The three of them sat quietly in the drawing room, each occupied with a different piece of reading material. Monty held a newspaper, Phoebe had buried her nose in a novel, and Sibella purused a magazine while sipping her tea. Monty and Sibella were on the setee, while Phoebe had curled up in her favourite armchair across from them.

Monty glanced at the blonde woman to his left upon hearing a slight sniffle, though he did not think much of it. It took him a moment to realise that Sibella was crying almost silently. His attention snapped back to her, and he quickly cast the newspaper aside, moving to be close to her.

"Sibella, dearest, what's wrong?" he questioned, and Phoebe looked up from her book. Immediately the novel was on the side table and Phoebe was kneeling in front of the blonde.

"I don't-" Sibella began, starting to sob. "I can't... I don't know if I can do this."

"Do what?" asked Phoebe gently.

"This!" the blonde exclaimed, gesturing to her stomach, her hands floating in the air. The other two turned their heads to glance downward. Sibella was showing unmistakably, the outward curve of her stomach growing by the day, but she had a few months yet to go.

"I'll never be an even halfway decent mother, I won't-" but she broke off, dissolving into tears, and her hands flew upward to cover her face.

"Oh, darling," murmured Phoebe, reaching up to place a hand on the blonde's arm. "I'm sure every woman who's expecting is afraid of that. And they all turn out to be fine mothers. You will too, I'm sure of it."

"No, I won't," Sibella sobbed. "I don't even like other people's children, I'll never be able to handle one that's mine! My own mother is so wonderful, and I'll only be a d-disappointment!"

"Well, Phoebe and I and the baby will love you regardless of what kind of mother you are. And I have every faith in you. You'll have us to help you- you could even hire a nanny if you wanted. I'm told all the best people do. I'm sure you can do this. I know you can."

Slowly, Sibella's hands came away from her face. "Do you really think so?" she questioned, turning first to Phoebe and then to Monty.

"Yes!" said Phoebe emphatically.

"Yes, my love," Monty agreed.

They both stayed close, comforting Sibella and allowing her to cry.