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Jaune was frozen like a deer in headlights. He was so busy making sure his chicks were accustomed and comfortable in their new home, that he forgot about his team. He didn't think to inform them or even consult them about it.

Zwei, the mother hen, and the dozen baby chicks turned to see the new arrivals. Zwei barked, recognizing his master's friends. The new feather friends eyed the new arrivals, turning their heads to the side in curiosity. The hen kept a careful watch while the chicks hopped forward a little bit in curiosity.

Ren eyed the chicks with mystery. He was used to Nora's antics, but this was something even he didn't expect. He didn't know why there were chickens in their dorm, but he couldn't deny that they were adorable.

Pyrrha was in a mix of relief and wonder. She was glad that what she thought was happening wasn't actually happening, and had the urge to get back at Coco for making her worry. But now she couldn't stop wondering where Jaune got the cute little things.

They both heard a quiet, slow gasp and both turned to Nora. She was on her tippy toes, mouth open with a smile as her eyes sparkled brighter than the sun. She put her hands over her mouth as she quietly squealed. Jaune braced for Nora to charge tackle him and his babies. But to his and the other's surprise, Nora softly lowered herself prone to the floor.

"They are soooooo cute~" She cooed, unable to take her eyes off of them. One of the chicks hopped forward and chirped curiously at Nora. Her eyes lit up and she chirped back at the little cutie. The other baby chicks perked up at this and hopped forward as well.

No one could hide their smiles as they watched Nora and the baby chicks chirp back and forth in conversation. The ginger bomber's feet kicked and her head swayed side to side with each chirp she uttered.

"So… any objections to keeping them, guys?"


It was early in the morning and Jaune was stuck in bed. He dared not move. Sometime during the night, the baby chicks migrated on top of his back. The mama hen and Zwei later followed as well. All of them were peacefully resting and he didn't want to disturb them.

It was honestly a comfortable feeling. But one that he wished not to be in at this moment.

"Please wake up," he whispered. None of them moved. "Please… I have to use the bathroom."

One of the baby chicks stirred, only to nuzzle in closer against Jaune's shirt. He whimpered into his pillow.


Team RWBY was off to a good morning, except for Blake. Last night she was convinced Zwei was hiding to sneak attack her and cover her face in drool, so she stayed up all night waiting for an attack that never came. She had trouble staying awake to eat her cereal.

The other team members perked up when they heard a bark and saw Zwei hop on Ruby's lap. "Zwei! There you are! Did you have a fun sleepover at JNPR's?"

Zwei barked happily as they pet him. Blake was too tired to notice his presence.

"Speaking of," Yang motioned to the approaching team JNPR. "Thank you for joining us. You know you could have told us you were keeping Zwei for the ni-... what's that noise?"

Team RWBY sans Blake turned their attention to the shoebox Jaune was carrying, where the sounds of chirping emitted from.

Jaune stayed quiet, but he offered a smile as he and his team sat down. He then slowly turned the box to its side and removed the lid.

"Oh my gosh!" Ruby's eyes beamed up as the dozen baby and mama hen hopped out and scattered on the table. "They're adorable," she cooed as she picked up the chick that hopped right up to her.

"Do I want to know where you got these?" Weiss asked, keeping some of them away from her food while patting one's head.

"I was right, Zwei was a chick magnet," Jaune replied as he poured some bird seeds on a plate for them.

"Told you!" Coco called from across the cafeteria.

Blake seemed to subconsciously groan at the pun while Yang just laughed. The chicks then hopped back to start eating. But Jaune did a quick head count... 11.

The 12th hopped on Blake's bowl and fell in. Blake was still too tired to realize it. When she lifted the spoon put it in her mouth. Her eyes show open when she tasted something feathery and moving and she spat it out.

"Bla?!" Blake was now fully awake and was confused as to where the baby chick, that was now shaking the milk and food and saliva off its body, came from. A hen then came up and dragged it away before rushing back to her.

Blake backed up as it got up in her face, its angry narrowed eyes stared into her soul. At that moment, Blake knew true fear.

After a few seconds, the hen retreated and joined her babies in their breakfast. The rest of her team continued to coo over the babies, oblivious to what just happened.

Blake Belladonna: ex-terrorist and trainee huntress... scared of a chicken.

To be fair, hell has no fury like an angry mom.

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