A/N: Again, this is written from my OC's point of view. This was more just for me to write out my ideas, so it's not in the same style as my usual KIU oneshots. I might end up writing a big fanfiction piece for Kid Icarus after I after I finish some other big projects and find the time to write KIU fanfics again, so this is basically me establishing some more backstory for Hesper. The other (canon) characters are mentioned, but they don't appear. For those of you who haven't read "Fallen Angel with an Attitude," Kage is Hesper's nickname for Dark Pit since he hasn't told her his real name yet.

For three years, the heavens fell silent. My mother told me that Palutena loved us despite the fact that we were flawed humans. Three years ago, when I was twelve, this seemed to be true. So what changed? Why was this happening to us? Our protector, the goddess of light, abandoned us. Now, instead of sending her troops to aid us in the war, she sent them to punish us. Centurions and arrows rained from the sky almost as often as balls of fire and darkness. With both the heavens and the Underworld casting judgement against humanity, what chance did we have?

In a strange twist of irony, we began to seek solace in nature instead. The townsfolk in my village fled from their homes to the nearby forests, where the trees hid us from view. They became our shelters. In a time as dark as this, Viridi offered a sliver of her favor, and her forces drove away the monsters who sought to slaughter us. I don't think any of the other people noticed, since they were so used to only receiving her wrath. They cowered whenever her soldiers neared and sighed in relief when we were left alone. But I knew. I knew that although she still hated us for hurting the natural world, she understood that what we needed most was respite from at least one of the gods' attacks. Thus, I often stayed out in the open forest without much fear, sitting upon the tree branches and staring up through the leaves to watch the deities wage war upon both each other and the Earth.

Sometimes, I caught sight of a boy with white wings. An angel. I had often heard of an angel like him, who served under Palutena and guarded human towns from Medusa and Hades, yet now… It appeared that even he had abandoned us. Being able to get a close up glimpse of him only made me sadder. He looked young, like a boy, and to my surprise, he looked identical to the raven angel I had met almost three years ago, except he had chestnut brown hair and dull, blue eyes, nothing like Kage's black hair and fiery, red-brown irises. Receiving cruelty from someone who resembled my friend made his attacks all the more hurtful.

Kage himself had disappeared altogether during these three years, and it scared me to think that he might have been killed by either the gods or by his doppelgänger. I could only pray for his safety, though since Palutena no longer loved us, I found myself praying to Viridi instead, even though I doubted that she would hear me.

I'm fifteen now. For three years, the heavens fell deaf to our pleas. My raven angel went missing. Nature became our refuge. And the goddess of light? I'm still wondering what could have happened to rob her of her love for us humans.