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Adora, Sora, and Donald sat outside in the courtyard not far from the Gummi Ship. It had been two days since the battle at the Kingdom of Snows, and they had broken the news to Angella yesterday. She had immediately gone to her room and locked herself away, she was on the verge of tears. No one has seen her since with the exception of Goofy, the only one she would let in to speak with and try to bring her food. Adora hadn't left Sora's side once, feeling him to be her only safety line with Glimmer and Bow gone. She had fiercely believed herself to be the one ultimately responsible for their friends' kidnapping, along with the loss of the Sword of Protection. The Half-Pint Trio had tried to assure her that they were just at fault as her, maybe even more so for losing track of Scorpia after the fake guards took her away, but it didn't help her at all. Now they only watched Princess Entrapta tinker away at the ship, at least she had a useful outlet.

"We're here! We're here!" They looked to the side before Princess Perfuma tackled Adora to the floor in a hug, she was already crying again. "Adora, I'm sorry! It's all my fault with what happened to Bow and Glimmer! I've been so wracked with guilt, my inner universe has been nothing but unbalanced! I'm ready to do whatever it takes to make this right!"

Princess Mermista and Sea Hawk followed after her more calmly. "Hey, sorry we couldn't get here yesterday. Like, apparently I have to leave people in charge if I want to go out on a mission since I'm the ruler now. Go figure." Mermista explained herself.

"I am here too! Adventure!" Sea Hawk cried out with a fist pump, he looked at everyone's odd look at him. "Come on now, you all know this is my thing. Blindly charging into danger recklessly with only minor caution given as an afterthought. I'm perfect for this!"

Right after the incident, the Princess Alliance was immediately called upon to take action. Today they were finally assembling.

Donald had marched right up to the Flower Princess and squawked, "Hey! This is in no way your fault! We had been talking to Adora all day yesterday about the exact same thing, and there's no way we're gonna do this again! So I don't want to hear any lip from you about it, understand?!"

Perfuma instantly sat up at attention with a fearful look, "Yes sir!"

Sora sighed sadly, "Okay, well, I'm gonna get Entrapta. It's time we talk to Glimmer's mom about what's gonna happen."

Mermista raised an eyebrow, "Wait, the Queen doesn't even know about what we're about to do?"

"Glimmer's mo-the Queen," Adora corrected herself, "has locked herself up ever since she learned her only daughter has been kidnapped by the enemy. How else would you think she would react?"

Mermista crossed her arms for a moment before answering the rhetorical question, "Do the deed under the sheets and have another kid? That's what my parents told me."

Everyone looked taken back from that. "Wow, umm, yikes" Adora muttered what everyone was thinking. It was no secret that Mermista's relationship with her parents was bad and even toxic, but that was still really harsh to hear her parents called her replaceable.

"I'm, uh, I'm gonna go get Entrapta now" Sora pointed at the ship with his thumb before leaving. He entered the mostly rebuilt ship only to find Entrapa repeatedly smacking her head on the main console. He rushed and pulled her away, "Whoa, Entrapta, what are you doing?! I know we're all upset about losing Glimmer and Bow, but you can't just do that to yourself!"

The Pig-tailed Princess looked up at him with teary eyes and a bruised forehead, "Glimmer and Bow? What are you-NO! I'm upset because I've come to a complete roadblock in my work! I was so close to rebuilding it, but after that stunt from before, the engines are now currently beyond repair since the materials needed to rebuild them don't exist on this world! At least not that I know of! That's not even mentioning the reality bending energy needed to power the warp drive that would even let you leave this sucky world!" She then let her head drop again on the main console. "I don't want to live on this planet anymore."

Sora felt himself sweat a little before sitting the girl back up again, "So wait, you're not worried about our friends?"

She rolled her eyes, "Pfft, please, since when were any of us friends? You guys recruited me for my technical prowess and knowledge, and you guys had a literal, honest to tech spaceship for me to work on. This is hardly different from an employer/employee relationship, except I'm a Princess, and you have a LITERAL spaceship!"

Sora blinked, he couldn't believe what he was hearing, "So wait, you don't think we're friends?!"

"Please, who wants to be friends with me anyway?! In case you haven't noticed, I'm really different in the way that I kind of repulse everyone. So tell me, what kind of freaks out there would want to come remotely close to this one?!"

Sora tapped on his chest twice, gesturing himself, "Us! We're the kind of freaks that want to be friends with you!"

Entrapta looked to the side dumbfounded, "Wait, what?! This whole time we've been together, you thought we've been friends?!"

"Yes! Would a stranger or employer want to hang out or even come close to you after what happened with the bucket not once, not twice, not even three times, but five times?! You're strange, you're quirky, you almost seem like a complete wackjob, but I see that everytime I look in a mirror! It doesn't matter, we still love you for it! Why else did we try so hard to get you to come with us to the Princess Ball? We easily could have gotten the extra plus ones from Netossa and Spinnerella!"

"...the bucket thing actually happened seven times, two more times when you weren't around."

Sora felt him palm make its way to his face, "You are SO lucky we haven't told Donald yet, otherwise he would have killed you."

Entrapta bashfully removed herself from her seat and tried to busy herself with something else in the ship, but there really wasn't much to do. "So, uhh, you guys really like me? Not like 'hey, sure we like you, now get to work,' but more like 'hey Entrapta, we do really like you. You're a real friend to us,' sort of way?"

Sora scratched the back of his head and smiled before he walked over and flicked his finger at her bruised forehead, making her flinch while simultaneously casting Cure on her. He wrapped an arm around her and pulled her in, "For being a super genius, you can be kind of dumb. Of course we really like you, and you're really our friend! Don't ever think otherwise, okay?"

She stared up at him with her ruby, red eyes for a long moment, "Oh. My. God. This is completely sensational!" She jumped out of his gasp and climbed onto his back and held him in a hug. "For the first time ever, I actually have friends! This is-this is amazing! SECOND BEST DAY EVER! In case you were wondering, meeting all you guys when there was that evil robot uprising was the first best day ever, BUT THIS IS A CLOSE SECOND!" She then gasped before dropping down, "Oh no, third worst day ever! It's been three days since my friends Glimmer and Bow were kidnapped! Who knows what kind of torture and horrors they've endured with all this time?! They need rescuing! Quick, we must assemble the Princess Alliance stat if we're to save them!"

Sora smiled to himself as he picked the girl up as her ranting continued and carried her to meet everyone else. Her ranting stopped as she saw that all the other Princess members were already summoned.

"Oh, you guys are here already. Makes sense." Entrapta jumped out of Sora's arms again before pouncing on Adora, sitting on her lap while hugging her tightly with her pig-tails. "Adora, did you know this whole time, we were friends?! Isn't that amazing?! I had no idea and I am both equally happy and horrified now that I know that my friends Glimmer and Bow have been kidnapped!"

This surely knocked everyone's thoughts off track. "Uh, yeah, of course we're friends. You didn't realize that even after you kind of turned me into a rampaging, murdering machine for a short while, I still hung out with you? That's NOT even mention the bucket inci-"

"Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, naaah~" Sora interrupted her while Donald gave him an odd look. Adora looked between the two and quickly shut her trap. She had been warned about this already.

