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No One's P.O.V



A lone figure stood over a large green field while sending green blasts down at several targets, destroying them instantly and leaving several small creators. Once all but one of the targets were destroyed the figure flew down to the field at blinding speeds while glowing a bright grin.


When the figure contacted with the target an explosion followed that shook the ground. When the explosion died down the lone figure stood in the center of the creator, radiating power.

"I am ready." The figure said in a deep, gravelly voice as it clenched its meaty fists. "Soon, we will face one another, Pandora's apprentice."

"Ha~ Another day another shitty day at school." Sam Madson sighed as she made her way home from another day at Casper High.

Looking up the Goth couldn't help but smile at the sunny spring day, no longer the cold winter days in the small city. However, it wasn't the warm, bright sunny day that made the Goth really smile, but what the day might bring.

"I hope he'll be home soon." Sam said glumly as she slumped a bit as she pushed on.

A few months ago, her best friend (that came with a lot of benefits) Danny Fenton AKA Danny Phantom, left on a trip to train under a powerful warrior named Pandora. Danny wanted to become stronger, to become a real protector of both Amity Park, the Ghost Zone, and those closest to him. So just before winter the young teen left to train deep in the Ghost Zone, leaving Sam all by her lonesome.

"Come on, I'm not some damsel." Sam groaned as she rolled her eyes and pressed on. "I'll see Danny again... and maybe punch him for taking so long."

Sam didn't like to admit it, but she relied on Danny more then she thought. He was always there to support her ideas and watch her back if she ever went in over her head, which happened more often then she liked to admit. She also realized she didn't have any close friends.

The other Goths she met at her usual hangouts were only acquiesces at best and were only good for hanging out with. She did become really good friends with Jazz and Valerie over the months since the three girls hunted ghosts together. Hell, she even hung out with Star and Paulina more since Star seemed to be missing Danny almost as much as she was.

"Not to mention those extra-long nights." Sam muttered with a blush.

Since Danny was gone Sam's libido took a serious hit. She didn't even consider going for another guy and was forced to find ways to please herself, but hands and toys can only do so much. So, after one extra frustrating night Sam blurted out just how horny she was and that she needed some help, much to her embarrassment.

Much to her shock however was the fact that Jazz admitted being in the same situation and was getting sick of her dildo. Valerie admitted she was still getting some from a friend of hers named Vid, but she was missing those long nights with Danny.

So, in the end, the girls agreed that if they ever need that it's to scratch, they could turn to one another for help.

"With the amount of sex, I've had with those two I might be considered a lesbian." Sam said with a blush before a smirk crossed her face. "It's always the redheads that are screamers." The Goth said with obvious pride as she was the one who made a certain redhead scream.

Sam was knocked out of her thought as her phone rang and she quickly picked it up.


"Hey, its Val. I wanted to know if you were busy?"

Sam couldn't help but sigh at that. "Is it ghost related?"

"Yup, I'm picking up some activity in an old building on the bad side of town. I'm reading a few signatures and I might need some backup."

"I really wish Wulf was still here." Sam thought with a groan. After Danny left the wolf ghost had been a massive help, but he needed to be free and not trapped in one place, so after a few months Wulf left. "Yeah, I'll be there soon." She said before hanging up. "Another day another ghost hunt." Sam said before she started to move.

"So, this is the place?"

Sam, Jazz, and Valerie were standing in a back alley behind a building looking at an old abandon one factory. The area was void of life for the most part as the sun was still high in the air.

The girls stood side by side one another and looked ready for a fight.

Valerie still wore her Red Huntress outfit that hugged her figurer.

Jazz wore a blue jumpsuit that didn't look that different from her moms, only she ditched the hood and kept a blue visor on her face. On her back was a some large Ecto-Rifle along with a thermos resting on her right hip and a Ecto-Staff on her left.

Sam wore a purple trench coat, a black shirt with the DP symbol on the front, a black combat skirt, green goggles resting on her head, and thigh high boots. As for weapons Sam had two Ecto-Pistols strapped to her hips and the Fenton Thermos strapped to the inside of her coat.

After a few close calls Sam and Jazz agreed they needed to gear up if they wanted to continue hunting ghosts until Danny came back. Since then, the girls have been a good team, able to take on most ghosts without a problem such as Technus and the Lunch Lady. Fortunately, though, the girls didn't face any heavy hitters like Walker or Vlad since Danny left. The most common ghosts the girls faced were the mindless animal ghost and Box Ghost.

"So, any idea what's inside?" Sam asked while putting a hand on her hip.

"No idea, my scanner just picked up an Ecto-Signature and I tracked the signal here." Valerie said with a shrug while folding her arms.

Jazz tapped the side of her visor as it went blue. "I'm picking up only one Ecto-Signature in the building and that's it."

"So, how do you want to play this?" Sam asked the Red Huntress.

Valerie became the leader of their group somewhat since Danny left since she had way more experience fighting ghosts up close then Sam and Jazz. Fortunately for everyone Valerie wasn't a dictator and only gave orders while fighting, coming up with most of the quick plans in tight situations.

"I think we should go in together, who knows what could be inside." Jazz suggested, always wanting to play it safe.

"Okay, let's head in through the back." Valerie said before the girls started to move.

The girls soon found themselves inside the building, entering a very large room with old tables and chairs scattered around.

"I think this used to be a restaurant but got shut down after they couldn't make a buck." Jazz said while she and the girls pulled out their blasters. Jazz then turned on her visor once more before shutting it off. "The ghost has been in here; it's signature is all over the room."

"Keep your eyes peeled, it could come out any moment." Valerie said in an even tone as the girls started walk deeper into the room.

Just above without anyone seeing a swift figure scurred across the sealing. Green eyes glaring at the girls from above.

The girls continued to scan the room; weapons ready in case anything jumped up at them.

"What is it with ghosts and abandon buildings?" Valerie said as she kicked a broken table.

"I think it has something to do with making it their territory, like the Layers in the Ghost Zone." Jazz said while looking around a corner down a hallway. "Ghosts have a very strong instinct to protect what is there's at any cost."

"Which means they get violent." Sam said as she scanned the room.


Sam stiffens at the faint noise coming from an unlikely spot. Glancing back and looking up at the sealing Sam let out a smooth breath.

"Girls..." Sam said slowly as she pulled out her Ecto-Pistols. "I found it."


"Move!" Valerie screamed as all the girls dove out of the way as a large figure came crashing down from the sealing, breaking the wooden floor.


The girls instantly all brought up their weapons to see the ghost before them.

The ghost in the center of the room was a bat like creature, about as big as a truck. It had dark gray fur, green glowing eyes, and fangs as big as knives. At the same time, it was giving off a powerful green glow that lit up the room.

The giant bat gave the girls a snarl but didn't move just yet.

"Great, it's a rat with wings." Sam said while pointing her pistols at the ghost and started firing.

The bat screeched again before jumping up, dodging the blasts as they followed it. Valerie flew up to the ghost with her hoverboard and fired at it her own blasters at it, but the ghost continued to dodge it.

"It's too fast girls! We need to play this smart!" Jazz said as she brought up her rifle but didn't fire just yet.

The redhead held her breath and kept her eyes sharp as the bat ghost kept jumping around the large room.

"NOW!" Jazz yelled before firing her Ecto-Rifle.

The shot wasn't heading for where the ghost was but where it will be, as the bat ghost ran headfirst into the ecto-blast, making it screech in pain.

The ghost turned to Jazz with a glare before opening its mouth and spitting a green blob out.

Jazz eyes widen as she tried to dodge but wasn't fast enough as the blob slammed right into her chest, exploding into green slime that wrapped around her body.

"Shit!" Jazz yelled as she fell to the floor, trapped in the slime.

The giant bat ghost gave another screech before it flew out a broken widow, shattering it to pieces as it escaped.

"Go after it, I'll be fine!" Jazz yelled as she pulled out a knife and started to cut the slime.

Valerie and Sam nodded as Valerie pulled out her hover board and Sam hopes on before flying out the broken window after the ghost.

The two female ghost hunters flew after the bat ghost as it jumped from building to building.

"Why isn't it flying away? It's a bat and a ghost!" Sam said as she fired after it but kept missing as the ghost continued to jump around.

"Don't give it any ideas!" Valerie said as flew after the bat ghost as it jumped into the air and flew to the park. "See!"

The giant bat ghost flew into the trees and disappeared from sight, the girls quickly behind the ghost.


"Not a dull day in Amity Park, glad to be back."


"Damn it, it's gone." Valerie cursed as she and Sam landed on the ground.

"Well, it can turn invisible." Sam said as she brought up her pistols.

"Don't remind me. So, how do you want to play this?"

"Split up, this thing might leave before we catch it as a group. It's better to split up and cover more ground."

Valerie sighed but nodded her head as Sam jumped off her hoverboard. "Fine, but keep on guard, the last thing we need is for this thing to get the drop on us." Valerie said as she started to float up. "When the shooting starts, we meet up fast, got it?"

"Got it."

"Good." With that Valerie flew above the trees.

Sam took a breath before bringing up her guns and made her way into the trees. The goth moved slowly, keeping all of her senses sharp for anything, trying to ignore the sounds of cars and birds in the distance.

Unknown to Sam, the bat ghost was hiding in the trees just a few feet away from the goth. Giving a low growl as it drooled ectoplasm from its mouth, the bat spread its wings before lunging down.

"Nice try!" Whipping around Sam fired off two shots that smacked into the bat ghost's face, sending it flying back

The bat ghost slammed into a tree before falling to the ground. It's climbed to its feet in seconds before looking to Sam with a snarl.

Sam kept on gun aimed at the ghost before pulling out the thermos. "I think it's about time you go back into the Ghost Zone."

The Bat growled before it turned green and then started to break apart, making Sam's eyes widen. In second the giant bat had turned into a giant swarm of bats that circled in the air, all giving little shriek that sounded like one big shriek.

"Oh shit..." Sam said with wide eyes before the pointed both blaster at the swarm and started to fire.

However, much to the goths worry, each blast did no significant damage to the swarm as it started to circle around Sam.

"Shit! Shit! Shit!" Sam cried out as she continued to shoot at the swarm as it slowly closed in on her, practically ignoring her attacks as if they did nothing. "Ah!"

Sam flinched as a few bats started to hit her, swiping at her with their wings and fangs as they flew around her. Luckily for her, her purple duster was able to easily take the damage and protect her from anything serious, but Sam knew it would only hold for so long.

"D-Damn it!" Sam said while gritting her teeth as she tried to run out of the bats swarming around her but was blocked off for every step. "I-I need help- I... I need-"


Sam was cut off by the sound a powerful engine that was heard all around. A moment later a green dome formed around the goth, protecting her from the bat ghosts. The ghosts continued to attack and tried to break the dome, but it proved useless as they didn't even make a scratch.

With their attacks useless the bats screeched before forming back into a massive bat once more, glaring at both Sam and the dome. With a loud screech the bat ghost charged and slammed its body into the dome with enough force to create a shockwave.

Sam gave a small cry as she fell to the ground, fully expecting the dome to shatter as she saw it bend under the ghost's attack. However, much to Sam's shock, the dome didn't fall or break under the ghost's attack, instead it seemed to bend under the force, like a trampoline.

Unlike a trampoline however, the Bat Ghost didn't go flying away like a slingshot. Instead, the dome around Sam moved, almost as if it was alive. Before the Bat Ghost could even react the dome that was once around Sam was now around the Bat Ghost, trapping it as it floated in mid-air.

The Bat ghost screeched and roared as he clawed at the dome that had trapped it, but it proved futile as it was too strong.

Sam picked herself off the floor and looked at the dome with wide eyes. "How in the hell-"

"Well, those months of training weren't for nothing."

Sam froze in place as she heard the voice behind her, the oh-so familiar voice that very nearly started to make her tremble. With her breath hitched the Goth slowly turned around, playing her mind wasn't playing tricks on her.


Sam's lip trembled as she saw Danny Fenton standing just a few feet away from her.

"Hey, Sam, it's been a while." Danny said with a small smile as he walked up to her until they were only a few feet apart.

Sam blinked to help fight back the tears, but to also make sure her eyes were working right, because Danny looked different from when she last saw him.

Before Danny and Sam were about the same height with Danny being less than an inch taller. Now, Danny was a few inches taller than Sam without her boots, standing at a near 5'8". Also, Danny was not only taller, but he was way buffer from before, with broad shoulders, thick muscular arms, and strong legs. He wore a white shirt with a black leather jack on with blue jeans. His hair was slightly longer but still the same style as before.

As Sam was taking in Danny's new look Danny was doing the same with the goth.

"I like the look, very unique." Danny said with a toothy smile before throwing his arms around Sam and bringing her into his chest. "I've missed you Sam." He said while kissing the top of her head as he hugged her.

Sam practically melted in Danny's arms as she hugged him back, breathing his sent in deeply as a smile grow on her face.

"Welcome back." Sam said before jabbing him in the ribs with her gun, making him grunt. "You took way too long." She said in a peeved tone while looking at him with a small glare.

Danny gave a small laugh while rubbing the back of his head. "Well... sorry." Danny said while bowing his head. "But I can say I did get stronger."

"Clearly." Sam said as the two turned to the still trapped Bat Ghost, who was still trying to get out of the Ecto-Bubble but was having no progress.


Danny and Sam turned to see both Jazz and Valerie flying in on Valerie's hoverboard.

"We heard the fighting and came as fast as-" Valerie cut herself off as she and Jazz saw who was standing right next to Sam. "D-Danny..?"

The Halfa gave a smile and a small wave to the two girls. "Hey girls, it's been a while."

Instantly smiles grew on both Jazz and Valerie's faces as they ran and throw themselves to Danny, bringing the Halfa to the ground.

"Danny!" Both Valerie and Jazz called out as Danny laughed while hugging his girls. "Your back."

"Yup," Danny said as he wrapped his arms around their waist and lift them up with no problem, surprising the girls a bit. "And just in time."

Everyone turned to the crazed bat ghost still trapped in the Ecto-Bubble as it continued to thrash around. At the same time everyone finally noticed that Danny's blue eyes now had a green tint around them, but still held its blue color.

"Are you controlling the Ectoplasm with your mind?" Jazz said in amazement.

"Yes and no." Danny said with a shrug as he kept his hands around Valerie and Jazz's waist. "When I manipulate my Ectoplasm, I need to use a part of my body to focus the power and control, normally that would be my hands since it's the easiest. This time I'm using my eyes since it leaves my hands free for... important stuff."

Jazz looked confused before giving a surprised moan as she felt Danny's hand grab her ass.

"D-Danny..." Jazz moaned softly as her legs already felt weak. She really missed her brother's touch.

"Missed you too sis." Danny said with a cheeky grin as he kissed Jazz on the lips, making the redhead blush. "Now before we can all talk, let's take care of this guy."

Letting go of the girls Danny calmly walked to the trapped bat ghost as it looked at Danny with a snarl.

Danny looked back at the bat ghost with a toothy grin before dropping the bubble, shocking the girls. With no hesitation the bat ghost charged at Danny with blinding speeds, making the girls call out to the Halfa in fear.

Just as the ghost was about to hit the Halfa Danny jumped high into the air and dodged the tackle. Raising an Ecto-Enhanced fist Danny slammed it into the bat's back, making it cry in pain as it slammed into the ground hard. With it momentarily stunned Danny created an Ecto-Rope and had it tied around the bat's limbs and mouth, trapping it.

