"You guys are four months in," Blackburn's voice was drawled and plain - Andy wasn't entirely sure she had ever seen someone look so absolutely bored before, "Take the weekend, go home, see your family. Be back here Sunday night. Things have been a little quiet around here lately, it won't be an issue." She felt her head bob once, amber eyes watching as the door shut behind the grim faced man.

"A whole weekend, huh." Her head tilted towards Nick. "Going home to see Gail?" She didn't miss the way Nick's shoulders tensed or the sharp intake of breath. Neither of them spent much time talking about Sam Swarek or Gail Peck after the first month.

"She went to France," he mutter in response, cleaning his gun slowly, "I don't think I'll go back. Maybe I'll go camping or something." She didn't like the way he didn't look at her, or the way he pushed back into the couch.

"That sounds more fun than answering questions about where we have been," she chirped, plopping onto the couch beside her partner, twisting so her head plopped into his lap, his glock now placed carefully back into its holster and then into side table safe. "Oh! I saw a brochure in the burrito joint for Niagara? We could go biking, oh or caving!" she was already tapping away on her phone, oblivious to the small smile that spread across the man's face, one of his arms looking around her abdomen, the other toying with a few locks of her hair, watching as she scrolled through the park's website.

"If we leave around noon on Friday, we can be there early Saturday morning, get a few hours of sleep, and then head out." She bobbed her head in agreement.

And that's how the pair found themselves boarding the Hornblower Saturday morning, after a night of singing cheesy 90's rock on their road trip and after three hours of sleeping at the hotel. Andy was grinning, all but bouncing where she was standing, her fingers clutching his sleeve as the boat neared the falls. She was like a child on Christmas morning, and Nick found himself glad that she decided to join him on their weekend off - he couldn't imagine this being even remotely as fun without her.

That was how their day progressed, doing the easier attractions first, and if at some point their fingers locked together - well, neither of them said anything about it. That night, they went to bed with smiles on their faces, and they woke up ready for the day's adventure.

"What do you mean you've never been mountain biking?" Nick's exasperated question cause Andy to roll her eyes. "I thought you were the outdoorsy type!"

"I going hiking and stuff all the time!" She huffed back, arms folded over her chest with a defiant pout as she sat against a rock, her bike discarded to the side as Nick worked diligently on wrapping her leg. "And I use to ride a bike around the block and stuff, I thought it wou-," her words were broken by a pained hiss, peroxide splashing into the scrapes along her knee. "I thought I would be fine," she whimpered. Nick shook his head, unable to hide the fond expression as he continued to disinfect and wrap the injuries.

"You scared me," he confessed after a beat of silence. "One second you are riding fine, the next you just vanish." He stretched her other leg out, wincing at the deep gashes along the shin and calf. "You're lucky that bike didn't drag you down," he muttered. "I can't believe you got away without some serious muscle damage." She watched as he pushed the skin back together, nearly gagging at the sight.

The first portion of their ride had been fine, but then they started going down hill, the breaks locked up and she hit a rock the wrong way. Instead of going over it, it kicked her off to the side, and down the cliff she went, barely managing to catch herself with a root, the bike chain stuck deep into her leg and dangling just over fifteen feet from rapids below. Looking back, Andy wasn't sure she had ever seen Nick look so afraid, so panicked. She could still see that fear in the depths of his eyes, barely contained. She could see the way his hands would hover just briefly over her legs, as if he were afraid that touching her would make him wake up from some hellish nightmare. Her shoulders sagged, hands reaching out to touch his jaw, "but I did, and I am okay." He gave a weary smile and nodded, stitching the gash carefully, wincing with her each time she hissed.

Then all was said and done, they both stared down the path, then their bikes, "can you make it back?" Nick's worried gaze moved back to her again and she rolled her eyes with a nod.

"What's another ten miles?" And off they went, Andy needing yo stop every so often when the pain spread too much. Their two hour trip turned into a five your trip, and by the time the returned to the pavilion, the shop owner looked just as relieved as they felt.

"I want to go to the skywheel," she found herself mumbling, head cushioned on his shoulder as he carried her back to the car. His chest rumbled with his laugh but their course deviated as he moved to comply. The wheel was nearly at closing when they arrived, the sky dark and no one else around. A rare occurrence, the ride operator had told them. They sat together in silence, watching in wonder and awe as they rose higher and higher. Just as they reached the very top, the wheel was paused, the falls in clear view, lights at the basin illuminating the water with brilliant colors.

"Thank you," Nick blinked, turning his gaze to Andy, her body pressed against his, head on his shoulders but eyes on the falls. He smiled. Yea, this was perfect, and it was worth the fear of her fall.

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