The Genius Princess gasped, "How the heck did I not take any of this into consideration?! What is up with my game?! It's gotta be all this friendship that's been now surrounding me, isn't it?!"

It didn't take too much convincing to get Angella's approval, and at Adora's suggestion, a smaller infiltration team would be far more effective at sneaking in and getting Glimmer and Bow out than a full mounted attack, and General Juliet agreed. Considering that the only ones that were going to participate in the attack were the only ones needed for the meet, the eight were gonna go over the plan in Adora and the Trio's room. Unfortunately, Netossa and Spinnerella would not be able to join in on the assault due to the latter getting a rather dire case of alcohol poisoning. She apparently found more to drink despite being under her wife's watch and drank herself beyond sick. Netossa would be by her side attending to her.

Adora slapped down one of Sora's shoes in between them all, "Okay, this is the Horde's prison where Glimmer and Bow are being held." She held more items before setting them down, "Entrapta, this perfume bottle is you. Perfuma, you're the nail polish, Mermista's lipstick-"

"Eww, do you, like, know what this stuff is made if?!" She picked up the lipstick before tossing it over her shoulder. She then set down a wicked dagger, "I'll be this knife instead."

Entrapta's pigtail picked up the bottle of perfume before handing it to Perfuma, "I feel like Perfuma should be the perfume instead. That really does make the most sense."

"It really does," Goofy nodded.

"Oh, I know!" Perfuma cupped her hands and made a flower, "I could be this instead!"

Sea Hawk inserted himself, "Can I be this painted model of Bow?! He looks awesome!" In his hand, he held a miniature figure of Bow, except he was significantly larger and more buff, and instead of wielding his signature bow, it was on his back as he held Sora's Keyblade in one hand, Goofy's shield in the other, and a wizard's hat on his head.

"No!" Adora snatched it from his hand before placing it alongside figures of herself, Glimmer, and the Half-Pint Trio. "That represents Bow while these represent everyone else! ...Bow made them for us and they're cute" she finished after getting some odd looks.

"Even though Bow gave himself all our weapons while giving us nothing! I mean, what the heck?!" Sora complained, but didn't pursue further.

Adora knocked her forehead frustratedly before calling out "Okay, everybody focus! This is the plan..."

The plan wasn't overly complicated, but it had some moving cogs (and patrols) that everyone had to pay attention to. There were two entry points will be used, Entry Point A was at the Northeast near the Horde's Scrapyard while Entry Point B was at the Southeast near the Vehicle Bay. The first part of the plan is for Entrapta and Perfuma to get to any one of the outer perimeter watchtowers and disable the security and lights at each team's insertion point. Once that's accomplished, Mermista will enter through one of the sewer's portals and make her way into the nearest corridor, much to her extreme displeasure and complaints. The next phase is for her to make her way to either Entry Point A where Adora and Sea Hawk would wait, or Entry Point B where Sora, Donald, and Goofy would be. Knowing it would be impossible to gain a sense of direction after going through the sewers, Adora felt it was the wisest idea to split the team up so Mermista couldn't possibly get the wrong door to the outside and be left without support. Then everyone would soon be able to regroup and make their way to the prison cells to bust Glimmer and Bow out before stealing a skiff and fly off into freedom.

"...so, that's the plan" Adora finished.

"I love it! Let's do it." Sea Hawk then jumped up onto his feet, "ADVENTURE!"

"It does seem well thought out, and assuming everyone follows through on their parts and avoids any patrol, it could go off without a hitch" Entrapta commented.

Mermista, on the other hand, was already gagging and looked ready to throw up. "Are you POSITIVELY SURE that I have to go swimming in the sewers?!" She was already looking green around the gills!

Adora looked nervous, "Okay, I know it sounds bad, but you are the only one who could breathe underwater without someone else's magic helping you."

She held a hand in front of her mouth and squealed, "I think I'm seriously gonna throw up in a second just from the thought of it!"

Sora, Donald and Goofy looked at each other for a moment before the Keyblade's chosen spoke up, "So Adora, I really like your plan, but I got a quick favor to ask you. Could you lock the hallway door please?"

Adora raised an eyebrow, "Umm, okay?" She got up and locked the door before walking back, but before she could sit down, Sora summoned his Keyblade before pointing it at the door. There was a click before the door swung open.

"So, new plan. We do everything Adora said up to the point of everyone splitting up with Mermista going down the sewers. Once Entrapta and Perfuma do their part, I'll unlock the door and we all go in together!"

Adora looked excited, "Yes! Yes, I completely forgot you told me you could do that! This saves us so much trouble!"

Mermista on the other hand looked even more excited, "YES! Yes, this means I don't have to go down the sewers anymore! I could so kiss you for that!" She in fact did lunge over and gave him a heavy kiss on the cheek. Sora blushed immensely before the Princess's cheeks swelled, and she instantly grabbed his shoe sitting in the middle of everyone and proceeded to vomit in it. Sora and everyone else looked horrified as she did it twice more before looking up at him. "Sorry...it wasn't you, it was just the thought of the sewers still." She looked down and realized what exactly she just puked into. Her eyes snapped up and locked with his, "I...am sooooo...sorry."

Sora's eyes and eyebrows twitched before he let out a scream. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"


"Aaaaaand we're in." Entrapta skipped joyfulling in after Sora opened the door. She then sped to the console by the door and examined it. "Wow, this is amazing! Any sort of encryption that this terminal has access to is already decrypted! Even though I don't get a chance to have a crack at it, the very thought of having an all access key to ANYTHING is just too fascinating!" She then turned on her heels and jumped on Sora, bringing the two nose to nose. "Can you imagine all the possibilities that can be achieved with this power?! It could even go beyond and work on more than just technology! It could even be used to temper with and alter the human body and mind as well! How amazing would that be?!" She shook him back and forth, "The experimentations needed to be conducted, I can barely imagine them!" She stared unblinkingly into Sora's eyes, waiting for a response. Sora stared back, his eyes looking dull and a little lifeless.


Entrapta stared back with an ignorant smile, "...Yes! I'm so glad you got straight to the point! Not many people do that. Let us be off!" she hopped off and moved deeper into the base.

Mermista approached him with a forced smile, "Hey there buddy, you doing oka-"

Sora turned on his heels and snapped "Don't. Say. Anything. No one has to mention anything about it." Sora now looked frazzled and slightly deranged with his left eye twitching.

"Eep!" The Mermaid Princess jumped with her arms crossed and was barely balancing on one leg. She watched him follow after Entrapta and Perfuma inside. "Like, how long is he gonna be mad at me for?! I was washing his shoes the entire time then and on the way here! They are totally and thoroughly cleaned."

Adora patted her on the shoulder, "Yeah, expect a while."

Donald waddled to her side, "Those are his favorite shoes."

Goofy supplemented "And he's always been super duper big on his shoes. Ahhh, don't worry about it too much, in a week's time, things will be back to normal. Or if you're lucky, he'll forget all about it with how happy we'll be after we rescue our friends. You'll see."