The girls currently had their jaws on the ground, gaping at how Danny just effortlessly beat a ghost with a single hit, and he wasn't even in his Phantom Form.

"Who has the Fenton Thermos?"

That snapped the girls out of their shock as Sam pulled the thermos out and pointed it at the ghost before sucking it in.

Danny gave a small sigh as he turned to the girls with a smile. "Why don't we go somewhere and talk, I'm sure you girls have questions."

The girls could only nod numbly as they followed Danny out of the park, all thinking the same thing.

How strong had Danny Fenton/Phantom has become.

"You know, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I've missed the Nasty Burger."

Danny and the girls were currently sitting inside a booth in the Nasty Burger, everyone back in their normal cloths.

"Really, but the food Pandora had was amazing." Valerie said with a raised brow as she sipped her drink.

"Oh, no doubt about that." Danny said as he took a bite of his burger. "And it was super healthy so you can see the results." Danny said while pointing to his body. "But there were no snakes at all, well, healthy snakes, but none of that good food. No chips, candy, junk food, after a while I really started to miss it."

"Understandable, you grew up eating that and to have it taken away, even if it was replaced with something better, would give your mind cravings." Jazz said with a nod.

Danny nodded as well and whipped his mouth before looking to his girls. "Now, I know you each have a few questions." Danny said, getting a nod from the three. "And I have a few, so how does this sound. You three ask one question each and then I ask one and we take it from there, sound good?"

The girls glanced at one another before nodding to Danny, who nodded to Sam.

"You go first Sam."

The Goth nodded while looking thoughtful before she spoke.

"What was training with Pandora like?"

"Brutal," Danny said instantly, making the girls flinch. "When Pandora said she was going to train me she trained me, hard. Practically every hour of every day was planned out for me, and I wasn't just physically training, but I was also studying."

"Studying?" Jazz asked, clearly perking up.

Danny gave a small laugh seeing this and continued. "Yes, studying. Pandora stressed for the perfect warrior their body must be as strong as their mind. So, when I wasn't doing 1000 pushups with a bolder on my back I was being taught by Pandora. She taught me a whole bunch of stuff about the Ghost Zone, strategy, and basic schooling."

"Did you learn anything interesting about the Ghost Zone?" Jazz asked.

Danny looked thoughtful this time as he slowly spoke. "Well, for one thing, the Ghost Zone is way bigger than any of us thought." Danny said while letting out a breath of air. "There are practically entire cities bigger than New York in the Ghost Zone. The Most famous city is 'Death City'."

"Death City?" The girls asked with amazed looks on their faces.

"Yeah, it's kind of the Ghost Zone's version of Las Vagas, with gambling, drinking, prostitution, fighting, only Death City is way more dangerous."

"Wait, what do they use for money over their?" Valerie asked with a confused look, wondering how ghosts had an economy of their own.

"Oh, the city has its own currency." Danny said as he pulled out a wallet and pulled out a paper bill that had the number 50 on the side along with a skull on the front. "They have a tone of Pawn Shops that new ghosts go to sell whatever they have for some quick cash; you can also do various jobs to earn money like in the real world." Danny said as he put the bill away. "Pandora took me there about two months into my training to fight an underground arena to get me some combat experience. I fought a good number of ghosts with some really crazy powers."

"Wow," Valerie said what everyone was thinking. "So, I've got to ask Danny, how strong are you now?"

That grabbed everyone's attention as they looked to the Halfa expectantly.

Danny folded his arms and looked up with a thoughtful look, the girls noticing his muscles bulging as he did so.

"Well, if I faced my old self in a full-on fight... I would mope the floor with me." Danny said with a toothy grin. "My strength has practically tripled, I have near perfect control of my powers now, I have way more experience in real ghost fighting then before... if I'm being honest, only ghosts with Pandora's level of power should give me trouble, and maybe Vlad since he still has 20 years over me with being a Halfa. But other than that, no ghost should give me any serious problem." Danny said with complete confidence.

The girls looked to Danny with amazement at the confidence in his voice, and after seeing him take out a ghost that was giving them problems with only one hit the girls started to think they could finally take a break.

"So, I answered your questions, I think you should answer mine." Danny said while looking to his girls, snapping them out of their daze. "So, anything I should know about after I was gone for the winter."

Sam, Jazz, and Valerie all looked at one another for a moment before they started to speak.

"Well things at school have been relatively boring, though Dash is still at the bottom of the A-Listers. That Video you made has been seen by billions by now." Sam said with an evil grin that matched Danny's.

"Ghost wise, things have been relatively simple for the most part, Wulf helped a lot in the beginning thanks to his Claw Portals, but he left about a month back. Luckily for us no seriously dangerous ghost popped up, just the wild ones you've seen." Jazz said, making Danny sigh in relief that the girls didn't tackle anything too dangerous while he was gone.

"Well, from a more personal point of view, I should tell you I'm in a relationship." Valerie said, throwing Danny for a loop.

"What, seriously, with who?" Danny said, trying to keep the uncomfortable feeling in his gut about Valerie with another guy.

"Remember Vid, my friend from another school, me and her got together a month after you left." Valerie said, and instantly the feeling in Danny was gone, something Valerie noticed as she let a sexy grin cross her face. "Don't worry Danny, Vid and I have a Very Open Relationship. So, if you want too ever cum between us, we'll be more than willing." Valerie said as she leaned forward, showing off her cleavage to the Halfa who grinned back at her. "I should also mention I told her about my Ghost Hunting, but left everyone else involved out, she does know I work for Phantom but nothing more."

Danny smiled as he sighed. "Glad to see not too much has changed while I was gone." Danny sighed in relief.

That made Jazz frown as she bit her lip. "Well, their is one thing I should tell you," Jazz said, grabbing Danny's attention. "It's basically about home life."

"Is everything okay?" Danny asked in worry.

Jazz sighed as she rubbed her head. "Well-"


Everyone blinked as a wisp of cold escaped Danny's mouth.


"Everyone Run!"

"Get away!"

"It's a monster!"

Danny and the girls all looked out the window of the Nasty Berger to see people running in one direction, while in the other directions the sounds of destruction were heard.

Danny and the girls all gave a sigh as Sam put a 50 on top of the table. "No rest for the wicked." Sam grumbled as she and the girls got up, ready to get changed.

"Actually girls," Danny said, stopping the girls as the Halfa stood up with a wide grin. "I think it's time you three took a break, and for me to show you how strong I've become."

With that Danny made his way out of the Nasty Burger, leaving the girls bewildered before they scrambled to catch up to the Halfa.

"For the last time, put down the weapons or we will be forced to fire!"

"Weaklings! Do you think you can challenge me!"

Danny and the girls came running into the scene to see two police cars blocking the road with four police officers pointing their guns at a ghost.

Standing in the middle of the road was a ghost Danny and the girls had never seen before.

The ghost looked like a minotaur straight from fiction, with the head and legs of a bull, and a massive human like body. The minotaur wore a fur loincloth around his waist, a shoulder guard on his left shoulder, and a leather strap over his chest to hold a weapon on his back. The minotaur ghost stood at least 10 feet tall and stared down the cops with only annoyance.

"Fools, you weaklings are not even worth a second of my time." The minotaur said while puffing out a jet of steam from his nose. "Now bring me Phantom, apprentice of Pandora!" The minotaur shouted at the top of his lungs, making everyone in the area wince.

Danny sighed and face palmed. "I didn't think this would happen so fast." The Halfa said while shaking his head.

"Danny...?" The girls asked while looking at the Halfa.

"Before I left Pandora gave me a warning." Danny said with a serious look in his eyes as he stared at the Minotaur yelling at the cops who were still holding their ground. "Pandora said that once ghosts found out she took on a new apprentice it would affect me because her name carries such weight. Some ghost might run away simply for the fact that Pandora trained me, and other ghosts might challenge me outright in hopes of testing their own strength or hoping Pandora might take them on as an apprentice." Danny said as he started to walk forward as a white ring formed around his waist. "Well, I wanted to show you girls what I'm made off, and this is the best opportunity." Danny said with a confident grin as he transformed into Phantom.

Sam, Jazz, and Valerie all blinked in shock as Danny transformed into Phantom, only his Phantom Form was different than before.

Danny stood in a new combat suit. His new suit consisted of a green visor over his eyes, a white cape that seemed mist like at the end, white gloves with green gems on the back of his hand, and white boots to match. Danny still had the DP symbol on his chest despite the change in gear, making Sam smile.

The second thing the girls noticed was the weapon strapped to Danny's back.

"Is that a scythe?" Jazz said while pointing to the weapon.

Danny glanced back at the girls with a grin before he flew off.

The minotaur continued to growl as the police continued to make demands of him. "ENOUGH!" The minotaur shouted loudly, making the cops stagger back. "I will face Phantom," The minotaur shouted as he pulled out his weapon, a massive double axe. "And anyone who gets in my way will meet a swift end."

"Well, aren't you being dramatic."

Dropping out of the sky Danny landed between the minotaur and the cops, getting surprised looks from everyone.

The Minotaur however gave a grin as he dropped his large axe into one hand, letting the blade smack into the ground with great force.

"So, you're the great Phantom, the most recent apprentice to Pandora." The Minotaur said while looking Danny up and down. "I thought you'd be more impressive."

Danny gave a snort as he folded his arms. "And I thought I'd have more time before ghosts like you would come looking for a fight."

A cocky look cross the minotaur's face. "So, you wish to avoid conflict, a weak statement. A true warrior must always be ready for a fight! It appears Pandora's standards have dropped in the last hundred years."

That made Danny gives the minotaur a glare. "Just because I'm not looking for a fight doesn't mean I'm not ready for one." Danny said as he let his power flare.

That brought a grin to the Minotaur's face. "Perhaps you're not so weak after all." The minotaur said before pointing the axe at Danny. "I am Aremas Ironbody, and I challenge you, Phantom, to combat!"

Danny gave a cut nod, but instead of pulling out his scythe he started to fly up, getting a confused look from the minotaur. "I don't want to worry about collateral damage or civilians, so we'll fight somewhere else." Danny said, getting a massive grin from Ironbody as he also started to fly up. "There's a clearing a few miles in the woods, we can go nuts there." Danny said before he blasted off at blinding speeds, creating a small sonic boom.

"Hahahaha!" Ironbody laughed loudly as he throws his axe on his back and flew after Danny, not as fast but still with impressive speeds. "Finally, a worthy opponent." The bull man shouted before the two were gone.

"...You know, I actually miss the days when our biggest problem in this city was when some Karen was bitching at use about her petty problems." One of the gruffer cops snorted as all the other cops looked up at the sky in shot. "Now we have to deal with this Ghost Buster bullshit."

Off to the side in a secluded alley Sam, Jazz, and Valerie looked in the direction Danny flew off to.

"We're following, right?" Sam asked while looking to Valerie.

"Oh yeah, I am not missing this." Valerie said with a grin as he activated her overboard and changed into the Red Huntress. "Hop on and hold tight girls." Valerie said as her hoverboard formed right under her feet.

Sam and Jazz did as they were told and held onto Valerie from behind.

"Please try not to go too fast." Jazz said while gulping as the hoverboard rose into the air.

"Sorry red, but I don't want to miss the fight." Valerie said with a grin making Sam and Jazz gulp as they held onto Valerie before she blasted off. "Hold onto your tits girls!"

"We're here."

Danny and Ironbody both landed on in a large clearing, the minotaur ghost looking around with interest.

The clearing was simple with trees making a ring around the area, the ground was mostly flat with large rocks littering the ground.

For normal people this clearing wouldn't me ideal for a fight, but these two were far from normal.

"Excellent," Aremas Ironbody thought while trying to keep the grin off his face. "A perfect area to fight, without weaklings to get in our way. I also have the home field advantage."

"So, how do you want to play this, because I'm down for nearly anything." Danny said as he casually stretched yet kept his eyes on his opponent. "The guys built like a brick house; those muscles aren't for show." The Halfa thought as he observed his opponent. "His weapon is a large battle axe, and the way he talks he has no patience for formality or waiting. This guys a brute, who focuses on strength and force rather than fineness."

Danny had faced a good number of brute fighters in his time in Death City. Most were meatheads that only cared about physically strength or blasting power, hardly any investment in any other powers ghosts have unless it was a power unique to them.

"But just because he's a meathead doesn't make him any less dangerous." Danny thought with narrow eyes as Ironbody pulled out his axe and let the blade fall onto the ground.

Most of the brutes Danny fought were nothing more than thugs that could only really fight when their opponent was weaker. However, it was the real fighter brutes you had to watch out for.

"Those guys were like tanks." Danny thought with a shudder as he remembered the fights, he had against ghosts like Ironbody. "No matter how much I punch, kicked, and blasted those guys took it all and hit back twice as hard."

Those fights were some of the hardest Danny had ever had to be a part of, but over time he himself became stronger and knew how to fight types like Ironbody.

"We will fight until the other cannot move, anything and everything is aloud. I will not hold back!" Ironbody said as a puff of steam shout out of his nose.

Danny gave a cut nod as he brought up his fists as they glowed green. This made Ironbody narrow his eyes.

"You will not bring out your weapon?" The Minotaur ghost asked while narrowing his eyes.

Danny gave the Minotaur a cocky grin. "Give me an excuse to use it."

Ironbody growled as another jet of steam shot out of his nose before he charged at Danny once, axe in hand.

Sam, Valerie, and Jazz arrived just in time to see the fight start as they landed just outside the clearing. The girls quickly got behind a large rock for cover as they saw Ironbody charge at Danny, while said Halfa was not moving at all.

Danny was perfectly still as Ironbody charged at him; a calm looks on the Halfa's face. Suddenly a cocky grin grows on Danny's face as Ironbody swung his axe and brought it down. Danny sidesteps the attack as it at the last possible second as the axe easily cut into the ground with enough force for the ground to shake. Ironbody didn't stop his attack and quickly swung his axe to the side to where Danny stood, only for the Halfa to flip and dodge the attack.

Ironbody blinked before his face twisted into rage as he started to swing his axe wildly.

For the next few minutes Danny only dodged Ironbody's swinging axe with little effort, the blade never getting close to the Halfa's skin. Danny's serious face morphed into an almost cocky grin, yet his eyes were still sharp and focused.

Danny backflipped as Ironbody swung his axe down into the earth, missing once again.

"Why..." Ironbody said in a low tone as his body shook in rage when Danny's feet touched the ground. "Why won't you fight back you cowered?!" The Minotaur roared as his eyes gleamed red in rage.

Danny folded his arms while giving the bull a snort. "To see what your made off." Danny said in a flat tone, making the bull-man blink. "This whole time I've been gaging your power, skill, seeing how threatening you were... and I've deduced you're not dangerous to me."

"... You... you dare look down on me!" Ironbody roared as he stomped his hoof down, making the ground shake. "I have power that can bring down mountains! I can shake entre armies! Thousands upon thousands fear Aremas Ironbody!"

"Have you actually done any of that?" Danny asked with a raised brow, making the Minotaur blink. "Have you really taken on enter armies, blown up mountains, or are you just assuming you can do these things." Danny said, calling the bull on his bullshit, and Ironbody strangely went quiet. "Well, speak up now. Tell me if you actually blew up a mountain or taken out an army by yourself."

Back with the girls hiding behind the large rock, they were all giving Danny raised brows.

"Is it just me, or is Danny a bit cockier?" Jazz asked.

