Here's another short one... they're all short ones, aren't they?

Jaune entered his dorm room with a heavy sigh. Today was a long day, as every single Professor decided today was the day for a planned or pop test. He was mentally exhausted and sighed in relief as he came crashing down on his soft bed.

He enjoyed the softness and wanted to take a nap, but then he noticed something was off. His ears weren't assaulted with happy chirping and he didn't feel the weight of a dozen happy little tiny feet hopping on his back.

Jaune got up and looked to the only other person in the room.

"Ren, where'd the chicks go?" he asked.

"The hen is with Zwei, who is with Team RWBY, Pyrrha hit the gym, and Nora took the chicks to the forest," he answered, not looking up from his book.

"Ok that's good- wait a minute!" Jaune was laying back down but then shot back up. "Nora took them to the forest?! The Emerald Forest?! That has Grimm in it?!"

"Yep," Ren shrugged.

Jaune paused for a moment to take that all in, and then acted accordingly as any parent who found out their kids were surrounded by monsters should: scream (a manly scream) at the top of his lungs, and jump out the window head first.

Surprisingly, he made good time running to the forest and found Nora very quickly. "Nora!"

"Hmm? Oh, hey Jaune," Nora greeted with a wave.

"Nora! Where are they?!" Jaune asked as he ran up to her.

"Oh, they're right here Jaune," Nor answered like nothing was wrong as she held up her hand and showed him Magnhild in its grenade form.

Jaune saw several things wrong with the image in front of him.

Nora held up 2 grenade shells she's yet to load. But where the warhead should be, Jaune saw the top half of two of the chicks, who chirped happily upon seeing him. Jaune looked down at Nora's weapon and saw that her other 10 loaded grenades were similar in nature.

"You… YOU'RE USING THEM AS AMMO?!" Jaune shouted.

"Yep," Nora answered almost immediately with a smile.

"Wha- I- I- I- you-..." Nora's calmness of the situation threw him off. "... you don't see a problem with this whatsoever?"


Jaune's eye twitched. He was about to argue more when a growl to their left caught their attention. A single Beowulf emerged from the shrubbery and licked its lips upon seeing them.

"Yeah, our first customer!" Nora cheered as she quickly loaded the last 2 shells and took aim at the Grimm.

"Nora, wait!" Jaune shouted as he dove for her. But it was too late.

Nora pulled the trigger, sending the baby chick flying through the air at high speeds. Not a second later, there was a loud 'boom' as the Grimm exploded into a large dust cloud.

Jaune froze, his brain not wanting to comprehend what it just witnessed but did so anyway.

"N-... Nora," his eyes threatened to leak. "... what have you-"

"Chirp chirp!" Jaune looked up.

As the dust settled, Jaune saw that the Grimm was gone, and on the grass floor was the baby chick hoping back towards them.

Jaune rushed forward and picked it up, looking it over thoroughly. "You're ok!" He hugged the baby tight as he was, by some miracle, ok and unharmed in every way. The chick rubbed its head against his cheek, happy at the cuddles.

"Told you they were fine," Nora said, not losing her cheeriness once.

The chick then hopped out of his grasp and went to the now used grenade shell on the floor. It tried to get back in. Like a child who just got off a rollercoaster, it wanted to go again. The other chicks were now giddily chirping in anticipation to go next. They wanted fun too.

Jaune took a moment to reevaluate the situation and figured he wasn't going to be the one to ruin their fun with their auntie Nora.

Pyrrha would later be upset that she missed her babies' first kills.

If Zwei can be used as a flaming cannonball to take out a prototype mech, then baby chicks can be used as grenade ammo.