Sea Hawk slid on one knee, a hand pointed forward, "Enough about shoes and barf, adventure awaits!" There was a small pause before he continued, "Also, really, us talking about it is actually starting to make me feel a little queasy myself."

Mermista slumped forward, "Oh God."

"He can't help you now! Only I can! ADVENTURE! Wait, already did that bit."

Three turns later in the corridor, Adora held up a fist and shushed everyone. A group of footsteps could be heard coming closer and closer. Adora pointed to a custodian's closet nearby that they crammed themselves into, and she quickly closed the door after them and waited. As soon as the footsteps faded, she got everyone's attention.

"We need to get to the information port at the prison's control deck. There, Entrapta and I could hack our way into the database and identify which cell block Glimmer and Bow are being detained in. We have to go down a level and take the service shaft to avoid detection, is everyone ready?"

Donald visibly looked around, "Uhh, where's Entrapta?"

Mermista's hand quickly found itself smacking her own face, "Oh, you've got to be kidding me."

Perfuma let out a choked cry, "Okay, she is really putting a crimp in my harmony! Did you know up in the watchtower, she forgot where we were and tried to upgrade the Horde's machine?! She nearly wandered off three times before I had to tie her up to me! ME! The one person here that believes that no thing should be leashed or chained like some lesser...Gahahaaa." Perfuma started crying again, quickly switching between angry and sad noises.

"Whoa, whoa!" Sora squeezed in front of her, "Easy now, Entrapta is still our friend. Sure, she sees things a little differently from us, but so do you. She means well is what's important."

Adora made some frustrated noises, "Except that we needed her to get us into the systems! My access privileges would have been revoked ages ago, so I can't get in alone!" She quickly took a deep breath, "It's okay, it's good. We'll find Entrapta, she's probably up in the air ducts again. Glimmer told me she had the habit of doing that back at her castle as it was being attacked by her evil robot army, so at least we know she's good at hiding. She'll probably find us first, so let's head to the prison and we'll figure out what to do from there."

Sneaking as best as they could, and with Adora leading them, everyone managed to get to the service shaft without being spotted. It was a tight squeeze and very slow going, but they all eventually made it to the prison's control deck. There was still no sign of Entrapta though.

"Come on!" Adora smacked her forehead after her sixth failed attempt at getting access and still failing. "Damn it, it's like I said, we need Entrapta to get through."

"Yes!" Sea Hawk pumped his fist excitedly. "I volunteer myself to lead a search team for our waaaayward friend and ally. It would be another addition to my fantastic tales of adventure to share! Imagine the awe faces as I retell my harrowing trails of storming through the Horde's stronghold...ADVENTURE!"

"No you don't!" Donald grabbed him by the back of his jacket. "We came this far without being caught, there's no way I'm gonna let you go off and screw this all up! You're staying put!" This was starting to feel like old times, working under the sea captain again.

Captain Sea Hawk looked down at him with big, wet eyes, "B-but adventure."

Goofy stepped in and tried to play mediator again...just like old times, "Lookie here Captain, I know that you feel that this is your chance to be brave and all, but this is a really bad idea. Right now we got a chance to save our friends and get out of here safely, but if you do this, who knows if we'll come out of this alright? Who knows what they might do with our friends, make them hostages even?" he implored with reasoning.

"Sea Hawk, they're right. Right now isn't the time for taking chances, especially reckless ones" Adora continued.

Mermista then snarked "I don't know? Getting him to run off might be beneficial instead of being a liability. I mean, he'd be out of our hair finally."

"But-but-but-" Sea Hawk was at a loss.

"It is kind of true that you have a high percentage of causing chaos and mayhem" Entrapta added, "And not the kind that I like. Those usually advance science."

Sora nodded, "Right, so how are we gonna find Entrapta?"

"ENTRAPTA?!" Everyone shouted.

"Yes! We are yelling! I love to yell! Although I thought we were on a sneaking mission? Seems kind of counterproductive to me, but I'm not in charge for a reason."

"Where have you been?!" Perfuma demanded.

"Where have you been?" Entrapta innocently asked back.

"We've been here!"

"I was somewhere else."

Sora tilted his head side to side, "I'm having a hard time trying to counter her logic...am I just not that smart?"

"Nah, she's just headache inducing" Mermista jabbed.

Adora jumped in between everyone, a stressed and nervous expression on her face, it looked like she was barely holding it together herself. "Cool heads everyone, cool heads. We're all here and together again. Entrapta?" she spoke slowly, but clearly, to the Pig-tailed Princess, "We need access through this door. Do you think you can get us in, undetected?"

She started back with a pause that matched hers, "Yes, no problem. Emily, come here girl!" Coming tapping around the corner was one of the one of the Horde's spherical droids. Before anyone could get ready in a defensive stance, Entrapta made introductions. "Everyone, I want you all to meet my new friends Emily. She's a Horde robot that I reprogrammed. Look, I even chance her red optic pink, isn't she so cute? Anyway, she's got a lot of access privileges so she can probably get the door open faster than I could. Think you could do it girl?" The droid blinked twice before it walked up to the console and a cable snaked out and connected to it. "One blink means yes, and two means no by the way."

Sora tapped his chin, "But it blinked twice now, so does that mean she can't?"

"No, no, no no no no. It's kind of like binary where a line starts with a 0. The 0 can be there, but it really doesn't count or mean anything. In Emily's case, the first blink just shows that she's about to say something."

Before the matter could be discussed any further, and be honest, there was no one around to really carry it on, the door opened. Two guards inside the prison control deck turned around curiously before Perfuma ensnared them with flowery vines followed by a strong kick to the heads, courtesy of Goofy and Mermista.

"Yes! Prison control is ours!" Adora ran up to the computer and started scrolling through the commands and list of prisoners. "Alright, I found Bow's cell! He's in Section B, Level 20, Cell 4. Wait, I don't see Glimmer listed anywhere! She should be here, why isn't she here?!" Adora finally began to lose it as she grasped at her chest and began to hyperventilate. "We've gotta find her! Where's Glimmer?!"

"Leader's finally snapped!" Mermista called out.

Sora, Donald and Goofy were by her in an instant. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Adora, easy there, calm down!"

"Don't give up yet! She's got to be around here somewhere!" Goofy tried to comfort.

"She's a high value prisoner, maybe she's somewhere more secured like near the officer's office or that Hordak?!" Donald tried to reason.

That actually seemed to have set her off even worse. "*Gasp* Near! *Gasp* Hordak?! *Gaaaasp*"

The trio jumped and looked around as they realized that things got worse. "Okay, okay, we can still do this Adora! What we can do is split up. You guys stay here and get Bow while Donald, Goofy and I go after Glimmer."

"You guys! *Gasp* Go after her *Gasp* alone?!"

"It's us, remember? We can take care of ourselves if we run into any trouble."

It looked like it did barely anything to help Adora, that's when Mermista walked up and shook her roughly, helping her snap out of it. "Hey, these three can take care of themselves! We still need you to get your head back in the game!"

