"What do you think?" asked Sibella, stepping into the living room. Phoebe's jaw dropped slightly as she looked up from her book.

The new dress was stunning. Pale pink, it had a daring v-shaped neckline and it hugged every one of Sibella's lovely curves. The straps were silver and bejeweled, and as the blonde turned in a slow circle, Phoebe realised that it left Sibella exposed from the small of her back all the way up to her shoulders. The blonde's curls were pinned up loosely, leaving her neck and shoulders visible and she was made slightly taller by ivory-coloured heels.

"Oh, Sibella," murmured Phoebe, setting down her book on the coffee table. Getting up from the sofa, she crossed the room to the blonde. She ran a hand gently along the waistline of the soft, pink fabric. "It's absolutely divine." Rising onto the tips of her toes, she kissed Sibella's lips, painted pink to match the dress. "And so are you," she whispered against the other woman's mouth.

The dress did not stay on Sibella long.