"Captain, I'm getting a strange reading from a nearby Class M planet called Takodana. The sensors have never seen anything even remotely related to it, sir," Spock told the captain as the ship flew through space at warp speed. It had been a few days since the Kim'ir ordeal, and the crew wanted to take a well earned- and deserved- break from all the recent commotion. Whether or not they would get that break was to be determined.

"Alright. Slow us down, Mister Chekov," the captain ordered.

"Aye, sir," the navigator responded, following the given command. The ship immediately slowed, allowing the bridge crew to see the stars from the viewscreen.

"Are we still getting those readings, Mister Spock?" Kirk asked.

"Yes sir, the readings are stronger now."

"And you still can't identify them?"

"No sir. Nothing like this has ever been observed."

"Sir, the readings continue strengthening. I suggest sending an away team, Captain," Spock said. Kirk nodded and then tapped the communicator on the arm of his command chair.

"Bones, I need you for an away team. Get ready; we'll meet you in the transporter room."

"Great. Time for another near-death experience," Bones said, the sarcasm clear in his tone. Jim could practically hear the doctor's eyeroll. Jim smirked before replying.

"That's what you're gonna have to expect from me." Kirk chuckled. He stood up, still smiling. "Spock and Rey, you two are going. I'll meet you in the transporter room."

Chekov quickly turned his chair and stood. "Keptin, may I go too?"

Kirk looked at Pavel's quietly pleading face for a moment before answering. "Sure."

The Russian's face lit up. "Thank you, Keptin. I'll get ready."

Kirk, Spock, Rey, and Chekov left the bridge together. They all reached the hall that held most of the housing before splitting up, each to his own quarters. A few minutes passed before they all arrived in the transporter room. Bones and Halley, a security officer assigned to the away team, were already on the pad. Kirk, Chekov, Spock, and Rey each stepped onto the pad, carrying phasers. Rey's staff was strapped to her back, and Spock had a tricorder. Scotty was there also, to operate the transporter. He flipped the controls to activate the machine. Golden rings flew loosely about each of their figures as they gradually disappeared.

When they arrived on the planet, each looked around, seeing a beautiful planet filled with trees and grass. The air smelled very sweet and earthy, but as they turned to observe the beautiful planet the smell of smoke permeated the air. They noticed a plume of smoke rising in the distance and Kirk decided to follow it, deciding it was a surefire way to get them to the readings.

"Captain, the readings are emanating from the smoke," Spock said.

Kirk nodded and began to walk towards it and everyone followed. After around ten minutes of walking they continued nearing the smoke before they heard something in the air. It was a distinctive mechanical, whirring scream that was vaguely familiar, and it was getting closer.

"I've got a bad feeling about this..." Rey muttered as she looked up in the sky. The others did the same and they saw a TIE fighter. They saw something fall-

"Run!" Kirk desperately called. They all immediately ran as fast as they could, but they didn't get very far before there was an uncomfortably close explosion. It knocked them all back and unconscious, except for Halley, who was a bit too close and had been killed by the explosion.

Rey didn't know how long she'd been out, but when she awoke, she saw no one. She did see the smoke, however, and it was attached to some kind of building. She was terrified, and nervously yelled her captain's name.

"Captain!" She realized her voice was trembling and quiet, so she called again when no one answered.

"Captain Kirk!" she called as loudly as her shaking voice would allow. Still nothing. She tried the others.

"Halley!" Nothing.

"Commander Spock!" Again, nothing.

"Doctor!" Once again, nothing.

The previous pattern of answers to her calls almost scared her from trying the last one, but she decided to anyway, to either confirm or deny her fears.

"Mister Chekov!" she tried. Still nothing. "PAVEL!" Silence. She felt a fearful and nervous tear slide out of her eye as she decided to listen to her surroundings. All she heard was more explosions in the background before it all stopped. A disheartened Rey walked toward the building in the distance, hoping that her crewmates might be waiting. Even if they weren't, she wanted them to be able to find her. As she neared the building she realized that is was some kind of castle. It was very tall, and made of stone.

It took her about ten minutes to reach the massive structure. When she arrived, she was greeted by a set of enormous doors. As she neared them, they slid open for her. It was very noisy inside and she assumed it was some kind of bar or something to that effect. She saw myriads of unfamiliar aliens. As she entered, several of those faces looked at her. She realized that she stood out among the dingy outfits of the bar's denizens, and as she looked around she noticed that no one else had a Starfleet uniform. She walked further into the fray of this castle and before long she was greeted by a voice.

"You're lost, aren't you?"

She stifled a startled flinch. She glanced all around and didn't see anyone- until she looked down. She saw an orange alien with some sort of goggles on that made her tiny, deep-set eyes look huge.

