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It was Saturday evening and teams RWBY and JNPR were sitting together at the cafeteria, discussion things happening around Beacon and just some small talk.

"Hey, where's Jaune?" Weiss asked, finally noticing that there wasn't a poor tempt to woo her all day today.

"He came by this morning and asked if he could borrow Zwei," Ruby replied.

"He said he was going into Vale for something but didn't say what," Pyrrha chimed in.

"Maybe he and Zwei are actually secret crime-fighting superheroes and they don't want us to know!" Nora boasted.

"Wasn't that last week's dream," Ren raised an eyebrow.

"Doesn't mean it's not real."

"Still, what could he want Zwei in the city for?" Weiss cupped her chin.

"I could shed some light on that," they all turned to see Coco Adel walk up to their table. "Sorry, I couldn't help but overhear you guys, but I can tell you what Jaune was up to."

"Don't leave us hanging, what was Jaune up to?" Ruby leaned in.

"He took Zwei into Vale because he thinks having him around will make him a chick magnet," Coco said.

There was silence for a few moments. "Are… are you serious?" Yang stopped suppressing her giggling and the rest of the table followed. "Oh my god, only he would come up with something so stupid."

"Well..." Coco dragged out, "You know the saying 'if it sounds stupid but works, it's not stupid'?"

"Ha! Good one," Yang wiped away a fake tear. Her smile started to drop when Coco's face remained the same. "Wait. You're serious?!"

"Do I look like I'm kidding?" Coco lowered her sunglasses and stared at them. "Don't believe me? Why don't you guys head back to your dorm, he brought some chicks back with him. They couldn't stay away from him." She winked at them and then left.


"Well, this is kind of a bust," Jaune sighed as he walked down the sidewalk. Next to him, Zwei barked and rubbed his head against his leg. "Well, maybe you had a grand time, and I'm glad you did," Jaune said with a smile, "but for me, this didn't end well."

Jaune wasn't sure why he listened to his sister's advice but sounded good at the time. Jaune would periodically tell his family about his time at Beacon, and when he brought up Zwei his sister gave him an idea: girls love guys who have dogs, go into town with him and they'll be chick magnets.

Jaune laughed it off but then thought it might have some merit, so he borrowed Zwei and went to Vale. To his sister's credit, they did attract the attention of a lot of women. But, everyone was a lot more interested in cooing over and petting Zwei than giving him any attention. In hindsight, that should have expected that.

What would you rather look at: Jaune Arc or one small fluffy boi?

"Well, I guess the whole day wasn't a waste, huh boy?"

"Arf!" Zwei wagged his tail.

Jaune couldn't help but smile and pat his head. Zwei just had that effect on people. "Welp lets head back to Beacon. I'm sure Ruby misses you."

They continued down the road when they saw a peculiar sight: a chicken on the side of the road pecking at a drainage gate.

"Huh… there's something you don't see every day," Jaune remarked as he walked over. The chicken regarded them only for a moment before going back the drainage grate. "What are you doing little g-"

Jaune's thoughts were interrupted when he heard a bunch of little cheeps. He looked down the grate and he could see little baby chicks in the sewer. Some were shivering, others walking around in confusion near the light chirping, and a few were desperately trying and failing to climb up the walls.

"Oh dear," Jaune muttered as he realized what happened. He couldn't leave them like this. He knelt down and pried the grate off and set it to the side. "Come on Zwei, help me out."

Zwei walked over and sniffed the air. He then backed away, tongue out in disgust as he shook his head.

"Come on boy, you're the only one who can help me."

Zwei whined, going prone and covering his nose.

"I know it's dirty and it smells and I can probably do it myself, but you can see better than me and sniff them out. If I jump down there I could step on and kill one of them."

Zwei looked back down the sewer grate, where the distressed chirps of the trapped baby chicks echoed from before looking back at the concerned mama hen, pacing in worry and fear for her babies. He looked back at Jaune and gave a bark with vigor in his heart.

"Atta boy," Jaune said, going prone and lowering the corgi down the hole.

Zwei grabbed the first chick in his mouth and turned to Jaune to show him before he was lifted back out. They placed the chick on the side and went back down to get the next as the mother hen caressed her saved baby.

It took several minutes, but Jaune and Zwei managed to get all of the baby chicks out of the sewer.

Jaune and Zwei watched the mother hen smoother her babies with love, happy to see them all ok.

"We did good Zwei," Jaune pet his head and Zwei barked happily.

The duo left and went to head back to Beacon. However, they traveled down several blocks when the two of noticed something behind them. The mother hen and her babies were following them and almost caught up to them.

Jaune tried to politely shoo them away, but they kept following him. After looking into the tiny eyes of the babies, Jaune didn't have the heart to send them away.

He stopped to grab some bird seeds for them before heading back the airship. He surprisingly didn't feel woozy or dizzy on the flight. He guessed the chicks hoping in his lap was a good distraction. A lot of people looked at him in confusion, but oddly enough Velvet and Coco came up and cooed at the chicks. Other than that, he made it back to his dorm without any trouble.

Pyrrha was nervous when she and her other two teammates approached their room. What Coco said didn't make any sense, but why would she lie about that? It just couldn't be true. Swallowing, she opened the door to their dorm.

The last thing she expected to see was Jaune on the floor giggling and playing with a bunch of baby chicks while Zwei and a hen watched from the sidelines.

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