A few days after the Enterprise was launched, Rey noticed a slightly unnerving sight: blips on the radar. She spoke up.

"Captain, there are several small blips on the radar and one large one. I don't know what they are sir, but they're not asteroids."

He responded with a command: to Chekhov. "Lieutenant Chekhov, get us out of-" Just then an alert sounded. They were about to hit something. Chekhov pulled them out of warp while the captain was speaking. Kirk looked through the viewscreen. Several small fighters were before them. Behind the fighters was a huge, triangularly shaped cruiser, none of which Kirk, or any of the crewmembers, had seen before.

"What are those?!" Kirk demanded.

Rey turned her seat around and looked out of the viewscreen. What she saw made her heart skip a beat. She was terrified.

"Sir, those are TIE fighters and a Star Destroyer. Th-they're from my galaxy."

"Friendly?" Kirk asked.

"I'm afraid not sir. But they shouldn't be out this far!"

"Red alert! Shields up!"The alarm started wailing throughout the ship, and red lights came on in the bridge.

"Fire at will, Sulu!" Kirk called.

"Yes sir. Firing proton torpedoes." Sulu replied.

The proton torpedo flew toward the TIEs, and when it exploded it took out a few of them.

"Everybody buckle up." Kirk commanded. Everyone slapped the button to buckle them up, except Sulu, who kept firing and didn't have time to hit the button.

"Captain! I'm picking up something else on the radar. Possibly another Star Destroyer." said the ensign, as she tried not to sound incredibly nervous.

Sulu continued firing the phasers. When the second Star Destroyer came out of lightspeed, it came out right under the Enterprise, scraping the bottom. Everyone jolted forward as the horrible sound of metal scraping metal messed with everyone's eardrums. The second destroyer deployed many more TIEs, and Sulu kept on firing. One was flying towards them, firing its green lasers incessantly. Sulu nailed it, but only part of it exploded. The rest of the fighter was carried forward by momentum and slammed into the Enterprise. It knocked Sulu forward and his head hit his console, knocking him unconscious. He was taken to the medical bay.

"Chekhov, take his position. We need weapons now more than navigation."

"Yes, Keptin." Chekhov did as he was told.

Kirk then turned on the shipwide comm.

"I need the backup navigator, now!"

The backup navigator responded.

"Sir, I'm on Deck 29! I could never make it, sir!"

Kirk turned back to his bridge.

"Well, does anyone happen to have navigation training on the bridge?"

Rey glanced at Uhura with a worried look.

"Rey, if you have something to tell the captain, speak up!" she said in a hushed tone.

Rey nodded.

"Captain, I do."

"Get up here then."

"Yes, sir."

Rey did as she was told. She sat in the navigator's chair. Chekhov glanced over and nodded in recognition. The Enterprise continued firing until all the TIEs were gone, then they tried the destroyers. Chekhov fired a torpedo.

"Keptin, ze torpedoes aren't penetrating! Zeir shields are up!"

"Keep firing, Chekhov."

"Sir, I have an idea." It was like... like something had given her this idea...

"Permission to follow through?"

"Permission granted."

Rey smiled slyly. "Hang on, sir."

The two destroyers came at an angle , making a triangle shape with the Enterprise at the front.

"Chekhov, fire at the bridge That's the part at the very top."

"Wery top.. Alright." He froze. "You realize zey hef zeir sheilds up, right?"

"Yes. It's part of my plan." She glanced at him with that same sly smile. He looked back at the screen. Rey flew around so that the Enterprise was still at the top of the 'triangle', but the front of the Enterprise was facing the fronts of the destroyers.

"Uhura, jam their signals." Rey ordered.

Uhura looked at Rey as she spoke, then nodded and turned back around. Then she did as told.

"Rey, what are you doing?" asked the captain.

"You'll see, sir."

Kirk nodded. Torpedo fire enveloped the bridges of the destroyers. Rey turned the ship back around and flew away from the destroyers, who followed. Chekhov continued to bombard them with torpedoes. The destroyers continued flying toward the Enterprise. Then it dawned on the captain what Rey was doing, and he leaned back in his chair and smiled. The destroyers kept coming, until finally the ships slammed into each other. A huge explosion ensued. Rey got them into warp as the explosion came toward them, then leaned back in her chair and sighed of relief. Everyone started clapping and cheering. She then got up and went back to her assigned seat. Uhura looked at her and smiled.

"Good job."

"Thanks." Rey smiled and wiped a bit of sweat off of her forehead.

"Rey, I think your actions today have earned you a promotion," he paused for a brief moment, " Lieutenant."

Rey's face lit up. "Thank you, sir!"

"Then good job, lieutenant." Uhura reiterated with a smile.

Rey smiled back.

Later that day, when her shift was over, she headed home. Again, Chekhov caught up with her.

"Hey, Rey, great flying back zere. I would never hef thought of doing what you did."

She smiled.

"Thanks. I'm usually not great at coming up with a good plan in a short amount of time, but-ah, never mind."

"But what?" he prodded.

"It was like-almost like if something was telling me what to do. If some...force...was telling me what to do. As if it was controlling me. I don't know. It's hard to explain. And that was a horrible attempt." She giggled a bit as she said the last sentence. He smiled back. He was confused.

"Well I'll just take your word for it. But what could give you an idea like that?"

"I don't know..it's probably just a good idea I had.." But she wasn't convinced of this herself.

"Well, there are a lot of really weird phenomena in space..wow, zat was a big word."

She laughed, and he laughed too.

"Well I hef to go. Anyway, see you tomorrow. By ze way, good job on getting a promotion."

"Okay, and thanks." She said, smiling.

The curly-haired Russian smiled back, then turned and ran off to his quarters. She kept walking to hers, thinking about today's events. What was that? What kind of weird space thing could give me an idea? Her word kept coming back to her... force.. She shrugged it off, but that word stayed in her mind.

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