The Dark Heir

Chapter 1 - Beginnings

(AN: I know I have used this first scene in two other stories, but I wrote it, so I get to use it as much as I want.)

The Fourth Shinobi World War had finally reached its peak. Obito had been died after he had been forced to bring back Madara the Rinne Tensei, but thanks to Obito's change of heart, after Naruto made him realize how wrong he had been, had at least destroyed Madara's other Rinnegan and destroyed Black Zetsu. While the other 8 tailed beasts kept Madara busy, Naruto had taken the opportunity to blow up the empty Gedo Statue with a Rasenshuriken/ Tailed Beast Bomb combo. Without the Gedo Statue, Madara had no hope of becoming the Ten Tails Jinchuriki and thus, he had failed.

Madara, with only one eye and a fading control over Hashirama's Sage Mode, was currently being thrashed by a barrage of attacks from by a Nine Tails Sage Mode Naruto.

"Come on, Madara! What's wrong!? Aren't you supposed to be the Tree Grandpa's equal!?" Naruto taunted Madara as he punched his face. Tree Grandpa of course, refers to Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage who was made famous for his unique Wood Style Ninjutsu.

"You think that you can just steal Nature Chakra!? Fool! It takes training to use Nature Chakra, even Tree Grandpa needed to train in order to use it!" Naruto shouted as he kneed Madara in the stomach.

"You tried to take away everyone's free will! Why? Because you were dealt a bad hand so you think that you should put the whole world in an illusion?" Naruto shouted as he buried his fist in Madara's gut, causing the man to keel over, blood and saliva flying from his mouth.

"Fool! Living is not for the weak! And real peace for the world can only be attained when everyone wants it. Even if you had succeeded in casting the Infinte Tsukiyomi, it's still a jutsu. Eventually, the illusion would have ended and we would be right back to square one." Naruto knocked Madara over and stepped on his chest.

"You will never win against me, Madara. Do you know why that is? It's because your cause is worthless. Your cause is not worth fighting for and that is why you will always lose to me or Tree Grandpa." Naruto stated as he reached down, placing his hand on Madara's chest and with a blast of Nine Tails Chakra, killed all of Hashirama's cells inside of Madara's body, which caused the face of Hashirama that was on Madara's chest to fall out, leaving a bloody pit in Madara's chest. Once Naruto did that, Madara lost the medium through which he could safely manipulate Nature Chakra. The chakra began to turn him into a tree before he forcibly expelled it from his body, but Naruto severed the arm of Madara's that was turned into a tree and knocked Madara back to the ground.

'How could I, Madara, the greatest Uchiha to ever walk the earth, fail!?' the revived Uchiha thought. He was angry at so many people right now, he didn't even know what to do. That idiot Obito had started to awaken the ten tails before he had collected all of the Tailed Beasts. Which was why he was in this mess anyways, Hashirama hadn't been any help seeing as he had been trying to stop him with his legendary Wood Style bloodline limit.

The last Uzumaki was royally pissing him off because no matter what he did, Madara could not gain the upper hand. The Kyuubi had always been his personal plaything, though now it looked like karma had finally come back to bite him in the ass. The blonde Uzumaki had not only destroyed the Gedo Statue, which meant no becoming a jinchuriki of the Ten Tails for Madara, but Naruto had been thoroughly thrashing Madara around like a ragdoll, and now that he had destroyed Hashirama's cells, Madara lost access to Wood Style and his ability to use Sage Mode.

'Oh no,' Madara thought as his only remaining Rinnegan vanished, leaving only his Eternal Mangekyou. "NO!NO!WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY RINNEGAN!?"

"Idiot, the only reason you COULD use the Rinnegan was because you stole DNA from Tree Grandpa. Without that, your Sharingan is back to it's true state. Speaking of which," Naruto said as he used Flying Thunder God to teleport to Madara, and without warning, ripped out the Madara's remaining eye and crushed it. Madara screamed in pain as he lost his last eye, before Naruto compounded on that pain by breaking Madara's spine, paralyzing him from the waist down.

"It's time," Naruto said to himself as he opened up the seal on his stomach and released Kurama from him. Naruto had refused both halves of Kurama earlier by taking it out of his father and recombined both.

