance. Show off that body I bought you, with my money." Jeremy said as he leaned back on the head of the bed.

Amy giggled again and jumped our of bed before she started to dance for Jeremy, shaking the implants he bought her.

Seeing he wasn't going to get anything else Danny ended the video and quickly flew away.

"I can't tell if I need to watch something scary, gory, sappy, or happy to get those sounds and images out of my head." Danny said through a shutter as he flew faster back to his house. "Anything to forget what I saw."

With that Danny flew faster back to his house, tomorrow he would show Pamela what he found and make good on their deal.

Pamela sat in silence as she watched the video of her husband fucking a big titted blond. The sound wasn't good and didn't catch everything Jeremy and Amy said, yet Danny had heard enough to fill in the blanks if need be. Danny was sitting in silence across from the woman, the kitchen table between them.

By the end Pamela looked upset, yet was far from heart broken.

"This, this is the woman my husband has been throwing money at." Pamela said in an annoyed tone as she throw Danny back his phone, which he quickly caught. "Thousands of dollars spent to turn this airhead blond into a fucking bimbo with tits and ass too big that make her look like a knockoff Barbie, just so he can flaunt his money around." Pamela then snorted as she shook her head, a dry chuckle escaping her throat. "Actually, now that I say it out loud, I can actually see him doing something like this."

Danny nodded his head at the woman. "From what I heard, Jeremy likes to show off being the 'bread winner' in a relationship. With this chick who's more then willing to accept Jeremy's money and do whatever he wants, Jeremy can continue to feel superior and this woman get's whatever she wants."

That made Pamela laugh. "Figures Jeremy would spend money to get a woman to be with him, and it would take money to get him off. She's nothing more then a hooker, an expensive hooker."

Danny nodded his head slowly as he somewhat agreed with the woman. "So, I kept up my end of the deal, does that mean we're square?"

Pamela was quiet for a moment before folding her hands. "I need one more thing from you Danny, and then we are done."

Danny raised an eyebrow at the woman before shaking his head. "Oh no, we had a deal." Danny said in a firm tone, making Pamela blink. "The deal was I get you a video of your husband cheating and then we are done, that was it, nothing more and nothing less."

Pamela narrowed her eyes at Danny and stood up from her chair and glared down at Danny. "I believe your not in a position to talk to me like that." Pamela said in a low tone.

Danny also stood up and glared at up an Pamela, slightly surprising the woman. "Oh but I am Pamela," Danny said slowly, making the woman blink. "You caught be off guard last time, but I've had time to think." The Halfa said as he pointed to the woman. "If I had said no to you there is no way you would tell anyone I was sleeping with Sam for two reason. 1, it would make you look bad if Sam's sex life was made public, people love to make other people look bad for shits and giggles, you know that more then anyone. And 2, you care about Sam, and your not heartless enough to embarrass Sam to get to me. Even your not that much of a bitch Pamela... most of the time." Danny said and a small smirk crossed his face.

The two started down each other, minutes passing them as neither one backed away. Danny's had a winning smirk on his face while Pamela looked neutral, yet her hand was shaking slightly.

"...The I have a favor to ask of you Daniel." Pamela said slowly. "...Please." She stressed out.

Danny's smile widen as he stat down and looked at Pamela. "What can I do for you Pamela?"

Pamela gave a tired sigh as she sat back down. "When I confront my husband, I want you to be their."

"...Okay, I wasn't prepared for that." Danny admitted with a confused look on his face. "Why do you want me there when you confront your husband? You don't actually think he'll try and hurt you?" Danny asked with a raised brow.

Pamela gave a small snort. "Normally I would say their is no chance of that happening, yet people will sometimes do crazy things when their lives are on the line. And we both know Jeremy considers his money his life." She said in firm tone making Danny slowly nod. "Having you just their will make the man think twice. It will also make him more carful in keeping his secrets if he finds out someone your age was easily able to track down and take pictures of him."

Danny nodded to everything Pamela said and grinned at the woman. "You should run your own business Pamela, you have the makings of a business woman."

That made Pamela raise an eyebrow. "Danny, do you know what I do for a living?" The woman asked in an amused tone.

The Halfa raised a brow at the sudden question. "Your family inherited money, right?"

"Yes, but it's more then just that." Pamela said with a small laugh. "I'm an Investor, I put our money in properties and business and receive more back in just a few months. It's how our family stays so lucrative."

"Damn, maybe I should look into investing." Danny muttered as he rubbed his chin. "Does Jeremy help out?"

"Hardly, Jeremy is just a pretty face that gives me connections easily. Business man take one look at the man and think they can take a few thousand off him no problem." Pamela said before the woman folded her hands. "That is until they meet me."

"...Damn Pamela," Danny laughed as he looked at the woman. "I like this side of you much more then the side that nit-picks and bitches at everything I do."

Instead of looking insulted Pamela looked amused. "Their are many layers to people, some people will love and others people will hate. I've felt it's best to take as much good as you can and leave as much bad behind." Pamela said before looking at the time. "Jeremy will be home soon, then we will confront him."

"Okay, what do you want me to do?" Danny asked as he folded his arms over his chest.

Pamela noticed the movement and an idea entered the woman's mind, making her grin. "All I need you to do is sit their and look intimidating. Also," Pamela made her way around the table and grabbed the sleeve of Danny's red shirt, making the halfa raise a brow. "What size shirt are you?"

Jeremy hummed a marry tone as he drove back his home. Today he spend the day with his lover Amy, having the young woman serve him to his heart content, doing whatever he said no matter what.

Amy danced and played with herself for Jeremy's amusement, and all he had to do was throw a little cash around. Jeremy was the one in power, not Amy, not Pamela.

The thought of Jeremy's wife brought a frown to his face. Pamela was not the kindest woman, she was blunt with him and never held back on her words. When they agreed to marry they were equals the entire time, and Jeremy was fine with that. After they finished collage and got together it was only a few years before they became one of the richest families in all of Amity Park, barely working to make thousands in seconds.

Yet over the years their relationship had strained too much for either of them. Sex was rare between them, and their was more arguing then actual sex for the most part. It wasn't long before Jeremy had finally noticed that Pamela was the one in charge of everything in the relationship. The house, renovations, who they invested in with their money, who they were allowed to invite to parties, where they would go for vacations, all this was decided by Pamela and Jeremy hardly ever got a say.

They even started sleeping in separate beds as they did not like sleeping with each other. Pamela would hardly ever do what he asked and would ask him to put in more effort, it was all too much work to be enjoyable for both of them.

It would be years that Jeremy had gone with barely any sex and it would of been years more, that is until he met Amy.

Jeremy met the woman on freak accident, and even the blond man could tell the younger woman was an airhead. However, the moment Jeremy flashed his cash the woman took a shine to him. This wasn't the first time a woman went for Jeremy because of his money, in fact the blond man managed to seduce a few woman with his money and have them satisfy him.

Yet Amy was different.

The young woman was very submissive, doing whatever Jeremy wanted no matter what he asked, though all he really asked her was to do all the work. When Jeremy bragged or flashed his money, instead of looking annoyed or jealous Amy just giggled before asking for another present, some cheap trinket that would only cost a few hundred. Hell, it was Jeremy who suggested Amy get the implants with his money since the blond man wanted more to grab.

Jeremy grinned as he remember how excited the now busty blond was and what she did for him. Amy would do whatever Jeremy wanted as long as he flashed his money, and Jeremy Manson was the riches man in Amity Park. Jeremy was so clever that no one would find out about his secret lover.

"I'm home!" Jeremy called as he walked into his home, a big and smug smile on his face.

"Jeremy. Kitchen. Now."

Hearing the tone in his wife's voice made Jeremy groan in annoyance.

"Yes, coming my sweet wife." Jeremy called out in a fake happy tone before moving to the kitchen. "What seems to be the problem-" Jeremy cut himself off as he entered the kitchen to a strange sight.

Pamela stood in the kitchen, red wine glass in hand as she instantly started down Jeremy with a cool gaze. However what really grabbed the man's attention was the young Fenton boy sitting at the kitchen table, a calm look on his face as he as he held in hands in front of himself. What was most noticeable was the fact that Danny wasn't wearing his red shirt and black jacket, but instead a black tank-top that showed off his fit figure and muscular arms.

