Raz'nek couldn't believe it.

"Are ya sure?"

"Duh." The young Kij huffed, sending a stray hair to the side. Her short yellow hair was tangled in every which direction, mud from their last jog running down her locks. "Wouldn't be tellin' ta if I didn't."

"'e must be a lucky mon ta 'ave yar affection den…." Raz grinned, making a sly elbow jaw to her shoulder.

"Shut up!"

Although Kij tried to scowl at the older hunter, he couldn't help but chuckle at the six year old's attempt. "Right den. So…what's 'is name?"

The little huntress folded her arms. "I can't tell ya. Ya bein' taa much o' a wankehery wankeh."

"A wankehery wankeh?" Raz dramatically gasped, holding a hand to his chest. "I ain't nah wankehery wankeh! I just tryin' ta 'elp ya win'im oveh! I be a mon taa ya know…knowin' what dey be wantin' en a girl like ya."

Kij grumbled, turning in the other direction. Sighing, Raz'nek continued on. "I ain't tryin' ta be mean, Kij, but ya suck at talkin' ta da odeh kids. I can 'elp ya, but ya gotta tell me da mon's name if ya want ta best results."

"Fine…." The young huntress rolled her eyes, turning back to Raz'nek. She grumbled to herself as she pointed a shy finger to the crowd ahead. "Ya see da mon wit' da red 'air?"

"Jam'ba?" Raz squinted.

Kij shook her head. "Da odeh one!"




The huntress widened her eyes, hitting the older hunter on the side. "'e don't even 'ave red hair!"

"So who es 'e?"

Kij mumbled something under her breath.

"What was dat?" Raz'nek perked up, leaning against the huntress.

"Just sayin' ya be da biggest wankehery wankeh eveh."

"Dat ain't what I heard…"

The huntress rolled her eyes. "Ya need ta get yar ears checked den."

"Nah…" The hunter shook his head. As he began tapping his shin, he turned to the young huntress. "I dink I need ta be gettin' et outta ya."

"An' 'ow ya gonna do dat?" Kij bared her growing tusks.

"Like dis!" Raz declared as he began tickling her.

As Kij giggled, she tried to swat the hands away. Yet as she tried to back up, she was meet with a large palm tree beside her, blocking her means of escape. "Stop et!"

"Not until ya tell me 'is name!"


The hunter grinned, continuing his tickling crusade against his unfortunate victim. She tried to get away, twisting and turning from his grasp, but she was cornered between the palm trees and crowd. "Den we gonna do dis foreveh until ya tell me 'is name!"

As did it continue for many minutes. Her laughter grew, soaring like the birds above. However, it didn't go without garnering attention.

"I'll save ya, Kij!" An unfamiliar voice hollered.

Suddenly, somebody jumped on Raz's back, pounding their fists against his neck.

"Ya let 'er go!"

The hunter chuckled. "O' what?"


The newcomer pulled his hair, stunning the hunter with how hard they pulled. Before the hunter could regain his composure, he was toppled by another child.

One with bright red hair.

"Ya okay, Kij?" He asked, holding out his hand to the young huntress.

Kij nodded, picking herself off the ground. "Ya didn't need ta do dat. I 'ad et undeh control."

"O'…" The red haired boy shuffled his feet. "Well, see ya lateh den!"

"Yah, see ya…"

As the huntress watched the children run back off, he couldn't help but smirk at the sight. Her doey eyes, the shy wave….and was that a blush he saw?


The huntress was struck from her daze, all too quickly returning to her previous glare. "What was dat foh?"

"Not important." He shrugged. "Who was dat mon?"

"Gav." She said.

"By any chance, was 'e da crush ya were talkin' 'bout?"

The young huntress blinked, staring wide-eyed at the hunter. "'ow'd ya know?"

"Kij, Kij, Kij…." Raz'nek tutted. "Ya don't do a good job 'idin' et. Maybe next time, tell 'im 'tank ya.'"

The huntress scrunched her face up at the suggestion. "Nah…dat seems stupid." She turned around, stomping away from the obnoxious Raz.

Raz'nek chased Kij, hoping to catch up with the grumpy child. "Wait up!"

"Nah!" The huntress screamed. "Ya were taa wankehery taday!"

"But I dought o' a way foh ya an' Gav ta get tagether!"

"O', well dat's real nice!" Kij turned around, rolling her eyes. "But dat changes nodin' from ya ticklin' me!"

"Okay, okay…" The hunter threw his hands up in the air. "I'll make et up ta ya."

"An' 'ow ya gonna do dat?" She smirked.

The hunter jiggled his fingers as he thought it over. After a moment of thought though, he snapped his fingers. "'ow 'bout dis: ya and I make a bet on Gav!"

Kij raised an eyebrow, clearly intrigued by the idea. "O'?"

Raz nodded. "Ya gonna listen to my advice. If et 'elps ya ask out Gav, ya gotta forgive me. Odehwise, I'll take ya out ta da jungle an' show ya where I find da ingrediants ta my secret fruity juice!"

The huntress narrowed her eyes. "An' ya let me pet a tigeh."

"Nah….'ow 'bout I let ya watch a tigeh instead."

"Et's a bet!" Kij declared, running up to the hunter to shake his hand. "So…ya want me ta tell Gav 'dank ya', but foh what?"

"Nah, taa late foh dat…." Raz'nek shook his head. "What ya need ta do es ask 'im out. Tell 'im dat ya like 'im, like reeealy like 'im, den skip enta da sunset. Nah trouble foh ya, es et Kij?"

Grinning, the little huntress shook her head. "Nah!"

"Den go talk ta 'im!" He gave her a gentle push.

"I don't know where 'e es dough!"

With a chuckle, Raz pointed towards one of the quaint huts. As it would so happen, there was the little redheaded boy, playing with one of the turtles. "See 'im?"

Eyes wide, the huntress nodded. "Yah, but-"

"Good! Now, go talk ta 'im!"

With another push, the huntress was out in the open. Right in front of Gav.

Mustering up every bit of courage the young huntress had, she marched to the young troll. "Uh….'ey Gav."

"O', 'ey Kij!" He waved. "Wanna see ol' Pemmi 'ere?"

"Yah….'" Kij sat beside the boy. "is name es Pemmi?"

"Yah! Esn't et great?" Gav grinned.

Glancing between the turtle and child, the young huntress simply shrugged. "Nah, et sounds stupid."

"What?" Gav looked up, clearly confused.

"Yar welcome." The huntress nodded before rushing back to a bewildered Raz'nek.

"What da 'ell, Kij?"

"'e named 'is turtle somedin' stupid. I couldn't talk ta 'im." Kij explained. "I believe ya owe me a juice dough."

Sighing, Raz'nek began walking with the huntress. "Fine…"