They crammed the three of them onto the bench and Phoebe tugged the curtain shut behind her, as she was the last one in. Monty leaned forward to push a few coins into the slot, still amused by Sibella's enthusiasm. Before he had even seen the phtotbooth, she was dragging him toward it.

Briefly discussing what poses they would take for each of the three pictures, they only barely managed to stop laughing for the camera to flash.

The resulting photos were delightful.

The first one was a lovely snapshot of all of them squished together, smiling from ear to ear. In the second, both women turned inward to kiss the cheeks of a blushing Monty, and the third was nothing but them laughing at and with each other.

It was promptly displayed on the refrigerator in their home, and there it remained as a reminder of a wonderful afternoon.