Harry looked around the small town as the weather picked up. He could taste death in the air as clouds began to gather around the area. The reapers had all left, save a few that were surrounding an older man in a dark suit with a cane. Harry grinned as he walked over.

"Oh, Death," Harry sang out, making the older man huff.

"Hadrian," Death replied. Harry grimaced at the name,

"Not cool," he complained, but Death only smirked. Harry rolled his eyes before smiling.

"Welcome to the Apocalypse," Harry intoned dramatically, bowing his head before abruptly breaking into laughter.

Death sighed but smiled lightly when Harry pulled him into a quick hug. The reapers were all string wide-eyed, unused to such informality around their creator. Tessa would have struck the person down for assuming such familiarity, except she knew Harry had some kind of close friendship with her creator.

"What mischief have you been up to already?" Death asked, eyebrow raised. Harry stared at him innocently.

"Mischief? Me?" He asked, pointing to himself, eyes wide. Death rolled his eyes and Harry grinned before shrugging.

"I only stopped two deaths, a mother and daughter, who were in town earlier with those Winchester brothers," he answered blithely. Death narrowed his eyes in thought.

"Ellen and Jo Harvelle?" he inquired, looking almost curious. Harry nodded in confirmation.

"Ah," Death mused, glancing at Harry curiously, "the girl's soul that looks like your eyes. An interesting color, no doubt."

Harry's eyes narrowed as he watched the entity, who was radiating a hint of smugness.

"How did you know that?" Harry asked suspiciously.

Death only hummed, glancing around the town disdainfully.

"Really what a common place to be unblocked. You would think that bratty angel would have tried someplace more interesting," Death began walking, the reapers following him. Harry rolled his eyes.

"I doubt Lucifer cares about anyone's preferences besides his own," he argued. Death waved a hand dismissively.

"So, why don't you show me around?" Death asked/ordered.

Harry sighed, but smiled, glad to have a friend back and started describing this old new world to Death.

Bobby and Ellen were reading in his library, searching through biblical references. Sam and Dean were off in some hospital helping out an old hunter.

"Have you found anything?" Bobby grunted.

"No, there are no references to a friend of Death anywhere," Ellen said, frustrated.

"I highly doubt there would be," said an amused, semi-familiar, voice.

Bobby and Ellen both looked up in shock to see Harry leaning against a bookshelf, eyes roaming over the titles. Bobby made for his shot gun automatically as Harry turned to them. His lips twitched.

"You can hold it if it makes you feel bet, but I doubt it'd do much other than hurt for a moment," he consoled. Bobby grimaced.

Ellen watched the boy, noticing he had on a different outfit. A pair of ratty jeans and a flannel shirt. Harry looked down at himself.

"Ah, yes, I wanted to see what it was like to dress like a hunter. I haven't worn jeans since I was a teen. Honestly, they're pretty comfortable," Harry mused.

The sound of tires on gravel got Harry's attention and they all listened until the front door opened, showing Jo carrying grocery bags. She was looking at the bags as she made her way to the kitchen.

"Mom! Bobby! I'm back!" she called out, not noticing the other person in the room until she came out of the kitchen. She paused and stared at Harry who only smiled.

"Oh, it's you," she stated unsurely. Harry was amused.

"Yes, me," he answered, "nice seeing you again, Jo," his smiled turned flirtatious as Jo rolled her eyes.

"What're ya doin' here?" Bobby asked, staring at the man suspiciously. Harry shrugged.

"I got bored. You can only try so many pizza places before you get tired of it," Harry rolled his eyes, "honestly, you'd think Death would have known most of it would be the same as other universes, but no, he just has to prove me wrong. I'm going to be eating salad for months to counteract all that grease," Harry lamented as the others stared in bewildered horror.

"Death eats pizza?" Ellen asked faintly. Harry sighed theatrically.

"The man hardly stops eating it, honestly. If I didn't know he was never human, I would have guessed he was Italian in a past life."

Harry either didn't notice or didn't care about the consternation on their faces. He suddenly clapped his hands together, making them all jump.

