The Mirror was very much intrigued when the white-winged angel stepped before it. Never before had it been presented with a being such as this. He was very different from all of the monsters it had been replicating for the Underworld Army. Even if it only glanced at his surface, the Mirror could already sense a very strong soul within the boy's body.

However, there was something else there. The Mirror was curious, and it looked even deeper.

The angel was the classic hero, that much was clear. He was loyal, determined, hopeful. His soul radiated a bright glow, one that was almost blinding. But there, pushed to the very back corners of his being where none except the Mirror could find it, was a small speck of something else. It wasn't darkness per say, but it was definitely dimmer than the rest of the light, almost timid.

The Mirror beckoned for the speck to come closer so it could scrutinize the anomaly. It was surprised by what it found, though not disappointed.

Doubt. Anger. Resentment. A craving for independence. And most intriguing of all, a burning cry for justice.

Doubt in the leadership of the gods. Anger at their selfishness. Independence to be freed from the puppet strings and allowed to act. Justice for all the suffering caused on Earth as a result of the gods' own foolish wars.

All of this emotion was bottled up and locked into one tiny sliver of the angel's soul, and it was buried so deep that the Mirror doubted that the boy even knew of the little treasure.

This, the Mirror decided. This is the truth that will be brought to life.

And so the Mirror quickly set to work. It knew that it didn't have long, because the boy was quickly running toward its reflective surface. The intent in his eyes was clear. He was going to destroy the Mirror. But the Mirror wanted to bring one last being into reality.

It called upon the deepest, smallest part of the boy's soul and replicated it, quickly forming a new soul and body from scratch. A sliver of the angel's original soul was embedded into the new being, and a shard of the Mirror was slipped into the new soul as well. That way, it would always reflect the deeper truth. Its goal now accomplished, the Mirror pushed the new being outward to escape before the Mirror's demise.

As white-winged angel struck the Mirror and its reflective glass shattered beyond repair, a raven haired boy successfully emerged from the broken shards. He landed on the ground, his black wings ruffling slightly as he adjusted to his body. Rising to his feet, his eyes opened and he looked out upon the world for the first time. In his soul, there was a fierce burning, and he knew what had to be done.

Finally. Finally the truth would be revealed to them all, even to the ignorant angel who destroyed the Mirror of Truth.