Among the stars in the far, far galaxy, many planets resided calmly in the wild, always active universe. But there was one that stood out the most: the five pointed star shaped planet Popstar. It's luscious greens filled with peaceful life, crystal clear oceans surrounding the land and benevolent creatures maintaining the wonder made it one of the most benevolent if passive planets in the universe. Even then there was a special place on this planet: Dream Land.

On the grassy, flowery fields of Dream Land there was a small dome like building near the blossoming tree. Under it, one small, round jolly pink fellow slept, perhaps dreaming about sweets once again. The name of the fellow was none other than Kirby, Popstar's most sung hero. Napping was one of his most common activities to do along with eating, playing with his friends and saving Pop Star from numerous threats, even when he's against all odds. Not far away from his home stood a rather large castle, owned none other by the (self proclaimed) monarch King Dedede. The penguin with a huge gut had his own little troops Waddle Dees under his belt, but all they did was maintaining Dream Land's benevolent status while he played chess with some of his minions. Sometimes he liked to cause ruckus, but other than that he has accepted his fate as Kirby's friend.

There was a lively forest near the castle, filled with jovial flowers and poetic birds. The forest itself was guarded by the humongous sentient but benevolent tree named Whispy Woods, who provided them food with a sincere smile on his face. Flowers and animals alike hanged around Whispy Woods as their guardian took care of them.

From the hill above the castle one could see almost all of Popstar from a far, be it Dream Land, the dusty desert, sparkling ocean, prancing forest, tranquil polar cap and more that the planet has to offer. One masked swordsman stood on it, watching above the resting Dream Land like a falcon.

"Hmmm…." wondered Meta Knight to himself as he observed. "It's been rather quiet as of late. However, I feel some kind of dread in the air, as if Pop Star has yet to face it's greatest threat yet. It's been long since the last adversary aggression and Kirby has disposed of them without any setbacks. Now I ask myself this: will he be prepared for any possible future threat? Will Dream Land itself be prepared?"

While Meta Knight watched over Dream Land, everyone was busy doing their own things: Kirby was still sleeping under the tree, Dedede played chess with one of his colleagues (and was losing), Whispy Woods was guarding the forest and the population was just mindlessly relaxing. A typical sight of every day Pop Star. Yet the aura of dread couldn't just shake off from him.

Suddenly, a massive shadow engulfed the entire area of Dream Land as the temperatures dropped. Meta Knight looked above and saw the cause of sudden darkness. A massive celestial body in the shape of an asteroid with kilometers long tentacles spawning from its body, blocked the sun as it rapidly descended from the orbit. It appeared to aim for the desert as it burned through the atmosphere of Pop Star. Without hesitation, Meta Knight jumped off the hill and glided as quickly as possible towards the direction of the dome like structure.

A gust of wind struck Kirby's face once Meta Knight successfully landed near him, waking him up in the process. After regaining full consciousness from waking up and Meta Knight pointing at the ever descending astral body, Kirby panicked before he dashed off towards the looming threat. Out of a sudden, Meta Knight received a signal from one of his henchmen.

"Sir! The unidentifiable object just keeps falling faster and faster! What shall we do?" noted one of his men while hyperventilating in panic.

"Launch Halberd immediately." responded Meta Knight without even flinching as he kept gazing at the falling object.

"Understood!" assured the voice before transmission was cut off. Meta Knight's wings spawned as he took off, flying as fast as he could towards his base.

Meanwhile, King Dedede and his minions stared in horror as the object kept burning more fiercely in the atmosphere. Deciding to take action, Dedede and his fellow Waddle Dees bum-rushed inside the castle and opened up the gates. Dozens of Waddle Dees and some Waddle Doos ran through the gates as they were sent on the mission to bring as many residents of Dream Land inside their sanctuary as possible. Despite some attempts, cannons failed to stop the asteroid like being due their short range and minimal strength to even put a dent on it.

Kirby kept chasing the infernally burning object on his feet before a smaller, shining star like vehicle intercepted him. He jumped on his Warp Star and quickly flew off towards the ever descending celestial body. Meanwhile, battleship Halberd loomed over Dream Land, chasing the threat as well, however it was dwarfed by the sheer size of its target. The vessel with Meta Knight's face in the front and bat-like wings attempted to align itself, so it could have the celestial body right in front of its nose.

