The Hallowed Heir

Chapter 9: Start of Second Year

AN: So, many of you may have probably noticed but I took down the poll for who would play Pansy Parkinson a long time ago, and it was a close match, but Scarlett Byrne won the poll, so she will be the actress for her. In case any of you are not aware, Pansy being with the Potter Heir is kind of an experiment for me, because from what we've seen in canon, she is little more than your typical blood supremist, but I see some potential there, so we will see if we can do something with it. Anyway, on with the story.

Chapter Start

Great Hall

Last Day Of School

All students were currently present and seated in their respected table, the room decorated with banner of the school.

McGonagall dinged her glass cup, getting everyone's attention; she turned to Dumbledore with a nod, the elder wizard acknowledging it and standing up.

"Another year gone, and now, as I understand it, the house cup needs awarding, and the points stand thus. In fourth place, Hufflepuff with 352 points," he said, receiving some claps.

"In third place, Ravenclaw with 426 points," he said, receiving more claps.

"In second place, with 472 points, Slytherin house," he stated, receiving a good amount of cheer from the table. Though, many of the students knew that there was only one house left, and some of the Slytherin students looked at Gryffindor table with a sneer. Malfoy himself was glaring petulantly at Nate, though said Potter ignored the brat.

"And finally, in first place, with 642 points, Gryffindor House," Dumbledore announced, receiving a full-blown cheer from Gryffindor and a decent amount of cheer from Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, mostly because they were happy that for once in the last decade, Slytherin had not been able to cheat their way to victory. Meanwhile, many of house Slytherin sulked at losing the House Cup for the first time in a decade. It really was no surprise that Gryffindor won, since a large amount of those points had been earned by both Hermione and Nate, who rarely even gave Snape an excuse to deduct points, and won them in droves during their other classes.

"Assuming that my calculations are correct, I believe that a change of direction is now in order" Dumbledore said before he clapped his hands, changing the banners from the school colors to the red-yellow lion of Godric Gryffindor.

"Gryffindor house wins!" he stated, the entire room filled with cheer and applause from everyone except Gryffindor.

Hogwarts Castle

3 Months later

During the time that Hogwarts students have off, the castle was fairly quiet and peaceful. There aren't a bunch of children running around to their classes, there were no quidditch matches, and the Whomping Willow wasn't being tempted to whomp some poor fool into red paste. In fact, the only people that stay all year round at the castle are Hagrid, due to being the groundskeeper, and Dumbledore/Grindelwald, since he is the headmaster. Of course, this summer, there was a third occupant.

Said occupant was currently in an intense duel with his great grandfather and teacher, the great Grindelwald. Nathaniel Potter was able to get a few spells off during the start of the duel before his great grandfather put him completely on the defense with his counterattack. Nathaniel would have attempted to fire off more spells in order to counter but Gellert barely gave him a chance. Unlike Voldemort, Grindelwald was a true master of magical combat. At 43, he could simultaneously duel several dozen Aurors of the MACUSA at once and still overwhelm them with casual ease. Nate was brought out of his musing when a spell in Gellert's chain slipped through his defenses. Nate was knocked off his feet and his back hit the floor, signaling the duel was over.

"And that's time," Gellert said as he stopped the timer to at 35 seconds. The timers only purpose was to see how long his great grandson could last against him while he was being serious. "You're getting better. This time it took me 35 seconds to defeat you, Nathaniel."

"That's still so bad." Nate complained as Gellert helped him to his feet.

"That's longer than the 8 seconds you lasted against me when we first started dueling lessons. I guarantee none of the other students or most of the teachers can last more than a few seconds against me when I'm taking the fight seriously. The fact that you can last that long against me when I am serious shows how much you've grown these 3 months." Grindelwald pointed out and Nate had to agree. Under Grindelwald's guidance, his training had been fast tracked. These last 3 months, Grindelwald had made him learn all the charms and DADA spells that are taught in Hogwarts curriculum from 5th-7th year materials, as well as any 3rd-4th year stuff that Nate hadn't already mastered at the end of the first year. Grindelwald had also taught Nate quite a few Dark Curses that he had learned from his time at Dumstrang and had focused heavily on his grandsons dueling skills. Nate had done admirably against a severely handicapped Voldemort. However, against the real thing, as Nate had been before he started training against Grindelwald, he would lose that fight every time. At least now, he stood a chance at surviving an encounter with Voldemort. It still wasn't much of a chance, but it was better than no chance at all.

Grindelwald had helped him with other skills as well, such as Occulmency and learning how to sense the nature of magic. Like himself, Nate had a latent ability to sense magic and determine the nature of it. They had briefly touched on other subjects like Herbology, Potions, and Magical Creatures, though it was minor compared to the more combat oriented lessons.

