Alright so this is the new prologue, though the first chapter is staying the same but feel free to read again if it's been a while. I tried to fix the spelling and grammar problems, but I probably missed things. Sorry for leaving for so long, hopefully I won't lose my inspiration any time soon.

I just wanted to clarify this is after the movie. Obviously I'm going to be making a story line with the NBC characters, so there will probably be developments that didn't happen in the original story. One part I'm using from the video game is that Jack and the other holiday leaders are now aware of each other and live in relative peace with some contact. Hint hint. All rights go to J.K. Rowling and the creators of Nightmare Before Christmas. I own nothing sadly.

"Potter, Harry," Minerva McGonagall called out.

Everyone in Hogwarts leaned forward in anticipation. Whispers rang out as they all waited to see their savior, some in disgust and some in reverence, but all excited in some way. The first years, too, were glancing around, as nobody had been able to find anyone that resembled the boy hero they had all read about.

Dumbledore watched on expectantly, finally knowing where the boy was after five long years of him being missing. Dumbledore could not find the boy no matter where he looked and was relieved that he wouldn't have to reveal that to the public. Arabella Figg was aware, of course, but she did not interact with the Wizarding community.

Getting the young Potter's acceptance letter had been a relief, though he would have rather taken the Hogwarts letter himself, he could not find it in the stack going out that year. He was concerned about who had taken the child and where they had been, but he would deal with that soon enough and then the boy would be back with his relatives and under his influence once again.

As these thoughts had been running through his mind, many in the school felt a noticeable drop in temperature as not just the house ghosts, but seemingly every ghost in Hogwarts seemed to glide into the room. There was a chill in the air and a breeze of dying leaves. If one listened closely, they would hear a slow, eerie melody that made one think of the dark and of death.

The teachers were all tense as a young boy stepped passed his classmates. His hair was pitch black and seemed to sway in the breeze as it swirled around him, as if it came from the boy himself. His eyes were a bright green that flashed in the candlelight like a familiar and terrifying spell.

He had on a robe whose sleeves went to his elbow, showing off arms that had odd lines running across them, like he was sewn together. For those closest to him, they noted he had similar markings along his neck and the sides of his mouth. None could tell if they were real or drawn on. Many older muggleborns were reminded of an old story they once read while at home about a monster stitched from others.

Under his robes, which was frayed at the bottom and floating off the floor, he wore a black and white suit. At his collar was what many thought looked like a bat, most ignoring the way the wings twitched as though it was alive.

The boy was smiling widely, almost too widely, his steps calm as he nearly floated towards the stool. Minerva stared at the boy who looked like James Potter only if you searched for it. He paid her no mind, along with the rest of the school, who had gone silent at such a creepy sight.

There was a hush as he sat and the hat was placed on his head, though his smile showed still, causing shivers to go down many student's backs. Teachers and students alike jumped when the hat began laughing out loud.

"Oh my, well that is definitely a new one for me," the hat mused out loud, shocking the teachers and older students as the hat had never spoken aloud besides to sort students.

Harry Potter laughed quietly with the hat, his voice low and haunting. The chill in the room grew stronger and a few people covered their arms, glancing around warily.

The ghosts all held their non-existent breaths, nearly shaking in excitement. Of course, how could they not be excited when the Prince of Halloween was in their school?