"So," he said loudly, "where are the boy wonders? Rumor says they've shut themselves in an insane asylum, but I find that to be a bit of an extravagant reaction to Death rising."

While none of them were entirely comfortable, Harry's nonchalance had seemingly worked as they all began relaxing a bit as he kept talking. On Jo's part, she was never really afraid, though she was still confused by what exactly he was.

Harry looked at the books in their hands curiously.

"Why are you researching about me, anyways? Shouldn't you focus on sending angel boy back to time out?" Harry asked, unconcerned with the choking sounds coming from the older two.

Jo glanced at her mother and Bobby in mild concern. She knew they were trying to find out what Harry was, but she was sure Bobby wanted to know how to kill him, just in case. She didn't think that would go down well with Harry. Honestly, it wouldn't go down well with anyone.

Harry's lips twitched, reading their expressions. Not their minds, because he wasn't an asshole who thought himself entitled to other people's thoughts like a few others he used to know.

"Going by what I know about hunters, you probably want details on what I can do," he paused before smiling slightly, "and how you can kill me if needed."

"We weren't," Ellen start but Harry shook his head.

"No, it's fine, I get it. I did something none of you find normal. I'd want to know more about the person who brought back the dead as well if it wasn't myself," he placated.

Jo and Ellen relaxed as Bobby got a curious glint in his eye. Harry stared back at the older hunter, a bemused smile on his face. He glanced down at the wheelchair, cocking his head.

"I can fix you, if you trust me enough," Harry offered lightly.

Bobby's eyes widened as he stared down at his legs. Uncertainty flashed in his eyes before glancing back up at the boy, who really didn't look older than his early twenties.

"How?" he asked suspiciously. Harry hummed, holding out his hand as a glass vial filled with a bright blue liquid formed.

"This is called a potion," Harry explained, "you can call it magic though it has nothing to do with your little demon deal witches. You could say this is a type of natural magic. It's from my original world and can repair the damage in your spine."

"What do you want for it?" Bobby asked warily. Harry shrugged.

"I don't know. Maybe you not hurting your spine a second time. That would be annoying and a waste of a good potion," Harry stated calmly.

"Why should I trust you?" Bobby asked, longing and distrust warring inside.

Harry smiled wistfully.

"How about I tell you a story? And then you can decide if you want to take it," Harry offered.

All three glanced at him unsurely, though weren't entirely opposed. He waved Ellen and Jo to sit down as a black stool materialized behind him. They stared incredulously at the stool while Harry made himself comfortable.

"So, we begin our story with a young witch named Merope…"

"And so, the boy kept the wand, stone and cloak, moving from one universe to another while annoying Death to…well you get the point," Harry finished an hour or so later.

There was a long silence as the others just stared at him before Ellen got up and went to the kitchen. When she came back, she was carrying bottles of whiskey and three glasses. Still saying nothing, she poured them each a glass and knocked hers back like Bobby. Harry only looked amused.

"So, you want the potion?" Harry asked innocently, holding out the vial.

Bobby shot him a glare, but took it from his hands, staring dubiously before knocking it back. The face he made had Harry snickering.

Bobby felt a warmth move down his body, encircling his lower back and legs. When the sensation was over, Ellen and Jo watched avidly as he began to slowly move his legs, standing up and taking a step. His breath left him as he stared at his legs for a moment.

"Thank you," he said gruffly, but sincerely. Harry smiled lightly.

"No problem," he commented blithely, "Enjoy them. I know your angel is a bit cut off for now, so I figured this might help you out a bit."

Jo stared at Harry, gratefulness and confusion welling inside her.

"Why tell us all that?" Jo asked. It obviously very personal to him. Harry shrugged.

"Everyone needs a back story, right? Now you have mine. Learn from it what you wish. I haven't got much to do and you're all the most interesting people around at this moment. If I make myself interesting, you'll let me be around more," he explained nonchalantly. All three gave him weird looks.

"You just…told us your plan, though," Jo pointed out.

"But you're still interested, aren't you?" Harry grinned flirtatiously at her. Jo snorted, shaking her head.

The conversation was paused as Bobby's phone rang. He picked it up, glancing away from them.