That seems to have done the trick as she shook her head. "Right, right! Okay, let's split off! What you need to do Sora is go straight down that hallway, make a left, find the service shaft...wait no, what am I thinking?!" She then moved down to Donald and relayed the directions to the Force Captain Barracks and Offices to him instead.

"Hey! I can remember some directions!"

"Better to be safe than sorry. Just get going already!"

"Right!" With that, the Half-Pint Trios were off. Donald took the lead this time as he had the instructions well memorized, and as much as Sora didn't want to admit it, he'd already forgotten half the things Adora said. They did well enough avoiding soldiers, but they did have to knock out a few squads before dragging them into the several service shafts. Unfortunately it was gonna be a matter of time before an engineer discovers them, but it was the best hiding place they could work with. They then found a slightly more ornate doorway.

"That's gotta be the place" Goofy then scratched at his noggin, "So how do we do this? Guns ablazing?"

Sora nodded, "Yeah!"

"No!" Donald squawked. "We're going in quietly." Sora and Goofy looked at each other before nodding in agreement. The three then tiptoed their way in and looked for any clues. There were a few officers in the middle of their nap, and they looked exhausted still, one of them being Force Captain Scorpia. She was fun and a delight to be around, but right now, she's still the enemy. They had to be careful around her. Searching all the rooms and offices, yielded nothing, and there were no papers to look through, only computers, and there was no way any of them had a chance at getting in. They had to move on.

"What do we do now?" Sora asked.

"This place is just so darn big!"

Donald looked down every hall. "You're right, this place is big...should we split up and search, or do we do it together?" He, too, wasn't sure what the best course was.

Sora crossed his arms and thought as hard as he could. "Well, we still have the element of surprise on our hands, right? I think we should strike while the iron's hot. Let's split up and look for her!"


"You be careful now, okay Sora?" Goofy made sure.

Sora waved it off, "I'll be fine! You two be safe too!" He took off on his own and looked into several doors, but found nothing for a while. After what felt like a hundred doors (actually 31), the alarms began to scream throughout the hallways. "Uh-oh! They're finally on to us! At least I don't need to be as sneaky!" Sora instantly began to pick up the pace and threw caution to the air as he slammed through doors and put the beat down to any Horde Soldiers he came across. Then, he finally came to a stop in an odd room with a giant crystal in the center.

"What the heck is this place? Why does that look sort of like a-" Sora trailed off as he found the very person he was looking for and still dressed in her prom dress. "Glimmer!" She was kneeling down between two pylons with dark electricity crackling all around her and keeping her in place. She was unconscious.

"Who do you think you are, coming into my sanctuary like this?!" Sora jumped before turning to look at a grey skinned woman draped in a red robe and wore an unusual mask as her hair floated about as though she were underwater. "Ah, yes, the boy I saw through my scrying. Thought you could strut on in here and not receive punishment?! Obviously no one has taught you manners in the Rebellion."

"And obviously someone skipped out on the lessons on 'Don't kidnap people!'" Sora pointed at her, "Now give me back my friend! We're leaving here and there's nothing you can do about it!"

The woman sounded sad for him, like a disappointed teacher, "Oh dearie me, wrong on both accounts actually. You will not be leaving here as I can do something about it! Do you not know who I am?! Comprehend what I am capable of?! I am Shadow Weaver, I stand as Hordak's Right Hand, and am the Horde's Grand Spell Caster! You've come to your end!" Lightning crackled around her before shooting out a wave of dark electric powers at him. Sora dodge rolled away easily enough.

Sora made a silly face before mocking her "I'm Shadow Weaver, I'm almost in charge and I can magic. You can't even cast right!" A dark bolt of lightning struck at him from the ceiling. "Okay, maybe I stand corrected," Sora grunted before giving a smoky cough "but this isn't close to being over yet!" Sora jumped at her indirectly by hopping towards the giant crystal before leaping quickly at her then, but she teleported before making contact.

There was a chuckle in Shadow Weaver's throat as she mocked back, "I'm a prepubescent boy that's disrespectful and only knows how to swing a sword." She lifted a hand before shooting out another dark wave at him. Sora shot his Keyblade forward, catching the electricity before throwing it to the side where it crashed against the wall.

"I so did hit puberty, I'm 16! And just swing a sword?! Watch this! Fire!" Three firebolts shot out at her, but she waved an electrically charged arm and blocked it.

"Substandard magic. I'd be ashamed if I was your instructor. You'd never hold a candle to any of my students, let alone my powers." She shot a dark beam at him that he had to roll away from, but quickly found himself being pushed even further back as beam after beam was being fired at him. Any chance he could find, Sora would run up and try to take a swing at her, only for Shadow Weaver to teleport away.

"How are you able to teleport like Glimmer?! That's her power!"

"Ha! So shortsighted!" she laughed, "The pylons draining her powers are funneled into the Black Garnet, and the Black Garnet's powers feed into me! Simple math, really."

Sora smirked, "Simple, huh? Well, thanks for the info, all I need to do is some subtraction!" He jumped at the pylons holding Glimmer and swung his Keyblade at it, but before it made contact, the arcs of energy holding Glimmer attacked him and threw him back against the wall.

Shadow Weaver took delight at the scene as she held her hands together. "Whoopsies, don't you know the rules of Algebra? All variables first before subtraction. Once again, thank goodness I was never your instructor, I don't think I could have bared the shame of it."

Sora stood up while holding his side painfully, "Wow, and you're actually really good at smack talking too, I was not prepared for that."

"Few ever are." She held up her hand for another beam and fired, but Sora turned the crank up on this fight as he rushed at her while dodging. Taking another swing, Shadow Weaver teleported away once more, but Sore launched several Blizzard spells at the opposite end of the room. It worked! Shadow Weaver reemerged from her jump and found her feet trapped in ice.

"What the?!"

"Strike Raid!" Sora's Keyblade came at her like a spinning saw before striking at her. Sora threw his Keyblade at her again after it reappeared in his hand, but the first blow was enough to send her rolling across the icy floor. He ran up to her and pointed his Keyblade at her face, "Let Glimmer go, now!"

Shadow Weaver narrowed her eyes at him from behind her mask. "How about...no?" Her hand snatched at his ankle like a cobra before the world around Sora began to distort and melt away. Soon, everything went black, but he felt himself awake and standing.

"What happened?! Where am I?"

"Why, we're inside the Black Garnet, where my powers reign supreme! From here, I control the Darkness and Shadows. So let's see how well that puny little Light of yours holds up against my Darkness?!

Crackling, dark energy shot at him from every direction, and the pain was excruciating. He fried the Darkness doing all it could to penetrate him every direction, and he tried everything he could think of to counter it, but his powers were still weak after his failure of the Mark of Mastery. He couldn't break free! Sora could only shout in pain as Shadow Weaver's laughter echoed around him.


The alarm was cut off as Donald stomped on the speakers multiple times before it finally died. "WHAAAAHAAAHAHAA! Took long enough for this thing to finally shut up!"

Goofy rubbed his sensitive ears before looking at the pile of knocked out Horde Soldiers they made. The moment the alarm began to blair, they all came out like angry hornets out of the nest and attacked them. They were NOT expecting the likes of Donald's magic and stubbornness or Goofy's strength and tenacity. "Garsh, I sure do hope Sora is and the others are all okay."