Now though, they had to stop their lessons for the day, as they had an appointment at Gringotts.


After cleaning themselves up and Grindelwald resuming his appearance as Dumbledore, the two reappeared in the middle of Diagon Alley and walked into the large, white marble building that was Gringotts bank. The two of them walked up to one of the tellers in the lobby.

"State your business," the Goblin said, without looking up from the ledger he was writing in.

"Greetings," Nate said, in a low tone, "My name is Nathaniel Potter. I'd like to speak with my accountant."

The goblin stopped whatever he was writing and leaned over his desk to closer inspect Nathaniel. Nate also produced the Gringotts key for his trust vault, to prove it was him. After a moment, the goblin said, "The two of you will want to follow me."

Grindelwald and Nate followed the goblin through a set of doors which led to another atrium. This continued for another 2 times as they walked until when the goblin opened a set of doors that led to an office. This office was ornate, the floor and walls of similar style to the front lobby. Sitting in the desk was a goblin, though this one was older and more sophisticated-looking than some of the other goblins. He wore a suit like all the rest of the tellers, though unlike the teller Nate had met when he first came to Gringotts a year ago, this one had a full head of white hair and wore glasses over his eyes.

"Sir, Nathaniel Potter and his magical guardian are here for a review of Potter's accounts." The teller that had brought them here said.

The more sophisticated goblin looked up from his ledger and smiled at the group. "Very good, Lograc. I'll handle things from here." The goblin teller then shut the door behind him.

"Greetings," the older Goblin said, "My name is Ragnar the 2nd. I am the accountant for the Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter."

"I am Nathaniel Potter," Nate said, though he had a feeling that was unnecessary, "And this is Lord Grindelwald."

It might have surprised anybody that wasn't in the know that Nate was saying this out loud, but the thing was, the goblin Nation was in the know, as far as what was going on with Dumbledore and Grindelwald. When Albus had proposed that Grindelwald assume his place in the world, there was one small but pretty big problem with that plan. Gringotts. Gringotts and the goblins had a lot of ways to detect when one of their clients dies. It was part of their job, after all. So, Albus and Gellert had gotten the goblins involved with all of this. In exchange for keeping the public quiet about what was going on with Albus and Gellert, Albus agreed to give back many of the priceless artifacts that he had collected in his long life, all of the artifacts in question being goblin made. Given that more than a few goblins believed that Goblin made artifacts belong to them and should be returned to the goblin Nation upon the death of those they deemed as borrowers….well, it was enough to convince them to get on board with the idea. If anyone ever does find out about Grindelwald being Dumbledore, given how terrible the relations between goblins and Human's are typically, no human would ever learn it from a goblins lips.

"Now then, Mr. Potter, since this is our first meeting and given what has happened to you, I took the liberty of having an Inheritance Test readied for the day when you would walk through those doors." With that, Ragnar pulled out a blank piece of parchment and a very sharp but ornate looking knife. "The needs about 3 drops of your blood to initiate."

Nathaniel took the knife and sliced his finger open to draw blood before holding it over the parchment and squeezing around where the cut was, causing the blood to drop. The blood seemed to sink into the parchment and as the blank sheet filled with information while Nate did a quick Episkey on his cut.

Inherence Test Results:

Name: Nathaniel James Potter

Birthday: July 31, 1980

Immediate Family:

Mother: Lillian Elizabeth Potter nee. Evans (Deceased)

Father: James Charles Potter(Deceased)

Twin Brother: Harry James Potter(Deceased)


Godfather(Paternal)- Sirius Black (in Azkaban)

Godmother (Maternal) – Bellatrix Lestrange nee Black(in Azkaban)


Potter (Heir by blood, father)

Peverell (Heir by blood, father)

Gryffindor (Heir by blood, father)

Ravenclaw (Heir by blood, mother)

Rosier (mother)

Black (Heir by godfather)

Slytherin (Conquest, in progress)

Gaunt (Conquest, in progress)


Wandless Magic

Eidetic / Photographic Memory

Natural Legilimency

Natural Occlumency

Natural Animagus(Form - Unknown)

Natural Parseltongue

Other Information:

Life Debt- Hermione Jean Granger




Vault 687- trust vault (300,000 Galleons)

Vault 64- Potter Family Vault (various heirlooms, books, jewelry, diamonds, swords, armors, artworks, clothing, wands, etc. 1,986,000 Galleons; 752,700 S Sickles; 683,000 Knuts)

