Prince Haruhito, New Asia

[by Millyna]


A few days before Eliza's Birthday.

Haruhito groaned.

Adriel W. L'Alfayage: You're about as helpful as my cat.
SevenGreen: i'm sorry? Do i look like i have friends?
MillyBear: i still think that girl is princess eliza
SevenGreen: me too, milly
Adriel W. L'Alfayage: No?
SevenGreen: Raphliza?
QueenKay: ?
QueenKay: Someone explain this to your poor Brit.
SevenGreen: Later. Seven Green: bc I don't ship Raphliza.
SevenGreen: Tomliza ftw
Adriel W. L'Alfayage: lmao. You don't know how ridiculous that is.

Evidently, Haruhito's friends were not helpful in finding a birthday present for Eliza. Suggestions had ranged from anime DVDs (because Milly and Seven were obsessed with the idea that Haruhito was, well, Haruhito) to some obscure food that Kay had suggested. Neither of these ideas worked if put into the idea of royalty, and Haruhito was done with them for the evening. Jinhai did macarons and offered he could join, but honestly, Haruhito thought it was hypocritical, when he himself had never eaten one of them. [insert brief note on niko and jericho's presents] Also, people were really questioning them hanging out, and that wasn't good. That left him with round about two possibilities: his mother or his sister. Considering the fact that he hadn't faced his mother on the forgotten file yet, he was going to go for his sister. Too bad that it was three o'clock in the morning in Japan, but hey, Riko insisted that he could call her anytime, so... Haruhito just didn't like calls. Texts would work. Riko had a light sleep.

[the next conversation is in Japanese, obviously...]

Haruhito: Riko, wake up. I need your help.

It took approximately five seconds for the three dots indicating his older sister to be typing to appear. It took another three for a response to appear on his laptop.

Riko: What happened?! Are you alright?! Can you call an ambulance?!

Oh. Right. Riko's 'you can call me whenever you want' wasn't directed at i-am-here-to-date-some-random-princess problems.

Haruhito: ...

Haruhito: no, I'm dead already and a ghost.

Haruhito: come and pick up Adern, he doesn't like not being the only cat

As if on call, the ginger cat jumped onto his lap and landed on his keyboard. "Kitty, not now," Haruhito told him and gently pushed him off the keyboard onto his lap.

Riko: What?!

Haruhito: p;lk,mb

Haruhito: that was Adern.

Riko: What?! Haruhito: jk

Riko: jk? I don't speak English well, you know that.

Haruhito: just kidding はなんてね

Riko: oh Riko: Are you alright though? Haruhito: yeah.

Riko: Good. What's up?

Haruhito: what do i get a girl for her birthday

Riko: Elisabeth? Maybe you could ask friends?

Haruhito: i don't have friends, thank you

Riko probably referred to Eliza's friends, and Haruhito did have friends (JeriNiko and Jinhai (kind of, if you took away the war?) and his online bunch of crazy peopel), but details.

Riko: That's sad.

Haruhito: Newsflash, I'm depressed.

Riko; I know. What does she like? Let me go and see if I can find mother's notes. You left them in your office, didn't you?

Haruhito: think so

Riko: what does she like?

Haruhito: I don't know. Breaking rules? Getting drunk?

Riko: Didn't she get a cat? Maybe you could get her something? These funny hats from the vending machines nearby school?

Haruhito: that would be a nice idea.

Riko: get her tales untold and sign it? Haruhito: Mother would kill me.

Riko: Probably.

Haruhito: i could use lihau as excuse

Riko: Who?

Haruhito: Jinhai's sister

Riko: ? Mongolia? What is it with you two?

Haruhito: nothing

Riko: Yeah, no.

Haruhito: We can't worsen international relations if we accidentally offend each other.

Riko: What about Nikolai and Jericho?

Haruhito: Friends?

Riko: You aren't being consistent. What's going on?

Haruhito: Spoiler.

Riko: ?!

Haruhito: wait Haruhito: she read book 1 on the plane.

Haruhito: i'll get her book 2 and sign it and go with 'friend of friend knows addie'

Haruhito: awesome

Riko: What does spoiler even mean? You keep using it?!

Haruhito: Spoiler

Haruhito: gn

Riko: What?

Thanks, Millyna for this funny OS of Haruhito trying to find a gift idea for Eliza's birthday! xD

All reviews and credits go to Milly, of course.