"Y-yeah. Sort of," she said nervously.

The alien cracked a mischievous smile before replying. "How can you be sort of lost?"

"Well, I was separated from my crew. A small team. Have you seen any of them? They all dress like I do- " she glanced down at her golden dress for emphasis before continuing, "more or less," Rey noticed her voice wasn't too shaky anymore.

"No, I'm afraid I haven't. I'll send them to you if they come in. You're welcome to explore. Oh, just so you know, I'm Maz Kanata. I run this place."

"Thanks, Maz," Rey said, trying to smile. Maz nodded and walked away. Rey stood staring into nothing. She could have sworn she heard a young girl's desperate scream.


She just stared into space, wondering where this ethereal voice came from. It sounded oddly familiar, but she couldn't quite place it. She blinked as she seemed to come out of some kind of trance. She felt pulled toward a set of downward winding stairs. This pull led her legs without her authorization or input and before she knew it she was at the bottom. She saw a long hallway with several doors on both sides. She came to the last door on the left and her hand found and pressed the button that opened the door.

No! Come back! No!

She cautiously entered the room that she assumed was some kind of storage room, and one particular chest caught her attention. It was wooden and had two metal reinforcers on the front that were on the lid of the chest as well. She kneeled and opened it, and saw a beautiful antique metal handle. Her heart pounded as her hand was pulled toward it. When she touched it she immediately heard a sound that was like something being shot. Dropping the artifact, she let out a startled cry as she found herself in a hallway that was covered in blue light. She stood and looked around, hearing a strange droning noise. More lights were lit down the hall, and the light seemed to travel down the walls until they came to where she was.

No! The same girl's scream...

She walked cautiously forward, brows furrowed.

It's energy energy Another voice echoed in her ears, this one gravelly and male.

She now ran forward, and as she did so the halls completely rotated and she fell out, landing on dirt. Several boulders fell to her side as she rolled. She landed on her stomach.

Noooooo! Another male voice, this one was younger.

Surrounds us. The first male voice spoke again.

No! The second continued.

She now saw a cloaked figure with a metal hand touch a domed blue and silver droid, as if to caress it.

Binds us. The first male voice continued his sentence.

Come back! The young girl desperately called.

It was now raining, and the rocky land that she found herself in was lit up with an eerie blue light. She heard the same sound as when she had first touched the handle. She turned to see a masked figure stab another masked figure with some sort of red, glowing sword. "No!" the other masked figure yelled as he fell beside her, dead. She stood up and looked at the first figure. He stood with his sword by his side, with more masked and hooded figures behind him. She backed away, with a look of confusion to replace the fearful look from previous seconds. The figure looked at her and she felt as if, through the mask, he was staring into her very being. He advanced. She backed away as lightning flashed, she now was terrified once again.

I'm sorry... The familiar voice of a young man spoke. The voice rolled the R's and she recognized it. Pavel. Her eyes widened and she tried to call back at him but a scenery change broke her off.

She now was in a small cell, on an upright bed with restraints. She felt terrified and cold. She heard a ship overhead and an explosion. She looked down at the metal restraints on her wrists, then pulled. They opened, and the moment they did another explosion sounded, and blew a hole in the roof of her cell. A ship flew overhead in stars before flying across a very blue sky.

No! The young girl let out a very desperate scream. The voice came from behind her.

She turned to face the voice, and when she did she was in a very familiar desert. She saw a tall, chunky, orange alien who had a young girl by the arm. She gasped when she realized that this girl was a very young Rey. Painful memories flooded her mind.

Come baaaaack!

Quiet, girl. The alien said.

The girl looked at him, then back in the older Rey's direction.


Rey heard the noise of a ship. She looked into the sky to see a ship flying through the hot, dry air. She watched as it flew further into the distance. As it went toward the sun, the sun turned red. The sky, too, was red. Then it turned to the cloudy, dark sky of a snowy forest.

Rey, Yet another voice. This one was male and had an accent similar to hers.

She looked around. No one was there. She turned and ran, but was stopped by the red glowing sword. The masked figure, who was now hooded also, was behind it. She tried to run backwards, but lost her balance and fell. She landed in the castle. As she looked back into the crazy room, she heard the same voice with the accent.

These are your first steps... The voice whispered.

She was gasping for breath as she looked down the hall, to see Maz approaching.

"What was that?" Rey asked, in tears. She jumped up as Maz continued approaching.

"I shouldn't have gone in there," she shook her head for emphasis.

"That lightsaber was Luke's. And his father's before him and now, it calls to you!" Maz told her.

"I- I have to get back to the Enterprise," Rey said, rather quickly.

Maz put her hand out, and Rey hesitantly took it. She then knelt to be on Maz's level.