"I think he's more confidence in himself and not taking what every ghost says for face value." Sam defended as she kept her eyes glued to the fight. "Plus, can you really blame him, I mean this guy comes out of nowhere, challenges Danny after he just got back, and all this meat head can do is swing an axe that can't even touch him." Sam said as she glared heatedly at Ironbody.

"Don't worry girl," Valerie said as she put her hand on Sam's shoulder. "Once Danny's finished with the beef head, we'll have him all to ourselves."

Sam gave a small shudder of anticipation, she, Valerie, and Jazz all had a big surprise for Danny when this fight was over.

Back with Aremas Ironbody and Danny, the two were still standing off one another, with Aremas sweating a bit.

"E-Enough!" Ironbody suddenly shouted while pointing his axe at Danny. "Your words will not discourage me! I will defeat you and be made Pandora's new apprentice! I have yet to show you my true power!"

Ironbody grabbed his axe in both hands and slam the blade deep into the ground. His body glowed green with Ecto-Energy as it poured into the ground. The ground shook for a second before the earth broke and five stone hands shot out of the ground around Ironbody before five figures emerged from the ground.

The figures were made completely of dirt and rocks, with a green glow around them along with two glowing green eyes.

"Golems?" Danny said while tilting his head. "If I remember right, golems, or anything golem like, are basically foot soldiers made by ghosts with no special abilities or even most of the common ghost powers. The only thing they have is numbers and basic strength, cheaper than making a copy but very weaker than the user. These ones look stronger, and harder, but nothing amazing. This does show me he has an Earth-Core, a bit rare but nothing I haven't faced."

"See Phantom, this is my power!" Ironbody shouted with a look of glee on his face. "We now outnumber you six to one!" Ironbody then pulled his axe out of the ground to show the blade was now covered in rock, making it now look like a jagged hammer.

Despite the number advantage, Danny did not look impressed, in fact he gave Ironbody a flat look. "Really, this is what you come up with?" Danny asked with a sigh, making Ironbody blink again. "I was running circles around you not even a minute ago, and you're using a weapon and minions that are slower." Danny then gave a small laugh as he pulled out his scythe from his back. "Fine, let me show you the hell I went through to become stronger."

Ironbody growled as he thrusted his hammer "Charge!"

With that the five golems stomped forward at a brisk pace.

"Seriously?" Danny thought with a raised brow as the golems ran up to him and started to swing their arms at him, which the Halfa dodged with little effort. "They are slow as syrup. I think I may have overestimated this guy's skill if he thinks these things will be useful."

"An opening!" Ironbody yelled as he jumped into the air, his hammer raised high above his head as he brought it down to the ground.

The ground shook before jagged rocks exploded from the ground, all flying in the direction of Danny.

"Danny! Watch out!" The girls all yelled in worry as the sharp rocks flew with speeds the Minotaur never showed before.

The Halfa however didn't looked fazed in the slightest as both the jagged rocks and golems all closed in on him from multiple angles. Danny was basically cornered.

"Not bad... but not good enough." Danny thought before he acted.

It all happened in an instant and it left jaws dropped.

Danny spun his scythe fast in his right hand to the point it looked like a single spinning blade. He used his weapon to counter the flying rocks, turning them to dust just as they reach him. The golems didn't just stand by as they also tried to attack but compared to what Danny has face, they might as well have been paused.

"I don't really want to play today." Danny said as his eyes glowed blue as the green blade of his scythe changed to blue as well.

Swinging the scythe in a circle Danny sliced all the golems before they could finish their attacks, freezing them all in ice in an instant.

"Too easy." Danny said with a cocky grin as he sent out a wave of Ecto-Energy, shattering the golems to pieces.

"Have you forgotten about me?!"

Ironbody charged forward with eyes red with anger as he swings his hammer at Danny, aiming for the Halfa's head.

However, before the hammer could even get close Danny swung his axe up, slicing the axe in two before it could get close.

"M-my axe-OOF!"

Ironbody was cut off as Danny sent an Ecto-Enhanced kick into to bull's chest, sending the Minotaur flying into a tree.

"Such... such a strong attack..." Ironbody groaned as he picked himself up, only to see Danny flying right at him with his scythe at the ready. "NO, I WILL NOT LOSE!"

Slamming his broken axe into the ground once again Ironbody created another rock hammer before charging at Danny, rage burning in his eyes.

Danny grinned as his eyes glowed blue once again as he shot an ice blast right at the Minotaur's feet, suddenly stopping the mad charge in an instant. Ironbody looked to his feet in shock as he tried to pull out of the ice but found it impossible.

"My ice can become harder than diamond when I go all out, so you're not getting out unless I say so!" Danny shouted as he closed the distance before swinging his scythe.

Aremas Ironbody tried to block the attack with his weapon, but it was too late, Danny swung his scythe.

The blade of Danny's scythe slammed right into Ironbody's stomach with Danny's full power behind it, at the same time Ironbody felt his strength leave his body as he got weaker every second. Ironbody screamed in pain as he was sent flying once again, but this time the bull ghost slammed into a large bolder with enough force to shatter it.

Ironbody laid on the floor in pain as the Minotaur tried to get up, only to find a foot slammed into his chest, keeping him down.

Aremas looks up to see the impassive look of Phantom staring down at him, scythe still in hand.

"You... you cut me..." Ironbody groaned as he looked down, expecting to see Ecto-Blood gushing out of him, only to see a large bruise instead. "But... but how..." Ironbody said with a bewildered look on his face.

"I can manipulate the sharpness of my weapon in an instant, making it sharp enough to cut steel, or dull enough to work like a hammer, still hurts even if I don't cut you." Danny said as a fact.

Ironbody tried to push himself up but found he couldn't move, trapped under Danny's foot. Not only that the Minotaur ghost noticed something else.

"My... my strength..." Aremas said with a look of shock and confusion on his face as he noticed he felt weaker, not just hurt.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention, this is no ordinary scythe." Danny said with a grin as he admired his blade. "This baby is called Souleater. Made with the help of both the Far Frozen Tribe and Pandora's forge. It has the unique power to absorb Ecto-Energy and add it to my own." Danny said, getting a shocked look from Ironbody. "It isn't perfect, I can only absorb up to my limit of power, and it can't heal wounds, but I can fight at near constant full power. And if I try really hard, I can leech off your power, leaving you like this." Danny said getting bugeyes from Ironbody. "Now then, I think it's time you went back to the Ghost Zone." Danny said as he pulled out the Fenton Thermos and pointed it as the ghost. "And tell everyone you see that there is a new Phantom in town, and this one isn't playing any games."

With that Danny pressed a button and sucked the ghost in.

And thus, the fight ended.

Danny let out a small breath as he let his guard down.

"Alright girls, you can come out now."

With that said Sam, Valerie, and Jazz all came out from behind the boulder, all giving Danny looks of amazement.

"Girls," Valerie said as they reached Danny, Valerie giving everyone a grin. "I think we may be out of a job." She said, getting a few laughs out of everyone.

"Good, I need to get back to my studies and not spend my off-time sweating my ass off in a skin-tight jumpsuit." Jazz said with an annoyed off. "I have no idea how mom does it."

"Looks like all that training was really worth it." Sam said with a grin. "So, got any other tricks up your sleeve?"

"A few," Danny said as he stretched his arms. "But if it's all the same with you, I rather talk about it another time. I'm home, I think I want to anything other than ghost fighting or training."

That made the girls smile as they all hugged Danny. "Then let's go home Danny." Jazz said with a soft smile.

That made Danny smile as he hugged the girls, his girls.


"How... you have grown young Daniel."

Vlad Masters, the first Halfa ever made, sat in his chair in his lab with several screens in front of him, all showing the fight between Danny Phantom and the Minotaur ghost known as Aremas Ironbody.

Vlad knew about everything that happened on Halloween thanks to the suit he created for young Valerie, which would record and collect all relevant combat data and nothing else since too much information gathering might attract some attention from the group of teens.

Vlad was shocked to find out that not only about Daniel had faced The Fright Knight, the Right Hand to the Ghost King himself, but also fight alongside Pandora who was one of the ancients who imprisoned the Ghost King long ago.

It was only a few weeks after Halloween that Vlad found out that Daniel had not only left, but left to train under Pandora herself, leaving Amity Park under his female friends' protection and a few ghost allies.

Vlad wanted this opportunity to get closer to Maddie and make her as his, oh how he wanted that so badly. With Daniel out of the way Vlad could intergrade himself into Daneil's family and become the new father before Daniel could get back.

Unfortunately, Vlad had to go to a winter conference in New York in order to absorb a smaller company and he needed to be there to use his powers to overshadow the CEO into doing whatever Vlad wanted. This company was being extra difficult where Vlad actually had to plan and workout how to take over the company without things looking too suspicious. What should have taken a few weeks ended up taking months to the point Vlad was losing his patience.

By the time Vlad was done and successfully absorbed the company winter was practically over and Daniel could return any day now. Vlad had two options at that point, try his luck and see if he can make Maddie his before Danny could return, or play the long game and focus on other projects.

Vlad didn't get to where he was by jumping to gun, he was an expert at playing the long game, ghost powers or not. And he was right as Daniel had returned only a week later, meaning any progress Vlad did would have been thrown out the window.

That had been the original thought Vlad had the moment he knew Daniel came back. However, after Vlad saw the fight between Daniel and Ironbody, Vlad knew for certain that things would have ended horrible for the rich man.

Vlad knew Daniel would of became stronger training under someone like Pandora, Vlad himself admitted that if he faced someone on Pandora's level he would most likely lose unless he had an advantage of some kind. However, Vlad could not predict Daniel would become this strong in such a short amount of time.

"The young always outshine the old." Vlad said with a grumble as he leaned back in his chair. "Why couldn't you have followed me Daniel and renounced your father."

Vlad wanted Daniel by his side for more than just to get back at Jack and have Maddie. Vlad could see the potential in Daniel that Jack and even Maddie have missed.

Daniel was young, imaginative, impressionable. Not to mention Daneil got his powers much earlier than Vlad, as the Billionaire got his powers in the middle of collage. With so much power in someone so young Vlad could mold Daniel into the perfect son, maybe even the perfect heir.

But all that flew out the window at the college reunion. Maddie was a good influence on the boy and even though he resented Jack, something that filled Vlad's core with joy, Daniel still had a strong sense of 'right' and 'wrong'.

If Vlad wanted Daniel by his side, he would have to play the long game. Nothing short of a Master plan would insure Jack's demise, Maddie as his bride, and Daniel as his son.

However, for any plan to work Vlad would need to be stronger than Daniel. Thanks to the young Halfa's training of the Ancient Pandora and who knows what else, Danny was closer to Vlad's strength then the older Halfa would like to admit.

"I need more power."

Pressing a button on his chair the screen changed to show ancient text on old paper. The text had symbols and words Vlad could barely read, but there were images that greatly attracted the older Halfa.

A skeleton key, a crown made of fire, and a ring with a skull.

"I can honestly say I missed my room."

Danny gave a happy sigh as he enters his room in the Fenton Household. It was the same as he left it all those months ago, with blue walls and floor, his old computer sitting on his work desk, and his NASA posters around.

However, something did catch his eye.

"What happened to my bed?"

Instead of his usual single bed that could barely fit two people, Danny's bed seemed to have been replaced with a king size bed. Not only that there was a large flat screen TV hanging on his wall, also something he knew he didn't have before.

"Hope you like it." Sam said as she walked into Danny's room and sat on her bed. "I thought you could use something better to sleep on other than dollar store bed. After all, only the best for our hero."

Danny smiled and dropped his bag into a corner, containing a few things he brought from the GZ.

"So, where's mom and dad?" Danny asked, instantly noticing his parents were gone.

"Out of town." Jazz said with a sigh. "They're at a showcase in Chicago trying to get the government to buy their ghost equipment. They should be back on Monday."

"So, me and Jazz are home alone for three days." Danny thought as he felt his pants getting tighter. "It's defiantly good to be back."

"I say we put this TV to use." Valerie said as she brought up her phone. "It's the weekend and we should live a little, movie marathon anyone." Valerie said as she called her dad to tell her she was crashing at a friend's house.

That brought a grin from everyone as they nodded.

"Since Danny just came back, we get to pick the first two movies after that we go from there." Sam said as he pulled out her phone. "I'll order some pizzas and snacks for us."

"I'll grab all the movies we have, and we pick from there." Danny said before they all started to move.

Once Danny left the girls were quiet for a moment before looking to one another, grins all on their faces.

"So, it's agreed we're not leaving this house for the next few days." Valerie said while licking her lips.

"Oh, no question." Sam said with a wide smile as she looked to the redhead. "Jazz, you still got the stuff in your room. I think we should show Danny why it's a good think he came back as soon as possible."

"It's waiting right under my bed." Jazz said with a blush as looked to the other girls. "So, we're really doing this?"

"Oh, fuck yeah." Sam said with determination in her eyes. "If you think I'm going to let some other girls get first taste after four months you are out of your fucking mind."

"As long as you share and are willing to play, we'll all get along girl." Valerie said in a low tone as he hands grabbed Sam's ass, making the goth moan.

"Later," Sam said with a shaky huff as she stepped away, making Valerie pout. "We'll build things up before making our move."

That made Valerie huff. "Fine, but I don't want to wait too long. You're not the only one who has an itch that needs a good scratch."

With that said the girls started to move, all showing anticipation in their eyes.

Danny, Sam, Jazz, and Valerie all sat around Danny's bed as the TV played in the dimly lit room. A few hours have passed with the group watching a few movies and eating pizza.

They were currently watching Valerie's movie, an action movie with a lot of fancy moves and admittedly some bad acting.

Danny was currently laying down on his bed, his back resting on the backboard. Sam was on his right resting her head on his shoulder while Jazz was on his left with her head on his chest. Valerie was laid across Danny's legs with her head rested against his thighs.

Throughout the night the girls had barely moved from their position unless it was to get more comfortable, or if it was to tease Danny.

The girls' hands constantly wandered over the Halfa's body, rubbing his chest, arms, and legs with absent thought. Danny obviously retaliated by rubbing the girls' ass' and tits, getting little moans from them. Danny could see the girls were teasing him, trying to see if he would break and just attack them, but Danny was stronger than that.

Feeling Sam's hand run down his hands as a sex scene started on screen, the Halfa wrapped his and around her waist and cupped her breast softly.

Sam lets out a small breath as her hand continues down just before stopping.

"I need to use the bathroom." Sam said as she got up from the bed and rushed out of the room.

"Is she okay?" Danny said with concern at her sudden exit.

Unknown to the Halfa both Valerie and Jazz were grinning like made as they also got up.

"We'll go check on her." Jazz said in a neutral tone as she and Valerie quickly followed after the goth.

Danny blinked in confusion as he looked back to the movie.

After about 20 minutes Danny finally got up from his bed as the movie finished.

"Is Sam, okay? What's taking them so long?" Danny muttered as he turned off the TV and started to make his way out to check on Sam.


Danny blinked at the knock to his door just as he was about to open it.

"Danny, could you open the door? We got something for you."

Danny raised a brow as he opened the door without any thought, swinging it open.

"What took you girls so long? Is everything... all... right..."


Danny trailed off as he saw Sam, Jazz, and Valerie all standing side by side in the hallway. The Halfa's jaw dropped as he saw what the girls now wore before him.

Each girl was dressed up in sexy costumes that were only good for one thing, sex.