Naruto collapsed as his life was slowly fading from him. "You shouldn't be dragged into hell with me. This is goodbye, old friend."

"Naruto! Behind you!" Kurama shouted at Naruto. He turned to be stabbed in the stomach by Sasuke.

"Well dobe, thanks for making this easy for me. Now I can kill all the Kage and the Tailed Beasts and begin my revolution." Sasuke gloated, but that all stopped when he was pierced through the stomach by Kurama's claw.

"Idiot Uchiha. We knew you would try something like this. So glad that you proved me right. Your clan is a disease." Kurama noted as a quick burst of high-quality Tailed Beast Chakra destroyed Sasuke's entire chakra network. Causing him to cry out in pain. "Naruto, you need to hurry while you still have time."

"I know," Naruto panted as he picked himself up and flashed through hand signs. "Reaper Death Seal!," Naruto said as the God of Death appeared behind.

"Why have you summoned me, Child of Prophecy?" The Shinigami asked.

"Lord Shinigami, I need you seal away Madara Uchiha and Sasuke Uchiha. These monsters attempted to destroy the world, and they must not be allowed to come back." Naruto pleaded.

"Very well then," The Shinigami said as he reached through Naruto and ripped both souls of the Uchiha's souls out of their bodies.

"At least, the world….is……now." Naruto huffed, as his life neared it's end as his back hit the dirt.

"Do not be afraid, Child of Prophecy, for you have saved the world. You've have the gift I shall now grant you, Hero. Rejoice, for you have earned it," The Shinigami said as Naruto Uzumaki's eyes closed for the final time, while his soul was sent to a new world, to hopefully live a better life than the one he had lived here in the Elemental Nations.

Harry Potter

Godric's Hollow


James Potter relaxed in his armchair. Lily relaxed in the sofa and both watched as their two year old baby Harry sitting up on his toy broomstick his godfather Sirius gave him and moved around the room. They watched as their other son, Nathaniel, crawled around and explored his surroundings, chasing their family cat. Harry and Nathaniel were twins, though Naruto was born a few minutes before Harry.

"Harry's going to be a great Quidditch player one day, I just know it," James said.

"Just make sure he doesn't hurt himself," Lily said as she stood up to follow Nathaniel and their cat. "Last time he rode that he destroyed my sister's ugly vase."

James just laughed more. "Don't worry, Lily, he'll be fine." He stood up and pocketed his wand. They have been at Godric's Hollow for almost six days by now.

With Voldemort hunting them, the Potters needed a place to hide. Dumbledore had found the small house for them and placed the Fidelius Charm that protected the house. Lily and James wanted at first to make their best friend Sirius Black their secret keeper, but Sirius told James that the move would be too obvious, so James and Lily chose their friend Peter Pettigrew instead.

Lily nodded and rested her head on his shoulders. "I just want them to live full lives and be happy. …Do you think Dumbledore will defeat him?"


"You know. Him," Lily said, referring to Voldemort since the taboo was in effect and saying his name would draw the Death Eaters to them.

"Of course he will Lily, we have nothing to worry about," James said. Lily chuckled and shook her head. "Guess you're right."

There was a loud shrieking cat sound and Lily's head immediately snapped towards Nathaniel, who pulled at the cats tail. "Nathan!" she said, rushing towards their baby and picking him up. "That's the second time Nate," she scolded him. The black haired, green eyed baby just looked up at her with those oddly intelligent eyes he had always had. Lily sighed and shook her head. "You make me worry too much, you know that?"

Nathaniel just smiled up at his mother before babbling again. Lily and James both laughed. "We should bring you to bed soon mister," she said as she started towards the stairs.

"Alright, I'll watch Harry down here," James said. He took out his wand and started to twirl it. He sat down back in his armchair and watched his other son while he waited for his wife. He barely sat down when there was a deafening blasting sound, like a cannon going off, and the front door was destroyed.

"LILY!" James yelled, jumping to his feet and running towards the front door, standing protectively in front of Harry with his wand out. There stood a hooded man in the doorway. In the hooded mans hand was a wand as he stood calmly there. "Lily! It's him! Grab our children and run!" James asked.

"Avada Kedavra!" The Dark Lord said, his wand pointed at James Potter. James was hit by the killing curse, his body landing limp on the ground, his head hitting a nearby table as he fell dead.