"What is the Fenton Boy doing here?" Jeremy asked in an annoyed tone. Why his daughter hung out with a low class freak like him Jeremy would never understand. The Fenton's were freaks, with no money or riches to their name.

Pamela took a sip of her wine and stared down at Jeremy with a hard look, making the man squirm a bit. "Danny has brought me some very interesting news, husband." Pamela said the last word in a sickly sweet tone that made the man nervous.

"Oh, and that would be?" Jeremy asked as he started to sweat for some reason.

"The Don't tell Motel." Was all Danny said with his eyes closed.

Jeremy paled as sweat was now running down his face. The man's eyes when to Pamela and saw her face did not change.

"Wh-whatever the Fenton Boy said he is lying!" Jeremy shouted in a frantic tone while pointing to Danny with a shaky hand. "He is lying, his whole family is full of no good freaks-"

"Oh Zaddy, that's so good~"

Jeremy froze in place at the familiar voice.

"Your so big for me Zaddy~ Do you like seeing the big tits you bought me bounce~"

Jeremy slowly turned to see Pamela holding a phone playing a video of him and Amy having sex. A look of horror crossed Jeremy's face while Pamela and Danny looked neutral.

Pamela paused the video and throw the phone to Danny, who caught it without looking.

"You were saying Jeremy?" Pamela asked while sipping her wine.

Jeremy shook like a leaf in the wind, his mouth opening and closing as he tried to make a sound. "I-It was a one time thing Pamela, honey, I was weak and she seduced me-"

"I know you've been seeing this woman for a few months now Jeremy." Pamela cut the man off with a flat look. "You've been coming home with lipstick, glitter, and other things that just scream cheater. Not to mention the amount of money you've pulled from our savings to pay for this woman." Jeremy now looked as white as a ghost at Pamela's words. "You know, if I show this to a devoice lawyer, I am certain I can leave you penniless in less then a few weeks. Not just for cheating on me with this whore, but also spending nearly a quarter of a million on this whore in just then a few months."

"What!?" Danny shouted as he nearly fell out of his chair while looking to Jeremy. "You spent that much just for sex, your crazy." Danny said with a snort as he leaned back in his seat.

"Yes, and I'm sure a judge will agree." Pamela said with a nod.

Jeremy's legs started to wobble as he struggled to stay standing. His head felt light as his entire body was sweating. Jeremy was going to lose everything he had once Pamela was through with him, but their was one hope to save Jeremy's life.

Only one.

Jeremy lunged forward, his face frantic as more sweat ran down his face.

Pamela's eyes widen as he stepped back only to hit the counter. Danny jumped from his chair and stood in front of Pamela, his fist cocked back.

"I'm Sorry!" Jeremy yelled as he throw himself to the floor on his hands and knees, his face pressed against the tile floor. "Please Pamela, forgive me! I don't want to lose my money and be poor!"

Both Pamela and Danny blinked at the man as Danny lowered his hands.

"I'll never see Amy again, I'll do whatever you want, just please don't take the money! Don't leave me a penniless bum with nothing, I will have to work, but I don't know how to work! I'll starve to death if no one cooks for me! I'll never be invited to another country club party!" Jeremy cried as he continued to kneel. "Please give me one more chance Pamela, I will do anything, ANYTHING-"

"Will you shut up!" Pamela yelled at her sniveling husband, a disgusted look on her face. "God, only money can make you act this pathetic. Get off the floor, I'm not going to divorce you."

"Your... your not?" Jeremy asked as he looked up at Pamela, tears and snot running down his face.

Both Pamela and Danny cringed at the poor look before Pamela continued to speak. "No, a divorce will take too long, and everyone will know that my so called husband has been sleeping around with a blond, big titted, gold digger, bimbo, slut," Every word made Jeremy flinch as he tried to sink into the floor. "And that will make me look bad, and we both know I never want to look bad." She said while glaring down at the sniffing man, making him flinch. "So I will propose a deal."

"A... a deal?" Jeremy asked as he slowly pushed himself off the floor. He then looked to Danny, yet for the first time he didn't glare. "Should we really talk about such things in front of... the boy."

Pamela just smiled and placed a hand on Danny's should. "Daniel will be a witness to everything I say, so if you try to play dumb and think you can worm your way out of this, think again."

Danny gulped slightly as he felt Pamela's breast press against his side. The Halfa was trying not to let his imagination run as he stared down at the sniveling man before me.

"O-of course," Jeremy smiled shakily. "So... a deal?"

Pamela nodded as she looked at Jeremy, who still looked sickly pale. "Yes, a deal. I will allow you to continue to see this Amy or whoever you want. On a few conditions you must follow."

"And... that would be?" Jeremy asked in a weary tone.

Pamela brought up her hand to Jeremy. "1: You will move into a different part of the house and sleep their. Never come to me asking for sex again, god only knows what that woman has." Pamela said with a huff, as Jeremy nodded slowly. "2: You will now be given an allowance."

"And allowance, but I am a full grown man-"

"Divorce, Jeremy." Pamela cut off the man's rant, making Jeremy close his mouth. "Good. Now every Saturday I will transfer money into a bank account you will have full access to. How you spend that money is completely up to you, but I will not give you more until the next weekend. 3: When the time come we will go out together for social events, but that is all. 4: If you are ever caught or you and your lover are ever found out by the public, I will divorce you on the spot and I will not hold back. Are we clear on everything?"

"J-just one question Pamela." Jeremy said with a shaky smile as he raised his finger. "How much money will I be given a week?"

Pamela face-palmed and gave a long sigh. "We will discuss that later, but it will force you not to give this woman everything she wants. So try not to blow it all the moment you get it." Pamela deadpan as she sipped the last of her wine. "Now go and tell the butlers to move your things to a guest bedroom. After that do whatever you want, maybe spend the week with the blond bimbo of yours."

"Yes, yes, right away Pamela." Jeremy said in a hurried tone as he ran out of the kitchen.

Once Jeremy left both Danny and Pamela let out a sight.

"Well, that was smoother then I expected." Danny laughed lightly. "Though the crying was a bit much."

Pamela shook her head as she placed her wine glass down. "Honestly, I am not that all surprised. But yes, Jeremy was quick to agree. He knew it was a losing battle if he tried to fight, so he will accept whatever I want."

"Cool," Danny said as he stuffed his hands in his pocket. "So what now?"

Pamela looked up in thought as she pored herself another glass. Suddenly the woman was met with an idea that made her smile.

"I believe I own you for agreeing to sit through this." Pamela said as she looked to Danny, her wine glass back in hand. "And don't think I didn't remember you jumping in front of me when Jeremy stumbled to the ground. So quick to be the hero." Pamela said while smiling down at Danny.

The Halfa blushed at the smile and rubbed the back of his head, his arms flexing from the movement. The movement was noticed by Pamela as she slowly drank her wine.

"I want you to come here tomorrow at noon, on the dot." Pamela said with a pleasant smile. "I will give you a present for everything you have done."

Danny quickly raised his hands. "Hey, as long as Sam's happy you and Jeremy can live however you want. That's enough for me."

Despite Danny's words Pamela was not going to give up that easily. "Danny, please, let me properly thank you."

The tone Pamela used was shocking to Danny, something he had never heard from the woman. Giving a small sigh Danny nodded his head.

"Alright, I'll see you tomorrow." Danny said as he turned to leave, grabbing his shirt and jacket.

As Danny left Pamela's eyes trailed the young man, her eyes going lower to his backside before he left the room. Pamela gave a lustful grin as she liked her lips, for the first time in a while she was going to feel like a woman again.

"Let's see why Sam is always sneaking around with the young man."

Danny walked up to the Manson house before ringing the doorbell.

After heading home Danny called Sam and explained everything that happened. Sam was still somewhat upset with her mother over how she used Danny, but she was relived her father was not going to blow all their money on sex anymore.

After a moment the door open and Danny saw Pamela in a white bathrobe.

"Right no time." Pamela said in a pleased tone.

"I figure it's best not to piss you off at the moment." Danny said with a shrug.

"You should never upset me Danny, Jeremy learned that the hard way." Pamela said before stepping back. "Please come in."