Sam wore a playboy bunny one piece suit. With a black leather one piece fit snugly around her body to make her boobs pop out more, a pair of black ears on her head, chocker around her neck, and dark stockings leading all the way down to her high heel boots. Sam was in the middle between Valerie and Jazz while giving Danny the sexiest bedroom eyes she could make while the goth put her hands around the girls' waists.

Valerie wore a leper printed two-piece bikini. She had fuzzy cat ears on top of her head, a fuzzy collar around her neck with a bell hanging, a tail swinging back and forth, and fuzzy boots that reached halfway up to her knee. Valerie was giving Danny a mischievous smile while pushing her body into Sam's right side.

Finally, Jazz wore a cowgirl outfit, as in the animal and not the western. Jazz wore a black and white bind wrapped tightly around her breasts that made her look the biggest of the three, a black and white thong that was more string than actual fabric, little yellow horns and pink ears on top of her red hair, a white collar around her neck with a little cowbell dangling, and black and white thigh high stocking. Jazz was blushing the most of the three but also looked just as edger as she rested her head on Sam's left shoulder.

"Sorry it took so long Danny." Sam said without a care in the world, as if she wasn't dressed like a sexy little bunny. "But as you can see, it was well worth the wait." The Goth said while licking purple lipstick lips while running her hands over Jazz's and Valerie's asses.

"I... What... but..."

"Wow, I know we're hot, but I think we broke his brain." Valerie said with a wide smile as Danny continued to studder while his head whipped between the three girls. "What's wrong Danny, all that time training you forgot how fucking sexy we are?" Valerie asked in a voice that was anything but innocent.

"Really Danny, you should have seen this coming." Jazz said with a sisterly sigh, snapping Danny out of his stuttering. "We haven't seen you in months, and now your back while we have the whole house to ourselves for the next few days." Jazz said while rolling her eyes in a dramatic like fashion. "It's obvious we're going to fuck." She said with a sexy smile grown in her lips.

The casual way Jazz said that, combined with her slutty cow costume made Danny rock hard, something the girls noticed instantly.

"Oh, someone's ready to go." Sam said as they all looked at the large bulge in Danny's jeans. "No more gawking, time to make up four months of leaving us high and dry Fenton."

With that the girls moved into the room and pushed Danny back.

The Halfa soon found himself siting on the edge of his bed. The girls didn't waste any time pulling off Danny's shirt off before kneeling down before him, all eyes on his crotch.

"Wow, that looks painful." Sam said in an innocent like tone before she looked up at Danny. "Were you just as turned on as we were?"

Looking down at all the girls looking up at him, Danny couldn't help but grown softly.

"Of course, I was turned on, it's been four months since I've seen you girls. The first thing I wanted to do was throw you onto this bed and fuck you until you blacked out." Danny said in a gravelly tone that made the girls shutter and gulp, the lust growing in their eyes. "I thought... since I was gone for so long... maybe you girls have moved on or... you didn't want me that way anymore."

"Oh Danny," Sam said with a small sigh while shaking her head. The goth stood up with a smile as she grabbed the Halfa by his cheeks, looking at him with a loving smile. "That's the stupidest thing I have ever heard." Sam said in a brutality honest tone, making Danny wince. "Whether it's four months or four years, nothing will ever change between us. I... we love you, Danny."

With that Sam closed the distance and kissed Danny fully on the lips, making the Halfa's eyes go wide before he closed them as he kissed back.

The kiss lasted for a good minute before the two pulled away, a trail of spit falling between the two.

"Now, no more second guessing us." Sam said with a grin as she sunk back to her knees, joining Jazz and Valerie. "You've been gone for four months, so you have to make it up to use for the next few days." She said, making Jazz and Valerie nod.

With that the girls started to move, all with looks of lust and anticipation.

Sam grabbed Danny's belt and started to unbuckle his pants, that is until Danny's pants turned intangible and fell to the floor, leaving the Halfa in only a pair of white boxers.

"I forgot he could do that." Jazz muttered as she stared at the large bulge in Danny's boxers.

Sam grinned while licking her lips while she grabbed Danny's boxers by the waist band before yanking them down swiftly.




The girls were struck speechless as Danny's cock flopped out of his boxers and smacked Sam right across her face.

"Are... are you bigger than before...?" Sam said in a stunned tone as she pulled back and looked down at Danny's hard cock while going cross-eyed.

True to Sam's words Danny's cock did look bigger than before, or more specifically thicker. Sam slowly brought a shaky hand up before grasping the shaft, only to be shocked at the fact her thumb couldn't meet her middle finger.

"Holy shit, your thicker them my wrist." Sam said while her jaw dropped, yet her body shivered with anticipation.

"And looked at these bad boys." Valerie gasped as she weighted Danny's balls in her hand. "Fucking hell, one of these nuts are about as big as my hand. You must have enough cum to full half the girls in school."

"And the... the small..." Jazz gulped loudly as she breathed in Danny's musk, which was making her already wet. "You smell amazing Danny..." Jazz said in a daze as her nose touched the tip of Danny's cock while she breathed in his musky sent.

Danny was panting softly as he felt the girls play with his cock. "The-the last few weeks with Pandora were the hardest. I pushed myself to the point of nearly passing out, I didn't even have enough time or energy to jerk off."

"So, you have a month's worth of cum in these bad boys?" Valerie said with a wide smile as she ran her hand over Danny's balls slowly, making the Halfa shutter.

"And it's all for uses." Jazz said as she gave the tip of the thick cock a kiss, making Danny grit his teeth.

"The let's show Danny what he's missed out these past few months." Sam said as she tightens her grip on the shaft before the girls started to move.

Danny watched in pure amazement as the girls moved together and placed their mouths all over his cock.

Jazz took the tip into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the tip while bobbing her head up and down. Sam slid her tongue along the shaft while peppering Danny's cock with kisses, leaving purple lipstick marks. Valerie was focused on Danny's balls, taking both of them into her mouth as she sucked and gave them a spit-shine. While all this was happening, the girls were mewing and moaning like crazy, adding small vibrations into their actions.

"Oh-Fuck-God Damn it!" Danny sputtered as he was hit with tense pleasure while he griped the sides of his bed hard. "You girls-You girls are amazing!" Danny said as his hips jerked as he struggled to stay still.

Sam gave a big lick of the shaft before looking up at Danny with a wide smile. "This is just the start Danny. We have all weekend to do anything and everything your little perverted heart desires and then some." Sam said as she went back to kissing Danny's shaft.

This went on for a few minutes and already Danny was reaching his breaking point as he felt his balls tighten while Valerie still sucked on them. "Girls... I'm... not going to last much longer." Danny said while gritting his teeth almost hard enough to crack them.

However, despite his warning the girls only worked harder, running their mouths and tongues along Danny's cock to the point it was drenched in saliva, and Danny could feel it on every inch of his cock.

"G-girls, I'm really about to-" When Danny looked down it was a mistake.

Sam, Jazz, and Valerie were all looked Danny with lust and anticipation as they worshiped his cock with their mouths. This is what pushed the Halfa over the edge.

"CUM!" Danny shouted as his hips shot up as he stood up.

All the girls quickly jerked back and pushed their faces side by side in front of Danny's cock, their mouths wide open and tongues out.


The first shot of cum was thick as it splattered across Sam's face, across her cheek and some in her mouth. The next shot hit Valerie perfectly in her mouth as she swirled her tongue around the taste. The third shot ran across Jazz's face and across her nose and breasts, making the redhead shutter as she smelled her brother's thick cum.

Danny was almost like a firehose as he practically caked the three girls' faces with his thick cum. Once Danny finally stopped the Halfa felt weak in the knees as he fell to the bed while panting desperately for air.

"Oh... fuck..." Danny panted before he looked down... and instantly became hard.

The girls were lapping up his cum on each other's faces, kissing each other while moaning. Danny watched this happen the entire time and in minutes all his cum was practically gone.

"Oh my god, how can you're cum taste so good?" Sam moaned out as she uses one hand to rub her pussy.

"And it's crazy thick, I can practically chew it." Valerie moaned as well as she swirled the cum in her mouth.

"Well, he did have a perfect diet for four months straight, along with backed balls." Jazz explains while rubbing the cum all over her tits.

The girls looked up and were pleasantly surprised to see Danny's reharden cock pointing straight up.

"Someone bounces back fast. Were you that turned on by seeing us eat your thick cum?" Sam asked while kissing Danny's balls, making the Halfa groan.

"Three sexy girls lapping at my cum while kissing one another? I would have to be wrong in the head not to be turned on." Danny throws back as he looked at the girls, his girls. "So, how do we play this?" Danny asked, having no idea what the girls had in mind.

"We go one on one in the order of you fucked us and brought us into Team Phantom." Sam said as the girls stood up before Danny. "First it's me, obviously, then it's Valerie, and finally Jazz. From there we let our bodies and imagination figure out how to do the rest." Sam said as he startled Danny's lap as the Halfa's hands instantly went to the goth's ass. "And I'm sure you have a few requests you wish to have us do."

Danny's mind flashed as he imagines doing various things to the girls with nothing held back. "I might have a few things in mind."

"Clearly." Sam said as she ran her hand on the underside of Danny's twitching cock. "First you deal with use one by one, then you can go wild you horny dog."

Without saying anything else Sam stood up and sat Danny's lap, throwing her arms over his shoulders while looking the halfa in the eyes. Danny's hands instantly went to the Goth Girl's leather ass, feeling his fingers squeeze into the ass that made the goth grin. Sam slowly ran her hand down her chest before it stopped between her legs.


Sam pulled down a small zipper between her legs to make an opening for her pussy, which was already dripping wet. Sam moaned softly as she felt Danny's hard cock pressed up against her stomach, feeling the heat it was giving off even though the leather.

"I've been meaning to ask, how is it your dick so hot despite having an Ice Core?" Sam couldn't help but ask while looking at the Halfa with a raised brow.

Danny gave a shrug. "Pandora explained that just because I can make cold doesn't mean I can't make some heat. Plus, I'm in my human form, meaning I can make a lot more heat than my ghost form." Danny explained as Sam pushed him down onto the bed while griding her wet pussy over his dick.

"Thank god for that and your hot cock." Sam moaned softly as she felt the heat radiating off Danny's cock to the point Sam thought he also had a Fire-Core. "Hey Danny, you want to know something really fun?" Sam asked in a husky tone that made Danny shiver. "You feel my cute little tail back here?"

Grabbing Danny's hand Sam guides it to a large cotton tail right on her ass. Danny grabbed the tail and instantly Sam moaned, making Danny's eyes widen.

"That's a special tail Danny." Sam said as she gave a small shiver as Danny's hand was still on the tail. "By then end of the night I want to feel all your cum in every single one of my holes. Including my tight asshole that hasn't had any action since you left. Meaning it's virgin tight-AH!"

Danny moved on instinct. He flipped Sam onto the bed before she could react while the Halfa moved between her legs, the two now facing away from the headboard. Grabbing the goth by her thick legs Danny moved them up until Sam was in her favorite position.

Mating Press.

Danny swore he saw hearts in the goth's eyes for a split second as he put her legs on her shoulder.

"I'm going to fuck you hard Sam, I'm going to fuck you and make his pussy remember why it loves my cock so much." Danny growled like an animal as he rubbed his cock against Sam's pussy, making her moan. Looking up Danny saw the stunned looks of his sister Jazz and Valere. "And after I fuck her stupid, I'm coming for you two." He said, making them gulp while also showing lust in their eyes.

Sam throws her hands over Danny's shoulder and made the Halfa look back at her.

"I want you to fucking pound me Danny." Sam said with all seriousness she could muster, making the Halfa's twitch hard. "I want you to fuck this pussy, your first pussy, until you cum. You don't stop until you blow that thick, creamy cock milk into my womb and fill me to the brim. Even if I cum, scream, and pass out you don't stop fucking me until you cum. Got it." Sam said with a wicked grin crossing her face.

Danny couldn't help but give the Goth his own wicked grin as he rubbed his cock over her wet pussy. "You know, you might come to regret that Sam." Danny said as he reached up and pulled the leather over Sam's tits down, letting them bounce free. "Pandora did give teach me a few tricks during my training that are perfect for outside of combat." The Halfa said while pinching Sam's nipple lightly.

Feeling the large cock on her pussy and Danny's hand on her tit Sam moaned as she smirked up at the Halfa. "You fucked Pandora, didn't you?" Sam said as a fact getting a shocked look out of Jazz and Valerie.

Danny grinned as he rubbed his cock harder on Sam's pussy. "Well, she wanted to make sure I was an adequate lover. The last thing she wanted was to hear that her apprentice was strong but sucked in the bed." The Halfa said as he pulled his slick cock away from Sam's pussy before aiming the tip right at her opening. "Last chance to back out Sam, I'm going to fuck you and I'm not going to stop until I cum balls deep."

Sam's response was to throw her legs around Danny's waist and bring the Halfa closer to the point his strong chest was mashed up against her tits.

"What makes you think that's not what I want?" Sam asked before closing the gap and kissing Danny on the lips.

The two stuck their tongues into each other's mouths as Danny slowly brought his hips down, pushing his cock into Sam's pussy.

Sam's eyes snapped open before rolling into the back of her head. The Goth started to moan into the kiss while Danny sucked on her tongue. Once Danny reached the halfway point the Halfa pulled back from the kiss and looked down at the shocked goth.

"G-Good god Danny!" Sam panted as she looked down at where his cock was entering her with wide eyes. "Yo-you're splitting me in two!"

"But it feels good, right Sam?" Danny asked in a husky tone as he pulled out a bit before pushing back in, making Sam yelp. "Tell me how good it feels." Danny said before he started to fuck Sam.

"AH!" Sam moaned as she looked at Danny with wide eyes. His thrusts her strong, each one rocking her body as he stretched her out with his thick cock. "Ah! Ah! C-Cumming! I'm cummings already!" Sam screamed while throwing her head back, her hands clawing at Danny's back.

Danny felt Sam's pussy tighten around his cock as warm liquid splashed against his pelvis. Despite knowing Sam was cummings Danny didn't stop his hips, in fact the Halfa's speed picked up as he pushed more of his cock into Sam's quivering pussy until the tip knocked against her womb.

"EEK!" Sam squeaked like a girl as she looked at Danny with shock. "M-My womb, you're kissing my womb with your cock while I'm cummings!" Sam screeched at the top of her lungs as she came again, just a minute after she came her first time.

"Don't you remember Sam," Danny grunted as his hips continued to smack into Sam's thighs while the goth moaned and screamed without a care in the world. "I would fuck you and I wouldn't stop until I came deep in this tight pussy. After all, who does this pussy belong too?"

"You, my pussy belongs to you Danny!" Sam screamed out without any hesitation, looking up at the Halfa with drool running down her chin and tears in her eyes. To Danny, Sam never looked sexier. "My pussy, my womb, my tits! They all belong to you, so please, fill my pussy and womb with your thick baby patter!"

Danny grinned as Sam practically broke on his cock. To see his longtime best friend/lover, who was always strong and independent, become a moaning, drooling mess because of his cock filled Danny with a strange amount of pride.

Wanting Sam to scream and moan more Danny's hips started to move faster, and Danny wasn't disappointed.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Sam screamed as her eyes rolled into the back of her head while she throws it back, facing Jazz and Valerie. "I'M CUMMING!"