Lord Voldemort slowly approached the young, crying Harry as he tried to crawl over to his dad. "Tut tut tut, such a shame you have to die so young. But you or your brother could one day grow to be my rival and I will not suffer any potential rivals." Voldemort pointed his wand at Harry and cast the Killing Curse on the poor child, killing the young baby as he fell limp on the floor.

Voldemort moved towards the stairs and climbed them. He could hear the other boy, who was crying behind a locked door, and the hushed whisperings of the woman trying to comfort him. He stood in front of the door and pointed his wand at it. The door blasted off if its handles and Lily screamed. She stood in front of the boy, sitting in his crib. "Move aside girl," Lord Voldemort said.

"Never," the mother said. "The only way you can get to him is by stepping over my corpse."

"Move aside you silly girl, you don't need to die like your husband and other child…" Voldemort said.

"You will not take my last boy from me!"

"Stupid girl." Voldemort sneered. He pointed his wand at Lily and said, "Avada Kedavra!"

"Nathan!" the girl yelled as she died, her body falling in front of the crib, Voldemort's wand following.

Satisfied that he can now destroy the only thing left that was capable of killing him, Voldemort silently stepped towards the babe, taking great pleasure with every step he took. The babe was no longer crying or screaming, instead he just stared up at Voldemort with what looked like hate as the Dark Lord pointed his wand at him. "Avada Kedavra!" he yelled. The Killing Curse barely erupted from his wand when something amazing happened. Instead of killing the child, the Curse seemed to reflect from the baby and hit the caster instead. The spell caused the room to be destroyed as the Dark Lord's physical body, seemingly killing him.

Later that evening

4 Privet Drive

It was the dead of night when an old man with a magnificent beard walked down the middle of the straight. He pulled out some sort of odd, cylindrical device when he saw no one was around, and one by one, the lights when out, darkening the street. Once the old man was done, he capped the device and looked at the cat that approached him. "I should have known that you would be here, Professor Mcgonagall." The old man said.

That same cat's form shifted and twisted until in it's place stood Professor McGonagall. "Good evening Professor Dumbledore." She greeted.

They walked together down the street and she asked, "Albus, are the rumors true?" Mcgonagall was of course referring to the deaths of most of the Potter Family and Voldemorts own death.

"I am afraid so, Professor Mcgonagall. The good and the bad." He said, confirming what everyone was saying.

"And the child?" She asked.

"Hagrid is bringing him." Dumbledore said, making Minerva feel a bit uneasy.

"Do you think it wise to trust Hagrid with such a responsibility?" Minerva asked. She liked Hagrid well enough, but wasn't sure he was delicate enough to handle safely delivery a child.

"Oh Minerva, I would trust Hagrid with my life." Albus said as he and Minerva turned when they heard the sound of Hagrid's flying motorcycle. The vehicle stopped right in front of them as the giant of a man took off his goggles.

"Professa' Dumbledore, sir. Professa' Mcgonagall." He greeted as he got off his motorcycle.

"No problems, I trust, Hagrid?" Albus asked for confirmation.

"No sir, little fella' fell asleep as we flew over Bristol," Hagrid said as he carefully handed Nathaniel over to Albus.

Albus and Minerva walked up to the Dursley's house when Minerva spoke in concern, "Albus, are you really sure we should be leaving him here? I watched these people all day, they are the worst kind of Muggle. They really are-"

"-The only family he has left," Albus pointed out.

"This boy will be famous. There won't be a single soul in our world that doesn't know his name." Minerva said.

"It will be alright, Minerva. This is the only way to ensure he grows up without the corruptions of fame and fortune. Trust me, he is far better growing up away from all of that until he is ready." Albus said. He had seen all too often what happens when young men have all the fame and gold in the world and no-one to help raise them. The old man had good intentions, even if they were somewhat misguided.

"But will he be safe? Will he be cared for?" Minerva asked, as that was more important than the fame, to her at least.

"I am sure he will. Lily Evans was one of the kindest individuals I have ever met in my long life. I cannot imagine anyone sharing her blood and upbringing could be anything less than a remarkable person as well. There will be wards placed around this home to protect him. He will be safe Minerva."