Danny raised an eyebrow at the woman, as long as he known her Pamela has never used Danny's name. She would only call him Daniel or Fenton, never Danny.

"I guess I got on her good side after helping her out with Jeremy." Danny thought as he glanced around. "Sam and Jeremy here?" Danny asked as he followed Pamela through the house.

Pamela shook her head. "Sam is at a poetry reading and won't be back until late, Jeremy is most likely with his whore right now."

That made Danny snort. "Couldn't even wait a day to let the fire die down, had to do the stupid thing." Danny said making Pamela's lip twitch up. "So, why did you want me here?"

"I told you already Danny, to thank you." Pamela said before coming to a stop.

Danny looked forward to see the pool in the back yard. It was big and dug deep into the ground, the water seemed to shine and glisten under the shining sun.

"Not to long ago I imported pure mineral water to fill the entire pool. It's suppose to rejuvenate the body, soul, and mind all at once, or so I am told." Pamela said in a pleased tone. "After all your hard work I think you deserve a dip in the rejuvenating water."

Danny looked at the crystal blue water and could feel his body wanting it badly. With all the fighting, workouts, and his parents inventions, Danny could use the relaxing water.

"I would love to take a swim, but I don't have any-"

"I took the liberty of grabbing you some trunks." Pamela said as she pointed outside to a pair of black swimming trunks on a lawn chair. "This is your reward Danny, for making my life easier."

Seeing nothing holding him back, Danny went to the back before taking his shirt off and throwing it to the side, a massive grin on his face.

Pamela watched the whole thing while slowly licking her lips. Seeing the young muscular man grab the trunks before moving behind the side to change made the woman rub her legs together yearningly.

For years Pamela went without any kind of sex. Jeremy and her personalities were too different, they were so different that any kind of sexy they had would end in arguing most of the time. It got to the point that neither of them could have sex with the other, so they didn't. Pamela was a strong woman and could focus herself in other things, and at first she thought Jeremy was the same, until she caught him.

Thanks to Danny, Pamela had Jeremy by the balls and the man would not jeopardize what they made as long as he continued to fuck his little whore and get's his allowance.

After everything was said and done, Pamela came to another conclusion.

Since Jeremy had a lover, why couldn't she.


Pamela turned to see the very sight of Danny swimming around in the clear, blue water. This made Pamela grin as she stepped forward.

"Now it's time for your real reward Danny."

Danny sighed as floated in the cool water as the sun shined down on him. He would feel his stress and ache wash away from the water.

"This is heaven." Danny sighed with a grin.

"I'm glad you like it so much."

Danny blinked and looked up to see Pamela standing at the edge of the pool, still in her white bathrobe.

"Mrs. Manson?" Danny said on reflex.

Pamela looked amused at the young man. "Please, Danny, I think you've earned the right to call me by my name." Pamela said making Danny nod slowly. "Now I hope you don't mind, but I will be joining you. After all, I did buy the expensive water." She said, giving Danny a familiar look.

Something clicked in the Halfa's mind and his eyes widen, practically bugging out. "P-Pamela, what are you-"

Danny was cut off as Pamela dropped her bathrobe, revealing her body underneath making Danny's jaw drop.

Pamela was a well fit woman in her late 30's, with large DD-cup breast that looked ripe, an hourglass figure with a thin waist, wide hips, and a well toned ass. Pamela kept her body in shape and it showed.

She was currently wearing a fancy pink bikini with a top that looped behind her neck with pearls on. The bottom half covered her crotch perfectly as the string laced back between her sizable cheeks.

The woman slowly stepped into the water, ever step making her sigh with a pleased expression. "Oh, this his heavenly, it was worth every penny." Pamela said in a pleased moan, making Danny go stiff in more way's then one. Pamela seemed to somehow noticed this and a smile grow on her face, a smile Danny was all too familiar with. Slowly swimming over to the Halfa Pamela gave Danny a look. Her hair got wet and lost most of the expensive product she had, letting it fall freely and reach her shoulders. "I see your a little too stiff there Danny, you should of really loosened up before jumping in."

Pamela moved closer until she was only a few inches from Danny, her feet easily touching the bottom of the pool. The Halfa's eyes were wide as he moved back, only to bump into the edge of the pool.

"Mrs.-...Pamela, what are you doing?" Danny asked in a shaky tone.

Pamela stopped her movement and stared at Danny. It was a solid minute before she spoke.

"I'm going to be honest with you Danny, in the last couple of years I have not had any sex what-so-ever." Pamela stated as a fact.

Danny's eyes widen slightly. "S-Seriously, nothing?"

"Nothing short of pleasing myself, yet that got old very fast." Pamela sighed. "Jeremy wasn't willing to put work into sleeping with me so I wasn't going to go to him. I never cheated on my husband even when I found out about his little blond bimbo." Suddenly Pamela's smile turned lustful as she looked to Danny, making the halfa gulp as he saw how intense the look in her eye was. "But I came to a... conclusion after you left yesterday." She said before swimming forward and pressing her soft tits against Danny's chest, making Danny's breath hitch. "If he can have a lover for relief, then so can I." Pamela purred as she ran her hand down into the water while feeling Danny's abs. "And a young man like you can definitely please an older woman."

Danny's mind was going haywire. Pamela, the mother of his best friend Sam, wanted Danny to fuck her.

"B-B-But Sam!" Danny suddenly shouted.

Pamela just raised an eyebrow at the Halfa. "As I recall, you never said you were in a relationship with my daughter. Are you in a relationship, cause if not this will be completely fine." Pamela said without skipping a beat, pressing her body up against Danny's. "If you want to walk away your more then welcome, and I won't hold it against you... but if we do this, we keep this to ourselves. And don't worry about protection, today is a safe day, so a condom isn't necessary."

Danny was stuck between a rock and a very soft pair of tits.

One the moral hand, his best friend's mom was coming onto him, the best friend of her daughter. That alone was wrong. There was some kind of unspoken rule about not sleeping with your best friends mom, a cousin or sister sure, maybe a hot aunt, but never the mom.

On the other hand Danny was considering giving the needy MILF a good fuck, since she went so long without one. Danny never noticed it before since Pamela was always a bitch to him, but she had a smoking hot body under those tight cloths, and the lustful looks was making his blood start to pump lower.

Also, Danny never fucked a MILF before.

"I can see you weighing your options." Pamela said in a amused tone. "I understand, after all I am your best friends mother, the same best friend you probably fucked a number of times."

Those words made Danny's cock hard.

"Like I told you before, I don't mind you continue your relationship with Sam, be it partners, friends, or lovers. As long as you treat her right and make her happy." Pamela suddenly grinned as her hand ran low and cupped Danny's hardening cock. "But right now, right at this moment, there is a needy woman who has not had sex for 10 years. A woman who was a bitch to you for a long time, and now said bitch is asking you to fuck her like one." Pamela growled in a lusty tone as she tighten her grip around Danny's cock, making the halfa jump in the water. "Just imagine it, taking out all your frustration, your anger, on the woman who always looked down on you by slamming this big, young cock into a tight MILF pussy."

The words were like electricity to Danny, each husky word making his dick jump in Pamela's palm.

All doubt left Danny as throw his hands around Pamela's waist and grabbed her ass while glaring up into her eyes. Yet Pamela looked more then pleased by the action and look in the young man's eyes as she licked her lips.

"I'm going to fuck you hard," Danny growled in low tone as he tighten his hands around her ass, making her moan in pleasure and pain. "Then, I'm going to tell Sam everything."

Danny might be more then willing to fuck his best friends mom, but Danny would not lie to Sam. The Halfa might be in the dog-house for a while, he might even get slapped and kicked in the balls, but Danny knew Sam enough that she would rather take a painful truth then a sweet lie.

Despite Danny's words Pamela just smiled, making Danny raise a brow.

"Danny, you will learn soon that while my daughter and I might not see eye to eye, we do understand each other better then most." Pamela said as she slipped her hand down Danny's black trunks. "Now Danny, fuck away my ten years of sexual frustration."

With that Danny closed the gap between them. He was going to fuck Sam's bitchy mom until the woman was a quivering mess with his cum all over her.


