I have finally forced myself into watching the series finale and I am not pleased so from here on, it never happened. Rewind and now we figure out how it all should go, from the start of the Undercover Op, to where the show leaves off, to uncharted territory because I love McCollins and McSwarek is honestly so toxic that sometimes I just cringe.

Let's Begin:

Sitting in the back of an unmarked squad, head tilted back so the wind from the cracked window was pushing into her face, one would have assumed Andy was calm, but she wasn't. She was running – she knew she was running but she couldn't bring herself to stay. Sam Swarek was her kryptonite – she knew it, he knew it, really everyone who ever saw them together knew it; she was tired of it. She was tired of the exhausting tango of love and hate between them. She was tired of the fights and the betrayal and the fear and the lying. So, she ran. When Luke called with the opportunity to get away, she took it without a second thought. A long term Undercover Op with Nick Collins was an out she needed, and one she was going to take, consequences be damned. If Sam meant it – if he truly wanted a future with her, he would wait. At least, that is the mantra she repeated to herself over and over as the lights of the city began to fade into the distance.

"Can you handle this, McNally?" Amber eyes rose, locking with darker browns. "You have this look on your face," Nick started, concern pulling his lips down ever so slightly. She cracked a weary smile in his direction, one that had them both cringing a moment later.

"I will be. What about you, it looked like you and Gail were doing fine." She didn't miss the way his shoulders tensed or the way he took a moment to take in two breaths before nodding.

"She's going to France," the officer admitted with a tired rumble. She nodded sadly in response, leaning forward in her chair a little to lean against the back of his. "But hey, they plan on this thing being at least 6 months - that's enough time to get over a break up and move on, right?" Collins was more perceptive than he sometimes let on, and Andy was grateful for that - she was also grateful for the lack of prying he was doing when she noticed even Luke's gaze flickering to her from the rear view mirror every so often. "Six months, do you think you can pretend to like my presence that long?" Andy grinned at that and sighed dramatically, flopping back in her seat again.

"I'm not so sure, I mean. What if you snore in your sleep?" Nick's eyes widened in fake shock and hurt, lips parting in an "upset" 'o' as he struggled to not crack a grin of his own. "Or worse, what if you are a worse cook than me? Or what if you don't wash your socks? I dunno, Collin's. This seems pretty risky to me." They both finally broke, shoulders shaking with laughter as Nick turned back to the front, washing the dark horizon. "But," Andy continued after a moment. "I'm glad it's you, I wouldn't want any one else to cover my six." And it was the truth. Sure she trusted Diaz and Epstien and Nash with her life - but Nick was Military. He was smart and fast and trustworthy. She had learned in the months since he had joined the force that he was a good friend and an even better cop. She was glad it was him, glad that they weren't so close that he knew every detail of why she was leaving, but also glad for the companionship the two always shared.