"Dear child, I see your eyes. You already know the truth. Whomever you're waiting for on Jakku, they're not coming back," Maz said, in a gentle, motherly tone.

Rey tried to hold back the tears but they overcame her. She bowed her head and quietly cried.

"You are not alone, however. You have family aboard the Enterprise. And this belonging you seek is not behind you, it is ahead. I am no Jedi, but I know the Force. It move through and surrounds every living thing. Close your eyes, feel it. The light...it's always been there. It will guide you. The saber. Take it. Your friends, your family, they need you."

Rey's tear-stained eyes widened. They were still alive! She could feel it. She turned toward the room that held the lightsaber, before turning back to Maz.

"Will-" She glanced back into the room before looking back at Maz. "Will I get another dream?"


Rey took a breath. She reentered the room, opened the chest, and went for the lightsaber. She stopped and took a breath before grabbing the saber and examining it. She hit a switch and a brilliant blue blade jumped out, glad to be used again. She experimented for a moment, a childlike wonder coarsing through her body. But there was something else. Something guiding her movement.

The Force.

She put the blade back into the handle before seeing that Maz was gone. She then darted through the hallway, up the stairs, and through a maze of people before coming to the door. It opened and she saw several TIES in the air. She listened and heard several familiar noises in the distance. She ran toward them to see Bones, Spock, Kirk, and Chekov in a circle, phasers out, blasting stormtroopers. Rey jumped in beside Pavel, with her phaser.

"Rey! You- you're ok!" Pavel said, surprised.

"Yeah. So are you! I feared the worst."

"So did ve," Pavel said, before shooting another trooper.

Rey blasted a few more troopers before grabbing her lightsaber and running forward. Pavel looked slightly confused. She extended her lightsaber, and defeated at least a dozen troopers. Pavel gasped.

"Woah! Where'd you get zat?! Is- is zere another one?!" he asked in amazement.

"Long story. I'll explain-" she got another trooper before grunting and finishing, "later. And no," she finished with a smirk.

"O, davay!" Pavel cried in a mock childish tone as he shot another trooper.

Rey stood resolute, lightsaber at her side. They heard another noise from the sky. Rey smiled and laughed in relief.

"Who are those guys?" Kirk asked. Rey turned toward him.

"The Resistance," Rey responded, beaming.

The Resistance X-Wings got rid of the majority of the TIE's, while more Resistance ground troops helped with the stormtroopers. The battle went on for just about five more minutes before the TIEs retreated. As the Resistance ships disappeared into lightspeed, Kirk glanced around before pulling out his communicator.

"Scotty, I think we're done here. Beam us up."

The group was transported back aboard the Enterprise. They all spoke to Rey almost instantaneously, asking about the lightsaber.

Rey giggled. "Okay, okay. Hang on!" They quietened before she spoke. "I found this in the castle. It's an old weapon from my galaxy, called a lightsaber." She extended her weapon, and everyone marveled at the blade.

She further explained her experiences, leaving out the vision, before they all went to their quarters. Pavel walked Rey home, and the talked on the way.

"Zat thing is really cool."

"Do you want to hold it?"

"Da!" He said, a little too excitedly. They stopped and she handed the saber to him.

He extended it and his jaw unintentionally dropped.


Rey looked at him and proudly smiled. "Yeah."

He swung it around playfully before he deactivated it and handed it back to her, and they resumed their walk. They talked about her experiences on Takodana, and he explained his.

"When I voke up, no one else vas zere. I valked around and found ze Keptin, Meester Spock, and Bones. Halley vasn't zere. After eweryone voke up ve saw more ships and stormtroopers too. Ve circled up and shot zem, zen a little while after zat you came. My story is a lot less interesting zan yours," he said. He then laughed, and so did she. Shortly afterwards, they arrived at her quarters.

"Vell, bye Rey. See you tomorrow."

"Ok. Bye, Pavel."

He smiled, and so did she. She watched as he walked away, her smile fading into longing sadness. She ached to tell him about her vision, but decided to keep him from the pain that it had caused her. She turned back to her quarters, and had barely entered before the doorbell buzzed. She opened the door to see Commander Spock.

"Hello, Lieutenant."

"Uh... hi," she said, not really knowing what to say or what he wanted.

"I came to inquire about your weapon. May I keep it for a small period of time so that I can conduct tests on it?"

"Yeah. Here." She handed the lightsaber to the Vulcan, who took it gingerly.

"Thank you, Lieutenant. I will return it to you and inform you of my results when my tests are complete."

Rey nodded and smiled. "Ok."

Spock turned and left, and the door shut. Rey went and got cleaned up and changed before sitting on her bed, pondering the day's events.

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