Home For Christmas

"Attention. Flight seven seven four to Paris has been delayed due to mechanical issues. Estimated time of departure is now two thirty."

Enid Taylor sighed as she listened to the crackling static filled voice over the intercom.

She kept glancing between her phone and the board that showed when flights had arrived or departed.

His flight was supposed to arrive an hour ago and yet the screen showed it was still in the air.

She considered asking the person at the ticket counter if there had been any news about the flight but she had already bugged them five times and the last time she'd asked the look the person had given her indicated to Enid that she was no longer welcomed at the booth.

She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned her head and saw Carl's step mother Michonne giving her a supportive look.

"He'll be here Enid. We talked to him yesterday morning. His flight was set to leave Germany very early this morning."

"But what if the plan crashed or they got another assignment?" Enid rambled, her mind going to all the worst case scenarios.

"Don't worry Enid. Carl promised he'd be home for Christmas this year and big brother always keeps his promises." Carl's eleven year old sister Judith said as she glanced up from the copy of 'Anne of Green Gables' that she had been reading. Beside her Carl's half-brother RJ was colouring.

Enid smiled at the young girl. "You're right Judith your big brother has never broken a promise."

"And he won't stop now," Rick said from his seat next to Judith. He flashed a reassuring smile at Enid. "From what Carl tells me flying out of Ramstein is quite the hassle. I'm sure that the flight just got delayed is all."

Enid nodded and took a deep breath as her blue eyes drifted back the display board. As she starred at the screen her thoughts drifted to thoughts of Carl.

Carl and Enid met in their ninth grade homeroom. They became friends almost instantly and during the summer before junior year that friendship turned into a relationship. An afternoon of roller-skating had led to a kiss and that kiss had led to a date and that date led to a relationship. Now six years later that relationship was strong and full of love.

They'd certainly had their fair share or hard times. When Carl announced he had joined the marines just before their high school graduation Enid hadn't taken it well. They fought for hours, both of them crying and yelling and holding each other. By the time the night was over Carl and Enid not only affirmed their love for one another but also promised to make their relationship work.

It wasn't easy but they'd made it work for the last six years. Enid worked hard in university and was now in Medical School. Carl spent the last six years serving in the Marine Expeditionary Force. He hadn't been able to make it home last Christmas due to some last minute crisis in the Middle East but this year he'd promised he'd be home and in the ten years they had known each other Carl had never once broken a promise.

The sound of excited children brought her back to the present and she looked over to see Judith and RJ jumping and waving excitedly. Her breath hitched and she looked in the direction they were waving and she saw him all the way down at the end of the hall.

Her eyes started to water and she blinked. Part of her couldn't believe he has here. He Was Home.

"Dad can we run to him?" Judith asked.

"I think we should let Enid say high first and then you two can go see him," Rick said, giving Enid a smile and a nod.

As soon as those words left his mouth she was running down the hall as fast as she could, her brown hair flying behind her as she dodged people left and right.

As she got closer her eyes locked with his and he dropped his duffel bag and held out is arms. She leaped into them the force of which caused him to stumble briefly. Enid wrapped her legs around his waist and arms around his neck. She rested her head on his chest and let out a happy sob as his arms enveloped her.

"You're home," She sobbed as she looked up at him. His teary blue eyes met hers and a huge radiant smile spread across his home.

"I'm home for good," he said and kissed her head.

"What?" Enid asked.

"My six years in active service are up baby. I still have two more years in the reserves but I'll be serving it stateside. Merry Christmas Enid."

She let out a happy sob and placed her lips to his in a passionate kiss. She didn't care if they were in an airport full of people. She hadn't seen him in six months and more importantly her love was home, not just for Christmas but for good.