Sibella had asked Phoebe to tell her about her day. The brunette was preparing to take a bath, and was in and out of the bathroom and bedroom, leaving the door ajar and talking all the while. Sibella lay on the bed, her head propped up on a hand, watching the smaller woman, a smile on her face.

Phoebe began to remove her clothing, and Sibella got up to help her. But upon removing her corset, the blonde wrapped her arms around Phoebe's waist, holding her tightly and kissing at her neck. "I want you," she whispered in Phoebe's ear, making her shiver. She turned in the blonde's arms to kiss her properly, and Sibella backed her into the vanity so that she had to sit on the table, Sibella standing between her legs.

"Sib-" She began, but the blonde stopped her mouth with a kiss. Phoebe pushed lightly against her shoulder, pulling their lips apart. "Sibella," she murmured against the other woman's mouth. "Twenty minutes?"

"Mmm, fifteen," the blonde purred.

"Fifteen," Phoebe repeated, sliding off the vanity and kissing Sibella briefly before dashing off to her bath.

Not quite fifteen minutes later, Phoebe returned to the bedroom, drying her hair with a towel and quite without clothing. Opening her mouth to say something to Sibella, she stopped abruptly.

Sibella had fallen asleep waiting for her. The blonde was draped across the bed, her golden curls spread across a pillow. Phoebe smiled as she gazed at her lover, part angel and part seductress. She was not surprised that Sibella had nodded off. The blonde was always exhausted when she spent her nights with Lionel, as he did not allow her to get much sleep, opting instead to demand that she engage in certain activities with him. But Mr. Holland had left that morning for a business trip, and so Sibella was all hers until Monty returned from work in the city.

Phoebe put on a dark blue silk dressing gown, tying it loosely around her waist. She lay down on the bed next to Sibella, snuggling close to her. Pressing a feather-light kiss to the blonde's lips, she ran her fingers gently through gold curls, enjoying giving attention to the blonde. She pressed herself closer to the other woman, savoring the feeling of Sibella's body against hers.