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My mother agreed to the marriage. I tried to convince her otherwise, but she was adamant about it. Since my father's death, my mother has been more unattached to me than ever, and more determined to marry me off.
"A proper queen must be married," she insisted.

I grimace at the memory while tugging at the sleeve of my burgundy gown. Prince Marvel will arrive today, along with his courtiers and advisors from the kingdom of One. Why must I marry at all? Up until last year, when my father made the treaty with Four I never planned to, I never gave it a thought. Now, I suppose it makes sense. It would be quite the scandal if a queen stayed unmarried, which infuriates me. We should have the choice if we want to marry or not.

I know nothing about my future fiancee. I didn't know much about Finnick either, I suppose, but at least he wasn't from a kingdom that has utterly hermitized itself. There are rumors, of course, about the prince. Some say he is a sickly, scrawny young man who is destined to die before the age of thirty, and some say he doesn't even exist. No one knows what to think really. One doesn't interact with the surrounding kingdoms. They keep to themselves. I guess I will just have to find out.

A few hours later, I'm in the garden when Prim comes to sit beside me. I have seen little to none of Prim since our father's death.
"Hey, Little Duck. You look beautiful." She's wearing a light pink dress that she raved about for weeks before it was finished, her blonde hair is down in curls that surround her face, her cheeks are a healthy pink and her blue eyes sparkle. But she looks sad. Prim is taking the death of our father the hardest, she spent the most time with him, as she was his favorite.
"Thanks," she whispers. I can't imagine how hard all this is for her. She's so young, only 13, and for her life to change as rapidly as it has over these past couple weeks, she must be heartbroken.
I reach out and pull her into my arms. She immediately starts crying. "Why him Katniss?" she sobs. To hear my little sister's distress makes me even more determined to find out who killed our father.

That evening a procession of horses and caravans with more people than my mother had expected enter the palace courtyard, the people are dressed in rich colored clothing and have an air of superiority to them. The horses are well bred, and the whole show is full of grandeur. They are the epitome of royalty and luxury.

The courtyard fills with murmurs, no one expected the mysterious kingdom of One to be this impressive. Why were they hiding this for all those years? An unexplainable feeling of wonder washes over me, filling me with more questions. Why all the secrecy? This is what One has been hiding all these years? Their wealth, their lavishness? Why?

Suddenly, the court goes silent in expectancy. I look up. It is the custom for the bride of the peace marriage to go out to meet her bridegroom and take his hand, in order to ensure that they will marry and thus fulfill the treaty their parents signed for them. Now is the time for this tradition to take place.
My royal mask comes on. I smooth my dress, stand up straight and amble towards where my future husband is standing.
I finally get a good look at him. My breath catches, he's not at all what I expected. He stands tall, with a demeanor of dominance, as if he could easily speak a command and even the most unwilling victim would comply, he is built muscularly and looks as if he could take on anyone, and he has dirty blond hair cut short. As I draw near, I see his eyes. They are an icy blue and filled with a dangerous look. I take his hand, and a chill runs up my spine. My betrothed is dangerous.

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