Chapter 6: The Return of Princess Fragrance

Adrien Agreste was in the middle of another job as a model in the park when Volpina interrupted him. "Transform, Cat Noir." She demanded.

"I'm not Cat Noir." Adrien pleaded and showed his hands. "I'm not even wearing a ring."

"You must be hiding it somewhere but I had enough of your lies." Volpina accused.

"You? Calling me a liar?" Adrien was amazed at her hypocrisy.

Meanwhile, Chloe was running away in fear because Princess Fragrance and a brainwashed Sabrina were chasing her. "You have no place to hide, Antibug." Princess Fragrance declared.

"I'm not Antibug anymore!" Chloe declared in despair.

"As you said, once a villain, always a villain." Sabrina replied.

"I didn't mean it that way and I wasn't a villain." Chloe declared. "Ladybug hurt me but I eventually forgave her."

Princess Fragrance was then tripped by a yo-yo. "Ladybug?" Princess Fragrance, Sabrina and Chloe asked together.

"It was about time." Chloe arrogantly said. "Now give me the Bee Miraculous so I can help you."

"I already have enough help, thank you very much." Ladybug replied as she showed Rena Rouge and Cat Noir. The three of them started attacking but Princess Fragrance tried to spray her perfume at Cat Noir. Rena Rouge got in the way and was brainwashed instead.

'All according to plan.' Ladybug thought. "Lucky Charm!"

Meanwhile, Volpina was still chasing Adrien when Hawk Moth interrupted her. "Stop wasting your time with that reporter's crazy theory, Volpina." Hawk Moth demanded. "At this very moment Princess Fragrance needs your help with Ladybug and Cat Noir."

"It must be some illusion created by Rena…" Volpina tried to argue but Hawk Moth interrupted her.

"Rena Rouge cannot be behind any illusions helping the heroes because she's under Princess Fragrance's control at this very moment!" Hawk Moth counter-argued. "Now go!"

"Yes, Hawk Moth." She begrudgingly obeyed and left Adrien alone.

By the time she arrived, Ladybug's healing wave was already restoring everyone to normal. "Pound it!" Ladybug and Cat Noir said and then fist bumped each other.

"Cat Noir, Hawk Moth might have been right all along about you not being Adrien Agreste but your loved Ladybug will pay for what she did to me." Volpina declared.

"Volpina, if that was because my apology wasn't done in front of Adrien Agreste, I didn't know about that aspect of your culture back then." Ladybug explained after she left, detransformed, fed Tikki a cookie, and transformed again. "Take me to him and I'll apologize in front of him but leave us alone afterwards."

Volpina obviously wasn't expecting that. "Okay."

"NO!" Hawk Moth replied. "It must be a trick."

"It's worth the risk." Volpina shrugged.

"I'll deakumatize you!" Hawk Moth threatened.

"Okay then." She dismissed him.

One apology later, a happy Lila was offered a ride from Agreste Manor to her home. "So, is Volpina no more?" Adrien asked.

"I hope so, Adrien." Ladybug replied. "Goodbye." She added and then she, Cat Noir and Rena Rouge left.

One day later, Adrien returned to Master Fu's to meet the others. "Nino, you did a good impression of Cat Noir." Adrien commented. "Your 'pound it' was good for a first timer."

"Thanks, but I'm surprised my Cat Noir look was so identical to yours." Nino commented.

"It was deliberate on my part, Nino." Plagg said. "I could give you an original look but that would've defeated the purpose of having another Cat Noir this time around."

"Okay, Plagg." Nino replied and then readied himself to remove the Ring Miraculous. "Now I'm hanging you back to Adrien. I like you but I don't want to smell like camembert cheese."

"You don't know what you're missing." Were Plagg's last words before he was sucked back into the ring. Adrien then put it on and the cheese-loving kwami returned. "Adrien, is there any camembert back home?" He asked.

"Yes, Plagg." Normally, Adrien would be annoyed at his kwami's obsession with cheese but this time he was so glad to have him back he didn't mind.

"Then let's get back home." Plagg demanded.

"Not so fast, Plagg." Adrien replied and then handed Marinette a piece of paper. "That's the date and place of my next modelling session. Will you be there?"

"I… I…" Marinette was too tongue-tied to properly reply.

"She will be there, Adrien." Alya reassured him. "Don't worry."

"Okay, Alya." Adrien replied. "Goodbye, My Lady."

"What?" Marinette recovered herself. It seemed she felt more comfortable around her loved one when he spoke as Cat Noir instead of Adrien.


Author's Note: While I really started writing this fic before I watched any Season 3 episodes, I ended up incorporating elements from one episode in this chapter.