Danny's hands started massaging Pamela's ass as he moved forward. Instead of kissing the woman Danny pushed his face between her soft breasts, feeling the soft tits against his face as he motorboat them.

Pamela gave a sigh of relief as she felt Danny's hands and face on her body. She was worried Danny would turn her down, not because he didn't find her attractive, but because he was also fucking her daughter. Yet with every action Pamela not only felt relief, but also a warm feeling building up in her lower stomach.

Reaching down Pamela fished out Danny's cock from his trunks, which was now fully erect.

"Oh my god," Pamela said with wide eyes as she felt how big Danny's dick was. "Were you seriously plowing my daughter with suck a monstrous cock?"

Danny growled with lust, his cock twitching in Pamela's hand. The though alone of fucking Sam's mom was very kinky to Danny.

There was no coming back from this.

Reaching up Danny pulled the top of Pamela's bikini off, letting her DD-Cup tits free. They weren't as perky as most of the tits Danny had saw, they sagged a bit, yet that all made them more sexy.

These were the tits of a MILF.

Grabbing the soft tits in each hand Danny held them up and sucked on both nipples at the same time.

"Ah~" Pamela moaned in pleasure as she tighten her grip around Danny's cock, feeling it pulse under the water.

Pamela started to jerk Danny's cock under the water while the Halfa played with her tits. The Halfa bit and sucked on her nipples roughly, starting to make them feel tender. Danny then shoved his hands down Pamela's bikini bottom and started fingering her pussy.

Pushing his middle finger into Pamela's pussy Danny was amazed with how hot it was. If let like it was going to burn her finger off, not only that it was practically sucking his finger in deeper. Pamela was shuttering and her hips seemed to shaky and spasm as Danny's finger started to pump faster.

Pamela moaned and started to grind her hips against Danny's hand. Danny pulled his mouth away from Pamela's breast and looked at the woman with a cocky grin.

"Going to cum already Pamela? And just from a finger fucking, you would cum your brains out if I started to fuck you." Danny said in a cocky tone as he pushed his finger as far as he could.

Pamela hissed in pleasure yet glared at the Halfa. "Don't get so cocky, I could easily take you and have you in the palm of my hand." Pamela said with her own smirk.

Danny's cocky grin never fell as he pulled back from Pamela. "Then prove it Pamela." Pulling himself out of the pool Danny sat on the edge, his legs still in the water as his cock stood at attention. Danny grabbed his cock and waved it at the woman. "You wanted this, this cock to plow your needy pussy. But now you have to earn it. Prove to me your not just a needy bitch, but a bitch that can take the lead."

Pamela glared at Danny, knowing the young man was taunting her. Yet the challenging look, the cocky smile, the large cock pulsing with need.

All this was making Pamela wet with need.

Once she made Danny cum, she would finally get her own relief.

Swimming forward Pamela was face to face with Danny's large cock. It glycine from the water and stood straight up at attention.

Grabbing the shaft Pamela could feel it twitch in her lose grip, making her bite her lip.

How long has it been since she gave a man oral sex. Unknown to most people Pamela was a bit of a wild girl in college. She slept with a few men and woman during her time in collage. She was going to marry Jeremy after right after graduation, so Pamela planned to live life as much as she could before that day. Jeremy did the same but with much less success.

That's why Pamela was so much more willing to accept her daughter's life style. While Sam might not have the goals Pamela had, Sam was doing what she wanted because she wanted to, something Pamela somewhat admired.

Back to the present Pamela was slowly stroking Danny's cock, trying to get familiar with the feeling. She held a confident look on her face to hide the fact she was a little intimidated by Danny's size.

"This has to be as big as that guy I dated in college. I think he's a professional porn star now." Pamela thought before fondling Danny's balls. "And this is him as a teen, he'll be a monster as an adult."

That thought made Pamela give a pleasant shutter. Though she hid it well.

"Are you just going to jerk me off?" Danny asked with a raised brow, making Pamela glare up at him. "Oh, and just so you know, Sam was able to take my cock deep in her throat, I mean really deep." Danny said with a toothy grin. Every time Danny brought Sam's name it sent a pleasant spark through his body, he would probably pay for it later, but until then he would fully enjoy the kinky situation.

After hearing Danny's words Pamela's jaw dropped slightly. To think her daughter could take such a monster.

In order to save face Pamela quickly wrapped her lips around the tip, already tasting his milky pre-cum.

The taste brought a low moan to Pamela, how long as it been since she tasted a man.

Rolling her tongue around the bulbuls head Pamela slowly started to bob her head up and down, taking inch after inch of Danny's cock into her mouth.

Soon the woman was getting into a flow, memories of her collage day's suddenly flooding back into her mind.

Pamela jerked Danny's shaft as she took more and more of his cock deeper into her mouth. It wasn't long before more then half of his cock was down Pamela's throat.

Danny put his hand on Pamela's head, making her look up at him as he pushed her down. "You were right Pamela. Seeing you, with my cock down your bitchy throat. I can already feel my balls tightening." Danny said in a cocky tone, making Pamela glare up at him. This only made Danny's cocky grin grow wider. "I think you'll look great with my cum all over that pretty face Pamela. So keep sucking." He said as he pushed the woman down another inch.

Pamela gave Danny a harsher glare as she became more aggressive in sucking the Halfa's cock. On the inside however Pamela was feeling ecstatic, Danny Fenton of all people was giving her a challenge. He was being rough with her and treating her like a bitch.

And Pamela loved every second of it.

Pamela was able to suppress her gag-reflex, allowing Danny's cock to glide smoothly down her throat until most of it down there.

The MILF's face started to turn red as tears welled up in her eyes, yet she didn't stop as the sound's of Danny's cock fucking her throat started to become louder. Pamela put her hands on the edge of the pool and throw her upper body into the oral sucking, making Pamela's tits jump with every bob.

Danny hissed at the rapid blowjob. The blowjob was all the more sweeter with Pamela's heated glare at him at him. She never stopped for breath, her nose flaring constantly as she took whatever air she would when she reached the tip. Pre-cum shinned on Danny's shaft along with Pamela's saliva.

"Pamela..." Danny hissed as Danny gripped the side of the pool, nearly denting it. "I'm... I'm going to cum-"

Just as Danny was about to pull out and blast his cum all over Pamela's face, the MILF's hands shot up and tighten around the base. At the same time she stopped bobbing her head with Half of Danny's cock in his mouth.

This time Danny hissed in pain at the tight grip around his cock. He looked down in shock to see a smug grin on Pamela's face.

The MILF slowly pulled off Danny's cock with a wet up. She looked up at the Halfa with a wicked grin as she pumped his shaft with her free hand, her other hand still tightly around the base of his dick.

"You didn't think I was going to let you cum first, did you?" Pamela asked with a smirk on her face as she slowly jerked Danny's cock. "I am a sexually frustrated wife Danny, I get to cum first and then some." She said, her smirk becoming smug.

Danny gave the woman an annoyed look, before a smirk crossed his face.

"Fine," Danny said before he jumped back into the water, the cool liquid making Danny's cock tense. "You can cum, but I'm not stopping until I feel like it."

Before Pamela could get a word out Danny easily lifted her up and bent her over the side of the pool, her breasts pressing against the cool floor as her legs were still in the water.

Danny didn't hesitate pulling down Pamela's bikini bottom in one swift motion, exposing her pussy to the cool air. Danny grinned as he saw Pamela's pussy was wet in more ways then one.

The halfa spread her lower lips with his fingers, making Pamela twitch with anticipation.

"Look's like someone got exited taking my cock in their mouth." Danny said in a playful tone before smacking Pamela's ass, making it jiggle as the woman hissed. "You slut."

Pamela glared back at the young man. "Enough playing around Daniel." Pamela said in a serious tone before pushing her ass into Danny's face. "Make me cum or I will leave."

Danny's grin never fell as he rubbed her clit slowly, making the woman struggle to continue the glare. "Really, you would leave after sucking my cock and not getting any yourself." He said before smacking her ass harder, leaving a light red handprint. "Someone's bluffing."

Before Pamela could throw anything back Danny quickly stuck his tongue into the MILF's pussy, making Pamela's eyes widen.

The woman's fist tighten as she felt Danny's tongue go deep inside her, tasting her juices and even stretching her out a bit.