Vault 65- Potter Money Vault (440,998,000 Galleons; 13,850,000 Sickles; 11,950,000 Knuts)

Vault 625- James Potter Vault (7,600,000 Galleons)

Vault 637- Lily Evans Potter Vault (5,835,000 Galleons)



Vault 74- Black Family Vault (various heirlooms, books, jewelry, diamonds, swords, armors, artworks, clothing, wands, etc. 350,000,000 Galleons; 750,700 S Sickles; 683,000 Knuts)



Vault 03- Peverall Family Vault (various heirlooms, books, jewelry, diamonds, swords, armors, artworks, clothing, wands, etc. 9,000,000 Galleons; 45,000 S Sickles; 63,000 Knuts)



Vault 26- Gryffindor Family Vault (various heirlooms, books, jewelry, diamonds, swords, armors, artworks, clothing, wands, etc. 40,900,000 Galleons; 50,700 S Sickles; 83,000 Knuts)



Vault 29- Ravenclaw Family Vault (various heirlooms, books, jewelry, diamonds, swords, armors, artworks, clothing, wands, etc. 20,900,000 Galleons; 5,700 S Sickles; 8,000 Knuts)



Vault 452- Grindelwald's Personal Vault (various heirlooms, books, jewelry, diamonds, swords, armors, artworks, clothing, wands, etc. 37,500,000 Galleons; 23,100 S Sickles; 32,000 Knuts)


Potter Manor, Wales (forest and river)

Potter Country House, Scotland

Potter Cottage, Godric's Hollow (spell damaged)

Potter Hall, France

Potter Villa, Rome, Italy

Potter Penthouse, U.S.A. New York City

Lily's Castaway, U.S. California

Potter Beach House, Hawaii

Gryffindor Lords Chamber in Hogwarts

Ravenclaw Lords Chamber in Hogwarts

Black Family Manor, 12 Grimmauld Place, London, England

Black Hall, France

Black Villa, Italy

Black Family Retreat, Guana Island, British Virgin Islands

Peverell Castle, Scotland (river and forest)

Peverell Manor, Germany

Peverell Chateau, China

Gryffindor Castle, Scotland forest, village, river

Gryffindor Villa, Rome

Griffin Cottage, Paris

Raven's Villa, Ireland

Ravenclaw Manor, Athens Greece

Other Information:

7 seats on Wizengamot

"Jesus Christ, that's a lot to digest." Nate sighed before he noticed something. "Why does the Gaunt and Slytherin lines say "Conquest, in progress", Ragnar?"

"Well, when the last of two bloodlines have a fatal confrontation, such as the one you and Voldemort had, the survivor can usually lay claim to the others assets through the right of conquest, as the opposing party was felled while attempting to destroy the other. However, likely due to you being a 1 year old when Voldemort came after you and the fact that you technically didn't fight him, it is not a full Right of Conquest. Until you actually defeat him in some form, you cannot lay claim to the Slytherin and Gaunt assets." Ragnar explained.

'Hmm, so that's why Yunuzeth said there was a connection between us but also why I could not access the Chamber.' Nate thought before looking at the godmother and godfather part and his eyes widened. "How is that possible?"

Ragnar looked at the godparent portion and frowned. "That's interesting."

"How's that interesting?" Nate questioned.

"Well, to put it simply, becoming a Godparent in the magical world is more than just an agreement, Mr. Potter. They take a magical oath when that happens. If they had brought harm to your family in any way, such as breaking a Fidelus Charm, for example, their oaths that they took as Godparents, would have taken their lives as penance. The fact that they are still alive is interesting and suggests there is something else going on. I can't say much on Bellatrix Lestrange, but I remember that Sirius Black never received a trial. Take that how you will," Ragnar pointed out, causing Nate to frown. A pureblood Lord of a noble house as old as the Blacks? The Purebloods of Britain would never stand for their rights being trampled upon. Nate would have to look into both the Sirius Black and the Bellatrix situation. The top lieutenant of Voldemorts Death Eaters was actually his Godmother? Yeah, there was definitely something fishy going on with both situations.

"Now that we've handled that," Ragnar stated as he flipped open a ledger, dragging a long nail down the page. " You have 24 unsigned book deals, 40 unsigned deals concerning various products, 150 unsigned marriage contracts, 1 standard vault full of unclaimed birthday presents, 1 standard vault full of unclaimed Christmas presents, 2 vaults of Halloween candy and alcoholic beverages, and 2 Vaults of fan-mail, thank-you notes, and hate-letters. Before you leave today, my more…irritable fellow's would appreciate it if you would clear those vaults out. One of the things they hate the most is wasted space."