The two girls still kneeling at the foot of the bed could only look in shock and awe at the brutal fucking Sam was getting as Danny's cock moved in and out of her soaking pussy. Sam was a bit of a mess herself as the goth was moaning and screaming right in their faces, yet from the look in Sam's eyes Valerie and Jazz could tell she didn't know they were there.


Valerie blinked and looked to the side to see Jazz was touching herself, running her fingers over her thong.

"None of that red." Valerie said as she moved behind Jazz and pulled the redhead's hands away from her body. "Can't have you going in half finished, or else you're not going to last even half as long as Sam." Valeire whispered into Jazz's ear as the two looked to Sam's moaning face.

Jazz gulped as she imagined herself in Sam's position. "I don't think I would last half as long as Sam even if I do hold off." Jazz admitted as she rubbed her thighs together.

"Maybe, but why take that chance. Besides, there are other ways to stave off the heat." Valerie said as she grabbed Jazz's chin before pulling her to the side and kissing the redhead on the hips.

Jazz squeaked and caught off guard as this was the first time, she ever kissed Valerie. Slowly Jazz melted into the kiss until the two girls were swapping spit and moaning as their tongues swirled around one another.

Danny saw the erotic kiss between his sister Jazz and Valerie, and he was liking the sight. Looking down Danny's grin only widen as he saw Sam with a Fuck Silly expression on her face, drool running down her mouth with her tongue hanging out, tears running down her face along with some makeup, and a big smile that showed just how much Sam was loving every moment Danny fucked her.

"I'm going to cum Sam, you slutty bunny." Danny growled as his hips started to pick up speed, making Sam's eyes widen. "I'm going to paint your insides with my spunk and making you cum again. Do you know why?" Danny asked as he jerked his hips extra hard, making Sam cry out as she felt his cock slam into her womb. "Do you know why, Sam?" Danny asked again with his grin.

"W-Why...?" Sam asked in a weak tone as she tighten her legs around Danny's waist, yet her legs were too weak to do any real holding.

Danny leaned close to Sam's face and give her a quick his on the lips. "Because this is my pussy, and only I can fuck it." Danny growled before he dipped his head and started sucking on Sam's tits.

"Yes! Yes! It's your pussy!" Sam screamed as Danny sucked on her tits hard while his thrusts move faster, the tip of his cock constantly knocking against her womb. "Fuck my pussy whenever you want! Everyday! Bend me over my desk in school while I scream, I'm Danny Fenton's Cumdump to everyone! Come to my home and dick me down while my mom and dad listen, knowing someone else owns their daughter! Please, please cum inside me Danny!" Sam screamed as she felt Danny now kissing her neck.

Suddenly Danny's rapid thrusts stopped as the Halfa pulled his cock out until only the tip was left in. The Halfa pulled up until he was looking down at Sam, who was panting for dear life was looking up at Danny with confusion.

"D-Danny...?" Sam said in a breathless tone as she looked up at the Halfa.

Danny looked down at Sam as his heart started to hammer in his chest, but it wasn't from the sex. The Halfa was also panting for breath as his mouth started to move.

"I love you Sam."

Everything in the room stilled at those words.

The Goth's eyes slowly widen in shock at the words that left the Halfa's mouth. Even Danny looked shocked at his own words as realization flashed across his face.

"W-What did you say?" Sam asked, wondering if she misheard from her sex haze.

"I... I love you Sam." Danny said again, this time his face changing into determination. "I love you. You've always been there for me, always been beside me. Your smart, beautiful," Danny suddenly let out a laugh as he shook his head. "God Sam, I think I loved you for a long time, but I was too stupid and scared to just say it."

Sam felt like her heart exploded as new emotions filled her body and head at Danny's confession. She couldn't believe it was Danny who was confessing first, and just before he was about to cum.

"What... what made you confess?" Sam couldn't help but ask.

Danny sighed as his hips stayed in place, yet he could still feel Sam's wet pussy around his cock.

"Pandora." Danny said as he glanced to Jazz and Valerie, who stopped their make out and was giving Danny their full attention. "She told me bluntly that if I didn't man up and just tell you girls about how I feel, I might lose you forever." Danny said as he looked down at Sam. "So, I'll say it again, I love you, Sam Manson." He said before looking up at Jazz and Valerie, who looked surprised. "And I love you Valerie, and I love you, Jazz."

All three girls' cheeks turned pink at the sudden confession. All the girls thought that with Danny back things would continue on like nothing had change, now things were going to be very different in Amity Park.

Suddenly Sam moved.

She grabbed the back of Danny's hair in a steel like grip and kissed him on the lips, catching the halfa off guard. Sam's legs also moved around Danny's hips before she slammed his hips into Her's, causing Danny's cock to plunge deep into Sam's pussy with enough force to not only slam into her womb, but enter her womb and slam on the other side.

Danny was so caught off guard by the kiss and Sam's wet pussy the Halfa couldn't hold back and for the second time tonight he came.

The Halfa's cock practically exploded, his dick swelling up as Danny shot his cum right into Sam's womb. In seconds Sam's womb was filled to the brim with Danny's seed until it over flowed.

The whole time Sam was hanging onto dear life as she also came with Danny, moaning loudly into the kiss as her eyes roll back into her skull as the two kissed sloppily. Danny was in a similar state as he groaned into the kiss as his whole body shook from cumming into Sam's womb, the halfa's mind getting foggy as he kissed Sam.

For what felt like an eternity Sam slowly fell limp onto the bed, her mind in a daze.

Sam panted heavily as she looked to Danny with a goofy grin on her face. "I can feel your cum sloshing inside of me." Sam moaned out as she rubbed the lump on her stomach, pushing more cum out of her and onto the bed. The Goth then glanced at the still shocked Jazz and Valerie before looking back to Danny. "Go fuck those two needy cunts, they've waited long enough." Sam said before slumping onto the bed, seeming to fall unconscious.

Danny panted desperately for air as he pulled out of Sam, letting a large amount of cum flow out of her freshly fucked pussy as he stood on his knees.

The Halfa then turned to Valerie and Jazz, who both stiffen under his gaze, before relaxing a bit seeing his grin.

"I think it's your turn, Ms. Gray." Danny said as he gently picked Sam up and laid her near the headboard to rest.

Valerie felt a shiver run down her spin as she throws Danny her own grin as she got up and made her way over to the Halfa. Jazz stayed kneeling at the bed and pouted as she saw Valerie walk up to Danny, who was now standing next to his bed.

"Damn it, I don't I could wait too long anymore." Jazz moaned under her breath as she rubbed her legs together as she watched the next sex scene before her.

Valerie walked up to Danny while shaking her hips before stopping right at the Halfa. Valerie said nothing as she slowly ran a finger up his abs and chest before stopping right at his heart, feeling it hammer away. Danny looked at Valerie with lust and affection in his eyes, making the dark skin girl blush with her grin on her face.

"So... you love me huh?" Valerie asked as she continued to run her finger across Danny's chiseled chest.

Danny nodded while putting his hands around Valerie's waist. "I do, I care for you a lot, Val." Danny said as he kissed Valerie on the lips, making the girl moan softly before the Halfa pulled back.

"Danny... you know I'm dating Vid." Valerie said with a small smile, though it showed a bit of sadness. "And you seemed to care about quite a few girls."

Valerie knew Danny had relations with other girls other than Sam and Jazz, her best friend Star was one of them.

Danny gave a small chuckle as he let out a breath. "I'm going to be completely honest Val... my life is complicated as all hell." Danny said with a straight face, catching Valerie off guard as she lets out a small laugh. "I'm a human with ghost powers, my teacher is a ghost genie that I fuck daily, I continue to sleep with my own sister, my arch-enemy is my god-father who was the first halfa, my dad is an idiot who's going to get himself or us killed on day, and I've realized that nearly every girl I've had sex with I've developed feelings for and I don't want to lose them." Danny listed off, making Valerie's eyes widen at the long list. "So instead of pushing off the inevitable, I'm just going to come out and say what I am thinking." Danny said as he brought Valerie into a kiss, catching the girl off guard before she melted into the Halfa just as he pulled back. "I care about you Val, a lot."

Valerie breathes heavily out her nose as she groans as she rubs her head. "Damn it Danny, why couldn't you say this stuff before you left." Valerie said with a weak chuckle before looking to Danny seriously. "Danny I can't... I won't leave Vid, I really care about her, hell, I might love her." Valerie said, surprising herself a bit.

"I'm not asking you to give up on Vid." Danny said, surprising Valerie. "Hey, if I can somehow get multiple lovers why can't you, I got no problem with you and Vid."

"Only because you can fuck me and Vid at the same time." Valerie said with a snort, now seeing why Danny wasn't hung-up on her staying with Vid.

"Hey, you're the one who said I could cum between you girls." Danny said in a cheeky tone as his right hand slid down Valerie's back and grabbed the girl by her fat ass. "I'm sure I can convince Vid we can share and love you together."

"Hmm, with this cock, I think I believe it." Valeire said moaned as she felt Danny's hot dick press against her stomach as she throws her arms over his shoulder.

The young huntress looked into the Halfa's eyes, wanting to see the truth. A long time ago Valerie found out the best way to tell when someone was full of shit was the eyes. It took practice, and understanding, but if you were as good as she was you could tell if someone was lying unless they were a conman.

Valerie wasted to believe Danny more than anything, she honestly did believe Danny's words. However, a part of her who met other boys couldn't help but compare their five dollar words to Danny. Valerie needed to be 100%.

Taking a breath Valerie looked into Danny's eyes... and she was instantly breathless.

Love, respect, caring, all things Valerie saw while looking into Danny's eyes, the same thing she saw in Vid's eyes when they started dating.

Valerie felt her heart hammering in her chest as she looked away, feeling embarrassed despite being dressed up as a slutty cat-girl with a hard cock pressed against her stomach.

However, Valerie felt Danny's hand grab her chin and made her look back, and this time she was something a little different.


Lust was something Valerie could easily see, and even throw back.

Giving the Halfa a sexy grin as she still felt his hands playing with her ass, Valerie moves close until they were less than an inch apart.

"So, how are you going to convince me you love me?" Valerie asked while shuttering slightly, feeling a thrill saying the L word so casually.

"I'm going to tell it to you straight Val." Danny said in a husky tone that made the dark skin girl just a little more wet. "I'm going to dick you down while watching this fat ass bounce." Danny said while making said ass bounce with a smack.

Valerie moaned softly as she was now rubbing her stomach harder against his cock. "If it's okay with you, I want you to fuck my ass first." She said in a low growl, and instantly saw Danny's eyes light up. "None of the toys Vid have feel half as good as this bad boy." Valerie moved her hand and started to rub the underside of Danny's cock. She then leaned close to Danny's ear and whispered. "And don't worry about getting me wet, I'm all lubed up-AH!"

Danny couldn't hold back and pushed to the bed, her ass facing him as he stood behind her. Valerie giggled as she shook her ass at Danny while looking back with a teasing grin.

"Just couldn't hold back huh, I bet you missed this ass." Valerie said as her ass cheeks jiggled while she pulled her panties down and throw them to the side.

Danny felt down to his knees while still facing Valerie's ass while grabbing both cheeks in his hands. "How could I not, it's firm but has the perfect amount of jiggle."


Danny smacked Valerie's ass and watched a cheek jiggle for a few good seconds before it stopped. The Halfa licked his lips before spreading Valerie's cheeks, showing her asshole which seemed to be leaking oil.

"Is the oil edible? Because I really want to tongue your ass." Danny asked while taking a small bite of Valerie's ass cheek.

Valerie purred like a cat as she shoved her ass into Danny's face. "Damn right it is, I was expected Sam or Jazz to eat my ass after you fucked me, but you'll be damn sure I wouldn't mind you."

That was enough for Danny as is quickly stuck his face between Valerie's voluptuous cheeks, sticking his tongue into Valerie's asshole. Danny felt and tasted the oil in Valerie's ass and found himself wanting to taste more.

"Oh! Oh, fuck Danny! Stick your tongue deep in my asshole! Really make me feel it!" Valerie moaned as she felt Danny's tongue start to roll around with a shocking amount of skill. "Fuck! Did Pandora teach you how to make a girl cum from eating her ass, because that's what it feels like!"

That made Danny grin as he pulled away and started to rub his pussy with his fingers. "Am I that good Val?" Danny asked while running his tongue around the rim.

"You're the best!" Valerie admitted, surprising Danny. "Vid eats' my pussy like a machine, but no one has ever eaten my ass as good as you sexy!" Valerie moaned while trying to shove Danny's face into her ass. "Now less talking and more eating, I want to feel that donkey dick pounding my ass."

Danny grinned before shoving his tongue back into Valerie's ass, making the dark skin teen moan.

At the same time Danny continued to finger-fuck Valerie's pussy, which was already drenched in her juices.

"Damn, I know I want to fuck Valerie's ass, but she has a great pussy to." Danny thought as he moved his mouth to her hot pussy, sticking his tongue in while he then started fingering her slick ass. This made Valerie moan as she tried to grind her ass harder into Danny's face. "If only I could... Or I could do that."

Taking an extra big lick of Valerie's pussy Danny pulled back with a grin on his face while standing up. Valerie noticed this and spread her cheeks to reveal her asshole.

"Fuck me hard Danny, because later tonight I want a big creampie for my needy pussy." Valeire said while wiggling her ass at the Halfa.

Danny's grins grow bigger as he grabbed Valerie by her wide hips and aimed his cock for her pussy but didn't push in just yet.

"If you're feeling so greedy, I don't mind giving you want you want." Danny said as his eyes glowed green.

Valerie gained a confused look as she looked back. "What do you mean by-THAT!"

The young huntress was cut off by her own screams of pleasure as Danny penetrated both her ass and pussy at the same time. The sudden penetration caught Valerie completely off guard to the point she squirted all over the bed and Danny's cock.

"What... what the..." Valerie moaned with a shocked look on her face as she glanced back and was shocked to see Danny had two cocks stacked on top of each other, on in each of her holes.

Danny let out his own pleased moaned as he felt Valerie ass and pussy wrap nicely around both is cocks.

"Fuck~" The Halfa moaned while gripping Valerie's hips a little harder. "Why hold back? It's been four months since I fucked this fine ass and tight pussy." Danny said while smacking said ass, hard, making Valerie moan while gritting her teeth. "I'm not going to take it slow; I'm going to fuck you girls hard for the next few days. And you're going to love every second of it you slutty kitty!" Danny said before shoving his hips forward.

"OH FUCK!" Valerie screamed as Danny's cocks stretched out both her holes just before he started to fuck her. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me Danny!"

Danny's hips slapped against Valerie's ass as he fucked her, hard. Valerie moaned and squealed as she gripped the bed for dear life, her legs quivering as she struggled to keep herself up as she was already going cross-eyed.

Jazz, who was left by herself, watched the scene with wide eyes as her brother fucked Valerie with two cocks from behind, making Valerie moan like a whore.

"You like it rough, don't you Ms. Gray." Danny growled in a sexy tone that made Jazz shiver off to the side, the redhead now playing all by herself as her friend was blowed from behind by her brother. "Well I promise you, I'm going to fuck you nice and hard you sexy kitty. I'm going to fuck you to the point you lose it like that slutty bunny." Danny said as he smacked Valerie's ass hard again before going right back to fucking her.

"Then fuck me you hung stud!" Valerie screamed as her fingers dig into the bed. "Take that dick and show me why I love you so much Danny!"

Hearing those words Danny felt a new wave of energy. Reaching forward Danny hooked his hands onto Valerie's elbows before yanking her back.