Danny pulled back with a wet pop as he licked her lips. "Damn, it has been a while. You were sucking my tongue in the moment I started licking you." Danny said before shoving two fingers into her pussy before he slowly started to pump. "I need to get you good an wet before I can start fucking you, the last thing I want is for this to be unpleasant." Danny said before pulling his fingers away and sticking his tongue back into her.

Pamela grow a blush on her face, slightly embarrassed Danny was taking the lead. For most of Pamela's life she was the one in charge, now someone not even half her age was taking the lead on her.

It was both embarrassing, and arousing.

"Oh god~" Pamela moaned with a shutter as she felt Danny's tongue start to swirl around inside her while his finger's played with her clit. It's been so long since Pamela felt the touch of a man in any way that she could already feel her approach. "Danny... I'm cumming."

Danny didn't stop for a second as he tried to push is tongue deeper, Pamela's juices poring down his chin. He started rubbing her clit with his hand until it was moving in a blur.

"Oh! Oh! Oh Fuck Yes~" Pamela started to moan loudly as her hips shook. The woman and a look of pure bliss on her face as her fists tighten. "Danny, I'm cumming!

Danny was hit with a with a splash of Pamela's juices right in his face, yet the teen didn't stop for a second, prolonging her orgasm. Even as Pamela squirted Danny still rubber her clit furiously and ate her sweet pussy as her squirting slowly started to die down.

Pamela's mouth fell open with a low moan as she felt Danny continue to please her even as her orgasm stopped.

"D-Danny, that's enough..." Pamela said weakly as she tried to pull away, only for the Halfa to grab her hips. "I've already came, give me a second."

Danny pulled back while licking his lips, Pamela's juices still seen easily on his face. "Really, your that tired only after coming once?" Danny asked in a cocky tone before he licked his cheek of her juices. "Then again, that was a big squirt, you nearly downed me." He said before reaching down and rubbing his cock with his hand. "So, how about me move on to the part I start fucking your pussy, I think your more then slick enough for me." Danny said as he rubbed her lower lips with his fingers while rubbing his cock.

Pamela shivered with anticipation. This is what she was waiting for, a man no fuck her, cum deep within her with no hesitation while pulling her hair and playing with her tits.

The thoughts were already making her more wet then she was.

Pamela looked back and gave Danny her own smug grin. "If you want to fuck my pussy then go for it, boy. You've earned it after eating me out-"

"Pamela, are you here?"

Pamela and Danny's eyes widen at the familiar voice was heard in the house.

Jeremy Manson.

A moment later the back door open, revealing the blond man.

"Ah, so you are here." Jeremy said as he stepped to the pool.

Pamela gave the man a glare as she rested on the edge of the pool, her arms under her chin.

"What is it Jeremy, can't you see I'm relaxing." Pamela said with a sigh, though closely there was a large blush on her cheeks. "Can't you come back another time, maybe a few hours?" Pamela asked as her eyes glanced down briefly.

Under the water right behind her was Danny, just out of sight of Jeremy's view. The young man held his breath as he stuck close to Pamela, making sure the man couldn't see him in the clear blue water.

Luckily for Danny, after becoming a Halfa he didn't need that much air while in his human form. Danny found out with Sam's help that Danny could hold his breath for five minutes while in his human form.

Back above the water Pamela continued to give her 'husband' an annoyed look.

Jeremy fidgeted under Pamela's gaze as he looked down at the woman. "Well... you see... the thing is..." The man stuttered as he started to play with his fingers.

Pamela gave an annoyed sigh at her 'husbands' state. "Jeremy, either tell me in the next five seconds or I will slap you." Pamela said with a glare.

Jeremy jumped and held his hands up. "I was going to ask if it's okay I go with Amy for the weekend?!" Jeremy asked while hiding behind his hands, knowing Pamela would be angry.

And Pamela was angry.

"Are you fucking serious." The woman growled in anger at the 'man' before her. "Not even a day and your already making weekend plan's with your bitch." Pamela said with a heated glare. "Are you trying to rub this in my face, trying to get a rise out of me?!" She yelled at Jeremy. "You could of left with no word and I wouldn't have given a fuck, but here you are!"

Jeremy flinched at the tone before taking a step back. "N-N-No Dear-Pamela!" Jeremy stuttered in a scared tone. "I was telling-asking-begging-" Jeremy continued to babble on, looking scared out of his mind.

Danny rolled his eyes under the water, easily able to hear everything thanks to his powers. Jeremy was whining and Pamela was bitching, same shit different day. As Danny turned his head and the Halfa couldn't help but notice Pamela's large ass in his face.

Suddenly a truly wicked idea entered Danny's mind.

Back above Pamela gave an annoyed sigh at Jeremy's babbling. "Will you grow a pair and stop your babbling." Pamela said in a low tone, knowing a yell will scare the dandy man.

"Y-Yes dea-Pamela." Jeremy said in a shaky tone. "I didn't come to you just to ask to get... away." Jeremy said slowly, a weary look on his face. When Pamela didn't yell he continued. "You see, the Baxters have invited us to a party next week and I was going to tell you what to expect."

Pamela just waved her hand quickly. "Just tell me when you get back, it's no big deal." Pamela said in a hurried tone, feeling Danny shift behind her.

"It won't take a minute Pamela," Jeremy continued anyway and started to talk. "The party will be held in the late afternoon, the theme is aquatic, I'll have the butler get us matching blue outfits..."

Pamela bit her finger in worry and annoyance as Jeremy continued to drone on. Only a social party could make this man serious.

"Jeremy, just tell ME-" Pamela cut herself off, her eyes widening large as her jaw fell open. "Oh... oh..." The woman said slowly as she brought her hands to her face and covered her eyes.

"Is something wrong?" Jeremy asked, seeing the state Pamela was in.

"Fine, I'm fine!" Pamela nearly yelled, making Jeremy lean back. "H-headache. Finish before I get aggravaTED!" Pamela yelped as her body jerked up slightly, the woman trying hard to hid her face from Jeremy.

Under the water Danny had look of bliss on his face. Looking forward Danny smirked as he saw the tip of his cock in Pamela's pussy.

The Halfa had no idea what made him do what he was doing. He just did what he thought would feel best.

Grabbing Pamela by her hips Danny slowly started to thrust, making sure no splashing would be seen above.

Back above Pamela's heart was pounding in her chest as she felt Danny's cock slowly stretch her out. One moan, one jerk, and Jeremy would see something was up before looking into the water.

"Danny... Fenton..." Pamela thought while tightening her fist while holding back a moan, Danny's cock going an extra inch into her, stretching her out.

Fortunately for Pamela Jeremy was too occupied with himself and the upcoming social event to even look at Pamela, much to the woman's relief.

"And finally me must remember Mrs. Baxter's new dog, the woman has not stopped talking about for the past week." Jeremy said with an eye roll before smiling. "I believe that is all."

"Great!" Pamela practically shouted while her body jerk, feeling Danny's thrusts moving faster and going deeper. Not enough for his dick to make her eyes roll back, but enough to make her bite her lip and groan with frustration. "Is... that all?"

Jeremy finally noticed his wife's acting and raised an eyebrow. "Are you alright, your very red Pam."

Pamela felt her heart stop at those words, at the same time Danny finally stopped jerking his hips.

"Well of course I'm red, I'm pissed off!" Pamela yelled at Jeremy, making the man jump back. "My fucking husband is talking about dogs and states before he go fucks his bimbo bitch, while I'm trying to relax!"

That was enough for Jeremy to start backing away with a scared look on his face. "Perhaps we should do this another time." He said with a shaky smile before running away through the back door.

"You think!" Pamela yelled after the man in an angry tone.

Soon the sound of a door slamming echoed through the Pamela slummed forward while giving a long moan.

"Fuuuuk~" Pamela moan loudly, nearly loud enough for others to hear. "Fuck you Danny!" Pamela yelled as she glared back.

Danny surfaced a moment later while taking a lung full of air, pulling his cock out of the MILF's pussy.

Pushing his hair back Danny gave the woman a cocky grin before sliding his cock between her large ass cheeks. "You liked it, besides, think of it as payback to Jeremy for cheating on you in the first place." Danny said before he started thrust his hips, making Pamela bite her lower lip. "So, do you want to yell at me, or do you want to move this alone?"