"But before all of that, your signet Ring's, Lord Gryffindor-Ravenclaw-Peverall-Potter." Ragnar said as he pulled out the signet ring for the Lord of House's Potter, Peverall Gryffindor, and Ravenclaw. Nate examined the Potter ring. The ring was golden, and had the likeness of two serpents, likely dragons, intertwined with eyes made of red rubies, with a larger red ruby separating the dragon heads. Putting it on, he felt a rush of magic enter his body. It felt...right. Like he was more whole than he had been in a long time. (AN: For the rings appearance, think the Ring of Barahir from LOTR)

The Gryffindor Ring was golden and in the shape of a roaring Lion with rubies in the eyes. The Ravenclaw ring was gilded bronze with an sapphire-eyed eagle taking flight. The Peverall Ring was much simpler and less extravagent, a silver ring with the symbol of the Deathly Hallows stamped on top. He then put on the signet rings for the Lord of Houses of Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Peverell, feeling stronger every time he put the next one on.

10 minutes later

10 minutes later, Nathaniel and Grindelwald could be found down inside the Potter Main vault, having claimed all the fan mail stuff from the vaults. Sadly, Sirius and Bellatrix would have to wait. He had a decade of fricking mail to handle. Not to mention, he needed to meet with his families barrister and sue all those idiots that made a profit off of him for all they were worth.

But that could wait until the morning. He wanted to see his family home. Plus, putting on the various ring's made him aware of some connections that he was unaware of previously. They were very weak bonds but they existed.

"Grandfather, I felt several dozen weak connections to me the moment I put the ring's on. I'm unsure what it means." Nate said to the disguised Grindelwald.

"Hmm, it's likely the connections to the House Elves stationed at the various properties. You weren't aware of them before but claiming your lordship's made you aware of them. Once we get out of Gringotts, I'd suggest calling the ones that are stationed at Potter Manor to you." Grindelwald said as they finished their business in the Potter Vault and sealed it back up.

They walked out of Gringotts and Grindelwald apparated Nate and himself back to Hogwarts so they could have some privacy to do this. Appearing in front of the entrance to Hogwarts grounds, Nate cleared his throat and said out loud. "I wish for all the House Elves bound to the Potter Family at Potter Manor to appear before me."

A second later, with small pops, three house elves appeared in front of the two. "Master Nathaniel?" all three cried in unison. Nathaniel noticed that they were trembling in excitement.

"Hello there," the boy said, "I'm Nathaniel Potter. I didn't know there were house elves bonded to me or my family until I officially became the Lord."

The oldest looking house elf nodded at his new master. "Master Nathaniel," the older house elf said, bowing deeply, "I be Donal, the head elf of Potter Manor." He pointed to the younger female elf in the pillow case and continued, "This be Leeley, she is cook and helps clean Potter Manor."

The female elf smiled broadly at the boy and curtsied. "Very happy is Leeley to greet Master Nathaniel," she said.

Donal pointed at the house elf in coveralls and added, "This be Oran; he maintains the Potter Manor grounds."

The third house elf bowed deeply, "Very happy to greet Master Nathaniel Potter sir, is Oran."

Nathaniel smiled and said, "Well, I'm very happy to meet all of you and apologize for not knowing about you before today. So, I guess the first thing I need is to see the house. Would that be possible, Donal?"

The house elves smiled broadly at the compassion their master showed. "Master Nathaniel only needs to hold Donal's hand," the elf said eagerly. "Donal be bringing him to Potter Manor."

"Let's do it," the boy said as he looked to Grindelwald, wondering if he should invite him along.

"I will not be joining you, I'm afraid. I would not be welcome at Potter Manor. " Grindelwald said. It'd be a bit awkward going to the house, since Charlus Potter's portrait was there and Grindelwald had killed Charlus's parents back in the day. He wasn't like that anymore, granted, but Charlus and his wife wouldn't be very welcoming to him.

"Suit yourself," Nate said with a shrug.

With that, the House Elves apparated away with Nate in tow.

10 days later

Diagon Alley

7:20 AM

It had taken that long just to sort through all the damn marriage offers between his training and checking up on all the properties he managed now. Not to mention, getting acquainted with all the House Elves that managed the properties. Ragnar was not joking when he said there had been about 150 marriage contract offers, and out of all of them, none were still valid; they had all been invalidated through age, marriage, spell damage and death of the other party in equal amounts. He had just met with his barrister the other day and he had begun putting a case together to file a lawsuit against the people who made a profit off of him while he was away from the magic world. That could wait though, now it was time for books for schools.