Donald shook his head in frustration, "Which one of those nincompoops set off the alarm?! It has to either be Sora or Sea Hawk!" He stomped his foot again.

"Should we try to find the others and regroup, or keep looking for Glimmer?"

"Either! This place is a maze, who knows who we're gonna find first?!"

"Oooor~" A new voice entered the fray, "who's gonna find you first?" Donald and Goofy turned to look at the familiar figure of Scorpia. She was alone, but she didn't look intimidated or ready to back down. Then her stance relaxed, "Hey guys, great seeing you two again! Not so great that you guys are here, cause that means you're invading and stuff, which is bad. But still, always glad to see some friendly faces! By the way, what did you think of my 'or who's gonna find you first' line? I mean, I've been holding on to that one for a few years now, and I am SO glad I finally got to use it! On friends no less! So, some feedback, cause I've got this six page long list of one liners practically unused, and it's all just killing me! Also, hoping that there are no hard feelings with the whole 'kidnapping your friends' dealing from earlier at the prom. It's still a war after all, even though that night was SO much fun before the nasty business had to go down!"

Goofy crossed his arms, "Indeed there are hard feelings!"

"You took our friends when I tried to give you an honest chance!" Donald pointed out, remembering their time together at the Princess Ball.

She sharply sucked the air through her teeth, "Yeah, real sorry about that. Trust me, that wasn't my idea, but hey, orders are orders."

"And who knows what terrible things you're doing to Glimmer and Bow!" Donald added further.

Scorpia shook her claws, "What?! No, no, no, no, no, no! You see, they're Hordak's guest, so they totally get the safe treatment until the exchange or negotiation is complete."

Goofy became really furious with that. "Oh yeah?! What about when King Micah came to try and negotiate with the Horde at the beginning of the war?! You Horde folks took him and no one's seen him again! You killed him!"

Scorpia had a vacant expression before she tried to think, "King who now?"

"King Micah!"

"Who's that?"

"Queen Angella's husband before the Horde killed him at the start of the war!"

The Horde Force Captain looked shocked at that, "What?! No way something like that happened! The Horde doesn't work that way." She then snorted "I mean, killing a king in the middle of negotiations, really, how crazy and evil does someone gotta be to do that? I'll tell you this, not the Horde."

"Yes, the Horde!"

"Don't you know how hard it was on the Queen when you all took her husband away?! It broke her heart! It broke Glimmer's heart" Goofy shouted.

Scorpia tried to wave her claws to diffuse the situation, "Look, I'm sure that it's some sort of misunderstanding. First of all, are we sure that there really was a king?" she genuinely asked.

"Yes there was!" Goofy yelled before brandishing his shield, "And we're not gonna let you do the same thing you did to him to his daughter!"

"Yeah!" Donald waved his staff and made a bolt of lightning strike down at her from the ceiling.

The woman felt the hair on the back of her neck stand on end and knew she had to move away before the bolt came down. Rolling back on her feet, she challenged, "Like I said, I'm sure that this is one big misunderstanding. So let's fight this out for now, and later on I'll try asking around and get some answers. Send a letter out to you guys later to clear everything right up, then we can go back to being friends...hopefully...assuming the war doesn't ultimately destroy us all...we'll see!" Her tail then immediately shot out and collided with Goofy's shield with enough force to send him sliding back into the wall and denting it. She then went for Donald and swung her claws at him, making the wizard fall back while trying to smack her back with his staff.

"Fire!" A fireball shot at her, sending her back and making her pat her smoking chest down before it ignited.

Goofy rolled his shield around his finger before making it fly out and ricochet off the walls and bash the Force Captain on face before hitting the wall and then her backside. Her tail swatted it away, but the shield somehow made its way back to its knight.

Scorpia wiped at her bleeding, busted lip, "Okay, that whole shield throwing thing...really cool, but we're not done yet!" She charged at the two with great speed.

"You like cool?!" Donald shouted, "Try this then! Blizzard!"

"Whoa!" She dodged to her right, but she looked down and saw that her left claw was encased in solid ice. "Too cold!" She still kept her momentum up and bashed Goofy's shield with the frozen claw, both sending him back and freeing her appandidge.

He swung back in the form of his Goofy Tornado, but she rolled away after the fourth strike found its mark. Donald summoned forth another Thunder spell, but again, Scorpia had the instinct to dodge the lightning at the last possible second. Donald casted more Blizzard spells at her, but there was so much she could do to avoid the icy attacks before she found her legs frozen to the floor and unable to move.

"Oh geez!" her voice shuttered as she tried to break free, but failed. "Oh geez!" she said again as she felt herself shivering mad. "Now you see, that's unfair, two on one!"

Goofy walked up to her, fists on his hips, "Look here, Scorpia, you seem like a swell gal-"

"Awww, t-thank you!"

"But these Horde fellas you're hanging out with are no good, and you should do yourself a favor by-" *WACK* "-By-by-by...bye-bye~" Goofy then collapsed and lost consciousness.

"Goofy!" Donald cried. Even though most of Scorpia's legs were frozen and trapped, her tail was still free and managed to strike out and sting the Royal Guard.

"S-s-s-s-sorry about in-interrupting him. I d-don't know how m-much long-ger I can wait bef-fore I lose f-feeling in my t-tail. S-still f-f-friends, r-right?"

The wizard just stared at her with a deadpan expression.

Adora led the others down hallway after hallway with soldiers on their tails. "Turn left, turn left!" They all turned, "We're almost there!"

They ran into an intersection where there were more soldiers, but they were running in a different direction.

"Thunder!" Lightning poured out of the corridor the group was running into before throwing them all back into the wall.

"Donald!" Adora called out before leading the others in there. What they found was the wizard trying to drag a knocked out Goofy on his shield with what looked like little success. "Goofy?! What happened?!"

"Adora, Bow, everyone?! We fought Scorpia, but she stung him with her tail! Where's Sora and Glimmer?!"

Bow winced, "Ohh, that hurts. No idea where Sora is, but Glimmer is in the Black Garnet Chamber, we're after her now!"

Adora rushed over and picked up Goofy before shoving him into Sea Hawk's arms. "Carry him, everyone, this way!" She eventually led them to a locked door that she looked to Entrapta to open. She complied without orders. "Can you get it opened?!"

"I just need a little bit more time!" she said as she worked the controls. Everyone else looked back nervously as more soldiers could be heard running towards them, but heard the Genius Princess shout in triumph. "Yes! I got this girl singing like a robotic canary!"

Adora pointed to the opening door, "This vent system leads to the vehicle bay where you all can steal a skiff. It's both a sterilization and a security system, so each chamber needs to be sealed and purged before you can move on to the next. Each chamber is gonna stay open for a few seconds so keep up the pace!" she ordered.

Everyone began to move forward with the process, but not Adora. Donald and Bow noticed this and turned back. "Adora, what are you doing?!" the wizard squawked.

"We need to stick together, come on!"