"Prepare the main cannon." ordered Meta Knight in the bridge as he managed to align his ship towards the celestial object as they flew above the desert. The cannon with a mechanical arm on its side on top of Halberd started absorbing light while shaking in the process. Kirby, despite his efforts to pierce though the object with his Warp Star, could not truly catch up towards the threat, so he starting oozing every single possible energy, attempting to reach the ultimate speed.

"Fire!" commanded Meta Knight as the main cannon completed charging while Kirby was reaching hypersonic speeds, to the point of being mere meters away from the object. Just before the main cannon could fire, the giant celestial body collided with the surface of Pop Star, causing a colossal explosion which engulfed the entirety of desert. Every dune, hill or even architecture disintegrated into nothingness as the sand itself was vaporized in the atoms. Along with the explosion followed a massive shock wave, with the center of the impact being the epicenter. Kirby and Meta Knight gazed in terror as they watched the beginning of the end of their beloved planet. Once the shock wave impacted Kirby's Warp Star, it broke the star into pieces as it knocked out Kirby from its means of transport. Kirby could only scream as it was send off flying towards unknown while the pieces of Warp Star aimlessly fell towards the surface. After witnessing Kirby's fate, Meta Knight attempted to steer Halberd away from the shock wave as the cannon fired directly into explosion, but it reached the ship before it could start evading, destroying its wings in the process. The hull itself was barely even on the ship after the impact as Halberd started crashing down towards the surface as well.

The shock wave of the impact spread across all the Pop Star, scorching every possible flora on planet into mere dust. The sky itself burned as the firestorms raged upon the lives of Dream Land. Not a single patch of grass survived the fiery rage of the collision. The inhabitants tried to escape into the castle, their possible hideout, as the gates were closing down. Managing to close down the gates before the shock wave hit the castle, few of the life forms remained outside, knocking on the door and pleading to enter. Once realizing that there's no option, the beings in front of the gate faced towards the shock wave, embracing their absolute fate. Few of the Waddle Dee hugged each other before the shock wave hit them with one even shedding a tear. As the shock wave hit the castle, the life forms outside the castle burned alive before crumbling into dust. The castle itself collapsed from the sheer force until nothing but few shambles remained of it. The collapse revealed not a single life was inside of it.

The polar region, despite its ice not being affected by the firestorms due temperatures preventing them, fractured into pieces, causing dozens of massive earthquakes across it while the ocean started to receive drastic shifts in pressure and acidic levels. Aquatic life forms struggled to adapt to such changes, with a lot of them perishing in the process. Surface of the oceans was now filled with the corpses of the aquatic lives as the color of the sea itself darkened.

Once the shock wave and the firestorms settled down, dust rose up in the air, blocking sunlight and thus preventing flora to ever rise again. Just the things seemed to calm down, dust formed clouds started to spawn lightnings, which struck erratically across Pop Star. Some of them hit the charred remains of once lively trees in what once resembled a forest. Every second there was a lightning strike, most common being ones above the ocean. Each thunder echoed across the planet.

Hours of constant lightning strikes ended with a singular yet weak lightning as the situation seemed to finally calm down. The temperatures dropped down significantly to the point it was freezing even in the remains of the desert. Within hours, Pop Star became a mere shadow of its former self.

Somewhere in the desolate wastes of former grassfields of Dream Land, where the winds carried decent amount of dust in them, unconsciously lied Kirby, physically looking unharmed by the shock wave. Some time passed before he regained his conscience as he picked up himself to see what happened.

"...Poyo?" squeaked out Kirby as nothing but wasteland spread across his sight. One of the first destinations he chose to investigate if any friend of his was still there was the ruins of Dedede's castle. Kirby looked at the every corner of the once standing castle, yet nothing was found. Not a single sign of life. Then he wandered off to the lonesome hill, but he didn't have any luck there either. Increasingly saddened by not even seeing a glimpse of his friends, he decided to check the area near the remains of the forest.

Much to his surprise, he heard the small part of dirt shuffling. Checking it, he found a tiny ladybug on the ground.