Appearing in green flames from within a fireplace, Nathan made his entrance. He was wearing pretty expensive clothing; a black pair of dress pants and socks, complimented by black dress shoes and belt, a crisp white long-sleeved dress shirt, a bright red tie finished with a black vest and a black leather trench coat.

"So, what do I need again?" Nathan wondered as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a folded letter. "Let's see-"

Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizarding

Second Year Supplies

The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 2) by Miranda Goshawk

Break with a Banshee by Gilderoy Lockhart

Gadding with Ghouls by Gilderoy Lockhart

Holidays with Hags by Gilderoy Lockhart

Travels with Trolls by Gilderoy Lockhart

Voyages with Vampires by Gilderoy Lockhart

Year of the Yeti by Gilderoy Lockhart

'Note to self, kill this idiot.' Nate thought irritably as he got some money from Gringotts.

Walking out, he took a little detour down into Knockturn Alley. With his wand in his wrist holster, he made his way to a store called "Borgin and Burkes". The shop was famous for the sale of less socially acceptable magical items. Nate didn't really care about that. He was more interested if there was anything he could get from the shop. He had Voldemort's memories, but he slowly realized last year that Voldemort didn't know everything. He couldn't rely on that knowledge to overcome the bastard when he inevitably resurrected himself, so he needed to find more information, more magic, more power. There was no such thing as good and evil magic. There was only power and how one wielded it. Hopefully the only thing he ever agreed with that bastard on.

He entered the shop and began browsing before he stopped at a shelf of books in the back of the store. There were some interesting things to be found like an Auror's handbook and other not entirely legal items. However, what really caught his eye was a book that was probably thousands of years old. At first, he couldn't read its title. However, after concentrating on it for a minute, he was able to read the words. It read "Way of the Serpent" by Herpo the Foul.

Nate caught his breath. A book about Parseltongue. Moreover, it was a book by one of the most infamous Dark Wizards in history. He had to get this book, not just because of the vast knowledge it probably possessed, but Voldemort had never read the book. Nate knew this because he'd looked through his memories and never once did Voldemort look through a book in Parseltongue. He took it back up front to the counter, where Mr. Borgin eyed him curiously.

"Well, well, well… I must admit, I never expected you to enter my store, Mr. Potter." said Mr. Borgin, eyeing him curiously when he brought the book to the counter.

Nate was not surprised that the man knew his name. Couldn't hide the scar with his hair style, after all. "Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Borgin. This might be my first visit to your fine establishment but I get the feeling it shall not be my last. I do hope for this to be the start of a solid business relationship with you."

"Indeed, Mr. Potter, your family certainly has the galleons to afford my wares. Worry not, discretion is inherently part of my cost of doing business. Now, let's see what caught your interest today." Nate showed Mr. Borgin the book, who only raised a curious eyebrow at it.

"That will be 1000 galleons, Mr. Potter. I am certain this will not even put a small tent into your vault." Borgin said with an evil grin at the pay day he was about to receive.

Borgin was right, it wouldn't even dent his wealth. Nate did not mind, the book was unique. There wasn't another like it in the world. You really couldn't put a price on what was likely the only surviving copy of Herpo's work. Smiling inwardly at the sweet deal he had just gotten, Nate paid the galleons and left the shop.

Walking out of the shop, he found himself apparated to the rooftop of the building next to Borgin and Burke's. Getting his bearings and pulling his wand out, he looked around for a threat but only saw a house elf. Not one of his, as he would have recognized them. This one was dressed in a dirty, scrappy, cloth.

"Nathaniel Potter, sir. Such an honor it is," The elf said, giving a slight bow to him.

"Hmm, who might you be?" Nate said, his wand slowly lowering but still out incase this elf had nefarious intentions toward him.

"Dobby sir, Dobby the house elf," Dobby said excitedly.

"Okay Dobby, what is it you want with me, if I might ask?" Nathan asked.

Dobby almost broke out in tears. "Nathaniel Potter is so kind to Dobby, but Dobby came to warn you, sir. Nathaniel Potter must not return to Hogwarts this year!" The elf said, shaking his head.

'Wow, this one must be mistreated a lot, if he feels a little politeness is the best thing since the wheel was invented.' Nate thought as he put his wand away. This elf was no enemy of his.

"Well, Dobby, I am afraid that's not really an option. I must return to Hogwarts so I can keep learning magic. My life before magic feels like a torture now that I know what I was missing. Don't imagine you know anything about that?" Nate asked him.

"Oh, Dobby know a lot about that, Nathaniel Potter Sir!" Just, as the words left his lips, Dobby looked sad and started slamming his head against the wall, "That was an awful thing to say. Bad Dobby! Bad Dobby!"