She turned back and looked down at Donald, "Donald, I'm trusting you to get everyone out of here. Don't worry about me, I'm gonna buy you guys the time you need, and try to find Glimmer and Sora. We'll try to meet up with you, okay?"


Donald stomped his feet, "No way! Sora can take care of himself and find Glimmer! You're coming with us!" The two ran to try and grab her before the door closed, but they didn't make it. It closed shut in their faces.

"Adora! Adora!" Bow banged his fist against the metal doors, but Donald noticed flames flickering out of the corners of the hallway. He grabbed Bow's hand and pulled.

"There's no time, we have to move now!"

Bow looked around and gulped as he realized what was about to happen. They ran into the next chamber right before it was sealed off, and saw the flames go off just in time.

"Keep moving!" Donald yelled. They all kept moving with Emily having to access each doorway to open so they could proceed, and each time it felt like that they were cutting it closer and closer.

"How many doors are there?!" Perfuma cried, feeling her nerves rise, rightly so.

"Doesn't matter!" Mermista shouted, "We keep going until we're through!"

Sea Hawk grunted as they jumped in through the next chamber, "Who knows how much longer we can keep this up?! But if we get out of this alive, it will be my greatest adventure to share yet!"

The next door nearly closed on the android's leg on its way into the next chamber.

Bow yelled "We need to find a way back around so we can get back to Glimmer, Adora and Sora! We're not leaving without them!"

"No!" Donald argued, "We keep to our assignment! We grab a skiff and stay safe until we can pick up everyone else!"

"But what if they can't make it out on their own?!"

"They will! Sora and Adora are too stubborn and thick headed to lose! I've seen it from Sora a thousand times before, and Adora's almost as bad as him! And if we can't trust and believe in our friends, then we've already lost!" Donald yelled.

Everyone felt a nervous chill run down their spines as they kept moving. Soon, they came to a door that opened to the vehicle bay. "Finally, we made it! Time to put my captaining skills to the test!" Sea Hawk yelled as he charged forward at the standing guards.

They were all in the clear except one. Entrapta looked back as Emily struggled with her connection cable stuck in the interface. "Wait, Emily, I'm coming for you!"

"Entrapta, no!" Perfuma sent a vine to catch her, but it bounced off the doors as it closed behind her. They all looked on in horror as flames could be seen trying to escape through the cracks.




Donald screeched as he ran up the door and started banging against it, "WHAAHAHAHAAA!" He then rushed over and tried to work the controls next to it. "Entrapta, we're coming!"

Bow ran up and scooped him up in his arms, "Donald, it's too late! She's gone!"

"No! My healing magic can save her!"

"No!" Bow felt a tear run down his eye, "Didn't you see those flames?! She's already been incinerated, turned to ash! Donald, it's too late!" He felt the wizard become still in his arms before setting him down. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry" he cried.

Donald began to shake before his white feathers turned blood red. "WHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Donald completely snapped as he turned and ran against the room still filled with Horde Soldiers guarding the vehicle bay before unleashing spell after spell to completely obliterate the bay area and nearly all the vehicles and soldiers in it.

Adora looked around nervously as she was brought ever closer to Shadow Weaver's Chamber by her arms escort. Her surrendering was her only option to get close to Glimmer and not be shot to death. Still didn't help her feel any less nervous. The door to the chamber opened, and that's where she saw her captive friend, held by two pylons emitting angry red energy that kept her kneeling upright.

"Glimmer! Glimmer, I'm here for you! Just hang on!" She barely stirred in response. "Gimmer! What did you all do to her?! Where's Shadow Weaver?!" Adora yelled at her escort. She then saw her former best friend leaning against the wall. "Catra! What did you do to her! I swear, if you kill her, I'll never forgive you!"

Catra glared at her, "I don't know what they're doing, and honestly, none of my business." She tapped her foot impatiently. "And where is Shadow Weaver?!" she yelled at the escort as well.

A dark energy shone through the Black Garnet before a shadow emerged and took the form of the spellcaster. "No need to shout, my dear, for I'm always near...and listening." She waved her hand before a table with straps rose from the ground. "You two, bring Adora there now!"

The guards shoved the girl and forced her down where the straps magically tied themselves around her.

"Yes, good, now leave us" she ordered everyone. The Horde Soldiers marched out, but Shadow Weaver stopped Catra with a hand to the shoulder. "Report to the Force Captain Barracks and pack your things. Now that Adora is back, there's no need for you there."

"...Seriously?" Catra asked with disbelief, "After everything I've done for you, you're gonna toss me aside like garbage because you still want her over me?!"

"I said go!" She grabbed the girl by the arm and threw her into the doorframe.

There was a moment's pause as Catra looked up at Adora, and she back at her before the door closed between the two.

Adora...actually felt her heart ache for her. No, that's not too unbelievable. She was still her best friend, and it always hurt her to see Catra get mistreated like that. She shook her head, there was no time for that. "Shadow Weaver, I'll stay here with you willingly, whatever you say, whatever you want, I'll do it. Just please, let Glimmer go."

Moaning. Adora's head snapped to the side where Glimmer was, she was coming to. "Adora, no, please, you can't."

"Glimmer! Are you okay?!"

There was a deep chuckle from Shadow Weaver, "Oh, my precious Adora. There is no need for me to compromise, after all, what you say is true and correct. You will be mine once more as you stay willingly." She chuckled again, "But that's probably because I'm going to wipe out those pesky memories of yours. All those little annoying memories from the moment you first found that sword. Away will the memories be of She-Ra or your time spent with the Rebellion." She then swooned, "Soon, everything will be as it once was! Won't that be lovely?! Ahhhh~ ...as for the Princess, well, once I'm done, you'll be happy to keep her as your prisoner. I might almost find it too cruel as I make you torture her a little here and there. I mean, really, the thoughts that would be shooting through her mind, even I find that to be a tad cruel and unusual." Shadow Weaver then turned to the Black Garnet, "As for your other friend…"

"O-other friend?!" Adora struggled with her bonds.

"Yes, the spiky one named Sora. I'm yet sure of what I want to do with him?"

"What did you do to Sora?!" Adora demanded.

She could hear the smile behind the mask, "Honestly, I'm not even sure what's happening to him. Currently I have him trapped in the Black Garnet Runestone. All the dark, tainted magic I've created during all my research and experiments are coursing through him, and it does seem as painful as it sounds, judging from his screams at least. He and the Garnet will make a fantastic research experiment when it's all done. Ah well, I'll make the best of him for you when this is all over. Time will only tell."

Shadow Weaver then began to approach with her hands glowing, and they were quickly making their way to Adora's face. She struggled and thrashed side to side to escape her grip. "No, please, don't do this! Anything but this! Please, let me go!" Her cries fell on deaf ears as the witch's magic grew ever closer. "No! NO! AHHHHHHHH!"

"ADORA!" Glimmer cried out as she watched dark energy crackle around her friend and she trashed and screamed agonizingly. Glimmer struggled and pulled as hard as she could against her restraints, but just as it had done during her captivity, it worked twice as hard to keep her down. She attempted to teleport again, but the pylon's energy simply sapped her magic the harder she tried, she was nearly out at this point! ...But if she gave up now, the Rebellion would not only lose She-Ra, Adora would resume her life with them. Memories of Adora's stories in the Horde were terrible, she could never let her fall back into their fold!

