The child was beautiful, with blonde hair in tight curls and wide green eyes, just like her mother. Sibella was exhausted, but beaming, holding the newborn in her arms. Monty lay next to her, the both of them marveling at the baby, while Phoebe bustled around, making sure that everything was in order and that Sibella had

everything she might need.

"If he's observant enough, Lionel will have questions about the bone structure," Sibella said softly.

"Shush," Monty murmured. "Let's not talk about him." He leaned forward to kiss her gently. "Let's just be here, and now."

Phoebe at last stopped moving, and lay down on the other side of Sibella, pressing a kiss to her cheek. They sat without speaking for several minutes, gazing at the tiny bundle in Sibella's arms.

"What will you name her?" asked Phoebe after a time.

"Lionel wants 'Mildred', for his mother." The three of them collectively cringed. "But as he's not here, I think that allows me to choose the name," she smirked.

"I think you're right, darling," agreed Monty. "Any ideas?"

"I was thinking Rose."

"Rose," smiled Phoebe.

"Rose," Monty whispered.

"Is it unusual for babies to be born early?" Lionel asked.

"Not at all," replied Sibella.

"The hair is so curly, I wonder who that came from." Though he was clearly suspicious, Sibella remained calm and collected.

"Oh from me, dear. My hair was even curlier than that when I was little."

"And the eyes are yours, of course."

"Yes. I've always been fond of the green," Sibella said with a smile.

"But," said Lionel slowly, peering over Sibella's shoulder at the baby in her arms. "The bone structure of the face is… peculiar."

"Oh? How so?" Sibella asked innocently.

"The cheekbones are rather high, even higher than yours. The jawline is more prominent than yours or mine, and the nose…"

"I'm sure it's from my father's side of the family. I share more features with my mother than with my father. My grandfather, however, had a similar nose and jawline, and my mother's cheekbones are certainly high, you know that."

"Your grandfather, hmm?"

"Yes. Andrew was his name. Very kind-hearted man, and those lovely blue eyes always had a smile in them."

"And you're sure there's nowhere else these features could have come from?"

"Lionel, what are you suggesting?" questioned Sibella, suddenly cross.

"Oh, nothing my dear, just… wondering if you perhaps had anything to tell me."

"Other than 'we have a beautiful daughter'? Or that her name is Rose?"

"Rose?" Lionel scoffed.

"Yes, Rose," Sibella repeated. "We did discuss it. And as I recall, you agreed."

"Well then. Rose it is." And Lionel left the room without another word. Sibella breathed a sigh of relief and held her child closer. She knew full well that the facial features had not come from her grandfather. He had been a portly old man with red cheeks, no cheekbones to speak of, and a jawline that was indistinguishable from his neck. Though he had indeed been kind and jovial.

No, Sibella was fully aware that this child had a Navarro's face. The shape and bone structure was nearly identical to Monty's, though in a tiny female form they appeared more delicate. And such a beautiful tiny female form, she thought.

Sibella dipped her head down to brush a kiss against the sleeping baby's forehead, holding her daughter tightly.