"Dobby stop before you hurt yourself!" Nathaniel ordered before the elf split his head open on the bricks and the elf came to a halt.

"Thank you, Nathaniel Potter, Sir! But Dobby must punish himself, for he spoke ill about his family!" The elf said.

"Does your family know you're here, Dobby?" The elf shook his head and Nate groaned. Well, there went finding out who's trying to cause trouble this year. He didn't expect that to work, but you never know, "Fine, can you give me some idea as to why I shouldn't return to Hogwarts?"

"Nathaniel Potter, sir, terrible things will happen at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this year! Nathaniel Potter is too valuable to be involved in them. Dobby must protect you!" The elf said, and Nate pondered in thought. Dobby clearly wasn't going to give up on trying to protect him. Hell, he might even try to stop him from returning to Hogwarts, and under no circumstance could Nate be prevented from returning to Hogwarts. Plus it would be awkward if he had to call Grandpa Grindelwald to come get him when he could potentially just talk to the elf and maybe get him to back off a bit.

"Alright, Dobby, lets make a deal. I still return to Hogwarts, but as soon as something horrible happens, we'll talk again and figure out what should be done. How about that?" Nate offered.

Dobby thought for almost a minute before nodding his head, "Very well, Sir! Dobby will find you as soon as the horrible things start! Dobby needs to protect you, Sir!"

"I'm guessing you can't reveal exactly what's about to happen?" Nate asked.

"Dobby cannot Sir. His family forbade him from speaking about it or mentioning it to anyone!" Dobby said. Nathan was tempted to inform Dobby that he was technically informing him about it, at least indirectly, but no need to confuse the poor elf incase he tries to hurt himself again. He already showed he was prone to doing so.

"Very well, Dobby. Let's keep in touch and together, we will make sure you can keep me safe," Nathaniel announced.

The elf agreed and with a pop, he vanished from the building. Nathaniel was deep in thought. Whatever events were about to happen, they had that poor elf scared enough to try to go against the family he served and warn him about it. He would have to be on the lookout at Hogwarts this year for anything nefarious.

Would have been nice if Dobby hadn't left him on the bloody roof, though.

5 minutes later

Nate walked out of Knockturn Alley after finding a way down and went back to searching for his actual school books, the book by Herpo shrunk magically to fit inside his pocket.

A few minutes later, he heard, "Hey Nathan!" the Potter Scion turned to see a familiar red haired boy and brunette.

"Ron, Hermione!" he said, giving the two a hug. "How've you guys been?"

"Great, me and my family spent most of our summer in Sweden before visiting my brother in Romania… saw Hagrid over there" Ron replied, causing the group to sweat drop, remembering the dragon situation from last year.

When Hagrid returned from his trip he brought back several pictures of Norbert, the dragon had grown to near truck size and from what Nathan saw in the photos, Hagrid was still treating the dragon like a baby.

"What about you Hermione?" Nate said as they started walking.

"Not much, me and my family spent some time in Greenland before I went back to my studies" she said. Ron rolled his eyes, knowing that one is supposed to enjoy their two-three month vacation, not spend it at a desk reading literature.

"I'm sorry about not sending any messages the last week. I've been a little busy. I'll tell you all about it." Nate said as they walked toward the bookstore, telling them about how he had taken up his duties as Lord of House Potter and getting acquainted with managing all the stuff he had under his supervision now.

Flourish and Blotts

Ten Minutes Later

Nathan, Hermione, and Ron walked into the store as Ron and Hermione's parents were talking to each other.

"So you're dentists? Fascinating, I understand other muggles are quite afraid of you. Why is that?" Molly Weasley asked.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Granger sweatdropped at Molly's question.

"Not exactly how it works," Mrs. Granger replied, before she caught the sight of her daughter along with Molly's son and Nathan.

"Mrs. Weasley, I don't believe we've met. I'm Nathaniel Potter." Nate said introducing himself. It probably didn't matter who he introduced himself to first, as long as he introduced himself.

"Oh, it's a pleasure to meet you, Nathan. Ron's told us so much about you." Molly said, as Nate shook hands with Arthur and then Hermione's mom and dad, who introduced themselves as Jean Granger and David Granger. He chatted with the adults for a bit before something Hermione said brought his attention back to her.

"Isn't it thrilling, Gilderoy Lockhart's going to be there! We can actually meet him; I mean he's written almost the whole booklist" Hermione stated.

"Oh, I know, though I'm not sure I like what that means." Nathan replied. The whole booklist for Defense against the Dark Arts was by him, which already was not a good sign.

