Sibella was woken by a kiss. Phoebe had pressed her lips to the blonde's temple, and Sibella turned to smile sleepily at her.

"Happy birthday, darling," Phoebe whispered. Just as Sibella curled up against the brunette, there was a hand on her waist and a kiss on her neck.

"Good morning, my love," murmured Monty in between kisses, moving slowly up her neck. "Happy birthday." Practically purring, Sibella pulled Monty's hand around her waist, covering his hand with hers while resting her head against Phoebe's shoulder.

"When you're ready," Phoebe spoke softly, bringing a hand up to play gently with the blonde's sleep-tousled curls. "I've ordered tea in bed for Monty and I, with coffee especially for you, and there will be your favourite scones at breakfast downstairs."

Even with the promise of coffee and scones, Sibella stayed in bed for some time, cozy between both her lovers.

That evening they gave a cocktail party, with no one but their true friends invited. It was a party for enjoyment's sake, not for the sake of making the society pages.

Sibella's gown was a dark, dusky pink with glittering embroidery and a matching piece in her hair, all pinned up for the occasion. With a glass of champagne in her hand and dark pink lips framing a bright smile, she was dazzling.

Monty stood to the side of the room, simply watching her. She was so beautiful, sometimes she took his breath away. He did not notice Phoebe coming to stand next to him until she spoke.

"She's lovely, isn't she?" Monty nodded mutely. "No, not lovely," Phoebe continued. "More than lovely. It's funny, I have so many words in my head, but none of them seem to do her justice."

"I know the feeling," he murmured, wrapping an arm around Phoebe's waist.

"How did we ever come to be so lucky?" she spoke. Monty turned to smile at her, but he found that her eyes were fixed adoringly on Sibella.

"That, my darling," he chuckled. "Is a question that I ask myself daily." Monty returned his gaze to Sibella, and the pair of them stood silently for a moment, regarding their blonde lover with smiles on their lips.