"Alright, well, get back here quickly," Bobby glanced at Harry, "we have a visitor."

He hung up the phone as Harry stared at him, eyebrow raised.

"Sam and Dean," Bobby grunted out.

"Ah, boy wonders," Harry nodded his head thoughtfully. Jo smirked at the name.

"So," Harry hopped up on Bobby's desk, much to man's annoyance, "what do we research now?"

Sam stared at the mirror in dismay, poking the unfamiliar face once again before he went downstairs. He had no clue who the teen was, but he hoped Dean would listen to his messages soon. He was about to leave when laughter filled the room. He whirled around defensively, only to watch in shock as the man named Harry kept laughing, clutching at his sides.

"Oh, wow, what an interesting new look Sammy Winchester," Harry choked out. Sam scowled at the name before jolting.

"You know it's me?" he asked frantically. Harry smiled, incredibly entertained.

"Of course, your body may be switched but the soul doesn't lie. I was popping in to check on you and your brother. Imagine my surprise when I find your brother with someone completely different inside you," Harry snickered again, glancing around the room, "bit of a downgrade there, Sam, not going to lie."

"You need to tell Dean," Sam said hurriedly, "I don't know why this happened, but we need to switch back. The kid's been playing with Satanist crap."

Harry glanced over at the pentagram and knife curiously.

"Man, your world is so cliché," Harry said, amused, "you'd think people would be more creative."

Sam watched, frustrated, as Harry continued to look around the room, seemingly unconcerned as Gary's mother called up for him again. Harry's lips twitched.

"You should go down. Don't worry about Dean, he's not going to die in the next few days at least," Harry said reassuringly, though it didn't seem to improve Sam's mood as he went downstairs.

Sam didn't see Harry the rest of the day until after he was knocked out. Harry, for his part, was busy calming down an angry mother-that-wasn't who was still grieving for her child. He didn't realize something was wrong until he felt the demonic energy entering the town.

He came into the room just as the demon left the teenage boy on the ground. Harry raised an eyebrow, looking at Sam when the demon was gone.

"Well I doubt he'll be going to heaven," Harry commented. Sam glanced over, glaring at the man.

"Where have you been?!" he asked.

"I was doing ghost therapy," Harry said like it was obvious. Sam gave him an incredulous look. Harry rolled his eyes, waving his hand.

The ropes fell away and Sam got up and made for the door before being grabbed by the arm. Sam glanced around angrily at Harry, ready for a tirade but never made a sound as he suddenly felt himself being squeezed down uncomfortably.

He sprawled on the ground wherever they landed to the sound of latin which promptly stopped when they were noticed.

"Who…?" Gary looked at his body and the man standing next to it as the demon turned around.

Harry looked around curiously, eyes lingering on the demon that was staring at him, confused. He waved his fingers at the thing.

"Hello there," Harry grinned, "you seem a bit far away from home," he commented.

The demon narrowed its eyes, beginning to move forward, only to stop in agitation when it realized it couldn't move at all. Harry nodded solemnly as it began to struggle with invisible binds.

"Yeah, I'd rather not let you kill them," Harry informed the thing. Dean and Sam watched a bit fascinated, if they were honest. Gary was just confused by who this was.

"What are you?" the demon asked angrily. Harry huffed.

"Seriously? I'm a person. Why is everyone always so disrespectful? I have feelings, too!" Harry grouched defensively.

He walked over to the possessed girl, looking her up and down.

"How is it your angel friends do this again?" Harry asked, making the demon struggle more. Much to its horror, it couldn't leave the meat suit. Harry looked thoughtful before smiling brightly.

"Ah, yes, something like this," Harry placed his palm on the girl's forehead.

Unlike the angels, there was no bright light, nothing dramatic or extraordinary happened, the demon was there and then it was gone, a last breath sighing in the wind, much like death.

The girl collapsed as Harry picked her up, laying her on a bed.

"Is she..." Gary gulped, but Harry shook his head.

"Your friend is fine, she won't remember the possession. A little gift from me," Harry glanced over at the two mismatched souls, "now, what to do with you."

