Phoebe felt she might explode. Sibella had been so flirtatious, so deliberately alluring, and she had kept it up all day long. And now they were finally in bed together and Sibella kept pulling away! She would continue something that Phoebe liked just long enough to get the brunette truly hot and bothered, but as Phoebe melted against her body, the blonde would move away, switching to something not as pleasureable.

The brunette gave a sigh as Sibella kissed at her neck, their bodies pressed together. Tilting her head back to allow Sibella better access, she frowned as suddenly the blonde's mouth disappeared from her skin. Sibella sat back, her thighs on either side of Phoebe's waist.

"What is it?" asked Phoebe breathlessly.

"I think I might go take a bath," replied the blonde, sounding thoughtful.

"A bath?" Phoebe almost shrieked. There she was, lying completely bare with Sibella straddling her, wanting nothing more than the blonde woman's body on hers, and Sibella wanted to leave to take a bath?

Sibella smirked slightly at Phoebe's reaction and the brunette suddenly realised that the other woman had teased her for just such a reaction.

"Right now, I don't know if I want to kiss you or shove you off a bridge!" Phoebe exclaimed.

"Can I pick?" The blonde's voice was low and seductive.

Phoebe sat up abruptly and pushed Sibella backwards. Moving on top of Sibella to capture the blonde's legs between hers, she grabbed both of the blonde's hands by the wrists and held them above her head, effectively pinning Sibella to the bed.

"I think that decision is mine," Phoebe murmured, giving a mischievous smile before kissing Sibella fiercely.