Author note: Hi all! Well I have to say I did not think I was going to be back in the Days fandom so soon – I had hopes, but no ideas and then one just came to me and I knew this was going to nag at me until I got it down on paper so when Nano came – the time seemed right to get going.

Half The World Away is going to be a fic which is somewhere in between the two I wrote last year, which means it is going to involve, Shawn, Caroline and Victor in the first instance – but unlike A Stumble the young Brady's are going to become young adults during this fic and that is going to bring its own sets of troubles and romances – but it is going to be a slow burn. Whether it is going to end up the length of No Silence Without Sounds I have no idea – but I am looking forward to finding out!

Chapter 1

Caroline Brady was many things. She was a daughter. She had been a student. She was a friend and a pillar of the community but neither of those labels was what she prided herself on.

When you got to the heart of her though, she was a wife and a mother. She had been a wife for nearer ten years than five, a mother for almost six. That was what mattered to her.

She was a worker and she was a friend. She was a churchgoer and a cake baker…

And she was an adulteress.

She was what she had sworn she was never going to become. And she hated it.

Shawn Brady had made her a good husband. She knew her parents had never fear in that score, nor had she got that matter. When she had come home and said the two of them were to be wed – well she did not think she had ever seen her mother smile as much as she did that day. She was over the moon. Only a very few of her friends had voiced the concern that he was not going to be enough for her when push came to shove whatever that meant.

At the time, she had been so angry at them for even daring to think like that because it was her Shawn they were talking about and of course he was going to be enough for her. In fact, she was sure that because of the way she had behaved during that time period to the naysayers, that she had lost one or two friends, but even now she was not so sure if that mattered to her.

For what she had lost in them she had gained in Shawn- he was the best friend she had ever had and was ever likely to have.

He was going to be enough for her forever and that was something which she was going to make sure of for the rest of their lives together. That was what she had told herself when the two of them had got married.

But she hadn't.

She had cause to wonder then if they knew that she was going to cheat on her husband before she had done. Maybe so…

Maybe they did for she had not seen this day coming. She had never wanted it to come. Why on earth would she look for it?

But as much as she wished passionately that she could, she knew it was simply too late to turn the clock back now.

Part of her wondered if she could get away with blaming Victor for his and for her part in the affair.

He was the one who had the reputation, wasn't he? He was the one who people knew as a bit of a bad boy.

She was the reliable Catholic wife, or she had been.

God forgive her.

At that moment she looked about her home and she tried to tell herself even then that they had all been wrong about her and this life was enough for her, for it was her belief it should be enough for anyone.

She was not one of those women who needed to be told how good she had it for she knew that.

She knew how lucky she was…

She had a husband who was not only willing to go out and work for their family at all hours of the day but she had one who did it. Her kids had never had to go hungry because Shawn was such a harder worker.

And not only was he a harder worker, but he was so loving and a good father.

And he was good to all of them. She knew it was wrong and one day it was going to change but she had girl's friends whose husbands put hands on them when they were frustrated…. and there was nothing that they could do to stop it as they were her husbands.

It made her so angry that they were put through all that and she wished she could change it for them sooner rather than late…

But she had never had to worry about any of that as no matter who he was, that was not Shawn.

He had never put his hands on her or raised them to her. And he never would to her or the children.

He just wouldn't.

Her heart broke again as she thought of the devotion which he felt to his kids. That was another way in which Shawn was different from the other fathers around here, she thought to herself. They were plenty who were more than happy to leave it all to the mother, but that had never been the way of her husband.

Since they had brought their kids into the world he had been nothing short of dedicated to them.

Even before they had had any babies she had been sure that was going to be the case, but then the day Roman came into the world she had known it to be true.

Having a son for Shawn – it was seeing all of his dreams come true.

And then in quick succession, she had given him two little princesses.