Pamela glared at Danny to the point she was growling, yet Danny's grin never fell.

"Oof." Danny huffed as his backed fell into the king size bed.

Pamela stood before him, her body dripping with water as her pink bikini was still on nice and tight.

"I am going to make you pay Daniel." Pamela said in a low tone as she undid the top of her bikini, letting her breast bounce free. "The frustration, the near humiliation and embarrassment."

As Pamela pulled the bottom half of the bikini off Danny noticed a different liquid dripping between her legs, making his dick stand at attention.

"You loved it." Danny said as he looked Pamela up and down, drinking in her looks. "You loved the danger, me looking you in the eye and challenging you." The Hero said with a look of victory. "I think I know what finally makes you tick Pamela."

Pamela however only looked amused. "Oh really?" Suddenly Pamela raised her foot in a swift motion before placing it on the length of Danny's cock. She could feel it's heat and pulse on her soft foot, yet that only made her smirk grow wider. "All men are the same Danny, it doesn't take much for you to cum and become a mess of shakes and cum."

Pamela slowly started to jerk Danny's cock with her foot, her movements flawless as she stared Danny down. Pre-cum spilled from the tip as Pamela rubbed the head with her toe. After a few minutes Pamela saw a good shine of pre-cum coat Danny's cock and her foot as it pulsed. Yet Danny still hadn't came yet.

Pamela grow a frustrated look as she started to jerk her foot faster, yet Danny's cocky grin never fell.

"This feels great Pamela," Danny said with a sigh. "But this won't be enough to make me cum." He said before looking between her legs. "And I thought you can hold out much longer." He said with a knowing smirk.

Pamela when red as she felt Danny's eyes on her dripping pussy. A part of her wanted to cover up a bit, but another part felt a thrill as Danny's eyes filled with lust for her body.

"I think that's enough stimulating." Pamela said as she quickly climbed onto the bed and stood over Danny. Her wet pussy hovering over the Hero's cock. "It's time to pay you back for that stunt you pulled in the pool."

Pamela lowered her hips slowly while grabbing Danny's cock and aiming it at her entrance. Her movements were slow but once Pamela felt the bulbuls head touch her pussy a pleasant shock went through her body. Pamela placed her hands on Danny's toned chest as she started to pant for air, flashes of what she felt in the pool entered her mind.

"It will be just like at the pool..." Pamela thought as she felt Danny's hands go to her hips, his cock twitching at her entrance. "...Only more."

Sucking it a quick breath Pamela throw her hips down.


Pamela's back shot straight up as her eyes widen in shock. Danny's cock was much deeper then before, in fact it was deeper then anything Pamela had in the last 10 years.

"Oh... fuck..." Pamela moaned softly as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. "I've missed this." She said with a lustful smile growing on her face.

Danny hissed as he felt Pamela's surprisingly tight pussy trying to suck in his cock. "Pamela..." Danny moaned as he grabbed her hips in a tight grip. "I'm not balls deep yet."

Pamela blinked at that before looking back, and what she saw made her eyes widen.

Danny was a little more then 6 inches deep in her, more then enough to knock on her womb, yet there was still a shocking 4 inches left.

"Oh..." Was all Pamela could say as she tried to comprehend what she was in.

Danny answered her by jerking his hips up, making Pamela yelp as a shock of ecstasy went through her body.

"Don't think about it Pam," Danny said as he reached up and grabbed on of Pamela's tits in a firm grip. "Just start bouncing and enjoy the ride."

Not feeling in the mood to argue, but to fuck, Pamela started to rock her hips up and down along Danny's dick. Pamela bit her lip as she pushed down on Danny's chest and started to shake her ass.

Danny for his part didn't move, the Halfa kept his hands on Pamela's waist as he felt his cock go deeper and deeper with each passing second. Pamela's tits jumped in Danny's face making the Halfa's mouth start to water before he sat up.

"What are you-Ah~" Before Pamela could comment she felt Danny take her pink nipple into her mouth and start to suck. "You just do what ever you want, don't you?" Pamela asked in a playful tone as she started to bounce her hips again.

"Do you honestly want me stop?" Danny asked with a raised brow as he bit her nipple while his hands moved down to her ass.

"Fuck... no..." Pamela moaned as she felt Danny stretch her out more. "Just keep fucking me, I'm already so close."

"Then don't hold back." Danny said as he jerked hips up, making Pamela shriek with surprise. "We have all day to fuck, so let's fuck like a couple of horny teenagers!"

Danny started to meet Pamela's thrusts, and Pamela herself couldn't stop her thrusts.

"Yes!" Pamela screamed with ecstasy, finally cutting lose. "Give it to me Danny! Make me feel this big cock!"

Danny growled as he gripped Pamela's ass tightly, feeling her hot juices run down his cock and onto the bed. "I'm not stopping until I cum balls deep Pam! Do you hear me, your daughter's best friend is about to paint your womb white!"

Pamela's pussy clenched at the words. It was true, she was fucking a young man her daughter's age and said young man was soon going to cum in her.

The MILF grabbed Danny's face and brought him into a lustful kiss, one he easily returned.

The sounds of moaning and wet flash slapping against one another filled the room. Pamela's eyes fluttered as she felt Danny's member start to throb more.

"He's cumming!" Pamela thought as she started throw her entire weight into Danny's thrusts, his cock constantly slamming into her womb. "He's cumming! He's cumming! He's cumming! He's cumming! He's cumming!"

"I'm cumming!" Danny shouted as he pulled back from the kiss, thrusting his hips hard enough to lift Pamela's body.

Danny's cum shout straight into Pamela's womb, and the MILF's mind when blank. All she could do was shout in pleasure as she had her own orgasm.

"Danny! I'm cumming too!" Pamela shouted as she hanged onto Danny for dear life.

Pamela's pussy spasmed as her juices squirted hard onto the bed, along with Danny's cum.

The two her locked in place for several seconds, the intense orgasm shocking their bodies.

Finally Danny fell back while Pamela fell to the side, Danny's cock sliding out.

The Halfa panted for air as a shine of sweat glycine his body. "I've... got to say Pam... your pretty fucking sexy when you curse like that." Danny said with a cheeky grin, yet didn't get a response. "Pamela, are you okay-"

Pamela was on Danny in a second, and the woman did not look normal. Her hair was a mess and there was a shine of sweat on her body, yet the most noticeable difference was the wide smile on her face and the intense look in her eyes.

Danny honestly felt a little worry.

"You do not know how long it's been since I have an orgasm that intense Danny." Pamela said as she started to circle her finger around Danny's nipple, making it hard. "Sam and Jeremy won't be back for hours Danny. Hours~" The MILF purred as she licked her lips. "That means you are not going to stop fucking this MILF's pussy until I say so, got it Mister?"

Danny gave a shaky smile at the thirsty MILF as he felt himself quickly become hard. "Fine, you want a good fuck. Let's fuck!"

"Mmm~" Pamela moaned as she sucked on Danny's cock while the Halfa ate out her pussy.

The two were playing a little game, the first one to make the other cum had to do whatever the other said.

Pamela shoved as much of Danny's cock down her throat before pulling up with a wet pop. "Good god, you could kill someone with this monster." She said as she started stroking said monster while grabbing Danny's balls. "And look at how much cum you have stored up." She said before kissing Danny's balls before she started to suck on them.

Danny buried his face between Pamela's legs and ate her out without mercy. His tongue going deep as before coming out fast to play with her clit. Danny had a few plans for Pamela he wanted to test out.

Raising his hands Danny pinched Pamela's clit while fingering her pussy, his tongue never stopping.

"Oh!" Pamela moaned in surprise as she jerked up, her ass pressing against Danny's face. "You bastard, that's cheating!" Pamela shouted before she squired over Danny's face.

Danny tasted his victory as he gave Pamela a cocky smirk. "Fine, I'm feeling generous today. What next position do you want to try next?"

Pamela looked away with an embarrassed look on her face. "Well..."

"You are one kinky bitch, you know that."


"Oh! Do-Don't call me a bitch." Pamela stuttered yet there was a pleased look on her face.

Pamela was on all fours, her ass facing Danny as the halfa was right behind her.