"Oh My God!" Valerie moaned as she felt her body easily lift up thanks to Danny's strength, making her D-Cup tits bounce around with every thrust. "You're fucking me into my stomach! I can feel both your cocks pressing against each other!" Valerie's legs felt weak, as if they would give out any second. But somehow with Danny's constant fucking made Valerie's legs lock in place, keeping her ass in the air for Danny to fuck both her holes.

Danny moaned as his hips were going faster. The problem with having two cocks was double the pleasure, meaning Danny's limit was quickly approaching. The only solution to save face is to rut Valerie like a bitch in heat.

"No more games! I'm going to fuck this body until I cum deep inside!" Danny growled before he acted.

Dropping Valerie's body to the bed Danny reached down and wrapped his arms around her body, grabbing both tits in each hand. Danny gripped Valerie's breasts hard before pinching her nipples, making the girl girt her teeth.

"No more holding back." Danny whispered into Valerie's ear while giving it a playful bite, nearly making her cum right there. "I'm getting close with having two cocks, so I'm going to make up for four months in the span of four minutes."

Valerie felt her heart skip a beat at Danny's words. She had rough sex before, with both Vid and Danny, but if she was honest with herself, she was never fucked roughly with two dicks. The thought of Danny truly going all out on both her holes made her feel worried, the kind of worried that would result in her walking with a limp for the next few days.

Another part of Valerie felt excitement however, very excited. Valerie will admit she loves the rough stuff, she felt it was a challenge that made her take as much as she could give.

Turning her head around Valerie kissed Danny on the lips as he kissed back.

The kiss was sloppy as their tongues fought for dominance, and it quickly proved Danny was the dominant one as he sucked and played with her tongue as spit ran down both their mouths.

Despite being the submissive one in the kiss Valerie had enough strength to pull back and look into Danny's eyes.

"Cum inside me ghost boy, your cock is the only one I'll ever have again, so shut up and fuck my slutty kitty." Valeire said in a husky tone as her eyes were pooling with lust.

Danny could feel his blood run straight to his cock at those words as his eyes shined green. The Halfa didn't say anything, he only pulled back his hips before slamming both his cocks deeper into Valerie's holes.

Valerie felt the wind knocked out of her as she was hit with a wave a pleasure. "DAAANNNNYYY!" Valerie screamed as she came, the huntress squirting all over Danny's cock and bed.

Danny, however, was far from done.


Danny continued to fuck Valerie through her orgasm, making the girl scream and moan as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Danny growled as he grabbed a fist full of Valerie's hair and forced her down to get a better angle.

By this point Valerie had fallen limp on Danny's bed, her eyes still rolled into the back of her head as she gave weak moans to the brutal fucking.

Seeing Valerie, his badass warrior partner, in such a state was what finally pushed Danny over the edge. The halfa practically roared as both if his dicks exploded, shooting thick cum inside both of Valerie's ass and pussy.

The Red Huntress' eyes snapped open as her body shot up, giving a silent scream as she had another orgasm as she felt Danny's cum fill both her holes to the brim until it over flowed.

Valerie then fell limp, her eyes cloudy as her body twitch from the intense pleasure, sweat glistening on her in the dimly lit room. Danny panted deeply for air as sweat rand down his naked body as he loosened his grip on Valerie's hair and hips before stepping back.

Pulling both cocks out of Valerie's ass and pussy Danny watched the two gaping holes spill a small river of cum onto his bed and floor.

Danny grinned as he slowly raised his hand.


Smacking Valerie's fat ass Danny watched in satisfaction as her cheeks jiggled, spilling more cum onto the floor.

"I'm going to destroy this ass when Monday comes." Danny said with a grin as his second cock disappeared. "But for now, I have to satisfy the one girl who's been waiting the longest."

Danny turned his eyes to Jazz, who froze under his stair. The redhead currently and one hand between her legs and the other pinching her nipple over her costume. Her cheeks were flushed as she panted hard for breath herself.

The halfa walked over to his sister, who didn't move an inch from her spot on the floor. Her eyes trailed down his toned and sweaty body to see her prize swinging between her brother's legs before Danny stopped right in front of her.

Jazz's eyes stared at Danny's cock, which was still covered in his cum and two girls' juices.

"I see you've been keeping yourself busy." Danny said with amusement as he grabbed his semi-hard cock in his hand. "Did you cum while watching me fuck those two."

Danny lightly slapped his cock onto Jazz's face, making the redhead gulp as she felt the heat and could smell the intense musk.

"I-I didn't cum Danny, b-but I'm close." Jazz admitted as she didn't move as Danny continued to rub his cock all over her face.

"Hmm," Danny hummed as he slapped his cock against Jazz's soft cheek, making the redhead moan. "My sister is such a dirty slut." Danny said with fake disappointment, yet the harsh words made Jazz moan. "I asked her to do one simple thing, and this is how I find you."

"I-It's not my fault." Jazz protested as she wiggled on the floor, her eyes never leaving her brother's cock. "Seeing you fuck those two was too much, I couldn't hold it in. I haven't had your dick for four months Danny. I've had no real dick for four months, only the plastic kind."

Danny slowly started to become hard seeing his big sister in such a state. Jazz was always seen as the perfect student, a reasonable big sister, and other titles just like that. Now, Jazz Fenton looked like a horny girl who really needed a good fuck, and she wanted her little brother to fuck her with his big cock that already fucked two other girls.

Jazz practically drooled as she saw Danny's hard cock bobbing over her face.

"I guess when you put it like that, I can't blame you." Danny said with a dramatic sigh as he continued to rub his cock all over Jazz's face. "A slutty big sister like you being denied your favorite cock for so long, I guess I can understand why you were impatient."

Jazz panted hard as Danny rubbed his cock harder on her face, playfully slapping her. "My little brother's big cock is the only cock for me." Jazz said in a sexy tone.

Danny gave a playful growl as the rested the tip of his cock right on Jazz's lips.

"Since you already played with yourself, I think it's only fair you get me off." Danny said as he saw Jazz look up at him with lust in her eyes. "Also, I want to see those fat cow tits wrapped around my cock as my sister worships me."

Giving a lustful moan Jazz pulled down the bind around her F-Cup tits, letting them bounce free. Jazz lifted her breasts up while looking up at Danny, his cock still on her lips.

"Did you miss your big sister's big tits little brother." Jazz said in a playful tone.

Danny moaned as he nodded slightly. "I did, they're some of the biggest tits in the school."

"And their all yours, only yours." Jazz said as she wrapped her tits around Danny's cock. "You're the only man who will ever have my tits little brother."

Danny grunted as he felt Jazz's tits pushed tighter around his cock. Raising a glowing hand Danny pulled a glass bottle from his back out before it flew into his grip.

The glass bottle was clear showing a clear liquid inside with a cork holding everything in. Danny uncorked the bottle and grinned as he took in the smell.

"Special oils made by Pandora, using several flowers I don't even know existed." Danny said as he poured the liquid all over Jazz's tits.

Jazz looked surprised before moaning at the feeling of the oil over her tits. Already she could feel them getting hotter as she felt Danny's cock throb.

"Do-Do you have more?" Jazz asked as she rubbed the oil over her tits and Danny's cock, making them slick in seconds.

"Pandora gave me quite a few." Danny said with a happy sigh as he felt Jazz's tits around his cock. "Not only that she said she would drop off a case every month herself. I think she missed me fucking her fat blue ass after we trained."

Hearing her brother brag about fucking such a powerful female warrior who was likely going to come back for more made Jazz more wet. Kissing the tip of Danny's cock Jazz looked up with a grin.

"Well first you have to fuck me until I look as slutty as them." Jazz said while glancing at the still moaning Sam and Valerie, who looked to be coming to.

"Oh that won't be a problem with these tits." Danny said as he slowly started to thrust his cock. "Fuck, these tits are perfect."

"I get them from mom." Jazz said with a cheeky tone as she stuck out her tongue and started to lick Danny's cock.

Those words made Danny groan as he imagined both Jazz and Maddie kneeling before Danny while worshiping his cock, mother and daughter working together to get him off.

"One thing at a time Fenton, one thing at a time."

Danny continued to fuck Jazz's slick tits as the two continued to talk dirty, egging each other on.

"I want the whole school to know who my big sister belongs to." Danny said as his hips slowly became faster. "I want everyone to know that Jazz Fenton bounces her tits for her own little brother because she loves his cock!"

"I'll shout it in the middle of class before taking you and bouncing my ass on this fantastic meat, screaming how much is making me cum!" Jazz panted as she started to rub her tits faster along Danny's cock. Even though she had touched herself once the dirty talk along with titty-fuck were keeping Jazz on the edge. "I bet my friends would love to join in! They always complain that I was too uptight and need a good fuck. Well, I'll show them I get the best fuck in Amity from my own brother!" Jazz moaned as she sucked on the tip of Danny's cock, sucking up some precum. Looking up at Danny with a playful grin Jazz pulled off with a wet pop. "I bet they would love to join in on the fun. They always brag about getting laid with some random boy, I bet they would cum just looking at this man meat."

Danny remembers seeing Jazz's friends a few times in the hallway and even talked to them. They were hot and used to be A-List members before dropping the title to focused on collage. All of Jazz's friends were sexy girls that Danny would love to dick down.

"I won't say no to dicking down your friends' big sis." Danny said as he pulled away, getting a confused look from Jazz. Danny suddenly reached down and picked Jazz off the ground causing Jazz to yelp as his hands hooking under her knees as Danny held her without any effort, her slick tits pushed up against his chest. "But the only one I want to fuck right now is you, Jazz." Danny said before he kissed Jazz.

Jazz moaned in surprise at feeling Danny's tongue enter her mouth before the redhead moaned and kissed her brother back. They exchanged spit and moans as Jazz throw her arms around Danny's shoulders and grabbed a fist full of his hair, loving the feeling of it between her fingers.

After a minute of hardcore kissing Jazz pulled back while panting hard, her face flushed as her body trembled. She looked into the deep blue eyes of her brother, the young man who held her body with ease, and Jazz could feel her whole-body hum.

"I love you, Jazz."

Jazz couldn't help but let out a small gasp. Yes, she heard Danny confess his feelings to both Sam and Valerie not long ago, but to hear those words directed at her was something else entirely. Jazz felt butterflies in her stomach as her heart hammered in her chest. It was technically wrong for a brother to confess such love to a relative, a sister no less.

But Jazz couldn't have felt happier.

"I love you more than just a sister." Danny continued as he gazed at Jazz. "You're a beautiful, intelligent woman who's going to do great things. You've always been there for me, always cared about me. I love you, Jazz Fenton."

"I love you too Danny." Jazz said as she felt her eyes start to water. Despite being dressed up like a slutty cow and hanging off her brother's naked body Jazz couldn't help but feel the moment was quite romantic. "I'm yours, only yours. For now on, you can do whatever you want with me however you want." Jazz said as she glanced down, seeing Danny's harden cock aimed right at her dripping pussy.

Danny grinned and leaned down to take one of her nipples into his mouth before sucking hard, making Jazz moan as she squirmed in Danny's arms.

"So," Danny said as he pulled off Jazz's tit with a wet pop and looked the redhead in the eyes. "If I wanted you to spend the whole day at school with a dildo in your pussy..."

"I would ask how long it would be before I can be fucked by the real thing." Jazz finished in a husky tone, making Danny's eyes widen a bit. "I trust you Danny, you won't do anything to hurt or humiliate me or the girls. So, if you want get extra kinky all you have to do is ask."

Danny glanced over to see both Sam and Valerie were awake and watching with interest. Both girls nodded at Jazz's words with smiles on their faces.

"You girls are too good for me." Danny said with a groan as he aimed his cock for Jazz's pussy and started to push his sister down, making her moan softly. "How do you want it? Fast and hard, or slow and gentle?" Danny asked while kissing Jazz's neck, making her moan out.

Jazz gave a low moan as she felt Danny's cock rest on her pussy and his kisses on her throat. "Slow and gentle." Jazz moaned as Danny continued to kiss her neck. "I want to savor the feeling before you fuck me unconscious."

With that said Danny slowly lowered Jazz onto his dick. The redhead moaned louder and louder while throwing her head back, her eyes rolling into the back of her skull as she felt her brother's dick fill her to the brim.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god~" Jazz moaned until most off Danny's cock was stuffed in her, the redhead gripping the back of Danny's hair like a vice.

Danny's entire body shook as he felt his sister's hot pussy around his cock, practically trying to suck him in deeper. Danny had to force himself not to bounce his sister on his cock and cum right there and then.

"Ah~" Jazz moaned as she panted softly before looking down at Danny, lust practically glowing on her face. "I missed this big dick in my snug pussy. Those strap-ons Sam used on me didn't feel as good as this."

"Oh, was one of my girlfriends fucking my sister to keep her happy because she missed her brother's dick?" Danny asked in a playful tone as he jerked his hips up, making Jazz gasp at the sudden movements. "Well don't worry your pretty ass any longer big sis, I plan to fuck you like you're my personal cumdump for now on."

Before Jazz could say anything, Danny started to bounce her on his cock.

"O-OH!" Jazz moaned as she whipped her head back. "Oh Fuck, Danny!" Jazz screamed in pleasure as her brother started to fuck her. "So good! It feels so good!" Jazz moaned as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her tongue lopped out.

Danny groaned himself as he felt Jazz tighten harder around his cock, making it harder from him to move. "F-Fuck Jazz, your pussy doesn't want to let me go."

"I don't!" Jazz panted as she looked into her brother's eyes. "I want you to dick me down and cum right into my womb. I want you to fuck me like you're trying to get me pregnant." Jazz moaned as she leaned in close. "Would you like to see that little brother? Your big sister pregnant with your baby?" She said in a lewd tone while licking Danny's cheek.

The Halfa grit his teeth from the lewd comments as he raised his right hand up before bringing it down.


"OH!" Jazz moaned while jerking up, completely caught off guard by the blow.

"You keep talking like a dirty slut I'm going to treat you like one dear sister." Danny growled as he rubbed Jazz's redden cheek.

"Wh-What if I want you to treat me like a slut?" Jazz asked while panting hard. "What if I had a thousand fantasies about the one man I love, about how he would love me, how he would fuck me, and how he would make me experience pleasure like never before." Jazz moaned as she throws her hips down hard on Danny's cock, making it crush her womb. "I'm your woman now Danny, so fuck me like one of your girls."

Danny tightens his grip on Jazz's ass cheeks. "Remember Jazz, you asked for this." Danny growled like an animal before he started to move.


"Oh! Oh! OH FUCK!" Jazz moaned as her body jerked up and down, Danny's rough hands gripping her ass as she jerked her body with shocking ease, as if his big sister weighed nothing in his arms. "OHOOHOHOHOHOH! CUMMING! I'M CUMMING ALREADY!" Jazz screamed as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

Danny hissed as he felt Jazz's pussy squeezed his cock for dear life as she squirted around his cock. Despite knowing Jazz was Cumming Danny, didn't stop, in fact he started to go harder.

Jazz's eyes widen in shock as she found her legs on Danny's shoulder just before her brother started to fuck her again, knocking the wind out of her.

"D-DANNY! I CAME! I'M STILL CUMMING!" Jazz screamed as she felt her brother's cock constantly knock against her womb every time, she dropped her. "MY WOMB! YOU'RE FUCKING MY WOMB UP!"