Glimmer pushed herself harder than she's ever done before to teleport in her life, the energy feedback from the pylons felt like it was gonna zap the life out of her any moment now, but she only pushed harder. Her form began to blur into a pink ball of energy as it tried to escape the dark, electrical field. Her screams coming in and out before the mechanical limits of the pylons were finally reached when they exploded. The Princess finally teleported out and reappeared next to Shadow Weaver before landing a magically infused haymaker up her chin, sending the woman up in the air before she crashed down.

Glimmer quickly rushed to Adora's side before undoing the latches keeping her secured. "Adora, are you okay?!" Shadow Weaver's words echoed in her ears, "Do you know who I am?" she asked fearfully.

Adora moaned as she cracked an eye at her. "Mmmh, Glimmer? Yeah, don't think I can forget the friend that's always being screamed at by her mom." Glimmer tearfully grabbed and hugged the older girl, relieved that she was still her friend, before helping her up on her feet.

However, before they could take a single step, Shadow Weaver's voice shouted out "You insufferable little child! Do you even comprehend how long it took me to prepare that spell?! Literal weeks, and you've completely ruined it!" She stood up to her full height with shaking fists. "I will make you pay for the loss of all my planning and prepping! And Adora, one way or another, you will be mine once again, even if I have to break! Your! Body!" She waved her arms around and streams of dark energy launched from the Black Garnet and cascaded her form.

"Glimmer, get behind me!" Adora, despite her exhaustion, shoved the smaller girl behind her.

"Feel my wrath!" Before Shadow Weaver could launch her attack, another burst of dark energy escaped the Black Garnet and interrupted her spell. The three watched as a dark blur crashed and ricocheted off the chamber walls before coming to a stop behind the Horde's Second in Command. They all took a cautious step back as the smoky, dark figure squirmed and moved erratically on the floor. It then suddenly stopped in place, almost like it was frozen in time before it turned its head at them with a quick snap. It had angry, glowing amber eyes and had...familiar spikey locks of hair...and a crown shaped necklace dangling?

"I-is that...Sora?" Glimmer asked, feeling her insides go cold at the sight of his state.

"S-Sora, is that you?" Adora called out softly before sliding herself and Glimmer away from the being.

It was then Anti-Sora began to stand up and look around the room with his empty orbs. Shadow Weaver challenged him, "You! Stay away from me and Adora! You are a product of my creation, and you will do as I say!" Anti-Sora simply stood there, almost looking like a statue if it weren't for the wafting dark energy from him. Then it happened all at once.

As if at the drop of a coin, chaos broke out as Anti-Sora ran on all fours like a crazed beast at the sorceress, who in return, shot multiple dark blasts at him before teleporting. Anti-Sora evaded them all before chasing her around the chamber, even appearing to be gliding at times. The process repeated itself twice more before Anti-Sora finally caught up to the Horde Witch. Anti-Sora didn't use his Keyblade or any particular fighting style he and Adora had gone over during their time together, instead his clawed hands scratched and punched her all over wildly before he picked her up and threw her across the room. Shadow Weaver screamed as Anti-Sora picked her up by the collar and rammed her into the Black Garnet three times, each time dark sparks of energy would jump out. The sorceress slumped down unconscious with a moan.

Glimmer felt herself become petrified at his terrifying and brutal show of power, and Adora fearfully tried to get her to the door as quietly as possible. At Glimmer's shuttered gasp, Anti-Sora's head snapped around and made eye contact with them. The two screamed as they tried to make it to the door, but Glimmer's legs still wouldn't work. Before they knew it, Anti-Sora was already looming over them and looked down at them.

It felt time had froze as they all stared off against each other, and Adora and Glimmer could feel time getting closer to their impending doom, but it didn't. They all just remained where they were and time dragged on. The two girls looked at each other.

"He's just standing there, what is he doing?!" Glimmer whimpered.

"Why are you asking me?!" Adora hissed back.

"Because you were mind controlled and were taken to the dark side!"

"I have no memory of anything that happened! You even had to show me the recording!"

Glimmer whimpered more under Anti-Sora's blank stare before trying to flash him a smile. "Hey Sora, it's me, Glimmer, do you remember me and Adora?"

An 'Eep' escaped her throat as Anti-Sora's face was almost nose to nose with her, but he nodded his head quickly (a rattling noise was almost heard). The two blinked and screamed as Anti-Sora picked the two up in a hug and did something very Soraish, he started dancing with the two playfully before dropping them and hopping around in the same silly dance he did with Adora during the All-Princess Ball. He then brought his hands to his ears and attempted to make silly faces at them, at least assumingly since he lacked the ability to display such things.

Tears were poking out at the corner of Adora's eyes before she laughed out, "He's still Sora under there!" At that, Anti-Sora stopped to give her two thumbs up and another quick nod.

Glimmer broke down in tears and cried, "Then we're gonna live!"

Adora helped Glimmer up to her feet properly before walking up to their currently odder than usual friend. "Okay Sora, I'm gonna take a guess and say you can't talk right now?" He nodded. "How long are you gonna be like that for?" He gave an animated shrug. Adora rolled her eyes, "Great, is there anything you could tell us?" Despite the single expression Anti-Sora was currently capable of having, he still somehow gave her a deadpanned look before pointing at his mouth. Adora looked embarrassed, "Right, right, I know! I just said that." She took a deep breath, "Okay, this is something we've got to figure out, but right now we've got to get out of her asap!"

Adora and Glimmer then made their way to the door, but Anti-Sora jumped in their path and stopped them. He then pointed to Adora and pretended to be playing with a sword.

Glimmer gasped, "That right! Adora, we need to find She-Ra's Sword of Protection!"

She looked around nervously before gulping, "I-don't know where to look for it." She looked downcasted, "If Shadow Weaver doesn't have it here in her chamber, then there's no telling where it could be. It could be in Hordak's hands for all we know. We shouldn't- we can't go up against him as we are now, he's too powerful." Adora then looked resolute, "We're leaving now, without the sword."

Anti-Sora put his hands on her shoulder, but Adora flinched as she watched him twitch oddly. Glimmer came and put a hand on top of hers, "Adora, are you sure that's what we should do?"

Without a second thought, she nodded. "We're gone. Let's go!" She led them out the door and down the corridor. They hardly met any resistance, but anyone they met, Anti-Sora would mercilessly beat to a pulp. He was more excessive and violent than what he'd normally be, but he still left them alive and breathing. After too many hallways to count, Adora and Glimmer began to ascend some stairs as Anti-Sora beat up some more pursuers, but the door closed in on their faces.


They heard a terrible screeching and turned to see Catra encroaching on them with She-Ra's sword being dragged against the wall. She was already blocking the stairwell.

Adora turned Glimmer around and ordered urgently, "Get us back down those stairs!"

Glimmer nodded before grabbing her and tried to teleport, but something went wrong as she screamed in pain as Shadow Weaver's dark magic sparked off of her. "No! I can't! Something's wrong!" she cried in pain.