"Then what about slut?" Danny suggested before smacking her ass, making the flesh giggle as it started to turn red. "I mean only a kinky slut asked to have her asked smacked and talked down to before behind fucked from behind."


"F-fuck!" Pamela moaned as she started to drip with need. "Just fuck me already!"

"Not yet." Danny said before grabbing a fist pull of Pamela's hair before pulling back, making Pamela moan in surprise. "I want you to admit something to me."

"W-what?" Pamela asked, her heart pounding in her chest.

Danny leaned over, his cock sliding between Pamela's ass cheeks before whispering into her ear.

"Admit your a bitch mom who only looked down on me because you wanted a taste of my big cock." Danny said in a cool tone, feeling Pamela go stiff under him. "If you don't I will walk away without a second thought... or start fucking you like I hate you. Your chose."

Pamela as still as stone for several second before she spoke.

"I... I am a bitch mom..." Pamela said slowly, her body shaking as she felt Danny's cock slowly move to her pussy. "A bitch mom... who wanted her daughter's best friend's big cock all to her self."

"Good girl." Danny said before he trusted forward, his cock instantly slamming into her womb.

"FUUUUUUCK~" Pamela screamed as Danny started slamming his hips into her sizable ass, making it jiggle with each thrust. "Fuck! Fuck! Fucking hell!"

The woman wouldn't stop cursing and screaming as Danny held nothing back as he fucked her. She bit into the silk sheets of the bed yet still moaned loudly through her teeth.

Danny growled with a savage grin on his face as he furiously fucked Pamela from behind. The Halfa might not hate the woman, but he was frustrated with the way she used to treat him. Now Danny was paying the woman back by slamming his cock into her womb and treating her like his bitch.

Reaching forward Danny grabbed a fist full of Pamela's orange locks before yanking back hard, making Pamela moan.

"You got such a dirty mouth," Danny panted as he started to feel his approach. "I think I know what I have panned next."

"Wh... what is it?" Pamela asked while whimpering in pleasure as she gripped the bed for dear life, each thrust making the bed jerk and the fame knock into the wall.

Danny raised his hand and slammed it down on Pamela's ass, making the sound echo through the room.

"When I'm good and down with this pussy, I'm going to fuck your throat." Danny said as he pulled Pamela's hair while thrusting his hips. "And every time I shove my cock into your pretty mouth, I'm going to be thinking of all the times you looked down on me, while I look down on you with a mouth full of my dick."

Hearing Danny's cocky tone while his dick pounded her pussy was enough to make Pamela gush until her silk sheets were wet.

However, Pamela growled before she moved.

Danny soon fond himself on the bed as Pamela slammed her ass down on his pelvis.

Looking back Pamela gave Danny a glare. "I'm not one of your whores Danny, that will do whatever you say." She said before raising her hips and bringing them down hard, her ass jiggling for Danny to see. "I am a grown woman, who will make you cum first." She said while panting for breath, sound more like she was trying to convince herself as she started to bounce her hips.

Danny grinned as Pamela rode him reverse-cowgirl style. "I don't get you, fist your submissive then you try to take charge." Danny said as he grabbed Pamela's ass cheeks, giving them both a good squeeze. "And remember, one of those so called 'whores' is your daughter."

"And I can't believe she's been hogging this donkey dick to herself." Pamela thought with envy as she imagined her daughter being fucked by the very cock that was plowing her. "I love my daughter Danny, but even I know my daughter can't handle this cock, unlike me." Pamela said as she slammed her hips down extra had, making Danny's cock slam into her womb and stretch her out.

Seeing Pamela's ass jiggle made a grin cross Danny's face.

Pamela yelped as she was pushed off Danny's lap and when to the floor. The woman put her hands on her soft rug while her legs staid on the bed. Before the woman could even talk she felt Danny spread her cheeks, making her pale.

"So your a big girl who can take a big cock." Danny said as he put the tip on her asshole. "Then let's see if you can take it here?"

"Wait! Stop!" Pamela yelled in a scared tone as she throw her hand back and grab Danny's arm. "You can't I've never had anything in there, and nothing so big!"

"Oh you'll love hit." Danny said as he slowly pushed the head in, making Pamela hiss in shock and pain. "Your daughter loves taking my cock up her ass, and I can imagine you will you!"

"You bastard! You mother fucker! Don't you dare put that monster up my ass! I order you-FUUUUUUUUUUUCK~" Pamela screamed bloody murder as Danny slowly started to push his cock into her asshole. "Oh! Oh! Oh my fucking god! You're breaking my asshole!" Pamela cried as she felt herself stretch like never before.

Danny growled as he grit his teeth, feeling Pamela grip his cock like a vice. "Fucking hell!" Danny growled as he smacked Pamela's ass. "I know I said you were a tight ass, but this is ridicules Pam! Hell your tighter then Sam was!"

Pamela whimpered as her body rocked with Danny's firm thrusts. Her arms shook as she used all her strength to hold herself up.

"Oh... hell..." Pamela whimpered, yet at the same time she let out a small moan.

"Your liking it." Danny said as a fact. "You like the fact I'm fucking your virgin ass, that someone as young as me has taken your anal virginity." Danny said as he raised his hand before bringing it down.


"Oh~" Pamela moaned in pleasure, surprising even herself.

Danny grinned at the reaction as he started to shock more of his cock into Pamela's hot ass. "Enough with the fighting and seeing who is the more dominant one Pamela." Danny said as his thrusts started to become more rapid. "We're both horny and need a good fuck. So let's fuck until we make this room a mess."

Pamela bit her lip at Danny's words, and after a moment she spoke.

"Fine! Fuck me Danny!" Pamela yelled as she started to thrust her hips back, matching the Halfa. "Fuck my ass, fuck my mouth, my tits, my pussy, we're not stopping until I'm satisfied!"

"That's fine with me!" Danny said as he trusted forward hard, his hips smacking into Pamela's ass.

That is it for Pamela as her arms had finally lost all there strength and she and Danny felt to the floor. Yet that wasn't enough to stop the two as Danny's cock never stopped thrusting into Pamela's ass even as the poor woman lay flat on the floor.

"I... I can bearly think." Pamela thought as she moaned in pleasure at her ass being fucked. "It hurt at firsts, but now it feels so good." Glancing back Pamela saw Danny panting hard, sweat dripping down his muscular body. "How can something so wrong feel so right."

"Pamela, I'm going to cum!" Danny moaned as his cock moved faster, making Pamela's eyes widen. "I'm going to fill your fat, MILF ass with my young seed! You hear that Pamela, your going to have your first anal Creampie!" Danny shouted as his hips smacked into Pamela's ass with every thrust.

"Ohhhhhh~" Pamela moaned like a whore as her eyes rolled into the back of her head, her own orgasm quickly approaching. "Oh fuck me Danny! Fuck my ass nice and deep!"

Hearing those words come out of Pamela's mouth was enough to push Danny over the edge.

"PAM!" Danny yelled as he hilted his cock in Pamela's ass, a moment later he came.

Pamela moaned as her upper body shot up from the shock of pleasure as her own intense orgasm hit her hard.

"Oh Danny!" Pamela moaned as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

The two stood still in the moment before falling back. Pamela hitting the floor while Danny fell back, his cock slipping out of Pam's asshole.

Pamela laid on the floor, panting for air as her hips shoot from the pleasure she just felt. Thick cum spilled out of Pamela's ass and slowly dripped to the floor, making the MILF twitch.

"I... am so glad... I did this..." Pamela said with a satisfied grin as she basked in the after glow. "It's been so long, I can't remember-AH!"

Before Pamela could finish she found herself on her back with Danny over her. A moment later the young man slammed his cock back into her pussy, making Pamela scream in pleasure.

"D-Danny, what are you doing!?" Pamela yelled at the Halfa with a confused look.

Danny panted for a second before looking to Pamela with a confident smile. "Don't you remember Pamela? You said I can fuck your ass, pussy, tits and more." Danny said before giving the woman a hard thrust. "And I plan to fuck away 10 years of sexual frustration."

Pamela was shocked by the young man's vigor before a grin slowly grow on the woman's face. Wrapping her arms around Danny's neck Pamela couldn't help but throw the young man a grin.