The group noticed a large crowd of women surrounding a particular spot, mostly holding books and others standing on their tip-toes, trying to get a better view of the celebrity as he showed himself.

"Oh it's him," Molly pointed out.

"Mum fancies him," Ron said as he leaned towards his group. Unfortunately, his mother heard him and hit him in the shoulder.

The group continued watching until a rather short man bumped past Nathan, "Out of the way! This is for the Daily Prophet," he said as he rushed towards Gilderoy with a camera.

The author heard this, looked up, and flashed a shiny smile, at least until his sights landed on Nate.

"It can't be… Nathaniel Potter?" he said, the crowd turned to the group and began to whisper amongst themselves as the photographer turned around and pulled him over to Lockhart.

"Nice big smile Nate, together you and I rate the front page," he whispered, with Nathan shrugging and offering a nice smile as their picture was taken.

"Ladies and gentlemen! What an extraordinary moment this is, when young Nathanial Potter here stepped into Flourish and Blotts this morning, to purchase my autobiography, 'Magical Me' which incidentally is celebrating its twenty-seventh week atop the Daily Prophet's bestseller list, he had no idea that he would leaving with my entire collected works, free of charge!" Lockhart proclaimed and motioned his Flunky to come forth. The man wore dark blue robes and hat, and held a large stack of books in which he handed over to the dark brunette. The crowd clapped and Nate walked back to his group.

The others watch as Nate places the books in Ginny's cauldron, "You can have these, I'll go buy my own." he said. Ginny smiled and thanked the twelve year old.

"Bet you loved that, didn't you Potter? Famous Nathaniel Potter, can't even go to a bookshop without making the front page," the group turned to see Draco who was sneering at the Potter scion.

"Leave him alone! He didn't want any of that!" Ginny defended Nate, glaring at the blonde Slytherin.

"Oh look, Potter," drawled Malfoy, "you've got yourself a girlfriend."

Ginny flushed red but Nathaniel was unphased, and responded back "Well, that's more than you'll ever be able to say, so I'd shut your mouth if I were you."

Malfoy sneered contemptuously. "I am the Heir of The Noble House of Malfoy. I will have whichever witch I would like."

"Well, congratulations on dropping out of the right pair of legs, you must be so proud that fate decided to throw some pity your way, otherwise you'd just be a worthless scrub, and not a rich one." Nate mocked right back. Not that he had any room to talk about dropping out of the right pair of legs, considering his bloodline and everything, but he wasn't always bitching about it and throwing his weight around with every breath he took, so he figured despite how hypocritical it was of him to say it, he probably was worthy of a pass.

"And if you want to talk about bloodlines, House Potter is an Ancient and Most Noble House. My family traces it's lineage back to the Roman Empire. We helped Caesar take over Rome. We settled in Britain during the days of Caligula. We aided King Arthur and Merlin against Morgana Le Fay. My own grandfather Charlus Potter single handedly turned the tide of the war against Grindelwald when he joined the Russian Front and earned the title "Butcher of Leningrad", when he slew all of Grindelwald's forces stationed there. Your house, on the other hand, is a noble house from France that moved here to escape the persecution of the French Revolution." Nate said, Malfoy getting angry when Nate said those things about his family. "Not so fun when people make fun of you, is it?"

More probably would have been said, but then he heard a voice. "If you don't stop harassing my son, you're going to have some trouble with both your education and your relationships." Nate turned to see a pretty blonde woman in sophisticated clothing. 'Narcissa Black.' Nathan thought as he recognized her from Voldemorts memories.

"Lady Narcissa Malfoy," Nate said, offering a slight bow of the head, deciding to play nice and make the two squirm a bit, "Lord Nathaniel Potter at your service." Both Draco and Narcissa's eye's widened, though Narcissa's was a bit more imperceptible than Draco's more comical expression. While Draco was more worried, Narcissa's expression was also worried but there was hope in those eyes? Nate thought that weird, since he had never met Narcissa before now.

"No offense to you, my lady, but your son ought to learn some manners and know how to address those in society that are above him." Nate said.

"Why you-" Draco started but a firm hand gripped his shoulder, startling him.

"That will be enough, Draco." A tall, thin man with long, wavy platinum blonde hair stepped forward, his voice slick and reeking of wealth and aristocracy. Nate knew from Voldemorts memories that this was Lucius Malfoy.

Lucius eyed Nate's ring for a minute before smiling slyly and extending his hand. "Lord Potter. We meet at last." Nate groaned inwardly because Malfoy was playing nice like Nate was. He was a lord now and beholden to different standards, so Nate guessed he'd have to play the politics game now. Malfoy did not see the other 3 rings largely because they were invisible unless Nate decided to make them visible again.