They heard sniffling behind them and they saw that Hagrid was crying a bit. "There there, Hagrid. It's not really goodbye, after all." Albus consoled him a bit.

The woman let out a reluctant sigh, Albus was right... had to be right. The boy would be loved here, and for the right reasons rather than just for the wealth of the family he came from or the mark on his forehead.

"Alright Albus, let's just get this over with..."

The old man nodded, before putting a warming charm on the childs blanket so he would not die from the cold, placing the child on the doorstep of '4 Privet Drive'. He placed a letter addressed to the Dursley's and took one last look at the child. "Good Luck, Nathaniel Potter."

A swift knock later and the 3 vanished when the door began to open, allowing those currently residing in the residence to take up the responsibility of raising the child.

If only that were true.


4 Privet Drive

"Oh this ain good..." Hagrid muttered nervously as he departed from the doorstep of 4 Privet Drive.

Nathaniel Potter wasn't there. He wasn't living where Professors McGonagall and Dumbledore dropped him off. In fact, according to Dursley, he hadn't lived there ever. They had apparently dropped the newborn off at an orphanage in the middle of London the next day. They refused to deal with someone else's problem, especially one that was left on their doorstep with only a note and a half-assed explanation.

Hagrid could walk through a small neighborhood and go to one small house where the occupants knew about magic without causing a ruckus.

What he could not do was show up at a Muggle orphanage in the middle of London. Even if that same orphanage was only a two mile walk from the where the wizards typically sneak into Diagon Alley.

"No no no... ain good. Dumbledore is gonna have words with me though..." The large man promptly used his temporary Portkey to return to Hogwarts. The gentle giant needed help on this one.

1 hour later

"I'm sorry Hagrid but I simply don't have time. You know that I have other students to visit as well."

"I know, I know but ima beggin ya Professa please!"

The dark skinned woman gave a sigh, she knew that she would cave eventually and help the man but right before the start of the year was always a bit stressful.

"I-I can help ya out. How bou I take some of yer duties. I can get yer classroom ready and yer supplies. Please, Professa Sinistra..." (FYI: Aurora Sinistra is played by Zoe Kravitz with her long black hair styled in dreads.)

"Fine fine. If you could purchase the items on my list for me, I should have enough time to go see whoever this boy is."

Hagrid nodded cheerfully, before taking the list and walking away.

"Hagrid?" Aurora said to him.

"Yes?" He said as he turned around.

"The boy?" Aurora asked expectantly as his eyes lit up.

"Oh uh, ya… right yer are. Tracked him down to a orphanage in London, uh... got the address here somewhere..." the man patted himself down for a second, before pulling out a crumpled piece of paper and handing it to the woman.

"Sorry..." He apologized.

"It is quite alright Hagrid." She said as she uncrumpled the paper and read the address.

The man nodded and, once again, turned to leave.

"Hagrid..." Aurora sighed.

"Yesm?" He asked.

"His name?" She asked.

"Oh er right, its Nathaniel Professa. Nathaniel Potter." Hagrid said, like that was something you just blurted out.

The woman practically fainted.


That night

A 12 year old black haired young boy could be seen in his room, meditating with his eyes closed as he sat cross legged with his hands resting on his knees. Coming to this world had been an experience, to so the least. Being fully conscious while inside his mothers womb and growing next to his little twin brother was odd but he had made the most of it and tried to enjoy life until it was ripped asunder by that damn Voldemort.

The reason Nathaniel Potter was meditating was because of his conflicting memories. One set was his own. Another was from his old life as a shinobi.

That's right, Nathaniel Potter was Naruto Uzumaki. He decided that he would keep his new name, since Naruto was dead and should be allowed to rest in peace.

Anyway, Naruto often meditated at first due to those two sets of memories and a large assortment of memories that were not Naruto's or Nathaniel. They were Voldemorts. With three sets of conflicting memories, most people would be driven insane, but through meditation, Naruto was able to compartmentalize and keep Voldemort's memories and his memories as Naruto separate from one another.

Thanks to this, he had learned quite a bit of what Voldemort learned in his 7 years at Hogwarts but he could only use Legilimency and Occlumency right now, since those did not necessarily require a wand and he couldn't be caught doing accidental magic. He could read minds with no shields fairly well. He devoted most of his time to Occlumency, and now his shields could block out any and all passive attempts on his mind, and could block adepts using Legilimency's full power but he was a long way from blocking out an active attempt from Snape, Dumbledore, or Voldemort (By active attempt or full power, I mean doing as Snape does in OoTP, pointing his wand at Harry and shouting the spells incantation).