"Damn right I am!" Danny growled as he bit down on Jazz's erect nipple, making the redhead moan louder if possible. "I'm not stopping till I mark you! Until you remember the feeling of my cum in your womb for the rest of your life!"

The idea off feeling Danny's cum in her womb after so long made Jazz practically drip. A very lewd smile crossed the honor student's face as she screamed without holding back.

"YES! CUM INSIDE ME! MAKE ME HAVE YOUR BABIES AS YOU FUCK MY BABY ROOM! FILL ME WITH YOUR SEED!" Jazz screamed as she tried to rock her body harder.

"Holy hell, red snapped." Valerie said with wide eyes at the brutal fucking between siblings, it couldn't even compare to getting double fucked with two cocks. "Girl is a freak."

"I think she just has an incest fetish and is getting her dose after a long wait." Sam moaned as she started to rub her tits and pussy. "Finish soon Danny, I need a good fuck too." Sam moaned in a needy tone as she pinched her clit.

Back with Jazz and Danny, the two had built a good shine of seat as more and more of Jazz's juices fell to the floor, practically drenching the spit they stood.

Jazz was a babbling mess, her hair was wild, and her eyes lost all the intelligence they normally held. Danny wasn't so far behind, the Halfa wanted to give his big sis a good number of orgasm before she got her final treat, and after feeling Jazz tighten up a fourth time Danny couldn't hold back anymore.

"Here it cums Jazz!" Danny panted out, and his words seemed to bring life into the redhead's eyes. "I'm going to pump your womb full of my seed!"




Using all his strength Danny slammed Jazz's fat ass down on his cock with enough force to open her womb. With teens gave a silent scream as they came together, Danny filling Jazz's pussy with cum in seconds as Jazz squirted all over the floor.

The two were locked in place for several seconds before Jazz fell limp in Danny's arms, a dazed and fuck silly look on the honor students face.

Danny took deep breaths of air as he made his way over to the bed and gently laid Jazz down.

"I'm going to have Danny's babies~" Jazz said in a dazed, happy tone as her tongue lopped out of her mouth, thick cum spilling out of her pussy and onto the floor.

"Damn~" Sam said as she and Valerie looked at Jazz with wide eyes. "You fucked your sister stupid."

"Well... she wanted it." Danny said while panting softly, his cock only semi-hard down.

"Oh, don't tell me your done ghost boy?" Valerie said as she licked her hips while pushing her chest up. "You wanted this harem of girls, so you better be man enough to satisfy all of us."

"That's right Danny." Sam said while licking her lips. "You have to satisfy all of us, and I know you have a few more girls you want to bring in, so you better be prepared to work harder than just three rounds."

Danny's mind flashed to the five girls he knew he wanted to have a relationship with, and his resolve harden.

"I'm not backing down." Danny said with a confident smile as he eyes glowed green, making Sam and Valerie's eyes widen. "I'm going to fuck you girls good until I knock you out."

What happened next made Sam, Valerie, and even the dazed Jazz, drop their jaws at what they saw.

The girls knew all of Danny's power, and the few times he got creative with his powers while having sex. Such as the time Danny had sex with Valerie midair, or Danny made Sam invisible and fucked at the movies, or how Danny fingered Jazz through her clothes in the middle of one of her lectures.

This... this was another level all together.

"You girls seemed... shocked..." Danny said with a playful grin.

Standing before the girls was not 1, not 2, or 3, but 6 Dannys, all naked with long hard cocks pointed straight up.

"H-How..." Sam tried to ask, but her jaw was still too low for her to form a sentence.

"What, you think Pandora wouldn't train this power?" Danny asked with a playful grin as the other Danny's smirked. "These guys are damn useful for training and doing stuff while I'm fighting ghost. And now they'll be used to fuck you girls good for the rest of the night." Danny said as the clones gained sharp smile while looking at the girls with lust, making all three girls' shutter.

"...I think we bit off more than we can chew girls." Valerie said as all three girls gulped.

"Don't worry, I promise you'll all feel nothing but pleasure." Danny said with a sinister smile before all the Dannys pounced.

It was the dead of night and Danny's room was filled with the sounds of sex and moaning girls.

Sam, Jazz, and Valerie each hand two Danny's all to themselves as they throw off their costumes, all three girls completely naked.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Sam squealed as her pussy and asshole were both pounded at the same time as the Dannys fucked her while standing up. "Fuck my ass and pussy you hung studs!" Sam moaned as she brought the Danny in front of her into a tonged filled kiss. "We are going to fuck like this more often Danny!"


Valerie was currently split-rost on the bed between two cocks. One cock fucking her throat while the other fucked her pussy from behind.

"I'll never get tired seeing this fat ass move!" The Danny behind Valerie said as he smacked her ass hard, making Valerie moan around the cock in her mouth.

"Keep smacking her, I think she likes having her ass smacked!" The Danny fucking Valerie's mouth moaned as he grabbed her hair into a ponytail with a hard grip.

Despite the grip Valerie yanked her mouth off the cock and looked up at the Danny-Clone with a wide grin, spit and pre-cum dripping down her chin.

"If you have an ass this fine you learn how to use it." Valerie said in a cheeky tone as she flexed her ass, making the Danny-Clone behind her hiss. "And I'm a big girl and use big girls like it rough." She said as she grabbed the Danny-Clone's hand and put it on the back of her head. "So, stop being a pussy and fuck me like you hate me!"

That made both Danny's grin as they went back to fuck Valerie between them, only this time they weren't holding back and the sounds of Valerie chocking on Danny's cock filled the room while the other Danny smacked her ass.

"Hmmm~ I love the taste of your cock little brother."

Jazz was kneeling on the floor while servicing two cocks in each of her hands, jerking them off while sucking on the tips. Jazz was still a bit sore after the brutal fucking her Danny gave her, so she needed a minute to rest. Fortunately, Jazz still found pleasure in sucking two cock at the same time.

"Which part of us is little exactly, big sister?" One of the Danny's asked in a cheeky tone as Jazz sucked on another cock. "Because from wear I'm standing, with your lips around my cock, I feel more like a big brother."

"And as your big brother, it's your job to get us off with those dick sucking lips!" The other Danny said with a wicked grin before they acted.

Jazz felt a hand grab the back of her head before she felt both cocks shoved into her mouth at the same time. The two cocks fought to get to the back of Jazz's throat, thrusting erratically into the redhead's mouth as she opened her mouth as wide as possible as the two fat cocks fucked her mouth at the same time.

"Getting... hard to breath..." Jazz thought as her eyes rolled into the back of her head, one cock firmly down her throat while the second one pushed the inside of her cheek. "But fuck... it feels... so good~"

All three girls moaned loudly at the same time as all the Danny's started to move faster.

"Get ready girls..." One of the Danny-Clone's panted.





In an instant all three girls were filled with cum at the exact same time, triggering their own orgasm.

Sam screamed as she felt hot cum fill her ass and pussy at the same time. All the while one Danny-Clone sucked her tits while the other played with her clit. It didn't take long before the Goth fell limp in Danny's arms, a happy smile on her face.

Valerie didn't get a chance to scream as thick cum filled her pussy and throat in seconds, so much so that her cheeks puffed up full of cum and spilled onto the bed and even sum of her nose.

Jazz was in a similar situation, but worse. As the two cocks in her mouth came at the same time and filled her throat and cheeks in an instant, forcing the redhead to gulp down the thick seed just to keep breathing.

As everyone road their orgasm the Danny clones gently laid down the girls.

"Now... I'm kind of glad you want on the trip..." Sam said with a shaky smile as her hips continued to twitch in pleasure. "Because you learned some amazing tricks, Danny."

"Yeah... we might have to take tomorrow morning off just to recover." Valerie said as she rubbed her cum filled pussy.

"And maybe get a few ice packs." Jazz said in a hoarse voice as she rubbed her throat, still swallowing cum that lingered in the back of her throat.

"Don't worry, we'll give you girls time to rest in the morning." Danny, the main Danny, said as he and his clones rubbed their still hard cocks. "But we still have a few hours of fun. So~" Danny said with a grin as his clones also grinned.

"What do you girls want to do next?"

"I never knew you were so flexible Sam." Danny panted as he thrusted his hips, his cock going in and out of her pussy.

The two were currently fucking while standing up, Sam's right leg high in the air as she leaned against the wall.

"T-Training... useful..." Sam could only moan out as her body jerked with every thrust, making her breasts jump and her ass jiggle.

"I know, your body looks more amazing than before." Danny whispered in her ear as he ran his hand over her stomach, which was now firm.

Sam snorted before gasping as she felt a hand over her womb. "F-Flatterer.." Sam said with a playful glare.

"I plan to flatter all my girls." Danny said as he kissed Sam on the lips, and she easily kissed back. "And make them cum their brains out."

Before Sam could say anything, the Goth gave a surprise moan as she felt another cock enter her ass. "F-Fuck!" Sam stuttered as Danny was DPing her again.

"I think I have to hold back on this for now on." Danny said as he grabbed Sam's tit and pinched her nipple, making the girl grit her teeth. "You cum way to easily from this."

"J-Just shut up and fuck me!" Sam snapped with a blush on her face, knowing what Danny said was true.

"As you wish my Goth Queen." Danny said in a husky tone as he kissed Sam deeply before he and his clone continued to fuck both her holes.

"Fuck!Fuck!Fuck!Fuck!Fuck!" Sam's mind was flooded with pleasure as the unique position was hitting different parts Sam normally couldn't reach. "FUCK!" Sam screamed as she came, and a moment later both cocks followed. "I'm going to be cleaning myself up for a week after this." Sam thought in a haze as her body went limp, and Danny caught her.

"That's it Danny, eat that ass~" Valerie moaned as she rocked her hips.

Valerie was currently sitting on a Danny-Clone's face, having the clone eat her ass and finger her pussy. Valerie had all night to be dicked down in every hole she had, so until she was dicked down in every hole, she wanted to see in Danny was all cock and no skill.

"And fuck, he is skilled with how good he is eating my ass." Valerie thought with a pleased smile as she felt Danny's tongue go deep into her ass and swirl around good while he fingered her pussy and pinched her clit.

"Having a good time?"

Valerie looked to the side to see another Danny move next to her, throwing his arm over her shoulder as he grabbed her tit and kissed her neck.

"I have one guy worshipping my fine ass as I sit on his face while the other plays with my girls." Valerie hummed softly as she felt a hand on each of her tits and play with them roughly. "Just like that~" Valerie moaned

The Danny messaging Valerie's tits grinned as he slid his hand down Valerie's firm stomach before slightly rubbing her clit, getting a gasp of pleasure.

"You know what I want to do to this fine ass." Danny whispered into Valerie's ear while rubbing her nipple and clit at the same time while the Danny under her continued to eat her ass out. "I want to bend you over and fuck you in the ass, in fact I want to do something a little extra." Danny said as he pinched Valerie's clit a little harder, making her his. "I want to bend you over and fuck your ass with two cocks in that tight little hole."

That made Valerie blenches as she looked to Danny with pure shock. She never thought about shoving two cocks into her ass before, much less two of the bitch breakers of a dick Danny had between his legs.

Valerie already felt stretched beyond her limit when Danny fucked her ass and pussy with one cock, but to add a second cock to the mix...

"You'll break me." Valerie said with a shiver of fear while giving Danny wide eyes.

"Yeah... and doesn't that excite you." Danny said while bringing up his fingers, showing they were covered in her juices. "Why do I get the feeling this is from you thinking about me fucking your asshole with two cocks at the same time." Danny said before shoving the fingers into Valerie's mouth.

Valerie moaned at her own taste as she sucked on Danny's fingers while thinking of the Halfa's words.

"Would I even take two cocks up my ass...?" Valerie thought with morbid curiosity as she started to grind her ass harder into Danny's face and hands. "What... what would it feel like...?"

Valerie started to imagine the situation, of her bending over a desk while two massive cocks fucked her asshole as she screamed to hell and back.

"I'm going to need a lot of lube." Valerie thought before gasping softly as she came. It wasn't as powerful or intense as the ones before, but it felt very good none the less.

"Don't worry Val, we just need practice." Danny said as he kissed Valerie's cheek.

"Lots and lots of practice." The Danny under her said as he moved until she was leaning into his chest. "It might be uncomfortable at first, but it will feel amazing in the end."

Valerie just moaned as the two continued to play with her body with a shocking amount of skill.

"It looks like Vid joining us is becoming more and more likely."

"Mmmm... oh Danny~"

Jazz was currently making out with her bother on top of her while on his bed. She could feel his rock-hard cock pressed against her flat stomach as she ran her back through his toned back and thick black hair.

"Oh god, when did he become such a good kisser. I could just kiss him all day while worshiping these muscles. He's like a Spartan-Warrior and I'm the young woman that's going to give him strong babies." Jazz thought as she was already planning their next roleplaying session.

Danny suddenly pulled back, much to Jazz's protest, as the Halfa looked down at his sister with a smug smile. "Wow Jazz, ever since this started you've been putty in my hands." Danny said as he grabbed Jazz's tit, making her gasp. "Where's the big, brain surgeon sister who is the smartest girl in school."

"She's gone for the night to get her brains fucked out by her little brother's big dick." Jazz responded without shame as she ran her hand down Danny's chest. "I had fun with Sam and Val in the months you were gone, but I'm not ashamed to admit I miss this bad boy painting my insides white." Jazz said as she grabbed Danny's cock and jerked in softly.

Danny gave a husky chuckle as he spread Jazz's legs apart, making Jazz shiver with anticipation. "Don't worry Jazz, by the end of the night every hole you have will be filled with my cum." Danny said before he started to push his cock inside her.

Jazz throws her head back with a moan as Danny started to fuck her pussy. A second later she feels a hand on her cheek, making her look up to see another naked Danny standing before her.

"You know I learned something interesting from Pandora." The second Danny said as he grabbed his cock and started waving it in front of Jazz's face. "If you put a girl on her back and lean her head back, you can open her throat to be fucked easily. I tried it a few times on Pandora's servants, and those girls could take a deep." Danny said as he put the tip of his cock on Jazz's lips.

Jazz gulped as she stared down the underside of Danny's cock. Never in the past could she get more than half of his dick in her throat, but now Danny wanted to shove the whole thing down while another dick fucked her pussy.

Before Jazz could even say a word Danny 2 started to push his cock into her mouth, making Jazz's eyes widen as the other Danny fucked her pussy harder.

"Oh... fuck..." Danny 2 moaned as he pushed his cock deeper into her open throat, feeling it vibrate as Jazz choked a bit on his cock. "If feels tighter than your pussy Jazz." Danny moaned as he got a little more than half of his cock into her throat, causing it to bulge a bit. Taking his cock out Jazz hacked and coughed as she took deep breaths, looking at Danny's cock with wide eyes. "Alright sis, take a deep breath and enjoy the ride." Danny said as he grabbed Jazz's neck with both his hands before he and the other Danny started to fuck.


Jazz chocked and spat all over Danny's cock ass its fucker her throat brutally while another cock fucked her pussy ragged.

"Getting... hard to breath..." Jazz thought with a groan, which only gave more pleasure to the cock in her throat. "I could... seriously pass out... but it feels so fucking good!" Jazz thought as she moaned loudly while cummings around Danny's cock as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

Both Danny's hissed as they felt Jazz cum between them, yet that didn't stop them from moving their hips. If anything, it made them thrust faster. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh and a sexy redhead chocking on cock filled the room.