"Poyo! Poyoo!" he cheered and pranced as he saw the ladybug, but once he looked closely, he stopped celebrating as he saw the ladybug was struggling to live while only having two frontal remaining. Kirby picked up the ladybug and patted it gently while he anxiously looked for anything that could help the little bug. He couldn't find anything in the nothingness of Dream Land. The little ladybug stopped moving and gently collapsed in Kirby's arms. Upon realizing that the ladybug passed away, Kirby dug a little hole in the ground and gently put the ladybug inside. Nearly on the brink of tears, Kirby decided to go home after being exhausted from his search. While he slowly walked home, he was constantly looking at the ground, thinking if he's gonna see anyone he knew ever again.

The night befell Dream Land, however instead of the sky being filled with shining stars and luminescent moon, it was pitch black that covered the part of Pop Star. The dome, despite its glass being shattered, was in a relative good condition, not even a single scratch. Kirby entered his home and closed his door. He put on his hat for nighttime before climbing on the bed. It did not take long for Kirby to let himself be overwhelmed by sleep.

Hour has passed, pure darkness surrounded planet Pop Star and Kirby was deep in sleep. He rolled in the bed a few times just to adjust the best position for him to sleep. Suddenly, a pool of darkness sneaked through the hole where the window used to be. It slowly approached the sleepy puffball. Once the pool stopped getting closer, it morphed into a creature with five razor sharp tendril-like limbs and glowing red eyes in the middle of its head. The moment it saw Kirby, it immediately lunged itself at him, slashing him in the process. The slash knocked Kirby into a wall as he managed to wake up. When he managed to get a full grasp of the situation, he saw a glowing fusion of red eyes in front of him with the rest of creature's body covered in the darkness. Kirby shuddered at the sight of it and desperately tried to escape, but the door was blocked by the creature of darkness, who proceeded to strike him any time he tried to go through the entrance. It prepared itself to lunge at terrified Kirby once again, thinking it got him cornered, but Kirby, out of sheer luck, jumped through the window and ran away as quickly as possible. The monstrosity of darkness decided to follow it by shifting into some kind of substance once again.

Kirby aimlessly ran in the complete darkness for his life away from the creature, but soon he found himself facing another glowing red eyes in front of him. It stopped running once he was ambushed by another similar being but then multiple red eyes encircled him, finding himself surrounded. The creatures of darkness screeched as they started to lunge at him, some even scoring slashes on him. He yelped in pain as each creature caused pain on him, yet he tried to escape but to no avail. He figured out that he couldn't escape them on foot, so he jumped up in the air and saw that one of the creatures was lagging behind, still in the liquid form. Thinking that it's a good idea, he distanced himself from the other creatures and attempted to inhale the monster that attacked it earlier. The pool of darkness didn't seem to show much resistance as in was sucked right in Kirby's mouth. Before Kirby could even swallow it, he felt some kind of nausea in his mouth, as if he was slowly losing consciousness of his. In response, he spat out the mass of darkness and aimed at it towards the other monsters, but the projectile did not hit any of them. However after being spat out, it did not morph again into a creature like them. The monsters fired energy beams out of their eyes, trying to hit take down the evading Kirby, but they lost track of him as he disappeared in the night.

The monsters gathered around, deciding to patrol the area and find him. One of the monsters decided to stay behind and check upon one of its companions, which was still in a liquid form. Suddenly, the pool itself morphed into a sphere, similar to Kirby, but instead of gaining stubby arms and legs, it grew razor sharp tendrils, akin those of its same species. It grew additional tendrils on its head as the glowing red eyes, shared by its kind, bursted out of its head. The sphere like creature started to tests its movement of its limbs. The five limbed creature slowly approached its spherical brethren, preparing a combat stance just in case. The sphere creature stared directly in the eyes of its specimen as it levitated motionlessly in front of it.

Suddenly, the sphere-like abomination lunged directly at the five limbed specimen, impaling it right in its eye with its tendril. The victim screeched in absolute agony as its energy was absorbed by its own companion. It could feel being internally torn apart before it ceased to exist as its brethren completed the assimilation. After finishing its move, the sphere-like abomination cackled in a deep voice before deciding to go after Kirby, disappearing in the darkness that engulfed the planet.