Nathan opened his vibrant, killer curse green eyes and stared out his big window to gaze at the stars. He was expecting a Hogwarts representative to come to him soon. Since they dared not send an owl with a message into the city. That was just begging for trouble.

And soon, Nathan would begin his journey to getting his revenge against Voldemort for taking the peaceful life he had earned as Naruto from him.

Next day

The orphanage was about average. Not beaten down and falling down, but not opulent or grandiose either. It was one of the average ones. The dark-skinned woman that was Professor Sinistra straightened her back to look as professional as possible before making her way inside.


Sinistra blinked at the, middle aged woman sitting behind the glassed off welcome desk.

"Aurora Sinistra, I am here to see a Mr. Nathaniel Potter." Aurora said.

"Sign below, we are not responsible for anything that might go missing or any injuries you may sustain on property."

The Witch glanced up for a moment at the woman, before finishing her signature with a nod.

"I will be alright, is there anything you can tell me about him?"

"He is…very polite. I have never heard him yell since he came here. He's very helpful, always helping the staff around here. There are, admittedly, strange things that happen around him and he's a bit of a loner. He is oddly mature, as in he's too mature to be 12 years old. And when he talks, people listen. As if he could mesmerize a crowd with his voice."

The teacher blinked twice, before making her way in the designated direction. Aurora walked up a series of well-kept steps.

"Let's see last room on the left... ah there it is."

Aurora heard someone say enter from the other side. Aurora opened the door and focused her attention on the room. It was particularly spartan room, having only a bed, that was neatly folded, a closet and dresser. Only having the absolute necessities. Sitting on the large window sill, with one leg propped upon on the window sill while the other rested comfortably on the floor, was a boy with spiky black hair reading the book in his right hand intesnely with his right arm resting on his propped up knee.

"Mr. Potter?"

The book was lowered, and the woman fought the urge to gasp at the bright green eyes, that she thought looked like the color of the Avada Kedavra spell, that gazed back at her.

"Yes?", He asked. His voice was so smooth, charming and mature that it startled the woman.

"I..." She gathered her thoughts and continued. "My name is Aurora Sinistra and I am a teacher at Hogwarts. Due to your age I am here to inform you of your admission to our school."

The boy cocked his head to the side, and had he been 3 years older, the teacher's heart might have fluttered.

"I don't remember applying to your school, ma'am." He mentioned

"Oh, well that is because you were chosen at birth. Your parents..." The woman caught sight of the infamous lightning bolt scar on his forehead, and began to stare at it as if lost in thought, therefore she missed the boy's eyes very mild annoyance.

"You mentioned my parents?" He said politely, bringing her drifting attention back to the matter at hand.

"Your... oh yes of course! Your parents paid to ensure your admittance when you were born."

"What were they like? Did you know them? Are they still alive?" Aurora hadn't expected the question but should have. What orphan doesn't want to know about those who were no longer with them? Then again, Hagrid was supposed to be doing this.

Nathan, on the other hand, had to play it this way. It wouldn't do for people to think he didn't care about his family. Or that he didn't want to know what happened to them. It might raise questions about his mental health, and he did NOT want someone snooping in his head and finding Voldemort's memories. That was one benefit to Occlumency and having gotten very good at it. He could essentially block out any passive scans. The only way someone like Snape or Dumbledore could get his mind was to use the full power of the Legilimency Spell, and that was illegal to use on a student without their permission.

"They were very noble, I never knew them unfortunately. They passed away close to a decade ago." She said.

"Oh... so what kind of school is this?" He asked.

The woman's smile brightened, this was always her favorite part. "Tell me Nathaniel... have you ever noticed anything... unusual happen around you? Maybe something that you can't explain?"

Chapter End

AN: I never thought I would make this kind of story but I do like harry potter and thought to try my luck. I love the character himself but this is where I shine the most and I have not really found any like what I'm attempting, so I thought I would make one.

AN: 12/7/18: Went back to change his age to 12 for relationship stuff.

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