"F-Fuck! I can't hold on much longer!" The Danny fucking Jazz's throat moaned as he grabbed her face and fucked it rapidly, his balls slapping her face with every thrust. "S-She's sucking while I fuck her throat-pussy!"

"S-Same! Her pussy is so wet and tight! I can feel her womb opening up for my cum!" The Danny fucking her pussy moaned as he thrust rapidly while grabbing her hips.

Jazz gave a gargled moaned as her body shook again before her pussy squired her juices all over Danny's hips.

Both Danny hissed as Jazz tighten with her orgasm, they couldn't hold out for long. The two glanced at one another before giving each other a not before they acted.

The Danny in Jazz's throat bent his body down and grabbed Jazz's big tits, pinching the nipples hard and pulling them straight up and put both into his mouth before sucking hard. The Danny fucking Jazz's pussy pinched her clit between his fingers as he went balls deep into her pussy, forcing his cocking into her womb.

"MMMMHHHHH!" Jazz moaned in shock as her body was hit with a massive wave of pleasure from multiple parts. Both Danny's brutally fuck the redhead between them with no mercy, and Jazz knew exactually why they were fucking.

They were ready to cum.

Throwing her hands and legs up Jazz grabbed both Danny's and made sure neither could escape. She didn't want to be covered in cum, she wanted to be filled with it.

Both Danny's eyes widen in shock at Jazz's actions before they both grin wickedly. Jazz wanted they're cum, then their slutty sister would have it.



Both Danny's moved in blurs as they grit their teeth as they felt their balls tighten rapidly. Jazz moaned and squealed at the brutal fucking as the redhead's advance brain started to short out.






At those words both Danny's slammed their hips forward before cumming balls deep in Jazz at the same time.

Jazz's eyes widen in shock as she feels large jets of cum shoot into her mouth and pussy at the same time. The redhead gulps her brothers cum as she feels her belly become full slowly, her cheeks and mouth were already filled with her brother's seed to the point a good portion pours out of her nose. Her pussy was about the same as Danny's cum filled her womb in seconds, to the point she looked a few weeks pregnant, before the rest spilled onto the bed.

Both Danny moaned and were locked in place before slowly pulling back, both taking their cocks out of their sister.

With both cocks out of the way cum spills out of Jazz's mouth and pussy like a waterfall. The redhead continues to moan with her eyes rolled into the back of her head, twitching as more and more cum spill out of her sensitive pussy.

Both Dannys' pant deeply as they take in the erotic sight of their well fucked sister. Looking around, the copies realized the other Danny's were also done fucking Sam and Valerie.

"We're not done yet girls." The real Danny panted with a grin as he stepped away from Sam. "The night is still young."

All three girls gave needy moans that made all the Dannys grin

"So, what do we do next Boss?" A Copy-Danny asked while looking to the original.

Danny looked thoughtful before a wicked grin crossed his face. "Remember how we pulled one over on Pandora after our last night in Death City?" Danny said to his copies, making all their eyes widen before wicked grins closed all of their faces. "I hope your ready Sam, because you're the special girl for the next hour."


"Holy Hell..."

"Yeah... yeah that's something..."

From the bed Jazz and Valerie could only stare in stunned amazement at the scene before them.

In the center of the open floor was Sam Manson, getting hardest fuck of her life between five cocks. One in each of hands, one in her mouth, and one fucking her ass and pussy at the same time. There was only one way to see what the girls were watching.

It was a gangbang.

At first Sam was worried and even a little scared at the idea of five cocks, especial Danny's massive cocks, all fucking her at the same time. The Halfa promised to go slowly and stop if she didn't like it, and he kept his word as all the Danny's started off slowly before going to the hard fucking now.

That was five minutes ago.

"You girls enjoying the show?"

Jazz and Valerie tensed a bit as Danny, the original, throw his arms over their shoulders and lightly grabbed their breasts.

"It's different from the videos I've seen." Jazz muttered as she watched the scene before her and started to feel herself get a little wet. "But it's amazing none the less."

"Are you going to do that to use?" Valerie couldn't help but ask, both in worry and another part of fascination.

"Only if you want to." Danny said with a shrug. "But before we think about that, how about you girls return the favor I gave you. After all, how many girls can say they fucked twins."

Both Valerie and Jazz turned to Danny with lustful grins as they kissed both his cheeks while rubbed his chiseled chest with their hands before all three entered a three-way kiss.

Back with Sam, the Goth was having the fuck of her life. She felt Danny's cocks fuck her ass and pussy deeply, her juices and his cum making the two-member fuck with without resistance. She also moaned as the big cock in her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down while jerking two other cocks in her hand, feeling them pulse with need.

Never in Sam's life has she ever thought she would be in such a situation. At most she saw herself having a threesome with Danny before he got his powers, now she was the center of a gangbang... and she was loving every second of it.

Pulling off the dick in her mouth with a set pop Sam moaned loudly while bouncing her ass on the two dicks pitoning her.

"So good!" Sam moaned with a lewd smile on her face as she jerked the two cocks next to her face while licking the third with her tongue. "These big dicks are making me cum so good!" Sam moaned as she felt herself orgasm yet that didn't stop the fucking for even a second.

"Less talking, for sucking slut!" One of the Danny's said as he grabbed the back of Sam's head and pulled her mouth onto his cock, which she started to suck quite eagerly.

Back with the original Danny, who was currently getting a double titty fuck from both Jazz and Valerie while lapping at his cock from both sides.

"Fuck, I could get used to this a little too much." Danny groaned as he watched Sam get fucked hard by his copies before looking at the two between his legs. "Watching one of my girls getting fucked hard while the others service me. I can see why Pandora has so many lovers."

Jazz pulled her mouth off Danny's cock with a wet pop before Valerie took over. "And it also helps that you can split yourself up for use, which means we don't have to use the schedule I was cooking up." Jazz said with a pout before Valerie pulled off and Jazz took to sucking the dick.

"Yeah, I can't help but think of some very kinky roleplaying we can do in the future." Valerie said as she moved her hand low and massaged Danny's packed balls. "We might open our own porn channel; make some side money for all the kinky shit we do."


Both Jazz and Valerie blinked at the strong tone of Danny's voice. They then gave small screams as Danny quickly lifted them up and put them on top of each other on Danny's bed, with Jazz on the bottom and Valerie on top. The girls felt their breasts pressed against one another along with their dripping cunts. Valerie then felt two hands grab her ass cheeks before a dick was shoved between their pussies.

"I don't want any guy seeing you girls naked and jerking off to you." Danny said in a possessive tone as he started rubbing his dick between their pussies, making both girls moan as his dick rubbed their clits. "I mean what if Dash watches the video."

"Then that meat head can jerk off as he misses out of the hottest girls that belong to you, big boy." Valerie said in a sassy tone as she grabbed Jazz's tits, making the redhead moan. "I mean look at your sisters' big tits, their bigger than basketballs and softer too." Valerie said as he started to suck on Jazz's right tit while squeezing her left.

"Sounds fun..." Danny grunted as he smacked Valerie's already tender ass. "But I still don't like it, call it my obsession, but you girls are mine and no guy will ever see you naked!" Danny growled as he started to go harder, making both Jazz and Valerie moan out.

Seeing the original going hard on the two girls made the copies of Danny start to go harder on Sam. The Goth girl's eyes wide as both Danny's slammed their dicks balls deep into Sam's pussy and ass. The Danny fucking the Goth's mouth grabbed a fist full of her hair before shoving his cock down her throat, his balls soon slapping against her chin.

The room was filled with the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh and the sounds off all three girls moaning, squealing, and cumming as they all got dicked down.

The original Danny grunted as he felt Jazz and Valerie squirt around his cock, the two moaning loudly before their bodies went limp.


Danny turned to see Sam screaming as she squirted hard around his copies cock, her entire body shaking in pleasure as three cocks slapped against her face, looking ready to cum all over her.

That gave Danny a great idea.

"Alright guy," Danny said, stopping the copies in their tracks as they looked to the original, who was giving them a wicked grin. "Round up the girls and put them in the center, it's time to give them their rewards."

Understanding what the Original Danny was saying, the clones grinned as they pulled away from Sam, getting a confused look from the girl as she was still in a daze.

Danny gently grabbed Valerie while a copy grabbed Jazz before all three girls found themselves in the center of the room, surrounded by all six Dannys.

The girls suddenly became very awake and aware as all six Dannys started beating their meaty cocks right in front of their faces.

"You girls deserve a big reward for the warm welcome." Danny said as he beat his cock off while aiming it at Sam's face. "So, open those pretty mouths wide." The Halfa said with a grin as he and his copies started to beat their cocks off harder.

Seeing what was happening all the girls knew what was next. So, Sam, Jazz, and Valerie all opened their mouths wide and stuck their tongues out, looking at the cocks around them with lust and anticipation.

Danny looked down at all their faces and instantly felt his balls tighten when all three girls throw up peace signs.

"Fucking take it you sexy sluts!" Danny roared along with his copies just before they all came.


All six Dannys moaned before cumming at the same time. They panted the girls faces with their cum, all beating their dicks hard while splattering more and more cum all over the girls.

The girls moaned as hot cum splattered across their faces, into their mouths, and across their tits. In seconds the three girls were caked in Danny's cum from the chest up, and they were loving every second of it. After Danny and his copies had finished cumming the Halfa sighed as he recalled his copies.

"Oh god, I just came again." Jazz moaned as she chewed on the cum in her mouth, shivering at the taste.

"I... I don't think I can cum anymore..." Sam said in a dazed tone as her eyes were slightly glazed over. "My pussy don't work no more."

"Yeah, we might have to take tomorrow off, this fucking is too hard even for me." Valerie said while licking some cum of her hands. "I'm going to need a shower, or I won't be able to fall asleep."

"Same..." Jazz admitted as she rubbed her brother's cum over her breasts, and while she loved the feeling, she couldn't fall asleep with it on, unless she fell unconscious.


Valerie and Jazz turned and were surprised to see Sam sucking off Danny's cock, the Halfa's hands firmly on the back of her head. They weren't going hard like before, instead it was softer and much slower.

"Yo-You girls wash up." Danny said with a groan as Sam pulled off his cock with a wet pop before sucking on his balls. "Me and Sam are going to-"

"We're going to keep fucking." Sam cut Danny off with a grin as the life returned to her eyes, making the Halfa's cock twitch. "I can't move my legs so you're going to have to do all the work mister."

Danny gave a low growl and swiftly picked Sam up, making the goth give a happy squeal as she wrapped her legs around his waist and in seconds they were fucking again.

Jazz and Valerie couldn't help but gape at the scene, their own bodies starting to feel tired.

"H-How can they keep going?" Jazz asked with her jaw dropped as she saw her brother fuck Sam just as hard, the Goth a moaning mess. "We've been at it for hours, nearly five hours straight."

"Well Danny does have super stamina." Valerie throws in weakly. "As for Sam... she really missed Danny."

"So did I, but I'll at least be able to walk tomorrow, Sam's going to need a wheelchair." Jazz snorted as she picked herself up with a soft groan. "I'm going to take a show, I feel dirty, and not in a fun way." The redhead said as Danny throws Sam to the bed and started fucking her hard from behind.

"I'll join you red." Valerie grunted as she also picked herself up. "Save some water for these two."

Jazz just groaned as she stumbled out of the room, fresh air hitting her hard. "Valerie, I'm sorry but I can't keep going." Jazz said as she and Valerie entered the bathroom. "I am too sore in every place." Jazz said as she turned on the hot water before entering the shower, moaning in relief as the warm water washed over her body.

Valerie gave a small laugh as she entered behind Jazz, rubbing her hands on the redhead's shoulders. "I'm not saying we go hard in here; we just help clean each other... maybe some light petting." Valerie said as she kissed and licked the side of Jazz's neck, making the redhead moan.

"...Fuck it." Jazz sighed and spun around and kissed Valerie on the lips, getting a surprised yelp from the Huntress. "I'm already going to spend the next day resting, a little more action won't kill me."

"That's more like it red." Valerie said as she kissed back while grabbing Jazz's ass hard. "But your right, there is no way we can go this hard with Danny every night. Hell, there was three of use and he tired us out first thanks to his ghost powers."

"Yeah, I can't believe I'm saying this... but I hope Danny finds other girls to satisfy himself with." Jazz said with a sigh, getting a surprised look from Valerie. "A young teenage man is normally very horny on average and the more fit the more testosterone they build up. And since Danny is a half ghost superhero-"

"His horny levels must be through the roof." Valerie said with realization as she bit her lip. "Shit, I might need a wheelchair if we do this every night."

"Normally Danny has excellent control as he has gone weeks without sex and self-pleasure. But I feel now that his powers have grown so has his sexual appetite." Jazz theorized while biting her own lip. "We might have to take shifts and hope Danny meet other girls to keep him occupied. I have tests coming up and as much as I love the wild sex with Danny I still want to get to a good collage."

"Oh, fuck me you big dick bastard~" Sam's moans echoed thought the house making Valerie and Jazz blush a bit.

"We can worry about keeping Danny satisfied later, after all we're his girls now." Valerie said as she smacked Jazz's ass, making the redhead jump a bit. "For tonight we have fun, and I miss how that tongue feels between my legs.

Valerie gently pushed Jazz down and the redhead followed until she was between Valerie's legs. Jazz wasted no time lapping at Valerie's folds, making the huntress Humm in satisfaction.

"We are going to have to start getting creative Red." Valerie said as she squeezed her tit. "Because there are a few fantasies that involve you and your brother."

Back with Danny and Sam, the two were still in the middle of having sex. Sam was lying on her back with her legs in the hair as Danny fucked her hard, each thrust making her tits bounce and shake. Sam's body was acing all over, especially her lower half, yet the pleasure outweighed the acing as Sam greatly missed having sex with Danny after so long.

"I... I am so glad your back..." Sam panted as she wrapped her legs around Danny's waist, pushing his cock deep until it smacked into her womb.

"Glad to be back..." Danny said from above Sam as he smacked his hips down hard and came for who knows how many times.

Sam gave a silent scream before she fell limp onto the bed, panting heavily for air. Danny himself panted for air as he slowly pulled his cock out of Sam, letting his cum spill out of her stuffed pussy.


"Damn, you're still going at it?"

Danny glanced back to see Jazz and Valerie looking at them with slight shock, both of their naked bodies slightly wet but clean none the less.

"I think that's it for me." Danny said out of breath as he climbed off the bed. "Even I'm starting to feel winded."

"Finally..." Both Jazz and Valerie sighed in relief as they made their way to the bed.

Danny gave a small laugh as he picked up Sam Bridle-Style, just as Jazz and Valerie throw themselves onto the bed. Danny then made his way to the bathroom with Sam in his arms, the Goth growing a smile on her face as she throws her hands around his neck.

"You know I expect a date soon, right?" Sam said as they entered the bathroom, finding a tub already filled with hot water, courtesy of Jazz and Valerie.

"I already have something planned for Monday after school." Danny said as he carefully slid into the tube with Sam, both teens sighing in relief as the warm water washed over them. "I plan to take each of you girls somewhere special."

"I look forward to what you have planned." Sam said as she leaned back into Danny's chest, a happy smile on her face. "I'm really glad your back Danny."

Danny smiled softly as he hugged his new Goth girlfriend and held her close. "It's good to be back in Amity Park Sam, with you and the other girls." Danny said as he turned his best friends head to the side and kissed her on the lips softly, and she easily kissed back.


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