"A good all day fuck, how could I refuse." Pamela said before pulling Danny down for a kiss while throwing her legs around Danny's hips as he started to fuck Pamela again.

"Oh fuck, how are you so strong!" Pamela moaned in ecstasy.

Danny was currently standing straight up as he fucked Pamela in his arms, his hands on the MILF's plump ass as Pamela hanged off his body.

"You seemed to like this." Danny grunted as he bounced Pamela on his cock, her tits slapping him in the face. "Your pussy is sucking me in."

"I've never done a position like this before." Pamela said with a small moan as she looked down at Danny with a smile. "I think this is my favorite."

"Then you'll love this!" Danny said as he rapidly trusted his hips before his cock exploded, spraying her pussy full of thick cum.

"Oh yes~" Pamela moaned while throwing her head back, her pussy tightening around Danny's cock until it over flowed and fell onto the floor. "I'm cumming! Your cum is making me cum!"


Danny was currently thrusting his cock between Pamela's tits as the woman knelt before him.

"God..." Danny breathed as he trusted his hips. "I always wanted to fuck these tits. Seeing them wrapped around my cock is a dream come true."

Pamela stuck her tongue out and let Danny slid the tip into her mouth as he fucked her tits. When Danny came to a brief stop Pamela sucked on the tip while rolling her tongue around. She pulled off with a wet pop before started to rock her chest up and down.

"Of course you wanted to fuck these tits, there amazing." Pamela said in a smug tone as she tighten her hold around Danny's cock. "There perfect for your big cock to fuck, and shoot all that thick cum onto."

"True," Danny said as he reached down and grabbed Pamela by her chin. "But I think my cock is better suited for that mouth."

Before Pamela could say anything Danny shoved his cock into her mouth.

The MILF took the cock like a pro as she opened her throat to help stop herself from gagging.


Pamela sucked and slobbered all over Danny's cock as he trusted it and out her mouth. The Halfa reached down and grabbed a fist full of her hair and yanked it back, making the woman look up at him in the eyes.

Danny gave Pamela a smug grin as his balls slapped against her chin.

"I told you I fuck that pretty mouth of yours." Danny panted as the two looked eyes. "Seeing you slurp up my cock as I imagine all the bitching and back comments you gave me is bringing me on edge." He said as he balls started to tighten.

Pamela felt Danny's cock start to grow in her mouth. That only made the woman work harder for her reward.

"He's going to cum! He's going to come right in my mouth!" Pamela thought while moaning in ecstasy. "It's been so long, I'll finally have the taste of a real man's cum!"

Danny gave a few more long thrusts into Pamela's throat before he suddenly pulled out, much to Pamela's surprise.

The Halfa jerked his cock with fury as he looked down at Pamela. "Open that mouth and taste my cum!"

Pamela did just that and not a moment too soon as Danny's cock erupted.

The first shot went straight into her mouth, making the MILF moan at the familiar taste from long ago. The next three shots landed on her pretty face, yet she didn't move an inch and took the cum like a champ. The next couple of shots landed on her tits giving them a nice shine of spunk. After the last shot landed in her mouth Danny shoved his cock back into Pamela's mouth, feeling her saliva and his cum coat his dick.

"Now suck."

Pamela did as she was told and sucked both the cum in her mouth and what was left in his cock before pulling off with a wet pop.


Pamela leaned her head back and did exactly that.


The MILF shivered with ecstasy as she felt the thick cum slide down her throat ever so slowly, forcing her to give it a good taste. After a few moments Pamela finally opened her mouth and panted for air, her mind in a haze.

"Oh god, I need more." Pamela moaned as she rubbed her pussy while licking the cum off her breasts. "My switch is flipped Danny, I need your cock." Pamela said as she got on all fours and pointed her ass to Danny.

The Halfa didn't hesitate to aim his harden cock at Pamela's pussy before pushing it in. "Damn Pamela, you are a kinky MILF." Danny moaned as he grabbed the woman by her arms and pulled her back onto her cock.

Pamela grit her teeth as Danny started to fuck her hard. "I'm a sexually frustrated MILF Fenton, so fuck me hard! Fuck me like a bitch in heat, do you have the balls to do it!"

Hearing the calling Danny just started thrusting his hips faster, making Pamela start to scream as an orgasm hit her hard.

"It's going to be a long day..." Danny muttered under Pamela's screams as Danny prolonged her orgasm.


"This... place... is a mess." Danny panted as he stared at the sealing before looking around from the bed.

True to his words the room was a mess. Blankest, pillows, and other object were knocked around as the smell of sex was strong in the room. Some of the walls, floor, and blankets all had some of Danny's cum, Pamela's juices, or a mix of both.

Looking to the side Danny couldn't help but feel a smug satisfaction the state Pamela was it. The woman was completely naked next to him, face down in the bed as his cum dripped from both her ass and pussy, a good amount of cum still on her face and hair.

"Worth it..." Pamela panted for her as she made sure to stay perfectly still. Her pussy would need an icepack after today.

Danny gave a weak laugh as he throw his hands over his eyes. "Good god, I am beyond screwed." Danny said with a groan. "Sam is going to castrate me."

He could see it now. Sam would kick him in the dick, curse until her throat was try, beat him up, suck him into the Thermos and shake it silly. Hell, Sam might even get Valerie to help her.

Despite the punishment waiting for him Danny would not lie to Sam. He might of messed up, but he valued her to much to lie.

So the hero would take his punishment and hope Sam could forgive him for fucking her mother.


This was not what Danny expected.

The next day Danny went to Sam while everyone else was away, ready to face the music. He told her how he caught Jeremy with a blond bimbo before bringing the evidence to Pamela and the deal was struck with Jeremy's allowance and Pamela controlling the money.

Danny then told Sam about Pamela's reward for his efforts, and that did bring a shocked look on the Goths face. She than became silent and told Danny to tell her exactly what happened, sparing no details.

The halfa paled and gulped before he told her everything. The swimsuit, the pool, the dirty talk, how many times they fucked, everything.

By the Danny fully expected some kind of angry response. Cold fury telling him he was scum, pure rage as she yelled in his face, violence. Some kind of angry response.


What Danny wasn't expecting was Sam to laugh up a storm. And it wasn't the 'I'm going crazy' laugh but a 'You just told the funniest thing ever' laugh."

"U-Um, Sam..." Danny said slowly, truly confused at what he was seeing. "Are you... are you okay?"

Sam panted for a few moments before smiling at Danny. "Oh I am better then okay Ghost Boy." Sam said with a chuckle.

"Just to be clear," Danny said slowly. "You understand that I... well I..."

"Fucked my mom up the wall?" Sam said with a raised brow making Danny wince. "Yeah, I heard you the first time."

"So..." Danny slowly said, carful not to trigger his friend. "Your not... mad?"

"A bit peeved honestly, I mean you did fuck my mom." She said with a small glare, making Danny flinch. Suddenly that glare turned into a grin. "But It's also pretty funny that you fucked my mom of all people."

"...Okay, I am so lost." Danny admitted as he sat down on Sam's bed.

"Let me clear this up." Sam said as she sat next to Danny. "For as long as I can remember my mom has been way too uptight. She always played herself off as the perfect woman who can never do any wrong." She explained before chuckling. "But it turns out she blackmails her cheating husband and has sex with her daughter's best friend. Look's like the perfect mom is just like everyone else, fucked up. Especially after yesterday."

"So we're okay, your not mad at me?" Danny asked in a hopeful voice.

"I'm still peeved," Sam said with a small glare, making Danny shrink before she smirked. "But you can make it up to me."

Before Danny could question his friend Sam pushed him to the bed and kissed his lips while jumping his waist. Sam pulled back from the kiss while Danny looked at her in shock.


"Tell me something Danny..." Sam said slowly before pulling off her shirt. "Who is better, me or my mom?" She said before throwing her shirt to the side. "Because if you can't decide I guess I'll have to show you why I'm Number 1." She said in a sexy tone before going back to making out with him.

Danny was on cloud 9. Not only was Sam not mad at him, she was actually competing with her mom to see who was better at sex.

"Thank whatever god gave me this fantastic life." Danny thought before he kissed Sam back, ready for another long fucking.

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