Dean and Sam glared over at Gary, still piloting Sam's body, who quickly backed away.

"Now, let's not get violent here," Gary begged, "I can switch us back."

"Then do it," Dean said, "now."

"I need my book," Gary stated, glancing at Sam who frowned.

"It's at your friend's house," Sam told him.

"No need," Harry said, pulling the very large book out of his very small pocket, making Gary gape.

As he reached for the book, Harry pulled back, tsking.

"No way am I giving this back to you, look at the mess you made," Harry scolded, mildly sarcastic.

"Then how?" Gary asked as the brothers watched Harry warily. Harry smirked.

"Fear not, young Satanist, souls are what I do best," Harry smirked as the boy made to protest.

As such, he tapped Sam and Gary on the shoulders, and both fell to the ground. Dean made for his brother, but stopped, unsure who was who. He glanced at Harry who motioned to Sam's body, who was waking up quickly.

As Dean went over to Sam, Harry went over to the young boy who was coming to. He crouched down, scanning the boy's soul before shaking his head.

"Seriously kid, you really should read the fine print when using this kind of magic. Does eternal damnation mean nothing these days?" Harry muttered, annoyed. Gary blinked, eyes widening in panic.

"Damnation?" he squeaked. Harry rolled his eyes, tapping Gary on the head, who yelped as a searing pain spread through him.

"There, now as long as you stay away from all that demon crap, you won't end up a demon's plaything, Harry informed him.

The brothers stared at him incredulously. Harry raised an eyebrow.

"I did say souls were my thing, I've had years to learn about them," he reminded them.

They were quiet after that. When they girl woke up, Sam and Dean drove them over to Gary's house. Harry lounged in the back as they talked with the teenager. As they got back in and turned towards him, he grinned.

"So, where to next?" he asked excitedly. They stared at each other for a moment as Harry just stared at them. Sam sighed and Dean grumbled as they sped off, out of town with a bemused Harry jamming to Dean's music in the back seat.

Harry popped into Bobby's living room, startling the man, who pulled a gun. Harry stared, bemused, as the man huffed, putting it back down. Bobby watched as Harry hummed, rocking on his heels.

"Any reason why Sam and Dean are back in the past?" Harry asked nonchalantly.

"What?" Bobby deadpanned.

"Oh, you didn't know? Never mind, then. Where's Ellen and Jo?" Harry glanced around expectantly.

"They're on a hunt," Bobby grunted, "Now, what's this about Sam and Dean in the past?" Harry pulled out a book, flipping it to a random page.

"Oh, your little angel used a bunch of his power to follow some other angel to the past apparently. The reapers were all gossiping about it while Death and I were vacationing in the catacombs under Rome," Harry said blithely.

"What?" Bobby repeated, incredulous. Harry nodded eagerly.

"I know, right? The Paris catacombs are much better. Those spirits know how to enjoy their deaths," Harry lamented, "Why would I want to listen to philosophical analysis? I'm an entity that's been around for the rise and fall of universes. As if I need a lecture on the meaning of life," Harry grouched.

Bobby groaned in exasperation.

"Not that," he said, frustrated, "Sam and Dean. Why did they follow an angel?"

"I think it was something about saving their parents? No worries, though, they'll come back in a few minutes, completely unharmed. They've barely been gone a day," Harry informed him, squinting at the old Latin.

Bobby only stared at the man, wanting to smack him on the head, but not willing to test the entity just yet. He had a feeling there would come a time when he forgot self-preservation just to get some satisfaction, though. Harry closed the book decisively, smirking at the hunter's obvious frustration.

"So where are Ellen and Jo, exactly?" Harry asked curiously.

"Can't you just find them yourself?" Bobby grumbled at him.

"I could, but I really don't feel like it," Harry smiled sweetly, innocence radiating from him.

Bobby didn't buy it for a second…but he still answered.

"They went to deal with a vampire coven over in Forks, Washington," Bobby sighed.

Harry paused, snorted, and started laughing.

"Wow, that takes me back. Thank goodness yours don't sparkle," Harry said, disappearing from Bobby's library, leaving the man confused and annoyed.