Adora moved her friend behind her as she faced against her former friend. The two locked eyes as Catra swung the sword and pointed it at her. After a pause between the two, she turned the sword around and offered Adora the handle.

"What are you doing?" she asked cautiously.

"Take it." The two locked eyes again, "This is not because I like you...this is Shadow Weaver's mess. If she's gonna fail, she's gonna fail hard. It's the least I owe her."

Slowly Adora took her sword back before looking at her sadly, "Catra, I-"

"Just-!" Catra interrupted, "-get out of here." She looked away from her old friend. A dark blur then fell from the ceiling before Anti-Sora wrapped his arms around her in a hug. Catra let out a very feline sounding scream as she struggled in, from her perspective, a dark monster's grasp.

Adora and Glimmer let out a laugh as the former tried to calm her down. "Catra, easy, easy, it's only Sora!"

Catra flailed all the more harder, "This thing is your freak friend?! How is he even freakier?! That doesn't even seem possible!" she screamed while pushing her hand against his face.

Adora put her hand on her hip and looked smug. "Shadow Weaver's magic. That just proves that no matter how much a friend can change, deep down, your friend is still in there. Think that there's still a chance for us?"

"Paa-lease!" Catra still struggled and squirmed, and was now being held upside down. "Will you get this guy off me already?!" She was now rapidly kicking at Anti-Sora's face.

Adora laughed as she got between the two and managed to get Catra out of his arms. "There, see? He's not so bad if you know how to handle him."

The Horde Captain scoffed at her, "Just transform and get out of here already! More soldiers are gonna be here soon!"

She nodded before holding the Sword of Protection up, "For the honor of Grayskull!' In a flash of lights, She-Ra now stood in Adora's place. Looking around for her friend, she could see Catra was already gone. Anti-Sora was even looking down the stairwell after her. With a sigh, She-Ra smashed the sealed door down before picking Glimmer up under one arm and charged down the corridor with Anti-Sora by her side. Unfortunately, it was halfway through to the exit that whatever magic was binding Sora was finally dispelled, and it left too weak to carry on.

"Sora!" She-Ra turned around and knelt besides him.

Glimmer escaped her grasp, "Carry him, I can run still!"

Sora moaned as She-Ra picked him up, "We did good, right? Mission accomplished?"

She nodded "Yeah. Mission complete." She looked concerned for him when his eyes rolled back and lost consciousness.

Glimmer was there to reassure her, "Don't worry, he's just passed out I think." She-Ra sighed in relief before carrying him securely in her arms. The three continued on their way and found an exit with She-Ra leading the charge and bulldozing anyone that got in their way.

"If everyone listened to me, they should have grabbed a skiff by now and are somewhere around the perimeter looking to pick us up!" She-Ra informed. Oddly enough, there was no one outside to stop them, and soon they saw a skiff with some familiar and friendly faces.

"Guys, over here!" She waved to them. Catching their attention, the skiff turned and met up with them where She-Ra picked Glimmer up and literally hopped on board. They were now on their way home...but something was missing from their picture as She-Ra faced everyone, and everyone's downcasted expressions helped confirm that. "Guys, where's Entrapta?"

Donald's eyes began to water up as he crossed his arms and looked away, others followed suit.

There was a pause as everyone had a hard time to say it, but Bow finally managed. "Entrapta… she didn't make it."

That stopped her cold, "What do you mean?"

Mermista pounded her fist on the rails, leaving a painful dent. "She's gone, okay?! She tried to go back for her stupid robot when it got stuck, and now she's dead!" She instantly turned her head away before sniffing and wiping her eyes.

She-Ra slowly shook her head, "No, no, no, she can't be gone." She carefully laid the unconscious Sora next to Goofy. "No Princess left behind, remember?! We have to go back!"

Mermista snapped "She's dead!" There were tears freely falling down, "She didn't make it out of that fucking chamber, and she got fucking incinerated!" Perfuma started crying again at her outburst. Glimmer hugged Bow and cried as well. Sea Hawk kept his mouth shut for once and focused on steering. Donald...he looked like he was ready to explode.

She-Ra fell to her knees, "No."

~Alternate Scene~

A/N: This was an alternate scene I wrote if everyone had went along with Adora's plan. Obviously because of Sora's use of the Keyblade, half of the plan didn't even need to be used. Also, I felt that this scene doesn't mesh nearly as well as other things I have written for this story, so I felt it doesn't quite belong either. However, I felt that this scene was unique and humorous enough to include here for you guys to read and know what could have been. I would like to add that I genuinely felt that Princess Mermista's reaction to having to perform the dirtiest job went both unrecognized and wasn't given enough justice or reaction, so expect some fouler language than usual. There's a reason that this fanfic is Rated T. As an extra reminder, this is noncanon.

The plan has been going according so far as Sora, Donald, and Goofy waited outside their Entry Point after knocking out the guards when the lights went out. Assumingly, Mermista was now in the sewers trying to get into the nearest corridor. Several long minutes passed by, and the trio were getting a little nervous that their knocked out guards would soon be missed. Soon enough, the door finally opened and they saw the Mermaid Princess.

"You made it!" The three ran up to her before stopping in their tracks and gagged from the foulest smell emanating from her. "Oh dear God! Mermista, you stink!"

She feigned surprise, "What?! Oh no, really?! I WONDER WHY?!" Goofy stumbled away even further because of his stronger sense of smell with Donald immediately by his side.

Sora gagged again, "No, I mean, I knew it would smell, but this is ridiculous!"

An angry smile pulled at her cheeks, "Thank you so very much for reminding me...now let's go already!"

Sora felt himself baby barf before taking another step back, "Maybe we can take an extra minute to let you air out or something? Something to spray you down with, maybe?"

Mermista's patience finally ran out. The Mermaid Princess turned around and jumped at him, wrapping herself as tightly as she possibly could while rubbing herself and excess sewage onto him. "What's wrong?! Does this little stink bother you that much?! Here, let me help you get used to it! Lick me, I fucking dare you, LICK ME ANYWHERE! THAT WAY YOU CAN GET A TASTE OF WHAT I HAD WHEN GALLONS OF SEWAGE GOT FLUSHED INTO EVERY DAMN PART OF ME! MY MOUTH, MY NOSE, MY EYES AND EARS, EVERYTHING DOWN SOUTH! I WILL BE SMELLING AND TASTING THIS FOR A WEEK!"

Sora struggled against her, but felt himself paralzed and unable to do anything but cry "I'M SORRY, I'M SORRY! PLEASE FORGIVE ME, I'LL STOP COMPLAINING! I WON'T SAY ANOTHER WORD, PLEASE, JUST STOP! I CAN'T, I CAN'T!"

She then yelled in unbridled anger with her hands dangerously close to wrapping around his neck "FUCKING LICK ME ALREADY, TASTE MY MISERY YOU MOTHER FU-!"


Sora would use his water magic to hose the two of themselves off, and all agreed to never, ever speak of this again. They then went inside to let the others in.

~End Alternate Scene~

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