The night of the Kim'ir ordeal, Chekov again caught up with Rey while she was on her way to her quarters.


She turned to face him. "Yeah?" She said, smiling.

He abruptly stopped running when he reached her.

"Are you off tomorrow?" All this had happened on a Friday, therefore the next day was Saturday, which not everyone had as leave. Chekov was wondering if she had this day off, because he did.

"Yeah. Why?"

"Well, d-do-zis sounds odd, but do you like...uh..." He paused, trying to find the correct word. He looked down at the ground, with a worried looking expression on his face. Then he looked back at her with a very excited expression. "Coffee! Do you like coffee?"

"Oh, yeah. Actually the first time I tried it was at the Academy. I tried it black and I didn't like it, then I added the cream and sugar and then I liked it." She said all this excitedly and with a smile.

"Well, would you like to get some in the morning? There's a cafe aboard the Enterprise."

"Yeah, sure. I'd love to!" She smiled.

His already happy face somehow brightened a bit. "Ok. Tomorrow then?"

"Tomorrow." She was still smiling. He then turned and ran off, like he did every time he spoke to her. She turned and walked to her quarters, excited for the next day.

The next day came and Rey immediately got up and got ready. She met Chekov at the cafe. He was at the door waiting on her and they went inside together. They sat down and ordered coffee and breakfast, too, then they began talking.

"So, I told you how I like my coffee, but you didn't tell me how you like yours."

"I like it black," he said, smiling mischievously.

She smiled back. A few moments silence prompted the beginning of another conversation.

"So, how'd you get into Starfleet?" he asked.

She sighed. "When I was five, my parents left me on Jakku, a desert planet. I still don't know why they did. I scavenged the battle ruins, left there by a battle fought about thirty years ago. I did it every day. I wanted off of that planet with all my heart, but I didn't want to- and couldn't- steal a ship. So I watched many ships leave, and I felt helpless. One day, when I was fifteen, I-" She quieted her tone a bit. "I stowed away on a large freighter. I didn't know where it was headed. I hoped they wouldn't find me, but I wasn't certain of anything. I didn't know where it was headed, but it turns out it was Earth. When we arrived, I got off after they did, and explored. I went into Starfleet, and the rest, as they say, is history. You?"

"Well, I made excellent grades in school, so when I was thirteen I entered Starfleet. I was-um, a junior cadet. I made good grades zere too, so at sewenteen I was stationed aboard ze Enterprise. But as a kid I lived in Russia as you know, and I lived with my sister, Nadja, who is ze oldest, my oldest brother, Isaak, and my other brother, Demir. I'm ze youngest. Oh, and my dog, Lana. Anyway, we liked to play in ze snow, when it snowed, and had snowball fights and built snowmen and zen we'd come inside and my mother would make us hot chocolate or coffee when we were older. Zen, when my sister was married, and Isaak and Demir started working I was ze only kid at home. I had always loved space, and so after my mother - well, when she passed, I went into Starfleet."

She smiled sympathetically. "I- I'm sorry about your mom," she paused, changing the subject. "What's a snowman?"

"A snowman? Well, you make a snowball, zen roll it on ze ground, and it will get bigger. You can make it as big as you want. Zen you make another one, but smaller, and put it on top of ze biggest one. Zen you make another, smaller ball and put it on ze wery top, and zen you decorate him. You put sticks in ze middle ball for arms, zen put rocks or coal on ze top one for eyes and a mouth, and a carrot for a nose. Zen you can put rocks on the middle one for buttons, and and you can put a hat on his head or a scarf on him. But we would take our own hats off and put zen on him, but Mama didn't like zat." They both laughed.

The rest of the breakfast went well, the two talked and laughed and got to know each other better. Afterward both of them went home. About an hour after Rey got home, her doorbell buzzed. She went to and opened the door to see Uhura standing there. Rey smiled.

"Come in!" she told Uhura.

Uhura smiled back and entered the room. "Hi. I haven't really spent much time with you since we set off, so I figured I'd visit."

"Thanks, Uhura."

"Please, Nyota." she corrected.

"Alright then, hello, Nyota." Rey replied.

Nyota smiled. "So, how was the, uh, date?"

"Wh-date? No, no, it wasn't a date, it was just breakfast and coffee." Rey laughed nervously while talking.

"Which is the definition of date." Nyota teased with a smile.

"No, it's the definition of breakfast with a friend," Rey said, innocently.

Nyota smiled mischievously. "Yeah, boyfriend"

Rey paused in disbelief. "No-he's not my- we're not-" She paused, trying to find a way out of this crazy fix she found herself in. "Ugh! No." She laughed.

Nyota smiled, then put a hand on Rey's shoulder. "It's ok, Rey. Just teasing you. I figured somebody needed to do it."

Rey smiled, embarrassed.

The two talked for some time longer, and then Nyota checked the time-"Woah! I stayed way longer than I meant to.. I gotta go. See you later." Nyota smiled, and stood to leave. Rey stood too and walked to the door with her friend.

"Bye, Nyota. I hope we can do it again sometime- just without the incessant teasing." Rey said, smiling. Nyota laughed. "Well, we're on a five-year mission, so I think we'll be able to." She walked out the door. "Bye, Rey."

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