"Lord Malfoy, a pleasure," Nate said politely as he shook hands with Voldemorts former henchman. He noticed that Lucius was staring at his forehead. "Something on my forehead that interests you, Lord Malfoy?"

"Forgive my rudeness, Lord Potter, but your scar is legendary." Lucius said as he ended the hand shake. "As of course is the wizard who gave it to you."

"Voldemort murdered my parents and baby twin brother. He was a murderer and a terrorist. He wasn't worthy of anything, except having his head bashed in," Nate said with coldly, causing gasps from those around him when he said Voldemort's name and hearing his dark words.

"You must be very brave...Lord Potter, to speak the Dark Lord's name," Narcissa said, pausing when she remembered she was addressing the Lord of House Potter, and addressed him by his proper title.

"His name is Voldemort. Fear of a name only increases the fear of the thing itself." Nathaniel said, "Someone who couldn't even kill me at one year old isn't worth fearing in my eyes. Dark Lords and Ladies like Herpo the Foul, Morgana Le Fay, and Gellert Grindelwald, on the other hand, they are worthy of fear. They wouldn't have failed to kill me at one year old. Even ignoring that, he's been dead for over a decade. What's there to fear from a dead man?"

"Children, it's a mad house in here. Let's head outside" Arthur Weasley spoke, getting the groups attention.

Lucius Malfoy's lips twitched. "Well, well, well, and if it isn't Arthur Weasley"

"Lucius," Arthur Weasley said stiffly, keeping his eye's fixed on the Malfoy lord.

"Busy summer I hear you've been having. All those extra raids, your name all over the paper. I hope they are at least paying you well for disgracing the name of wizard," Malfoy said.

"Clearly not." Said Narcissa with a small smile, reaching into Ginny's cauldron suddenly and removing a battered guide to Magical Theory and handing it to her husband.

Arthur ignored Narcissa and kept his eyes fixed firmly on Lucius. "We have a very different idea of what disgraces the name of a wizard, Malfoy."

"Clearly," drawled Lucius, his eyes honing in the Granger's, "enthralled by the presence of muggles. And here I thought your family had already hit rock bottom." Arthur was about to rush forward with the intent of striking Lucius when Nate stopped him.

"Gentleman, I know you don't get along, but let's not get into a fight in the middle of a bookstore. It wouldn't look good for any of us, particularly you, Mr. Weasley," Nate said. He didn't really care if Arthur fought Lucius. Hell, in a fist fight, his money was on Ron's dad, but a fight would be bad for Arthur and Nate knew Arthur needed to keep his job to support his family.

The three Lords were silent before an intense flash of light from a camera blinded both groups of individuals.

"How absolutely stirring. A standoff between Weasley and Malfoy with the Boy-who-lived acting as peacekeeper while their children are getting their school supplies. My readers will just love this!" Said a mature blonde woman with her camera guy beside her.

"Grrgh, Rita Skeeter," Nathan growled at the hot but irritating reporter who cared more about gossip than actual news while his vision cleared. He shouldn't have been surprised she was here. Probably was here to write some gossip about Gilderoy Lockhart's big day. While he was temporarily blinded by the flash, nobody saw Lucius employ a little sneakiness and put Ginny's book back in her cauldron, along with another conspicuous looking leatherbound book that wasn't there previously.

"Narcissa, Draco, come. We are leaving." Pronounced Lucius, not even waiting for their replies as he walked towards the door. Neither Draco nor Narcissa questioned him, though the latter threw an odd look at Nathaniel as she swept after her husband and son.

Nathaniel was left with the odd, worrying feeling that despite the obvious gravity of the confrontation, he had somehow missed something from this.

Chapter End

I decided to skip the Train Ride because this chapter is long enough as is and nothing really happens since Dobby isn't trying to actively stop Nate from Attending Hogwarts now, so there was no point in showing that, I felt.

Also, as much as I wanted Nate to see the Diary, he'd never let it sit around long enough for it to become a threat, and with what I have in mind, the diary needs to get to Hogwarts, so the only way that happens is if Nate doesn't see Ginny get it.

Narcissa Malfoy will be portrayed by Charlize Theron, since I feel she better portrays an aristocratic woman and Narcissa is still described to be quite beautiful despite being in her fifties, since wizardkind lives longer and probably ages differently than non-magic folk.

Rita Skeeter will be portrayed by Margot Robbie. Not sure if I'll do anything with either lady yet. It's way too early for that to be known.