A Slytherin Without Ambition

Iona doesn't have friends, Ruuko realised afterwards. She has people who admire or antagonise her from a distance, and her parents, supporting from a distance. Everyone at a distance.

Once upon a time, everyone was distant from Ruuko too but then her mother gave up on her. She'd been bitter at the time, but looking back now it's for the best. She's sad now, years later, but her mother hadn't known her after the separation and she hadn't known her mother. They hadn't fought for each other – or, really, fought each other. They'd just stayed out of each other's ways until it was too painfully awkward and Ruuko's grandmother showed up to whisk her away. Now though, now is a different story. Ruuko has found friends in Hogwarts, and she has fought for them.

She'd continue fighting for them, too, even if she made enemies of people like Akira and Iona along the way. People who are willing to accept the risks of their ambitions and still head for that summit with their entire being… That is, after all, what being a Slytherin is all about.