At the end of a long hard day, he did not go to the pub or spend everything he'd earned keeping Caroline on a shoestring budget. The only money he kept back was for their travelling fund. The rest was hers…

Not only was there that but there were the ways that the two of them were so similar. They had both been brought up in strong family units and they had both been brought up with strong faith. When they had been thinking of getting married she was sure both of those things had had something to do with the fact they had gone ahead, as there were the beliefs and values which were twinned and they were what both had wanted to build their lives on. She was sure they were going to bring up children similarly before they had discussed it. And they were going to be on the same page when it came to that.

So, what where his crimes against her she thought to herself. Why had she felt the need to go to Victor?

The one downside of the fact that Shawn was such a hard worker was that it had left her on her so much. And as much as she had her mother and his sister for company she did not think it was any word of a lie to say she had got bored without Shawn. That left one nagging doubt in her and that was how they had it begun.

She had craved the attention of a man. At first, she had thought she had just wanted her own man but at times went on, much to her shame, she guessed that could not be true.

Victor had come back to town.

Victor Kirakis had been an old friend of her's since before the time she and Shawn had been married and he had been a friend of her husband's as well. The two of them, she thought were unlikely friends, but they had been and when they were all young they had hung out in the same sets. They had all got along and she had held the belief they made each other better people for their differences.

The two boys had asked her about around the same time though and therefore she had had a choice to make.

If she was honest then her first thought had been to accept Victor. He had been the one who had had the nice car and the chances of foreign travel and the stuff which young girls' thought were important when they really were not.

But when she had gone to say no to Shawn she had seen something in his eyes which on the spot made her change her mind and accept him. There was something there, something about Shawn. At the time she had simply thought it was the twinkle in his Irish eyes but then as time had gone on she had known behind a doubt that there was something which was very real about him.

Real in ways which Victor was never going to be. And so she and Shawn had been on a date, her mother had breathed a big sigh of relief that she had felt as if her daughter had picked the right man and then just like that the rest really had been history.

Shawn and Caroline had become Mr and Mrs Brady and then they had had some little Brady's… one, two, three of them…

And they had been so wonderfully happy.

But life was not excitement all of the time and god only knew she understood she sounded weak but she had – she had made many mistakes.

Since Victors return she could see he had not changed. He was still the same man he had always been and so he had been only too willing and eager to take her out and show her a good time. After she had had a very hard day with the kids and no time at all with her husband there had come to a point when she had just thought yes – yes, she was going to go out with Victor though she swore to go that first time she had thought she was going to do it just as his friend. There had not meant to be any more to it than that.

After all, that was the way they had spent time together when they had been young so she did not see why they could not do it now they were older.

What she had not accounted for was the fact that in the time they had been apart he had changed. And so had she.

He had got more ruthless in his aims for what he wanted she thought, yet in an odd way that had made him more attractive she saw in hindsight. He was a man with a goal and he knew how he was going to get to them and when the two of them sat talking she was thrilled as he told her just how he was going to get to them. She felt as if life was going to be an adventure for Victor Kiriakis and she did not think she was strong enough to deny that was something in him which she admired tremendously.

As for the ways she had changed the truth of it was all she felt was as if she had got older. She had settled into her role as mother and wife and part-time marketplace worker and she had been settled in her lot but when he had come back for just a moment she felt as if yes – maybe there was another way for her and she had wanted to see what way that could be…

The night he had first kissed her she had been surprised. She had not reproached him, but herself. And she had gone to him to tell him that – that nothing of the kind was ever going to happen again and if that was why he was hanging around her then he might as well go now because she was not that sort of lady…. It was only after that she had realised that her mistake had been going to see him to tell him that. She often thought later what might have been – how different her life might have been if she was only able to content herself with a phone call.

But she had not she thought as she put on her coat and made her way to the door. Molly, Shawn's sister had said she was going to watch the kids while she popped out for a while, and pop out she did have too. For she had news for Victor…

News which had to be shared. News which she wished she did not have…News which she had to tell him for it was going to change their lives forever.

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